My Date with Celia

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Ana Foxxx

Bob was going to be away for three nights the next week, so when I got to work, I spoke to Celia about a date on Wednesday evening, this time ending up at our house rather than her flat. She jumped at the chance. “Bring some clothes for the following day as I am expecting you to stay the night.” I told her.

I suggested we went out for a drink and then see where it went from there. “I know where I want to go.” She said, “Your bed.”

“That’s what I hope too.” I told her.

After work on Wednesday, we left work together. I rather rashly walked out of the office holding her hand. Somehow I wanted people to notice, I wanted them to talk about us, I wanted them to know, I had a now unsuppressed need to become an object of scorn. I don’t know why I wanted this, there was some urge to expose our relationship to public comment. Celia was happy to go along with this although she was surprised, perhaps as surprised as I was myself.

As we arrived at my house, I asked Celia if she was up for a bit of public fun. She gave guarded agreement to this. I said I would probably kiss her in the pub or club, depending on where we ended up. She laughed and said she was relieved, she had begun to imagine all sorts of things that I might have in mind. I told her I was always open to suggestions. We both laughed at that.

We headed out to the pub in town, appearing like to women on the pull. The only thing we were going to pull were the legs of the blokes who thought we might be up for it. We were of course, but only with each other.

She was wearing a black embroidered bolero, which didn’t meet in the middle, over a slightly sparkly button through dress having a low square neckline. I discovered early on that under her dress was a black half cup bra that showed her beautiful breast cleavage of magnificently. I was wearing a dark brown wrap-over skirt under a very thin strappy top. This had a high sheen that showed off every little crevice of my chest. I was wearing panties, black lace, but no bra and my nipples showed the extent of my excitement by poking out the material. Even my Montgomery Glands, those little bumps on my areola were showing against the shiny fabric.

In the pub we hit the spirits straight away and were soon in a condition where we did not care much about anything. I suppose I started things off by kissing her full on the mouth in a crowded pub. As I did so, I placed my hand above her left breast on her chest, under her jacket but outside her dress. “You’re naughty.” She said softly.

“Tell me to stop if you don’t like it.” I told her. She said nothing. I muzzled her right ear and smelt her hair. “You smell gorgeous.” I said. I let my thumb find her cleavage and she made a sharp intake of breath. She didn’t tell me to stop, not even when I undid the top button of her dress. She said nothing when I ventured to open the next button down. This time however, she placed her hand on mine and I thought this was the signal to stop. However to my surprise she moved my hand so it was inside her dress and cupping her left breast. We sat like that for a while, me still with my nose in her hair, lightly kissing her cheek and my hand inside her dress.

“The bra.” She whispered. “It is front fastening.” No more than that, no instruction, no pleas, but a seemingly open invitation to separate the cups of her bra. In the mean time, her right hand was on my thigh searching for the wrap of my skirt. She found it and suddenly her hand was on the bare skin of my leg. It crept further up until the back of her fingers were brushing my panties.

“My panties,” I whispered, “they are, dispensable.”

“Then dispose of them.” She said.

“You do it.” I urged her and at the same time undid the clip on her bra.

I have to say that the pub was really crowded. It was almost standing room only and we were sitting along the wall of the room on a bench that turned away from the wall in a sort of return, like you would get on an office desk. People were standing, talking amongst themselves and not taking too much notice of us. Her hand up my skirt was partially blocked from view by the small round table typical of English pubs. However my hand inside her dress was visible to anyone who wished to look.

I put my hand inside the bra cup and cupped her breast in my hand, then rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She made a sound like “Hmmmm.” I thnk she liked what I was doing. I certainly liked what she did next. I felt her fingernails scratching at the fabric on my panties, then they succeeded in punching a hole through them and her finger went straight into my cunt. It was my turn to gasp now.

“Tell me to stop if you don’t like it.” She said with a grin, as she mimicked my comment to her a little while earlier. I was determined to say nothing, so did not. I moved my hand away from her breast for a moment, we had our other arms around each other just above waist level. With my free hand I undid a couple more buttons on her dress, so it was now undone almost to her waist. One şişli escort bra cup was still supporting her right breast, but I pushed the other one into her armpit so I could have unfettered access to her left breast. My hand was still ostensibly inside her dress, but in fact it had slid away a little so in effect the only thing stopping her almost all of her breast being on display was my hand covering it.

“I’m loving this.” I whispered.

“So am I.” she replied, “But I think the girl in the jeans and blue top has clocked us.”

“So what?” I asked.

“Don’t you mean so wet?” she asked with a giggle. Then her hand behind me started to move. I realised she was undoing one of the two clasps on my skirt. It was the outer one, so if I stood up there would be a good chance my skirt would at least half fall off. This was not her aim. Her intention was to allow her to get her hand up the back of my tight top.

When I realised what she was doing, I eased my back away from the backrest a little to give her more room. Then with two fingers playing with my clitoris, she forced not only her hand but her whole arm up inside the back of my top until her hand was resting in my shoulder but underneath the strap. “Are you going to tear my top?” I asked her quietly.

“Is that what you want me to do?”

I said nothing. There was absolutely no doubt that we were now being watched out of corners of eyes. Nobody was making it glaringly obvious they were watching, but several people were casting glances our way. Nobody seemed inclined to alert the very busy bar staff, the onlookers seemed fascinated as to how far we would go.

“You take off your panties and I’ll do the same with my bra.” She offered.

“OK, but we have to do it right here.” I told her.

“That was my intention.” She said, extricating her arm from inside my top. Her other hand disappeared from my nether regions and she pulled her bolero jacket over to cover her breast. This allowed me to use both hands to see to my own clothing. Firstly I refastened my skirt, pulled my top straight, leaving it outside my skirt for the moment, then wriggled myself forward on the seat and eased my now holed panties down my legs.

Celia seemed rather rapidly to be able to get her left arm out of her bra strap by pulling it down to her wrist and passing her hand through it. I noticed that she had done up a couple of the buttons on her dress before going through the same procedure with the bra strap and her right hand. Then she simply pulled the undone bra out of her neckline. Some people sniggered as they realised what she had done. “What do you want to do now?” she asked.

“Go dancing.” I told her, so she stood up and held out her hand for me. I still had my panties in my fist. She took them off be and tossed them together with her discarded bra on the seat where we had been sitting. As we stood two people, a man and a woman clapped their hands and told us they had enjoyed the show. A voice said “Goodnight Diana.” So someone who had been watching, knew me. A frisson of excitement went up my spine as I felt familiar eyes drilling into it. I did not see who it was.

“Where shall we go?” Celia asked.

“What about The Central” I suggested.

“Nah! The clientele is too young and stupid for our sort. Hang on. I’ve heard of a club that sounds to be just the place.” She led me down a few back streets and we ended up outside a basement club. I knew it was there, but have never been inside. “This is the nearest option to a proper jazz club in this town.” She told me. “And they tolerate lesbians.”

I laughed. “Is that what we are?”

She chuckled, “We are tonight!”

We had some trouble getting in as the doorman thought I looked too young. “She’s a married woman for God’s sake!” I thought Celia was going to hit him, which considering his size, (similar to Bob’s) would have been a mistake.

It was dark and in defiance of the smoking ban, very smoky. A live trio of Saxophone, keyboard and bass players were producing smooth smoochy blues. A waitress in an extremely short skirt stopped us going straight on to the dance floor, by demanding a drinks order. She showed us to a tiny cramped table near the dais that passed for a stage. “Leave the drinks on the table sweetheart,” Celia said with a sneer, “We’re going dancing.”

We weren’t alone, there were a few couples shuffling around the floor. They seemed to tolerate most types here, there were even a couple blokes dancing together. It wasn’t long before we were in the zone, holding each other tightly, cheek to cheek. “Feel my tits.” Celia whispered to me. I took one hand and placed it under her jacket and felt the mound of her beautiful breast. “Properly.” She murmured. So I started to undo the buttons on her dress. “As far a you like.” I did as I was bid. I made it as far as just below her groin, before I couldn’t reach any further. “Pull the others apart. Pull them!” She instructed me urgently. I had to use two hands, but I did it. Right down to the hem of her dress. mecidiyeköy escort Buttons scattered across the floor. A couple dancing near us looked but said nothing. I pulled up my own top so my own tiny breasts were exposed and pressed them against Celia’s perfect pair. Her dress parted all the way down and I saw for the first time her white panties. The ultra violet light picked up the whiteness and made it stand out brilliantly.

I slid one hand inside her panties she was soaking. “You’re wet.” I said rather too loudly and I heard a snigger from somewhere.

“I was wet before we left your house.” She remarked, “How about you?”

“I’m wet now, touch me” I whispered.

She slid her hand into the wrap of my skirt and pulled the internal one to the side to find my slit. “This skirt should only be fixed in place by Velcro.” She told me.

I replied, “It will be next time.”

We were not the only dancers fondling each other. Indeed the couple that looked at us when I pulled off the buttons of Celia’s dress, had started to follow suit. The man had undone the zip down the back of his partner’s dress and she didn’t seem to be protesting about anything.

“Let me get rid of the bolero.” Celia suggested and quickly removed it before tossing it at our table where the drinks stood untouched. When she turned back to me I slid the dress off her shoulders.

“Let’s both get topless.” I said to her. She shrugged her dress of her arms and that soon was tossed on to the table, knocking over the drinks. She pulled my top off over my head and I wrapped my arms around her, dressed now only in my skirt and heels.

The man dancing near us waited to see if we were going to be apprehended by the management. When he saw that they didn’t seem to be bothered, he whispered something to his partner who giggled a little and nodded. He pulled her dress forward off her shoulders and she daintily stepped out of it. She was still in her underwear which being white stood out like beacon.

Nobody objected to the two topless young women feeling each other up, neither did the woman from couple near us dancing in her bra and panties raise any eyebrows. The man decided to take things further by undoing the back of her bra. She laughed! It was clear that she didn’t object so that gave him carte blanche to remove it, which he did in record time.

Celia of course was only wearing her panties and she threw her head back and laughed when I started easing them down over her hips. “If that’s what you want to do, – do it.” She told me. “But your skirt will be next to go if you do.”

I kissed her and asked, “And that is a problem because?”

She kissed me back and said. “Because although they are fairly tolerant here, I don’t know that tolerance extends to total nudity.”

“Let’s find out then, if they are not quick enough, they may soon have three naked women on the dance floor.” I nodded in the direction of the young couple. The woman was only in her panties too now.

“Go for it then.” Celia said and reached behind me to un-catch my skirt. As I had thought the front wrap fell away, leaving only the inner clip holding it round me. Celia snatched that open and grabbing my skirt threw it towards the stage. I retaliated by pulling her panties down her legs where she quickly stepped out of them. We cuddled each other tightly so in fact the only things on display apart from a lot of bare flesh were our buttocks.

The young man near us wasn’t going to miss an opportunity like this and snatched away his partners flimsy panties in one quick moment. His girl friend, looked shock and then slapped the back of his hand before draping her arms round his neck. He must have undone the flies of his slacks at some time, because at that point with his partner naked and his prick out, the management stepped in. We heard the security man say. “You can stay like that if you must, but no fucking!”

Possibly they thought the temptation would be too great for them to resist, so they left the floor. We did the same shortly after and we had a night of sex planned and it was getting late. As we walked off, the band stopped playing and applauded both us and the young couple.

We collected the remains of our clothes and asked the club to call a taxi for us.

“What’s it like in there?” The driver asked, “I’ve heard it can get pretty raunchy.”

“Naah.” Celia told him, “It was all pretty quiet tonight.”

“Really?” The driver sounded surprised and perhaps a bit disappointed, maybe he was hoping for chapter and verse on the sexy goings on. On that score he was definitely going to be disappointed.

We arrived back at my house. There was a missed call on the phone, it was Bob’s number — well it was too late to call him back now. We repaired upstairs and proceeded to lick each other into an frenzy. After an initial orgasm I told Celia that I had some photographs to show her. Before I did, I asked if she remembered the episode when I coated her tits with squirty cream last time.

“Are şişli escort bayan you kidding?” She exclaimed. “It was the surprise of the night.”

“A nice surprise, I hope.” I replied.

She looked at me and said “It was lovely.”

I opened up the laptop and showed her some early pictures of Bob and me covered in various messes. Because they were early photos, they were perhaps not as extreme as some of the things we get up to now. She was both shocked and intrigued. “It can get a lot messier than that.” I told her, “This is entry level stuff, but if you don’t mind I’d like to play with some food with you.”

“I’d like to try it.” She confirmed.

I led her naked downstairs to the kitchen, our main playground.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Just lay on the floor and see if you can guess what substances I’m using.”

“I will be able to see what you’re doing.” She said, then realising what I was about to say next, she laughed.

“Not if you’re blindfolded.”

“Are you going to tie me up as well?” She asked quietly.

“Not this time.” I said with what I hoped was a bit of menace.

“Ok then.” She said, “Do your worst.”

I thought to myself “if I was to do my worst, I may put you off for life, and that would be sad.”

I tied a towel round her eyes and started. First I trickled honey over her nipples. “That’s golden syrup.” She guessed.

“Almost.” I told her,

Next I squeezed a strawberry onto her lips. “That tastes like strawberry.” She said.

“That’s right!” I said and rubbed the squashed strawberry over her nipples.

“What’s that?” She asked

“That’s the strawberry being rubbed into your nipples.” I told her. Then I kissed her nipples sucking the juice off them.

She laughed, “I know what that is, that’s you licking it off again.”

“Hold out your hands.” I told her, when she did I poured more honey into her outstretched palms.

“That’s sticky!” She exclaimed.

“Rub it over your tits.” While she did that, I trickle rubbed some jam into her pussy.

“Diana, What are you doing?”

“Rubbing some comestibles into your pussy, don’t you like it?

“Yes, I do.”

I began to slide my fingers in and out of the jam covering her pussy. She obligingly opened her legs and let me apply more.

“I don’t know what that is but it feel gloriously decadent.” She whispered.

“I’m going to kiss you now and pour something over my own head so it will cover both of us.” I told her.

“Is it messy?”


“Then do it!”

In fact I tipped a large can of creamed rice pudding over her belly first and then lay on top of her before covering my hair and hers with baked beans in tomato sauce. I took off her blindfold so she could see my face dripping beans and sauce on to hers. Then we kissed in earnest, rubbing our bodies together in the goo between us.

“This is fun.” She told me between kisses.

“Would you like to take the messing further?” I asked.

“Yes if sex comes with it.” She told me. So we messed each other up and rubbed kissed and generally did sexy things. I ended up sitting on her upper chest, masturbating myself right near her mouth, my juices splashing her face. She started off by rubbing jam, honey and strawberries into my tits. Then started flicking anything else she could reach at my face and hair. There was no doubt that she was enjoying herself..

“Celia, will you do something for me?”

“Anything, absolutely anything.” She cried out rolling her head from side to side in the mess on the floor.

“Will you piss on me?”


“I want you to piss over my body.”


“All over.”

“No I meant where do you want me to do it? In what location?”

“Right here, right now. Sit on me like I am sitting on you and work your way down my body.

We swapped places and she sat on my upper chest as instructed. She couldn’t do it straight away but I diddled her urethra with my little finger and then a small flow started. Soon she was slashing in my face and hair. I loved the dirtiness of this and physically stopped her sliding down my body by linking my hands behind her back, holding her fast.

My waist long hair was drenched through, but not washed clean as it had too many other ingredients in it. I opened my mouth to try to catch some but her flow was now too fast, so I simply luxuriated in the nice warm shower. “Diana, you are a silly dirty bugger!” Celia told me when she had finished.

“It was great, you should try it!” I replied.

“Maybe some other time I might.” She said, “But do tell me, are we going to bed at all tonight?”

“Well clean up first, that can be fun too.” I told her. I found out that she had actually brought a nightdress with her, she told me this whilst we were swabbing down the kitchen floor. I filed away this information for later use.

Eventually we finished in the kitchen and went to have a shower together. We lathered and rinsed, lathered and groped each other for quite a long time. In fact we showered until we were beginning to run out of hot water. So we dried off and went into the bedroom,. “Diana, do you realise it is nearly 6.00am?” she asked with some surprise.

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