My Best Friend’s Mom

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It had started out as such a great day, I was only two seconds off my best time during swim practice, and my best time broke the school record for the 200-meter freestyle. After, Mrs. Welsh, my swim team coach, congratulated me on my time she sent me to the showers. “You’ll have no problem against South Miami next week Jess,” she said as she showed me my time on her stopwatch. I got out of my wet swimsuit and showered off. When I was done I wrapped myself in my big fluffy white towel and stepped into the locker room and went to my locker. When I got to my locker I dropped my towel and pulled out my fresh clothes. I caught a glimpse of myself in the floor to ceiling mirror and stopped to check myself out for a minute. Looking at my body no one would ever guess I was 18, at 4’11” I looked more like twelve year old with tits. I shaved off all my body hair and with my 32A breasts there wasn’t much to suggest I was actually an adult and not a preteen.

My black hair hung wetly from my head and went just past my shoulders. I had the typical swimmer’s build, in other words, zero body fat, but I also worked out a lot in the school gym so my body was well toned and had good muscle definition. I even have six pack abs, my pride and joy really. I loved to show them off with cropped shirts, and I even got my belly button pierced to draw more attention to them. My second best feature, in my opinion, was my bright blue eyes. Everyone is always telling me how pretty they are. I dried myself off and started getting dressed. I slipped on my black satin string bikini underwear and then I put on my black sports bra, it had a racer style back just like my swimsuit. After that I pulled on a pair of gray and blue striped track pants, the ones that button up the sides, and lastly I put on my navy blue school swim team t-shirt, I had it tied in the back of course so it would show off my abs, and finally, I put on a pair of white ankle socks and my sneakers before packing all my wet stuff into my bag and heading out.

I saw my boyfriend’s car parked in the senior’s parking lot and thought he was waiting for me, but when I got to his car and looked through the window I saw him with Emily Fernandez and they were going at it hot and heavy. I was devastated! I ran back to my own car before either of them saw me, and headed for the only place I could think of, my best friend Jenny’s house. I parked my car in her driveway and with tears pouring down my face I walked to the front door and rang the doorbell. A minute or two later I heard the door being unlocked and Jenny’s mother greeted me through the open door, “Oh! Hi Jessica. What’s wrong?” she asked her voice full of concern.

“Hi. Ms. Tyler. Is Jenny home?” I asked between sniffles.

“No honey, I’m sorry. She just left to spend the weekend with her father about fifteen or twenty minutes ago,” she said.

“O-o-oh, I forgot that was this weekend,” I stammered and then exploded in tears again.

“Oh, Honey. Don’t cry,” she said trying to soothe me. “Why don’t you come in and tell what’s wrong? Maybe I can help,” Ms Tyler suggested.

“N-no. I-its ok. I d-don’t want to bother you,” I stuttered through my sobs.

“Jessica you aren’t a bother and never have been. Now come inside and tell all me about what’s got you so upset.”

I gave a defeated nod and tried to regain my composure while she stood aside to make room for me as I stepped through the doorway. As Ms. Tyler closed and locked the door behind me, I made my way to her family room. I was intimately familiar with her house because I had more or less spent half my life here ever since she and Jenny moved here our freshman year of high school. I sat down on her soft black leather couch and curled my legs under me. A couple of minutes later Ms. Tyler joined me in the family room with a couple of glasses of coke and ice.

“I thought you might like something to drink,” she said as she handed me one of the glasses before sitting down on the couch next to me.

“Thank you,” I said as I took the glass from her and then took a long sip to wash down my tears.

“Now, tell me what happened,” she said as she gently pulled a lock of my long black hair from my face.

I took a deep breath to steady myself and then I told her, “After I left swim practice I caught Mark making out with Emily Fernandez in his car in the parking lot.” I was proud of myself for not bursting into tears as recounted what happened for her.

“I see. Well that certainly explains why you’re so upset,” she said and pulled me into a deep hug. “I don’t know why Mark would want to be with that hoochie when he already had you.”

“He’s been getting frustrated with me a lot lately because I won’t let him get into my pants,” I said matter of factly.

“Figures. Guys always let their little head do the thinking for them when it comes to girls,” Ms. Tyler said.

“I guess,” I said half-heartedly.

“Do they know you saw them?” She asked.

“No, I don’t think so,” I told her.

“So what are you going to do about it?” Ms. Tyler asked.

“I’m şişli escort going to dump his cheating ass,” I said with a touch of venom.

“Good for you,” Ms. Tyler said encouragingly.

“I guess. If I let him have sex with me he probably wouldn’t have cheated on me though,” I said despairingly.

“Bullshit! If he loved you he wouldn’t have cheated on you. And if he didn’t then he should’ve had enough respect for you and your relationship to be honest with you. He didn’t have to cheat on you. You know that’s why I divorced Jenny’s father right?” she told me.

“Yeah. I don’t know the details, just that he had an affair and that you divorced him,” I said.

“I hired a private investigator after I found another woman’s perfume on his clothes. It turned out that not only was he having sex with one of the girls he worked with, but he was also picking up women at bars and taking them to motels for sex,” Ms. Tyler said.

“Oh wow. That’s fucked up. I mean, that’s messed up Ms. Tyler,” I said.

“You were right the first time, it’s fucked up. Anyway the P.I. gave me a tape that showed him having sex with about ten different women over a one month period. I knew things were going downhill with us for a long time, but I never thought he’d cheat on me like that. With one woman maybe, but with ten in a month? Never! And most of those women were one night stands, so God only knows how many women he’d fucked before I found out,” She sighed. ” Mark is just as big a fool as Dan was and still is.”

“I’m sorry Ms. Tyler,” I said.

“Don’t be. That was a long time ago, and I’ve been better off ever since,” she said with an encouraging smile.

“Its just that I thought he loved me!” I blurted out and without any warning I burst into tears again.

Ms. Tyler pulled me to her and hugged me tight to her body as she rubbed and patted my back doing her best to comfort me in my grief. She kissed me lightly on my forehead and softly said, “Shhhhh, it’ll be ok.” She repeated this over and over again kissing my forehead between each repetition. That’s when it happened, that’s when both of our lives changed, I looked up and was about to say something to her at the same time she was leaned down to give my forehead another kiss, but instead of kissing my forehead her lips met mine and we kissed each other. We both kinda froze right there in mid kiss, eyes wide open and staring at each other neither of us sure what to do. Her kiss was so soft and gentle, so unlike Mark’s. Mark’s kisses were rarely gentle. He always seemed like he was trying to force his tongue down my throat. I’m not really sure why I did it, but I closed my eyes, parted my lips and gently touched her lips with my tongue. Ms. Tyler moaned softly and opened her lips and met my tongue with hers. I’m not sure how long we kissed, but it was the best kiss I had ever had in my life. There was so much love and passion in the gentle caress of her tongue that I was swept away. When we finally came up for air I had totally forgotten about Mark and all I could think about was this beautiful woman who was holding me in her arms.

Ms. Tyler smiled down at me and said, “Well that was unexpected.”

I just giggled in response. I was feeling too excited and giddy to actually speak. I had never felt like this with Mark or any other guy I had dated.

“Do you want to kiss some more?” Ms Tyler asked me softly. I just nodded because I was still overwhelmed by what was happening. All I really knew was that I didn’t want it to stop yet. Ms. Tyler smiled one of the biggest smiles I had seen on her in a long, long time and then leaned down and started kissing me again. As I lips touched I felt her tongue dart between my lips and seek out my own tongue. Her tongue flicked and caressed mine as it darted in and out of our mouths. One of her hands started caressing up and down my back again. It felt like I was in heaven.

Without really realizing it Ms. Tyler and I had maneuvered so that I was lying on my back on the couch and she was lying on top of me supporting her weight with her arms. I wrapped my arms around her body and caressed my hands up and down her back as we made out right their on the sofa in her family room. Her kisses occasionally moved from my lips and mouth to the sides of my face and my neck. Every time she’d kiss me on the neck I would gasp softly, shudder with pleasure and get goose bumps. I guess that’s one of my hot spots because I was also starting to get very turned on. It never did anything for me with Mark, but with Ms. Tyler it was just, WOW! My pussy was even getting wet as I felt her right hand move down my side from my shoulder to my hip and then back up again under my t-shirt towards my breast. That’s when something else happened, I freaked out!

“Stop! Stop! This is happening too fast!” I said and I started pushing Ms. Tyler off me. As soon as she realized I was panicking Ms. Tyler stopped and sat up looking at me with concern in her eyes as I struggled to sit up too. “Jess…” she started to say, but I cut her off, “I’m sorry, mecidiyeköy escort I gotta go.” I got off the couch and practically ran out of the house.

As soon as I got home I took a long hot shower, got some dinner and went to my room to think about everything that had happened to me today. Mark and I were done. That was for sure. I knew I didn’t want anything else to do with him anymore. But what had really thrown me for a loop was what happened with Ms. Tyler. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Every time I thought about her and what happened I felt, I felt… I’m not sure how to describe just how she made me feel. Every sensation felt so strong, so incredible. Her body felt so warm and so very soft. I’m not sure why I freaked out. I guess it was a lot of things; she’s my best friend’s mom for one, she’s old enough to be my mom for another, and oh yeah, she a woman and I’m not a lesbian.

After I fell asleep I spent the night having dreams of me and Ms. Tyler, specifically dreams of me and her making out, but this time I didn’t stop her. This time things went a lot farther. In my dreams Ms. Tyler took me into her bedroom and made passionate love to me for hours and hours. When I woke up the next morning my t-shirt was soaked through with sweat and my panties were soaked through with my cum. My pussy, thighs and ass were soaked, there was a large wet spot on my bed under my thighs and ass, and my whole room smelled like sex. I had a wet dream about Ms. Tyler!! From the look, feel and smell of things I had a bunch of wet dreams about her!

I opened my bedroom window to try and air out the smell and then I hopped in the shower and washed the cum and sweat from my body. After I dried off from my shower I got dressed, grabbed a quick bite to eat and went to work. I’m glad I don’t have a job that requires a lot of concentration, because I was very distracted by thoughts of what happened with Ms. Tyler the day before, and my dreams of what I secretly wanted happen. The internal struggle was driving me a little crazy and things didn’t get any better by the time Monday rolled around.

When I walked into school with Jenny that morning Mark came walking up to me with his usual cocky grin on his face. “Hey babe. How was your weekend? I tired calling you but…” SMACK!

I cut him off with a slap to his face that was so hard it almost knocked him to the ground.

“What the fuck was that for?” he yelled obviously very confused. Jenny was surprised too. I told her what happened, but I didn’t tell her what I was going to do. Of course that was probably because I didn’t know myself until I saw him with his stupid fucking cocky ass grin like nothing had happened.

“You son of a bitch! I saw you and Emily in your car Friday after school! You and me are through!” I hollered at him.

The look of comprehension on his face was almost comical. But the best part was when Emily walked around the corner. “You lying piece of shit! You told me you two broke up!” Emily yelled accusingly.

“I-uh.” It was obvious Mark was scrambling to come up with something to say, but before he got a chance Emily planted her foot hard between his legs and dropped to the ground groaning in pain.

Emily turned to me and said, “I’m sorry Jessica. He really did tell me you guys had broken up. I may be a lot of things, but I’m not a boyfriend stealer.”

“Its ok Emily. I wasn’t mad at you in the first place. If he loved me he wouldn’t cheated on me period,” I said.

“Well I’m still sorry,” she said.

I was about to tell her not to worry about it again when one of the teachers came walking down the hall to see what all the commotion was about. Of course we all scattered leaving Mark still rolling on the floor in pain. The fucker. He deserved it.

By lunch time the whole school had heard what happened and Emily and I were called to the office. “Alright girls, I want the whole story and I want it now.” Mrs. Maxwell said sternly. Emily and I both started to say we didn’t know what she was talking about when she interrupted us. “Just so you know before you start denying that you did anything Mark Thompson had to be taken to the hospital. He may have a ruptured testicle, and I have about a dozen witnesses that say you two were involved.”

Emily and I told her the whole story about what had happened and why. And when we were done she just looked at us for a while before speaking. “Well if what you’re telling me is true, then Mr. Thompson probably got what he deserved. I’m giving you each a weeks detention and as long as neither Mark or his parents press charges we’ll leave it at that.” “Yes Mrs. Maxwell,” Emily and I said together.

“I want you to understand something girls. I can’t condone what you two did, but maybe it’ll make some of the other students think twice about cheating on their boyfriends or girlfriends. I don’t want to see any replays of this incident, and I don’t want to see either one of you in my office again for the rest of the year or I won’t be so nice next time. Understand?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Emily and I replied together.

“Good. Now get back to class,” Mrs. Maxwell said.

Once we were out of the principal’s office Emily and I went to our separate classes. Fortunately my next class was a free period that I shared with Jenny. I filled her in on what had happened in the principal’s office. To say she was shocked would be a severe understatement. “Oh my good. I can’t believe Emily busted his nut. Maybe we should get her to try out for the soccer team,” Jenny said and we both busted out laughing.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly, but I was still distracted by thoughts of Jenny’s mom. Everyone could tell I was distracted, but they all put it down to what happened with Mark. Truth was I could really care less. He had gotten what he deserved in my opinion. Before I knew it I was sitting in detention with Emily and a couple of other kids. Emily and I sat together and talked quietly. “I’m sorry,” she said. “It’s ok Emily. Really I’m not mad at you,” I reassured her. “Well if it makes you feel any better we never had sex,” she said. The look I gave her was a mixture of I don’t care and I don’t really believe you. “I’m serious. We were going to, but he came in my hand before I could even get his dick in my pussy and then he couldn’t get it back up.”

“Well I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t give it up to him. It would have sucked to have that happen my first time,” I said.

“Yeah it would. I got lucky my first time. It was with an older guy who knew what he was doing,” she said.

“I know this is none of my business. But how many guys have you been with?” I asked curiously.

“I’m not really sure anymore. Around forty or fifty I guess,” she said.

“Wow.” I’m not sure if I was surprised that she had been with so many guys or if I t was because I had thought she had been with even more. Then a thought occurred to me, “Emily have you ever been with another girl before?”

She looked at me curiously for a couple of seconds and then said, “Yeah once or twice. Why?”

“Just curious,” I said.

She looked at me with a look that plain said she knew there was more to it then that. “I… well there’s someone that I’m kinda interested in, but I’m just not sure. I’ve never been with another girl before,” I admitted truthfully, surprising myself with my own words. It was obvious by the look on her face that I had taken Emily by surprise too. “Please don’t tell anyone,” I pleaded.

“Your secret’s safe with me,” she said with a reassuring smile.

“Thanks,” I said relieved.

“Alright you can leave,” the detention teacher announced.

“Look if you ever want to talk about it I’ll be here all week,” Emily said with a grin. I chuckled and thanked her as we left the room.

I spent the rest of the week in detention with Emily, but we didn’t discuss sex anymore until Friday. I was still tortured by visions of what could have been with Ms. Tyler. Thoughts of her would intrude on my mind for no reason. I would be doing something and then, BAM! There was Ms. Tyler kissing and caressing me again I could see every detail of her body like she was standing right there in front of me, her honey blonde hair that fell loosely to the middle of her back. Her sparkling green eyes, her full and oh so soft lips and her small but firm 34B breasts, (I knew this because Jenny and I had gone clothes shopping with her a lot.) she kept herself in good shape and her body was slim and trim at 5’3″ and 110 pounds. I couldn’t stop thinking about her no matter what I was doing it was like she was there in the back of my mind.

By the time Friday rolled around I knew something had to give or I’d just go completely nuts, so I decided to talk to Emily while we were in detention that afternoon. When I got to detention at the end of the day I took my normal seat right next to Emily. “Hi Em,” I said.

“Hey Jess. You ready for your swim meet later?” she said.

Not wanting to sound over confident I said, “Yeah, I think I’ll do good.”

“Well good luck,” she said.

“Thanks,” I said and then I took a deep breath and steeled myself for what I was going to say next. “Um, remember when you said we could talk about what its like to be with another girl the other day?” I said tentatively.

“Yeeeaaah,” Emily said as if she was trying to coax what I was trying to say out of me.

“Well I’d to talk about it if the offer’s still open,” I said.

“Sure. What do you want to know?” she said in a way that sounded like I was asking her how to cook a dinner or something.

“What its like I guess. Is it better then it is with a boy? How do you like it?” I asked trying not to show how eager I was for the answers.

“Well, I like it a lot. In a lot of ways, sex with a girl is better then sex with a boy because another girl has a lot better idea of what you’re going to like because she knows what she likes. I think girls are also more into pleasing each other. Most guys our age just care about getting off. The ones who take the time to do it right are few and far between. And when you’re with another girl it’s a more sensual feeling. The only thing a girl doesn’t have is a dick, and no dildo, finger or tongue is ever gonna make up for that.” Emily explained.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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