Movie Madness

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“Eight years…I’ve known him for such a long time now,” I thought, as I stepped into the shower. You see, Mark used to work for my husband, and we’re the best of friends now. We’ve spent a lot of time together. It’s really amazing how nothing has happened between us, especially considering all the joking around we do regarding sex, and the lack of it with my husband. Mark and I have both dropped hints to each other, but it was all in fun. I’ve always been attracted to him; Tall, handsome, nice full lips. Neither of us have had the nerve to do anything about it….until tonight.

This all started with Jay, a friend of mine, who sent me a little sex toy in the mail. I had seen it on the Internet. One of those wireless remote vibrating eggs. Well, Jay, knowing how much I wanted one, surprised me one day. Mark happened to be over when I received it, so I let him hold the egg while I ran laughing from room to room, wanting to know if it really worked up to fifty feet away! It most certainly did! I think we both got pretty hot just thinking of the possibilities. He suddenly blurted out, “Elizabeth! Let’s go see a movie next weekend and see how good this thing works!” I laughed at him. Surely, he was joking once again.

“No, silly! I’m serious. Let’s go to the movies next weekend and I’ll take charge of that damn remote! You won’t know when it’s coming,” he said with a grin, all the while staring at my 40DD tits.

“Ok, I’m game!” I replied, smiling. If he only knew how game I was…


“I can’t believe I’m actually going through with this,” I said to myself, as I leaned my head back in the shower to rinse out the shampoo. I had been so horny lately, and I can’t count how many times I’ve fantasized about this while getting myself off. Just the thought of him working that control soaked my pussy. I took my hand and lightly let my fingers graze over my nipple, as the hot water came splashing down over me. I slid my other soapy hand down to my cunt and slowly rubbed at my clit. I thought about how hot I would be later on that night…sitting in a crowded theater, getting so wet and knowing I couldn’t be vocal. The thought of this immediately sent me over the edge as my pussy contracted against my fingers! “Ohhhhhhhhhfuckkkkkkkkk!” I screamed, as I rode my orgasm. Yet, I needed more.

I had taken my time getting dressed. I chose to wear a red blouse, black skirt, which would show off my long legs, my red open-nippled bra, and my black crotchless hose. I brushed my shoulder-length brown hair, applied some perfume, and finally inserted my magical egg. I had to be careful not to let my husband see how I was dressed underneath. I had told him that Mark and I were going to see a movie, but there was no way in hell he would have let me out the door had he known what was going on beneath my clothing! My little secret sancak escort was turning me on, along with the fullness of the egg buried inside my pussy.

Just then the doorbell rang and it was Mark. I quickly put on my coat and he and I left for the theater. “By the way, what movie are we going to see?” I asked, while squirming in my seat, trying to get the full benefit of the egg inside myself.

“Not that it matters, but we’re going to see ‘Matrix 3’. I figured we would go see the movie of my choice, since you most likely won’t have a clue what’s up on the screen,” he replied with a grin.

“You’re probably right!” I laughed, as I handed him the wireless remote. I so wanted to play right then in the car, but he slipped the remote inside his coat pocket. Dammit!

We arrived at the theater, bought popcorn and drinks, and walked to our seats. Mark had chosen the back row. I noticed it was quite crowded in the theater, as I took a seat to his left. I was so nervous, anticipating when he would get things going.

We had been in there now for quite some time, and I was getting antsy. Just as I was ready to beg him to get things heated up, I gasped as I felt the vibrations! I looked over and he had the remote in the palm of his hand. He started me out on low-speed, but it felt so good! I leaned forward somewhat, so that I could feel the vibrations against my clit. I could hear the buzzing going on inside my cunt. I started slowly rocking back and forth. I was grabbing at it with my pussy muscles, wanting more….

Just then, he abruptly turned the vibrator off. I gave him a look that could kill. How dare he! He just smiled and said, “Easy now. We have all night.”

“Please turn it on again!” I begged. I stared at his finger resting on the remote and wanted to grab it myself and turn it up full speed! As quickly as he turned it off, he turned it back on again…this time at medium speed. “Oh! Yes baby!” I said, with a sound of relief. He kept alternating…on, off, on, off, teasing me until I thought I would die. He then took my face into his hands and softly kissed me. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and he started softly sucking on it. Mmmmmmm, I could have cum right then.

He pulled back and placed my coat over us. We returned to kissing, with more passion this time. He placed his right hand over my tit and started rubbing through my blouse, closer and closer to my nipple, until he had his fingers over it. God it felt so good! His fingers were cold from holding his drink and my nipple immediately hardened beneath his touch. He sped up my vibrator as he played with my hard nipples, switching from one to the other. I moaned into his mouth, as he took turns pinching and pulling back on them. Then he pulled his mouth away from mine.

“Don’t sarıyer escort look at me, Liz. I want you to stare at the movie,” he commanded.

I leaned back in my chair and stared straight ahead, as I felt his hand slide inside my thigh. He took his leg and spread my legs wide open with it. He had stopped the vibrator while his hand rubbed up my thigh, inching closer and closer to my hungry pussy. He put his palm tightly against my pussy and told me to push against him. I lifted my ass and pushed as hard as I could. “God, Liz, you are soaking fucking wet” he moaned. Yes. I was on fire! He then slid a finger over my clit held it there. I turned to him and begged, “Yes, please rub my clit!”

“I told you to stare at the movie. Don’t say a word!” he scolded.

Just then, Mark gave my clit a quick smack that nearly sent me over the edge. He then surprised me by turning on the vibe again, while his fingers returned to my swollen clit. He rubbed in little circles, then took it between his two fingers and stroked it as you would a miniature cock! Oh shit! I almost lost it! His fingers started moving faster, as he sped up my vibe.

“Liz, squeeze down on that egg just like you would my cock,” he whispered. I squeezed hard, milking it like I would milk his cock! His fingers stroked my clit even faster. My hands were tightly holding onto the edge of the armrest as I tried my damnedest not to shout out to the whole theater that I was about to cum! The couple a few rows up kept looking back, and I could have cared less!

I grinded my whole cunt against his hand, his fingers, rocking against the egg. He let two fingers slide inside my pussy, right alongside the egg…grabbing it and twisting, while his thumb tapped against my clit. I was so close and he knew it!

“Please don’t stop! Make me cum for you! I want to cum all over your fingers!” I moaned, as he slid a third finger inside me. I was so full….the egg, his fingers, oh my God!

“Cum for me now, Liz. Cum hard against my fingers. Squeeze against them! Now, NOW!!!!!”

“Mark, I’m going to cum now!!! Ohhhhh! I’m going to cum against your fucking hand! Now baby, now!!!!!” I moaned. I could barely breathe. Just as I was starting to cum, he slapped his other hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t scream out! “Arrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I screamed into his hand! I pulled everything inside my center…my cunt, his fingers, the egg, my ass! My cunt exploded all over his hand. I shook uncontrollably as I rode my orgasm for as long as I could.

He pulled his fingers out of me once I calmed down and put them to my mouth. “Taste yourself now for me,” he said. I took his fingers into my mouth and sucked, tasting my cunt juices. He was going insane watching this. I put my hand over his obvious hard-on, but he sefaköy escort pulled it away. “Let’s get out of here now!” he pleaded.

We walked out of the theater and got into his car. He grabbed me and drove his tongue deep into my mouth. I sucked it just as I wanted so desperately to suck his cock. I was still on fire and knew he was, too. He removed his cock out of his pants and placed my hand on himself. He put his hand over mine and we stroked it together. It felt so warm and good…so smooth. “Mmmmm yesssss that’s it baby!” he moaned. We were rubbing his cock right there in the parking lot, not caring who saw us! He took his hand and pushed my head down to his cock. I opened my mouth and licked at the tip, while both of us continued stroking him. He was so hard!

“Suck me now, Liz. I need to be in your mouth!” he begged.

I licked the underside of his cock, then took him into my mouth. I held it there, feeling it throb. “Oh fuck! Suck it, Liz! Show me what a bad girl you are!” he said, as he pushed my head down onto his cock. I sucked him hard and slow as he moaned and pushed my head harder against him. Just then, I felt the vibrations as he turned my vibe on full speed. Hell, I had forgotten it was still inside me! He then slid his hand under my skirt and started rubbing my ass. “Mmmmmmmmm,” I moaned against his cock, as he rubbed my asshole with his finger. He was in my mouth fully now. I relaxed my throat muscles so that I could take him all the way down. “Fuck my hot mouth, baby!” I begged. He grabbed my hair and pushed me up and down, fucking my mouth! I reached down and started to finger my clit, as he entered my asshole with his finger. “Yesssssss” I screamed! “Finger fuck my ass!”

I fucked his cock with my mouth, while my fingers tapped at his balls. The harder I sucked him, the faster he would finger fuck my asshole! We were both so close! My pussy was vibrating, my asshole was filled with his finger, my fingers working my clit into a frenzy, my mouth filled with his gorgeous cock!

“I’m going to cum baby!” I screamed! Just then, he pushed himself into my mouth as far as he could go and shot his hot cum straight down my throat! Right then, my pussy started contracting, grabbing the vibe, my ass pulling in his finger.

“Mmmmmmmmmmyessssssssss fuck meeeeeee!” I shouted, as my orgasm ripped through me. “Give me all your cum now!”

“Take it all baby, and save some in your mouth!” he moaned.

I felt his cock shoot another load into my mouth. This time I held some inside, not swallowing. I kept my mouth on him until he pulled out. He raised my head up and stared into my eyes. I inched closer to his face and swirled his cum inside my mouth as if I were gargling with it. He held my face as I stared back at him. I opened my mouth so he could see his cum inside! “Drink me now, like a good girl!” he instructed. I slowly swallowed his cum…letting it drip down my throat, while he continued holding my face. I loved tasting him, swallowing him, having him inside me.

After we had both calmed down, we cuddled and talked of doing this again soon. We had started something that we both knew could not have been stopped…..not that we wanted to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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