My Best Vacation

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I just finished high school, graduation already ended, I am 18 years old, my name is Anthony Johnson, about 6’5 in height, lanky build.

I guess you can say I look like your typical nerd, i’m not ashamed who I am though, I like myself, blonde hair with blue eyes, and skin as pale white as it can get, my friends often joke that i’m secretly a vampire.

My parents are so different from me, they’re attractive people (well I am too), they always kept their figure, I wish i bulked up like my dad…

Anyway, once everyone left my graduation party, my father came up to me, wrapped his arm around me and asked, “son, where would you like to go on vacation? you can choose anywhere.”

I didn’t hesitate and looked at him, “I want to go to Mexico.”

Ever since, I found out I was gay and stumbled upon latino porn, I was so fascinated. Their dark skin, uncut cocks, masculine energy they put out just turned me on, I never met a latino since i live in a all white town.

My dad responded with a chuckle and pat to my shoulder, “alright son you got it, we know great spots around the country, they’re going to love you down there. Pack your things soon.”

I sure hope so, i’m a virgin, I wasn’t attracted to anyone at my school, i’ve always had dreams of a strong mexican guy passionately kissing me and sucking my cock.

Fuck, I got so hard at the thought, I went upstairs and locked my door. I stripped Ankara bayan escort off my clothes, grabbed my phone, plugged some headphones in and searched my usual, latinos fucking white guys.

I started to stroke my shaft up and down, watching the sexy latino furiously pound the white dude’s ass, the moaning of his got to me, “oh papi yes! you fuck me so good, cum inside me!”

The sound of skin hitting skin, the contrast between their skin color, and hearing the moans, I couldn’t hold any longer! My load splashed all over my stomach and chest, even hit my chin, I gasped for air, “oh fuck,” was all I can say.

I cleaned the mess, put some pajamas, and started to pack for my vacation, hoping that I can find someone like the man in my dreams.

The following days, my parents and I already landed to our destination, Curacao, Mexico. Oh my, it looked so beautiful, I smiled that i’m actually here now.

My dad noticed, he smiled knowing I was so happy, he responded, “Welcome to Curacao son, this is paradise.”

I looked at my parents, I said, “Thank you both so much, i’m really excited to be here!”

We then took a cab to the private beach house my dad had rented for the week, it was magnificent. It had a pool followed by a private beach behind it, felt like I was dreaming.

Then, I see him, oh my god, he is so attractive, a sexy Mexican man stepped out and greeted us into our private Escort bayan Ankara home, he brought out a few more employees to help with the luggage, the man decided to take mine.

“I’ll take this señor, please step forward,” he said. He smiled up at me, grabbing my luggage, I smiled back and thanked him, he’s so beautiful.

He was everything I imagined I wanted, lustrous black hair, smooth tanned skin, hazel eyes that looked green outside with the sun shining, great body build, looked very lean must hit the gym often, and he was short in height, looked to be 5’8.

I didn’t care for his height, his aura was already masculine, fuck he’s so gorgeous and when I walked in I swear I feel his gaze.

The house is so beautiful, my parents and I went to see the rooms and we chose, obviously they got the bigger room, I went into my room, it was nice, I had a view, perfect for making love.

The man followed me because of the luggage, he set down my bags and said, “Señor if you ever need anything, i’ll be happy to help you, that’s what i’m here. you hungry?”

As I admired my room, hearing his sexy accent and voice, I turned to him and responded, “thank you, yeah i’m feeling a little hungry, I like anything, and I like trying new things too.” I accidentally bit my lip as I looked at him and I blushed.

He chuckled, smirked giving the mutual feeling that he liked me too, “I’ll prepare you Bayan escort Ankara something very delicious.” he walked out and went to prepare my food.

I changed into something comfortable, as I was just going to play on my pc computer for today, but I went to go downstairs to see him.

My parents were gonna head out to a restaurant nearby, they asked if I wanted to go with them, but I politely declined since they should have dinner together. Besides I wanted to stay and see more of the man.

Now i’m here alone with him, oh yes, I went to the kitchen to see him preparing a meal, a man that can cook is 10 times more attractive.

I told him, “My parents went out, so I guess you can just prepare for me and you, that looks really good.”

“Alright sir, what is your name?” he asked.

I responded, “The name is Anthony,” i reached for a handshake.

“Rodrigo, nice to meet you, Anthonys here are Antonio so if i call you that i’m sorry.” He gave me a firm handshake

Rodrigo, I liked his name, so handsome, he’s glowing and has that spotlight where you know you’ve met someone that’s right for you.

I spilled out, “That’s fine, i don’t mind if you call me Antonio, it’s nice to meet you to Rodrigo.” I couldn’t roll my Rs like he did.

He finished making our meal and served me and for him, it looks so good he sat beside me and we both just talked and laughed for hours. He is so beautiful.

I couldn’t stop admiring him, I never felt this way before not even the jocks at my school could compare to him. As he kept talking, I couldn’t help but just go forward, I grabbed him by the cheek turning to face me and I locked my lips with his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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