Muscular Maidens Pt. 04

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“Yeah,” Craig pressed. “It’s called testosterone. We have it and you don’t.”

“Shut up, Craig.” Jake intervened, feeling the need to defend Jess.

“Can’t we just get back to the game?” Dan whined again.

“It’s just biology. It’s not like I’m saying Jess is less than or anything. It’s like math, it’s just straightforward.”

“Which is it science or math?” Elvin smirked.

Craig continued unabated. “Look, we all took bio. It’s not like I’m being mean. It’s just facts,” Craig maintained, shrugging his shoulders.

Craig and Jess locked eyes on each other in a battle of wills. Jake found himself frozen in concern. He’d never seen either of them like this before. Maybe it’s because we’re getting older. Is this the beginning of the end? Other DnD groups had broken up over the years, but theirs, though reduced in size, had never seemed in jeopardy until now. Suddenly, as if something clicked, Jess reached up and grabbed the collar of her sweatshirt and pulled it off in one fell swoop.

Clad in a white dress without a bra, what stared back at them was universally shocking. While the rest of the boys’ eyes immediately glued to her areolas and the nipples which were visible through her top, Jake’s affixed onto her overall muscularity. Lusciously thick traps, rich circular shoulder caps graced by fine striations, and wide lats gave her what appeared to be wings. Even her arms had istanbul travesti swells that were unusual on a woman and rare enough amongst men.

All four of them gaped, jaws open, suddenly immobile and ceding the floor to her. She smiled with realization and straightened up, her impossibly perky chest settling at Jake’s eye-line as he huddled in front of the DM screen before him. Using it as a shield, he marveled at the way her thick pectorals held up her ample breasts. Their lines were still readily apparent beneath her partially see-through top.

“Craig,” she asserted, “did the cat catch your tongue? I don’t think I’ve ever known you to be so quiet.”

“No,” he hissed.

“Good comeback,” Jake observed wryly.

“Shut up, Jake.” Another fine retort, Jake thought but remained silent.

“Don’t talk to him that way,” Jess defended, the tenor of her voice reaching a level they’d never heard before.

“Don’t tell me what to do, bitch!” Craig exclaimed. Other than fighting about the junk food or what was on the TV behind Jake, the group had never even approached an argument of this magnitude. The sudden unveiling of a woman in front of them seemed to have shattered the normally amicable proceedings.

“Craig!” Jake chided, his face aghast.

“Sorry, my bad. Please… just don’t tell me what to do, Jess.” As the peacemaker, Jake hoped that would put an end to the travesti istanbul drama unfolding before him, but Jess wasn’t budging.

“Because I’m a weak girl?”

“Because…” All of them hung on his next words. Please don’t go there, Jake thought as if trying to interrupt him with a Vulcan mind-meld or something. “I don’t like it.” Thank God. Jake could feel the relief wind its way through the room, but then he… went there. “And because you’re a… weak girl.”

Without skipping a beat, she responded confidently. “If I’m so weak, let’s arm wrestle and prove it.”

“I’m not wrestling a girl.”

“Why not? Tara could beat you.” Dan’s character, Tara, was the group’s fighter with a strength of 18/16. “She could,” Dan mumbled, overwhelmed by the moment but defending his beloved character, nonetheless.

“Shut up, Dan,” Craig grumbled before turning back to Jess to meet her glare head on. The contest was now between Craig and Jess and the rest of them had become interlopers who needed to remain silent. Dan didn’t reply.

Jake’s eyes locked on Jess in the persistent battle of wills. “Because girls aren’t strong enough and I wouldn’t want to hurt you,” Craig said dismissively.

Jess looked down at her right bicep, cocked her wrist upward, and watched as the large globe rose up under flexion, the powerful muscle capped by a fat vein. Now all eyes moved from her nipples istanbul travestileri to the tight bicep the size of a bulky baseball that swelled beneath her lean silky flesh. Silence descended upon the room as awe fanned its way around the basement.

“Fuck,” the word edged to Jake’s lips but remained unspoken. The growing erection in his sweats, however, refused to be silenced. Thank goodness, he mused, he was lying on his stomach, elbows tucked under his chin, face resting on his hands, so the rest of the group wouldn’t notice. Jake knew the other boys were likely having similar thoughts and physical reactions, but if Jess saw…

“I’m not afraid… Are you?” She breathed back in a challenge, as she released her flex and tucked a strand of silky curly blonde hair beneath her ear. The motion somehow made the muscle seem even bigger as it highlighted the neatly cleaving of the muscle with her powerful deltoid. Jake dropped his jaw and stared outright but Jess’s gaze was locked solely on Craig.

“Don’t go crying to your mommy if you get hurt, Jess. Let’s go,” he said, with an upturned chin and defiant posture. He appeared entirely undaunted by her unexpected size. His words sounded angry, but his tone remained confident and taunting. Perhaps he’s confused by the turn of events as well and covering it better than the rest of us, Jake thought.

Determination etched on Craig’s face, he lay down on his stomach. Jess quickly followed suit. Eyes staring at each other unblinking, the battle of wills began even before the contest started. As their fingers interlocked, a heavy foreboding tension pervaded the room like clouds of smoke during a battle.

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