Moving House, Highly Unlikely

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It had been a good 18 months following the death of my wife when I finally decided to place our house on the market; for being a large 4 bedroom property with over 12 acres of ground it was far to large for me to manage on my own. During our marriage the wife and I split the chores, she looked after the inside and I looked after the exterior and gardens, it was a system which worked very well until my wife became ill, from then on it was a struggle to maintain the standards we had set ourselves. When they could my family use to come over and help and occasionally I did hire in help but a pension can only stretch so far, in the end the wife and I made a pact, as soon as she died I was to sell up and move on, it made sound a bit callous but overall it made sense.

For a quick sell I got 3 local estate agents in to provide valuations etc. Kevin, the first agent arrived; young, very professional, plus the usual bullshit you would expect from estate agents when it came to the valuation or his fees etc; then a quick cheerio and I’ll await our decision. Just before lunch Helen arrived with an older gent, Ian who turned to be the head of the company. Helen was her early twenties and had that certain twinkle in her eye that probably clinched many of her deals. However it was Ian that gave me the bullshit whilst Helen sat all coy opposite me, her near transparent blouse showing her small but pert tits propped gently in a lacy half cup bra, she also wore a pair of very tight light cream coloured linen trousers which revealed no VPL as I followed her upstairs, also as she climbed her gusset seemed to work its way deeper and deeper into the crease of her pert arse. We did the bog-standard tour of the house then went through all the formalities, though I have to say I missed most of them for I was too busy looking into Helens blouse most of the time; after all one estate agents bumf is no different to another. We completed the valuation and upon leaving they gave me their cards as they left.

As I had about 45 minutes to spare before the final valuation I made myself a cup of tea then reflected upon the good times my wife and I had had in this house. We first acquired it just after we were married, had raised three children and seen them married, followed in due course by the grandchildren, who built the same dens as their parents or rushing about the paddock trying to catch the butterflies. I was almost on the point of crying when my third and definitely my last estate agent called.

Much the same pattern, we spoke, toured the house and discussed the pro’s and con’s etc. Heather was about forty five or so, more formally dressed in a business type suit, grey jacket over a soft pale blue blouse and grey skirt. As we entered the master bedroom she was the first one to comment about the design of the house, for as an aid to my wife’s disability we had converted it so the master bedroom was downstairs with patio doors leading into the garden, the garden lead onto open fields and with the whole house being in an elevated position you were able to see for miles.

“No need for curtains or blinds really? You’re not overlooked at all”

I agreed with her, as she scribbled something into her notepad

“You could walk around naked all day and no-one would notice”

She glanced at me for a reaction,

“Why not, if that’s what you fancy?” I said, hiding the fact that’s exactly what we did when we were young and in our prime.

She brushed past me and walked into the second bedroom making similar comments as she passed. As we talked more about the layout, she took off her jacket and placed it on the stair post. Her jacket had been hiding the most perfect tits which were clearly visible through her thin blouse, the dark area of her areolas even showed through her bra. Slowly we began to walk up stairs to the second floor, halfway up she stopped, turned towards me and asked if the third bedroom had similar views, I replied that they did at which she asked if anything overlooked that room? I replied that with it being higher nothing could be seen, at which she smiled, unbuttoned the button at the side of her skirt and pulled down the zip, allowing her skirt to fall onto the steps. * As she continued walking up the stairs, I, like a maid picked up her skirt then followed her wiggling arse towards the second floor, beneath her skirt she wore a pair of hold up stockings and the tiniest pair of cammy knickers that clung to her arse. I was absolutely gob smacked, I expected Helen to be a goer and had had thoughts all afternoon about her, but here was someone twice Helen’s age, but with a figure to die for, talk about offering it on a plate. She knew full well whilst making the Ankara escort viewing appointment that I would be on my own and from our conversation she had obviously seen something in me that she fancied.

Like a lapdog I followed her up to the landing where without a word she turned, placed her hands around my neck and kissed me full on the mouth. I responded in kind, my long ignored cock springing to full attention in no time. After we had kissed she took hold of my hand and lead me into the bedroom where she kicked off her shoes and finished undressing, leaving only her hold ups on.

Now I’m a very oral guy and this is the one thing I missed during my wife’s long illness, emptying my balls was easy but the absence of a juicy pussy was hard to take. Heather must have read my mind as I stared at her completely shaven pussy, it was almost pubescent in nature with just the smallest hint of maturity.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked, standing with her legs slightly apart.

I quickly got into position. She parted her legs wider for me as my lips found its goal, I kissed her lips and smelt her sex as my tongue explored her pussy; she was now holding my head to her groin and groaning gently. I wrapped my arms around her legs then tongued deeper into her sex, her sweet pussy juices lubricating my tongue, as I slipped inside her she pushed my head harder and groaned again, only louder this time. Slowly and ever more gently I lapped at her clit, teasing with my tongue and then nibbled at it with my teeth before returning to her pussy, only this time my tongue went the full course, anus to clit, each time reaching up as far as I could go. I continued like this for a few minutes, letting her juices run onto her arse before I gently pressed a finger up her anus causing her to shudder, as more juices began to flow I eased a second finger into her tight hole. She bucked and released another deluge of juices which completely caught my by surprise causing me to cough and splutter.

Sensing a break, she pulled me away and told me she wanted to enjoy this properly, so we moved closer towards the bed. Standing by its edge she rubbed me gently through my trousers feeling my erection. I kissed her breasts and neck and eased a couple of fingers into her sopping wet cunt before she backed off slightly, undid my belt and slid my trousers down to my ankles. I stepped out of them, next to fall were my pants, exposing my clean shaven balls which she said she had never seen on a man before. I was very aware of my spreading waist and stomach that at my age is so hard to control, despite my regular visits to the gym, but she just smiled and kissed my stomach as she slid down, took my length in her mouth and expertly sucked me almost to climax before kissing me again.

Then she moved away and lay on the bed, still in her stockings; as she fondled my balls she spread her legs, her pussy was so puffy and wet it needed no second invitation when she asked me to lick her good and proper. I spent what must have been an hour adoring and loving her sweet pussy as my tongue and lips enjoyed every warm wet inch of her sex and her bud was so enlarged and so beautiful. Finally I concentrated on her lovely bud, where I sucked and licked it until she was bucking like crazy and moaning as she pressed my face hard against her. She absolutely poured her juices into my waiting lips as I drank them down enjoying every drop and the aroma of this aroused woman was just wonderful. She shouted out several times asking for more and kept saying,

“God I’m cumming, I’m cumming, that’s right eat me.”

It took ages for her to calm down and she kept telling me she had never felt so good and never cum so hard as I continued to slowly kiss and lick her pubescent pussy.

After a quick stoppage for some refreshments, Heather got me to lie back on the bed and with me gently lapping her pussy, I was in ecstasy as her warm lips engulfed my cock and her tongue worked her magic as she slowly engulf my cock. Truth be told, I was so turned on as she licked my cock and fondled my balls with her hand, I couldn’t hold back for much longer so I told her I was almost cumming and that I wanted to feel her cunt muscles tighten around my cock as I came, too my surprise she asked me to fuck her arse.

I had no problem with this so I licked around her tight hole and then after fingering her cunt again I used her own juices to lubricate her anus before we changed positions on the bed. I lubricated her anus further before edging my helmet in. I watched as her star opened and stretched as I pushed into her, slowly at first but then again my whole 7″ length. She screamed at first, it was not the length but my girth Ankara escort bayan that gave her pain then pleasure before I shot my load up her arse before withdrawing, totally spent. As I lay next to her on the bed, she leaned over and licked my cock clean before kissing me fully on the lips.

“Oh, you like it dirty then?” she muttered as I wiped some trailing spunk from her thigh then licked my fingers.

As we lay there slowly getting to know each other suddenly all hell broke loose. Our tranquil peace was suddenly lost by a crash of thunder followed by rain coming down in wild torrents; Heather seemed to become possessed, for she shot out of bed, ran downstairs and into the garden where I found her cavorting about the garden.

I must have looked grotesque with my cock rapidly rising and mouth agape as she merrily danced about with not a care in the world.

“Come on then, don’t you just enjoy being naked in the rain?”

It was then I very nearly lost it, for this was one of the pleasure my wife and I use to enjoy and watching Heather cavorting about brought back fond memories of times gone by.

Heather danced over to me and pulled me away from the safety of the house and out into the downpour where she began to lead me around in the mud and rain to some made-up waltz.

As she forced me to dance, she happily laughed or kept humming some tune whilst she rubbed her soaked body against mine.

It was all so weird, but Heather just like my dear departed wife acted as if it was normal to be dancing in a torrential downpour. I mean she just acted as though we were in some dance hall with a roof over our heads. By this time I couldn’t help it, I was laughing my arse off too. No sense worrying about being wet, it was far too late for that; I was soaked to the core.

As I pulled her back toward me after her spin, I caught the magnificent sight of her naked body. And the apparent joy that radiated all over her just from being out dancing in the rain created a picture of absolute perfect eroticism that began to really excite me.

I was now willingly dancing with her intentionally spinning her out and back repetitively so that I could enjoy the sight. Her nipples chilled by the cool rain, stood proud and erect. Her arse, legs and somewhat flat stomach were equally on display.

It was quite apparent that I was really getting turned-on and could no longer hide my obvious erection. I wanted her and just couldn’t hide it any longer so I stopped trying and pulled her back into me, grasped her tightly kissing her with passion.

Heather froze momentarily to my unexpected move, then she opened her mouth and our tongues began the age-old duel of love. I felt her body mould tightly into mine as she returned my kisses with a sudden and unexpected ardour.

As I held her close to me I could hear and feel a loud squishing between our bodies as more and more of the torrential downpour collected in little puddles between us. It was all so bizarre, but the strangeness of it all is what fed my growing desires.

The heat that was generated from our aroused and sexually charged bodies drastically contrasted the cool dampness created by the rain. My erect cock nestled against her heated crotch making us both very aware of our needs with every twitch my cock made. I began to inadvertently grind my cock against her heat source as we kissed. Soon as one kiss broke we began another until must twitches and little thrusts were no longer inadvertent, in fact both of us no longer hid our desires as we began to openly hump into each other.

I was panting hard between kisses and my ears told me she was as well. I wanted her desperately and I needed little encouragement, but for some reason at that moment in time, it was more than that, I was mad about her.

“Come on Heather, let’s get indoors, I want to make love to you. Please can we go inside,” I begged.

“No, over there, let’s do it there in the rain, over there in the grass,” she said again, as she pointed to a grassy knoll totally unprotected from the rain.

At that time, of course I was thinking with my dick, so I followed her as she led me to the centre of the knoll. Heather knelt on the soggy grass and I knelt beside her. I took her into my arms and began to kiss her again. As we kissed, Heather pushed me onto my back and lay on top of me. My hand began to explore her back and clutched her arse, the skin of her arse was cold, but as my fingers found the crack of her arse I swear I could feel the heat of a raging inferno rising up from her pussy. My heart began to race in excitement as I grasped her firm rounded arse cheeks in my hands and began to mould them between my appreciative Escort Ankara fingers, her arse felt like heaven itself.

Somewhere off in the distance of my rain chilled brain I heard Heather’s voice, it sounded a little erratic and slightly fearful as she whispered in my ear,

“Please, please promise you won’t hurt me.”

“I promise, but if you’re too afraid we can stop.” I whispered back

“No, I love doing it like this, out in the rain, just don’t hurt me, OK?” Heather whimpered as we flipped positions.

Once settled in place I rubbed her hot crotch across my cock lump once or twice and then fell forward onto her chest, whilst pushing her breasts into my face she whispering.

“Yes, Kiss them, kiss them nice and slow, I want to feel you suckle on them, I want you to be my little baby.”

With pleasure I did as she asked, I nursed each like a hungry child. It was then that I felt her pussy start to slide with increased pressure on my ever-expanding cock, with each nip of her nipple the more Heather’s pussy bucked up against my cock.

“Heather,” I almost begged, “I want to fuck the arse off you before it gets too cold.”

I was getting impatient now for the rain was chilling my bones, so wanting to finally take and maintain control of the situation I grabbed her arse and pulled her forward as I positioned myself at the junction of her thighs before mounting her. I bent forward and gently kissed her as I drove myself as deep as I could into her. Heather surprisingly was extremely tight and I gasped as well as a moist silky tightness enveloped my cock.

“Oh my god, you’re so big it feels wonderful,” she purred wrapping her legs around my hips, forcing me into her even deeper.

I kissed her passionately as my thrusts became harder and faster. Heather moaned again. My cock seemed to have just the right curve to rub against her g-spot with every thrust. Her eyes were now closed, I hoped in ecstasy but in reality due to the rain. Before long our breathing grew heavier as I continued to pound her pussy. With each thrust we were climbing higher and higher to that ultimate climax.

“Let yourself go, try and come for me.” I whispered in her ear, “That’s it try and come soon, because I’m so close and I want to come with you, come on, come for me.”


That’s all Heather managed to say as she let out a big, “OOH GOD, AAHHHH,” as she exploded with a loud orgasm.

Her loud orgasm triggered mine and I filled her pussy with an extended volley of sperm, the force of my sperm shooting into her body triggered another climax. Her whole body vibrated tremendously for a long time like a quake had ripped her apart. Her pussy muscles contacted spasmodically around my cock and fluids kept gushing out of her swollen pussy like a geyser

A ham shandy is one thing but feeling a woman energetically milking your cock is a totally different sensation.

I was letting the last few dribbles leak out when a sudden colder deluge shrunk my cock into its totally flaccid state. I reached down stuck a couple of fingers into her pussy then bought them up to her lips, where she sucked my fingers clean and smiled.

“Hmm, you like the taste, don’t you?”

Heather gave me an odd smile, smacked her lips then laughed as she pointed to my cock that had now shrivelled up with the cold.

“It sure disappeared quickly; perhaps it doesn’t like the rain?” Heather giggled.

It never stopped raining as we slowly recovered and we joked and laughed about the mess we were in. Both of us were cold, soaked and covered in mud.

“What this calls for is a long hot shower, followed by a nice warm toddy.” I said now standing up and offering Heather my hand for assistance.

Knowing that for the next hour or so I would be useless, a long hot shower is all we had; mind you we did spend a long time exploring each others bodies; why is life so cruel to us elderly gentlemen. As we sat enjoying our warming drink, Heather’s phone bleeped, she asked if she took take it to which I agreed, after a few seconds of silence Heather started laughing then said,

“Perhaps you should read this.”

Taking the phone from her I slowly read the text.

Mum, you’ve got to see this place (my address) it’s just what we want, it’s a lovely place and the owners well worth a shag, couldn’t do anything myself, had Ian with me but defiantly going back for a second look, who knows.

“My daughter was right” she said, “lovely house, and the owner was definitely worth a shag,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

I told her that either or both of them were welcome to come back and give me a second valuation any time. Am I still interested in selling, we’ll see what life brings, call me a fool if you must but I was beginning to feel some affection towards Heather, I know she would never replace my dear departed wife but her likeness is uncanny.

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