Mrs. Lambert’s Prison

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Liam Johnson looked out of the Nurse Manager’s office at the cows in the pasture. The window was half open, and Liam could smell the Sher-Rockee Mushroom farm, even though it was more than two miles away in the rolling Pennsylvania countryside. Brought up in Kennett, Chester County, Liam was used to it, but that didn’t mean he liked it.

“How are you today, Liam?” said Mrs. Lambert as she walked into the office.

Mrs. Anita Lambert, the Nurse Manager at Dawn Residential Care, smiled at Liam Johnson and sat down behind her desk. Liam smiled back; he liked Mrs. Lambert. In fact, Liam liked Mrs. Lambert a lot. He sat down opposite her in the plain metal chair, stealing a glance at her crossed legs visible under the open front of the desk.

“I’m very well, Mrs. Lambert.”

Liam was careful to look Mrs. Lambert in the eye, not allowing his glance to rove over her trim physique. It was difficult. Mrs. Lambert looked like Eva Longoria, but with green eyes. Mrs. Lambert was thirty five, in terrific shape, and was dressed in a fitted white nurse uniform that showed off her figure.

“Let me get your file, Liam.”

Liam, deep down, was fighting a dangerous emotion, trying to shove it back where it came from, wanting no part of it. He was trying to stop a powerful infatuation with Mrs. Lambert from degenerating into that most annoying and shameful of emotions; love. Because Liam knew that love is for losers.

Mrs. Lambert stood up and sashayed over to her filing cabinet. With her back to Liam, she bent right over and pulled out the bottom drawer while Liam’s eyes feasted on her apple-shaped behind and long slender legs. He felt stirrings as his manhood started to perk up at the sight. Mrs. Lambert pulled out his file and stood up, turning back towards him.

“I’ve been so glad to have you back this summer, Liam. Things were difficult over the winter,” she said, looking at him with her dark green eyes.

“So, you’d like to stay on as an assistant here until you find something more permanent?”

Liam nodded. He had finished college that summer and had yet to find a permanent job. He was living with his parents a few miles from the facility, near Kennett, about thirty five miles west of Philadelphia. Moving back home had been difficult, but he had no other option.

On the desk sat a photo of Mr. Lambert. Mrs. Lambert’s husband had been killed in Iraq four years earlier, and Mrs. Lambert had been inconsolable. Despite the passage of time and the attentions of many would-be suitors, Mrs. Lambert so far had refused all attempts to comfort her. But someone, sooner or later, had to be the first. Liam wanted to be that man, the one to act as the pressure valve for the massive pent-up sexual energy undoubtedly lurking within Mrs. Lambert.

Liam knew he was at a disadvantage. He was only twenty two, and an employee. And Mrs. Lambert was a conscientious professional manager. But on the plus side, Liam was sure Mrs. Lambert was interested in him. Liam Johnson was tall and good-looking, with thick wavy black hair. He was also self-confident and, for twenty two, quite experienced with women. There was a moment of silence between them as Liam tried a long gaze into Mrs. Lambert’s green eyes. Her eyes flashed back at him in amusement.

“Are preparations complete for the Halloween Ball, Liam?” she asked.

“Yes, Mrs. Lambert.”

“Remember, Liam, the ball is for the residents. If the staff have fun, too, that’s fine. But the residents must enjoy themselves. They come first. I’ll be sending out a survey afterwards. Are we clear?’

“Yes, Mrs. Lambert.”

“What is your costume this year, Liam?’

“My Dad and I dropped the ball, Mrs. Lambert. We left it too late for rentals so we’re going home-made. Bedouin Arab; bed sheets, dishcloth keffiyeh for face cover, washcloths on the head, sunglasses.”

“Will your parents be attending? They were very welcome last year. The residents like some outside company.”

“No, Mam. They are going to the Rotary Halloween Party. Pauline Simpson’s house.”

A knock on the door interrupted them. He could see a fuzzy face through the frosted glass.

“Excuse me Liam, I have to talk to Mr. Steinmetz about the shift rotation.”

Mrs. Lambert stood up and walked around her desk to the door of her office. Liam couldn’t take his eyes off her.

While she was gone, Liam glanced around at the Dawn promotional material adorning the walls of Mrs. Lambert’s office. Pictures of happy couples grinning at the camera, depicting people in their sixties, seventies, eighties and beyond looked down at him. Liam noticed that the older the couples appeared, the happier and more ecstatic they looked. Liam knew old age did not work like this.

Mrs. Lambert was still outside in the corridor. Liam’s eyes wandered around. He leaned over and inspected the photo of Mrs. Lambert’s husband, in uniform and smiling, somewhere in the desert.

“Please let her go, Mr. Lambert. She deserves to live,” acıbadem escort said Liam to the photo.

Behind it on the desk was something Liam had not seen before, a small clay figurine with arms folded across its chest and a fierce expression on its bearded face.

Mrs. Lambert’s photo ID card was also on her desk. Liam picked it up. She looked beautiful even on her ID. He glanced up at the door. The conversation was still going on, and Liam could hear something of an argument.

Liam kissed Mrs. Lambert’s image on her ID card, and then he shoved the card deep down into his shorts, rubbing it on his cock. The cold plastic just made him harder, already aroused by the proximity of Mrs. Lambert. Then he heard the conversation outside finish. He pulled out Mrs. Lambert’s ID, hurriedly wiped it on his shorts, and replaced it on the desk where he had found it.

Mrs. Lambert re-entered her office, her face flushed and angry. For a moment Liam wondered if his stupid little trick had been detected. What had come over him? But she summoned up a smile.

“I’m sorry, Liam. Things are difficult at the moment. The Management is cutting costs and the wages we are offering to new hires are being reduced. I’m very worried we are getting the wrong sort of person. There has been too much bad behavior recently. I’ve caught staff in rooms having sex when they should be working. Even the residents have been misbehaving in public areas. I’ve had to speak to the Residents Committee. I can’t understand it, everyone seems to be going mad.”

Mrs. Lambert’s face reddened as her mind pictured the activities she had witnessed. They had aroused her, and now she felt shame and desolation at her solitary existence. Liam rightly guessed that it had been particularly hard for her to discipline such activities when that part of her life was empty. He looked at her in sympathy.

“I want you to report anything you see to me that is not up to our standards,” said Mrs. Lambert, “I have asked the other experienced staff to do likewise.”

“Of course, Mrs. Lambert. It’s none of my business, but what’s that?” asked Liam, gesturing to the figurine next to the photo to change the subject.

“It came back with my husband’s effects. He got it over there. It’s very old. I usually keep it in a drawer, but I brought it out for Halloween because it’s creepy. Now, that’s all. I have work to do. I appreciate your help, Liam,” said Mrs. Lambert, dismissing him with a grateful look.

Liam got up and as he left Mrs. Lambert thought she saw the signs of a bulge in Liam’s shorts. After he had gone Mrs. Lambert picked up her ID and clipped it to her breast pocket. Then she frowned, unclipped it and held it up to her nose. It smelt of horny young man. She shut her eyes as a shudder went through her, long suppressed yearnings rising unbidden to her consciousness. As she imagined what might be with Liam, she started to become aroused. A moment later she felt an awful familiar coldness wash over her, and any thoughts of physical pleasure with Liam Johnson fled out of the window into the cold October morning.

After the interview with Mrs. Lambert, Liam Johnson went for a smoke. He headed outside to recover from his erotic brain-attack. He needed to get her off his mind. Smoking was banned not only in the building but on the property. There are ways around this. On any given day staff sidle furtively outside to hide in the trees and bushes that surround the buildings, usually alone, sometimes in pairs. Occasionally the pairs might have something in mind other than smoking, although the opportunities for hookups were better indoors.

With Halloween so close the days were getting chillier and today was unusually cold. The rear of the facility overlooked an exercise pool, now emptied for the winter. A large cafeteria with big picture windows overlooked the pool and landscaped grounds, so smokers had to hide behind a large cluster of rhododendrons to get their nicotine fix. The bushes were quite close to one side of the café and allowed a good view up-close of the happy diners without being seen.

The tables were set in rows, right up to the window and a few residents were eating snacks and whatnot at the tables, but it was mid-morning so not busy. What Liam did see was two new staff, young guys, Cliff and Scott, find chairs at a table right next to the big wall of glass, facing out, hanging their coats on the back of their chairs as they did so. No-one was sat either side of them and their coats obscured any view from the cafeteria behind. Liam could see them from his position, hidden in the rhododendron.

They set their trays down, a coffee and a soda, and pulled their chairs up to the table. With a quick glance to either side they unzipped their pants and pulled out their cocks. Cliff grasped Scott’s cock in his left hand, while Scott grabbed hold of Cliff’s in his right. Then they started jacking one another off right in front akbatı escort of Liam and within ten feet of the nearest diner, Bill, a retired army veteran sipping coffee and reading his newspaper. Cliff and Scott seemed to be having a race.

Liam was shocked. The sheer recklessness of the act in the cafeteria dismayed him. Mrs. Lambert was right. Liam felt a presence behind him.

“Wow,” said Alice as she lit up next to Liam, observing the sex show in the cafeteria.

Alice was another assistant out for a smoke. Alice was short, about Liam’s age, with average looks and figure, but she was very sharp and Liam liked her.

Liam knew Alice had designs on him, but he was holding out for Mrs. Lambert. Liam didn’t want to completely burn his bridges with Alice, though, who was nice enough and available, so he nodded and smiled at her.

They both watched the show as Scott and Cliff tugged one another under the table, faster and faster until they saw cum spurt out of Scott’s dick onto his lap, some even hitting the underside of the table. Scott continued jerking Cliff and a minute later Cliff erupted, his cum dribbling down Scott’s hand and dripping onto the floor. They passed one another paper napkins from the table dispenser, cleaned themselves up, and stuffed their cocks back into their pants. Scott handed Cliff a ten dollar bill. They left the cum-soaked napkins on the table.

“Laura’s working the tables today. She’s going to be pissed,” said Alice.

Scott and Cliff finished their drinks, and got up to leave. Their break was over. As they walked past Bill, Liam thought he saw the old resident give them a look of disgust. Perhaps he had seen something, after all. Liam noticed Alice fiddle with herself down in her pants. She stopped when she saw him looking.

“Did that turn you on?” he asked.

“Yeah. Kinda,” she said. “What about you?”

“Naw. I’m not into guys,” said Liam, which was true. But the sheer obscenity of the act had given him a chubby. Alice had noticed.

“Looks like your dick is, though,” said Alice leaning forward and stroking the bulge in his pants with one hand and taking a drag of her cigarette with the other.

“Alice, someone might come.”

“Yeah. That someone might be you. Or do prefer watching boys to the touch of a real woman?”

Liam had no choice after a challenge like that. Alice kept on rubbing, sidling close to him so she could get a better grip. She took his silence for consent. He knew Alice would extract a price later, but Liam decided he might as well enjoy it.

Alice stopped rubbing, undid his pants button, pulled down the zipper and pulled Liam’s now fully erect cock out into the cold morning air, where it steamed gently. She spat on her hand and resumed jerking him, now moving around a little closer behind him, occasionally blowing smoke into his hair just to annoy him. Soon he was close to coming, enjoying this now, putting his worries about Alice aside. Alice was laughing, teasing. Just as he was about to come she said.

“Pretend I’m Cliff, if you want. If it helps.”

Just as she said that he came and a thick rope of sperm shot out of his cock over Alice’s hand and onto the rhododendron leaves. Alice laughed and kept pulling, jerking him off as spurt after spurt shot over her hand, and his knees grew weak. Eventually when she had extracted all his goo, she let go his cock and wiped her hand on the grass. Then she extinguished her cigarette in one of the gobs of his sperm on the rhododendron bush, and turned to leave.

“Gotta go, Liam. Break’s over, you owe me one. See ya.”

Liam watched her make her way back to the main building, stunned at what had just happened. He wondered what Alice would demand in return. But he had to remain focused on his main goal. Mrs. Lambert.

Two days later it was Halloween. Everything was set. The cafeteria had been turned into a mildly creepy ballroom, drinks and food were set out buffet-style and the residents were making their way slowly into the room. Liam had just finished discussing the last minute items with Mrs. Lambert who was standing next to him.

“Thanks for doing this, Liam. I will be in my office if you need me. Make sure things don’t get out of hand and don’t let the residents drink too much.”

She gave Liam a smile and left for her office. As Liam looked around the room he could see the generation differences in costumes, the residents all wearing old zombie and vampire stuff, while the staff were all Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. Liam’s Arab outfit did not really fit in, but with his headcloth and shades on no-one could tell him apart from Al-Zawahiri and he could change in a moment.

Liam spotted Bill, Chairman of the Residents Committee, who had been sitting close to Cliff and Scott in the cafeteria during their jerking competition. The old army vet was wearing a gas mask, camo top, camo pants, and he looked scary. He was in a wheelchair tonight, aksaray escort but Liam knew he could walk short distances.

Liam stood next to Alex, the pharmacy intern who was also running the evening. Alex and Liam got on well, and both were thoughtful and conscientious with the residents. But that didn’t mean they could not have a good time. Not at all.

“Wow. We have a lot of Miley Cyrus’s here tonight,” said Liam, looking about.

“Yes,” said Alex. “Pretty much a Miley for every taste. Skinny Miley, short Miley, tall Miley, asian Miley, and hood-rat Miley. Take your pick. I have my eyes on the tall Miley, Tanya, but I’m flexible.”

Liam shook his head.

“Be my guest. I’m making a play for Mrs. Lambert tonight. Where’s Alice?”

“She’s wearing Kristen Stewart. Not so popular this year after the shabby way Kristen treated poor Rob. Over there, she’s the short Kristen next to asian Miley. You’ve got no chance with Mrs. Lambert.”

Short Kristen waved to Liam, who returned the wave.

“OK, let’s get going. I’ll make the announcements. Does Bill still want to play his little prank?” said Liam. Alex nodded.

“Well, I guess he is head of the Residents Committee.”

They were in the center of the room, an excited crowd of residents and junior staff around them. They both took off their face covers. Taking the microphone, Liam welcomed everyone to the ball, and went through all the usual instructions. Now everyone had seen them for identification purposes, they put their face covers back on and Liam waved for the music to start.

Bill, dressed in his camo/gas mask sitting in his wheel chair, called Liam and Alex over.

“I need to go to the bathroom, lads,” he said, loud enough so that everyone close could hear.

“No problem, Bill. We’ll sort you out. Give me a hand, Liam,” said Alex.

They wheeled Bill out of the ballroom, along the corridor, not to the bathroom but to an unused bedroom. There Liam and Bill swapped costumes. Then, fortified by extra painkillers and anti-inflammatories, not to mention Viagra, Bill wheeled Liam back to the ballroom helped by Alex and placed him in the same spot Bill had been. Then Bill made his way to the buffet while Liam sat and watched the room from the wheelchair, noting how different you get treated when you are old. The young staff members ignored him.

Bill was holding onto the buffet table for support, drinking, while Alex (Justin Bieber) was chatting to two young Miley Cyruses. The plan was for Bill to keep quiet while Alex tried to set him up with someone asap. Liam was popular with the female staff, and both Liam and Alex wanted to see how far the ruse would get old Bill. It was just a bit of fun as far as Liam and Alex were concerned.

After chatting to Alex, two Mileys were approaching Old Bill in Liam’s Arab guise when they were headed off by a short Kristen Stewart. Kristen spoke into the ear of Bill, who nodded and allowed Kristen to lead him by the hand out of the ballroom.

Liam watched. Insofar as there was a plan, this was not it. The one person Liam did not want to mess with had been fooled by Bill. He waited nervously for the outcome.

Five minutes later the door opened and Kristen Stewart re-entered the ballroom like she had been shot out of a cannon. She looked around the room, spotted Liam in Bill’s suit, and came right over. Her costume was a bit of a mess. She stood over him as he sat in the wheelchair.

“You’ll need one of these for real when I’ve finished with you,” she said, gripping the chair tightly as she stooped down to talk in Liam’s ear. “What the hell do you think you are playing at?”

“I’m sorry, Alice!” pleaded Liam, “I had no idea you were going to drag Bill off. What happened? Is Bill OK?”

“Yes, Bill is OK. He’s very happy, in fact. But I’m covered in old-person cum thanks to you.”

“That was quick.”

“I barely touched him, thinking it was you of course, when he came all over me. Now he’s gone to bed and my costume is ruined.”

“I’m so sorry Alice. I’ll make it up to you. Where’s my Arab costume? I’ll change back and find you something clean, then we can have drink. I promise.”

“It’s on the chair in Bedroom 102. I’ll show you.”

Alice took the wheelchair, Liam mumbled something about going to bed to a couple of the residents, and she wheeled him out. A soon as they were out of the room Liam jumped up and Alice led him to the room. She shut the door. There was his costume in the corner. He went over to it. It was covered in cum too. He pulled off his gas mask and went to the closet find a clean sheet, but Alice put a hand on his arm.

“Not so fast. You have to make it up to me.”


“Look at me,” said Alice, unbuttoning her soiled costume. Liam watched as she unpeeled the damp clothes and let them fall to the floor. Alice sat on the edge of the bed and pulled off her pants, sitting there with her legs slightly apart, looking at Liam. Her pussy was dripping out goo, whitish dribbles running down the inside of her legs.

“I thought you said he came outside of you.”

“And inside me, Liam. It was dark and he wouldn’t let me put the light on. The old goat was too quick for me. He was done in thirty seconds. Now I want you to fix it.”

“How do I do that? You know where the shower is,” Liam said.

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