Mummy Time

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Laura put down her mug with a contented sigh. “Thanks, Tim, that was a great cup of coffee.”

I glanced towards my workstation. “Well, better get back to it…”

She didn’t reply straight away, and from the expression on her face, she seemed to be turning some decision over in her mind. Finally she spoke, and I leaned forward to catch her words. “Tim – would you like to come over tonight? You’ll finally get to meet Evie, and I’ll cook something for us.”

I felt a lift in my heart, but before I could reply, she continued. “I’ll ask Kate and Jon as well, I haven’t really had a chance to catch up with them lately.”

I pushed down the twinge of disappointment I was already feeling at not having her completely to myself, and smiled. “I’d really like that.”

Laura looked across at the clock on the wall. “If I really crack on, I can leave at four, pick up Evie, and have dinner ready about half past six.”

She got up from her seat, walking over to the other bank of desks, and I saw Kate nodding enthusiastically as Laura presented her invitation. Laura returned, smoothing her skirt as she sat back down, and threw me a grin as she started to type rapidly.

I turned back to my own screen, quickly absorbed in emails, and I jumped slightly as I felt Laura’s hand on my shoulder. “OK, I’ll get going,” she said.

She wagged a finger at me, smiling. “Don’t be late.”

“Wild horses couldn’t keep me away,” I promised.

I watched as she made her way to the door, then gave my full attention to finishing my work for the day. The next time I looked at the clock, it was a minute past six, and I hastily shut down my computer, glancing round to see if Kate was still at her desk. She caught my eye and came over, her bag already on her shoulder. “Heading for Laura’s?”

I nodded. “See you there, then.”

The traffic was heavier than I’d anticipated, but I still made it to Laura’s just before six thirty, Kate and Jon pulling in behind me.

Laura opened the door at my knock, still holding the spoon she’d obviously been using to stir a pan. “Come in, you guys. I mixed Pimm’s, help yourselves.”

I heard footsteps on the stairs, and glanced upwards to see a blonde-haired angel, thumb in mouth, contemplating us from the landing. “Hi, Evie.”

She came down, stopping so that her eyes were level with mine. “You must be Tim,” she stated in a tone that left no room for contradiction. “Mummy said you were coming.”

I nodded. “That’s right. What have you been doing today?”

Evie started on an extended account of her journey to school, her friends, and the activities they’d been given to do by their teacher. Laura interrupted with a smile, “You can tell Tim some more after dinner. Come on through to the dining room, everyone, it’s ready.”

We took our places, and Laura set heaped plates in front of us. “It’s nothing fancy – Evie loves spaghetti bolognese too.”

I took a forkful. “Mm – delicious. I can definitely taste the garlic, I really like it.”

We ate in silence for a while, though Evie was obviously bursting to continue talking about her day, and I remembered that Laura had a firm rule for her, no chatter at mealtimes until she’d been allowed to atakent escort get down.

Finally Jon put down his fork. “That was amazing, Laur, thanks.”

Laura smiled. “So, ice cream for dessert? Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry.”

We chose flavours – Evie unsurprisingly opted for chocolate – and took our bowls through into the lounge. “I’ll make coffee,” Laura threw over her shoulder as she went back into the kitchen. “Evie, you can have Coke, and you can finish telling everyone about your day.”


Evie continued enthusiastically, but I could tell she was starting to feel drowsy, and I wasn’t surprised when Laura gently interrupted. “OK, darling, time for bed. Go up and get changed, clean your teeth, and I’ll come up in a while.”

Evie nodded. Again I forced myself not to chuckle as she stood in front of me and earnestly said good-night, then repeated the gesture with Jon and Kate.

“So,” offered Kate when Evie had made her way upstairs. “What’s new with you, Laur?”

Laura shrugged. “Not much. Working, looking after Evie. It was good to have a bit of a break last week, Mum taking care of Evie while I was at head office, but now she’s back at school we have to stick to the routine.”

We talked for a while longer, then Jon glanced at his watch. “Sorry, Laur, we should get going, really – it’s a bit of a drive.”

She nodded sympathetically. “Tim, you’ll stay for another drink, won’t you?”


I walked with Laura to the door to see Kate and Jon off, and just for a few moments I let my imagination off its tight rein, allowing myself to fantasise that Laura and I were a couple, this was our house, saying goodbye to our guests, then closing the door, climbing the stairs to kiss our blonde angel goodnight, going into our bedroom…

“Earth calling Tim,” I heard Laura’s teasing voice. “Come back into the living room, take your pick from the drinks cabinet.”

I followed her, and looked at the selection of bottles. “Mm, I’ll try the single malt if that’s OK.”

“Sure, help yourself.”

I poured a generous measure. “What are you having?”

“Oh, I’ll stick with my Pimm’s.”

We sipped our drinks and chatted for a while, then Laura glanced at my empty glass. “Have another – I don’t really like whisky, so it’s all yours.”

I hesitated. “Better not, I still have to drive back.”

She tilted her head. “You can crash here if you like – the spare bed’s made up, I can lend you a toothbrush. Alex won’t mind if you’re a little late into the office?”

I nodded. “OK. Actually, I won’t need the toothbrush – I still have my overnight bag in the boot from when we thought we’d be back at head office this week.”


Laura reached for the whisky bottle and poured me another generous measure. “Cheers, then.”

We continued chatting, and she kicked off her shoes, curling her legs underneath her on the sofa and pillowing her head comfortably on her arm. “I’m really interested in all the psychology stuff you know,” she mused.

“We can take some time out at the office and I’ll go through it with you properly,” I promised. “Some of that stuff can ataköy escort really help with work dynamics and preferences.”

I drained my glass. “Well, probably better call it a day…”

I went out to the car to get my bag, then followed Laura up the stairs. “Spare room’s this one,” she indicated. “It’s got an en-suite, so you can have a shower before you go to bed, or in the morning, whatever you prefer.”

“Thanks, Laura,” I smiled. For a moment I wondered if a chaste goodnight kiss was called for, but she just returned my smile. “Night, then.”

“Sweet dreams.”

I closed the bedroom door, putting my bag on the bed. I decided I would have a shower, and quickly shed my clothes before stepping into the en-suite. The hot water felt good on my skin, and I found a big fluffy towel to wrap myself in when I got out.

I went back into the bedroom, finishing drying myself and hanging the towel on the rail. It was still quite warm in the room so I didn’t bother putting on my pyjamas straight away, lying back on the bed and turning the light out.

I was turning over the events of the day in my mind, trying to figure out what – if anything – Laura really felt about me, when I heard a quiet creak of floorboards from the landing. The bedroom door opened, and I blinked hard as Laura came in, now wearing a t-shirt which fell almost to her knees.

I opened my mouth to speak, but she put her finger to her lips. She took hold of the hem of her t-shirt, and lifted it gracefully off over her head, dropping it on the floor. She walked to the bed, and I instinctively tilted my face upwards as she bent towards me, our lips touching. Her kiss was gentle at first, then as she felt my response, she parted her lips further, letting her tongue encounter mine with increasing passion.

After a few moments she pulled away, and even in the dim light I could see her eyes shining. She moved towards me again, this time bending over me so that her breasts were close to my face. I took her hint, turning to dab one nipple with the tip of my tongue, and she made the first sound I’d heard during our encounter, a quiet gasp. I moved to the other nipple, this time taking it between my lips and suckling softly, and I was rewarded with a low moan of pleasure.

She slid her body across mine, her breasts still positioned where I could give them the attention they obviously craved, and as I kissed and tongued and suckled, I felt her hips begin to flex a little, then unmistakeable wetness as she moved against me. I pleasured her breasts for a little while longer, then put my hands on her hips and gently urged her upwards. She took the hint, moving so that my mouth was positioned between her spread thighs, and I reached up to stroke her breasts, softly squeeze her nipples between thumb and finger, as my tongue sought her most secret places.

Her breathing quickened, and I felt her fingers tangle in my hair as she urged my mouth more firmly against her. Her hips mirrored the action of my tongue, and as I intensified my touch she started to gasp. I sensed that she was close, and lightened the pressure of my tongue tip, flickering it over her hard nub. Suddenly atalar escort she tilted her head back, and I felt her entire body tense as what I was doing tipped her over the edge of her climax. Her thighs tightened around me, but I pushed forward, keeping my tongue in contact with her clitoris and riding her pleasure until it broke, leaving her panting above me.

Gradually her breathing slowed, and she smiled down at me, still wordless. She slid off me, and turned, kneeling over me with her head pointing towards my feet. As she leaned forward, I felt her mouth envelop the head of my erection, her tongue lap at the tip to taste the clear liquid already being released.

As she knelt over me, I had full access to her, and I lifted my head to touch the tip of my tongue to the centre of her pink star. I felt a jolt as if of electricity go through her, and her movements on me stopped as she gasped – no bad thing, as she was taking me closer than I wanted to my own climax.

I tongued more intensely, then shifted to give my attention to her nub again, and to my delight, I felt a second unmistakeable climax cascade through her body. I wrapped my arms around her until she subsided, then she changed position, once more straddling me. This time she lifted her hips slightly, and – oh my goodness – lined the tip of my erection up with her wet entrance, then sank down, letting me fill her.

Her hands slid over my chest, then over her own body, squeezing her breasts, tangling her fingers in her blonde hair. She leaned forward, and I watched the ecstasy on her face as my shaft pressed her nub in just the right way. Her hips flexed more urgently, and she climaxed again, her mouth an ‘O’ of delight.

For long moments she kept my hardness deeply penetrated into her, not moving, then slowly she slid off me. This time she knelt between my legs, wrapping both hands around my erection and using the slipperiness it had gained from inside her, to allow her to move her palms up and down around me. I groaned, and her eyes took on an expression of wild delight, her fingers moving more insistently. Finally I couldn’t hold back any more, and I climaxed, spurting once, twice, again, the sticky fluid splashing her throat, her breasts, running over her fingers.

She smiled at me, and lay beside me, one arm draped across me. She took a deep breath, and finally spoke. “Tim, I am so glad it worked out so that we could be on our own together tonight.”

I nodded. “Me too. But what about Evie?”

Laura chuckled softly. “She knows every once in a while I need ‘mummy time’, and occasionally that’s with someone.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Hmm – later you can tell me about what happens in ‘mummy time’ when you’re by yourself – sounds quite exciting.”

There was the sound of quiet footsteps on the landing, and a small figure appeared in the doorway, rubbing sleepily at her eyes. “Mummy?”

“Come here, darling,” whispered Laura. She pulled the covers across the lower part of our bodies, but left her breasts bare, and I grinned to myself. Of course a daughter would be used to seeing her mother’s breasts – other things, perhaps not so much.

Evie climbed up on the bed. “Tim?”


“You’ve been cuddling Mummy?”

I chuckled. “That’s right, darling.”

She nodded solemnly. “Can I have a cuddle too?”

I nodded, and she pillowed her head on my shoulder, her soft blonde hair mingling with her mother’s. After a few moments, her breathing slowed, and I caught Laura’s smile. “She trusts you,” she whispered. “And so do I…”

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