Ms. Figgis Pt. 2

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Chapter 3

Randy finally broke the embrace and kissed Lisa on her forehead in a friendly way. He then looked down at Lisa a moment too late to notice her disappointment. She just smiled and said goodbye. Randy closed the door behind her and felt a sudden relief. This night had already been an emotional roller coaster and he didn’t need to add another loop to the track.

Randy relaxed with a hot shower. He was startled when he heard a noise from the other room. Slowly he crept to the living room, baseball bat in hand. It wasn’t a burglar but that didn’t mean he didn’t still want to crack the bat over the intruder’s head.

Julie looked at him and said “what the hell are you doing?”

“What am I doing? What the fuck are you doing in my house?”

“I came to get my things and to give you your car keys back.”

“Great, you brought the car back, thank you.”

“Well, I didn’t exactly bring the car back. I dropped it off at the school. I had my friend Amy bring me here.”

“Why the fuck would you…..What the hell were you….Fuck it, just give me the keys.”

Julie handed him the keys and then introduced him to Amy. She could have been Julie’s sister, fake nails, fake tits, and most likely a fake personality to match. Randy looked at the two of them as they took turns snapping their gum. Then something inside Randy snapped. He just didn’t care anymore.

The girls looked at each other as Randy stared. Randy came up behind Amy and kissed her on the neck. He loved Julie’s shocked expression, then he began to move his hands down Amy’s chest.

“So Amy, did Julie ever tell you anything about our sex life?”


“What did she say?”

“She said you have a big dick. She also said that you fuck like a machine.”

Julie stormed out of the apartment mecidiyeköy eskort and slammed the door. Amy tried to break free but Randy held her close.

“Don’t worry”, he whispered. “She’ll be back.”

“How do you know?”

Randy turned Amy towards him and ran his fingers through her hair. Then he smiled and said, “because you’re her ride.”

Amy leaned into him and kissed him passionately. Randy dropped his towel and pushed Amy’s head down to his cock. She needed little encouragement and started licking his balls while stroking his cock. Randy removed her shirt and bra, freeing her huge fake tits.

He held her hair and looked her in the eyes. “So what bar do you strip at Amy? She looked puzzled and said “How did you know that I……” Randy fed his cock into her mouth before she could finish. She started sucking furiously as his dick hardened in her mouth.

Julie walked back into the room and she looked pissed. This only made Randy more excited. He bent Amy over the arm of the sofa and pulled down her panties. Julie looked Randy in the eyes and he stared right back as he plunged his cock deep into her best friend’s pussy.

Amy let out a high pitched yelp then started moaning uncontrollably. The pleasure was almost too intense and she tried to move just a bit but her hips were pinned to the sofa. She couldn’t escape the hard fucking she was getting. Her body started shaking as she was rocked by an intense orgasm.

Julie had moved closer and Randy grabbed her by the arm. He placed her hand down at Amy’s clit then brought it up, wet with her juices. Randy then forced Julie’s hand into her own mouth, forcing her to taste her best friend’s pussy.

Julie tore her clothes off as Randy moved Amy to the floor. He positioned Amy over top of Julie in the 69 zeytinburnu escort position while he continued fucking Amy from behind. Julie began licking at Amy’s clit and teasing Randy’s balls and dick as it pumped inside her. Amy dove right in and began eating Julie’s pussy.

This was too much for any man to stand and Randy knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He started pumping hard and his cock shot deep into Amy’s hot pussy. She was screaming and it started leaking out into Julie’s waiting mouth. Randy shoved his cock down into Julie’s mouth and she cleaned every drop before doing the same for Amy’s drenched pussy.

Randy looked at Julie. “Did you like watching me fuck your best friend?” Julie laughed and said, “I wasn’t the only one watching. While you were busy with Amy, some chubby nerd girl with ugly shoes came in and picked up a backpack that was by the door.”

“Oh shit…what did she do?”

“She looked in for a second then she started to cry and ran out the door. What a dork.”

“You shut the fuck up you cunt.”

Randy sat quietly then demanded a ride to the school to get his car. The three got dressed then left.

Chapter 4

The girls dropped Randy off at the school. He noticed there was another car still in the lot. He looked up and noticed that the light was still on in Ms. Figgis’ office. Thoughts of her earlier show made him start to get hard. He waited in his car for her to come out.

Ms. Figgis finally came out. At least he though it was her. She was wearing a nurse’s uniform. “What the hell is going on?” He had to find out so he followed her. She drove for a long time, about 40 miles outside of town. Finally she pulled into a dingy looking bar. Randy waited a bit then went in.

He looked around but he didn’t see her anywhere. sultangazi escort It was probably a good thing. He didn’t want her to see him there after their little incident earlier. Randy walked to the back of the bar to use the bathroom. There were 3 doors. One marked Men, the other Women, and the one in the middle had a smiley face on the door.

Randy had no idea what the smiley face meant but he really had to go and it was the first door to open so he went inside. It was just a single toilet, nothing to be scared of so he unzipped and relieved himself. Just as he was finishing he felt a hand grabbing his ass. He jumped and noticed a hand coming through a hole in the wall. It appeared to be a woman’s hand because it was small and had painted nails.

He moved closer to the hole and the hand began stroking his dick. This was like a dream. He stuck his now rock hard cock through the hole and it was engulfed by a warm wet mouth. “This can’t be happening, ” he thought. Whoever was on the other side was good. This was like no blow job he ever had in his life. It was nasty and sweet at the same time. This was a woman who loved to suck cock.

Randy felt his balls starting to tingle and the woman could sense it too. She quickened her pace and started moving her head side to side as she sucked in and out. Randy never felt anything like this and he began to cum. He expected the woman to pull away but she didn’t. She sucked him dry. Randy stuck his left hand through the hole in the wall and caressed the woman’s face.

His mind was hit with a wild thought. What if this was Ms. Figgis? His hand continued to stroke the woman’s face then he suddenly scratched her with his nails. The woman let out a scream and Randy bolted from the room.

He drove home, replaying all the night’s events, especially his mystery woman. He was so turned on by just the possibility that it could be Ms. Figgis. He’d know for sure on Monday if Ms. Figgis showed up for the first day of summer school with a scratch on her cheek.

To be continued?

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