My Deepest Desires

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I have always acted modest. I always study hard. I thought life is all about being disciplined and acting like a human. But now, my mind couldn’t suppress my deepest desires. I came to realize as we age, we start develop differently and our mindset becomes different. It all started with one incident that occurred.

I was in my last year of high school when I saw that guy sitting right in front of me trying to look all happy. I was not really interested in a relationship. I always thought being with a girl will just bring me unhappiness because I couldn’t get hard when I saw those sexy magazines and stuff. But my environment made me suppress my realization that I was into men. He was right there looking into my eyes and I could feel the tingle in my stomach. That was the exact time when I knew I could no longer suppress myself.

The next thing I knew I was inside the club room. He had his hands all over my body. I could feel his cold hands on my wrist. I loved that feeling. I could feel his tongue inside my mouth touching the roof of my mouth. He bit my lips slowly. I could feel his teeth biting my lips. I could feel his cold hands sliding through istanbul travesti my skin near my stomach then to my chest. I giggled and whispered “Sadly I don’t have boobs for you to feel” and I still remember him saying; “Your ass is enough for me” That was the time that I forgot all my modest feelings about life. He wouldn’t leave my lips alone for even a second. He then put his tongue deep down my throat. I couldn’t breathe I loved the sensation. My mind started to feel hazy. Then he rubbed my nipples and then he left my mouth alone and started sucking on my nipples. He Even complimented my pink nipples. The only words that came out from my mouth was “OH……AH…. OHH…..UGH……AHH” I would have never imagined I would be dominated to this extend.

He slowly started to unbutton my shirt and then kiss my neck. I realized I was sensitive to neck. I almost let out cum from my dick when his soft lips touched my neck. But I tried holding it back. Then he slowly took off my pants and then he could see pre-cum dripping in my boxers. He smirked and said “That was all it took for you?” I felt embarrassed then he suddenly took my whole small dick into his mouth and then I felt the sharp sensation and the only istanbul travestileri thing is remember is the cum gushing out into his mouth. I exclaimed ”I am sorry” Then he suddenly stood up and pulled me towards him and started dripping the cum into my mouth.

I was surprised that I didn’t even feel that it was dirty all I could feel was his tongue near me. I was hungry for his saliva. He kissed me until the cum disappeared he took off his pants and I could see his 7-inch-long dick hard as rock. I was scared. I wanted to run but he held me in his arms and whispered “Now it’s your turn”. I slowly took my tongue out and felt his hot dick in my mouth and I started to lick desperately. He smirked. I could feel him laughing at my sloppy skills. He then said “I will teach you”. He then grabbed my head and then smacked his dick into my mouth.

I was blank for a second and I felt my mouth was full. I struggled I felt like I was about to die. But the he took his dick out of my mouth and patted my head. I was okay now and I wanted that big dick in my mouth. I started to shake my head like a madman. I wanted to make him feel good and wanted that dick inside of my mouth. My small hard dick started to twitch and I travesti istanbul was Cumming over and over again. I felt my mouth being fucked and I loved it. He didn’t even moan. He just smirked the whole time. Then he just carried me in his arm and said “I can teach you how to suck me next time” and then he placed me at the top of the desk near the window and then he made me face the window and stick my ass up. Now I could see outside of the school and my hard pink nipples were touching the window class.

I was feeling nervous and I could feel his tongue inside my ass. I could feel a huge pleasure and I started to moan like a girl. Then he said “You were made for this and you were born for this” I became more sensitive. I could feel the hot head of his dick inside the entrance of my ass. Then he ramped me with his huge dick and I couldn’t close my mouth. I couldn’t stop moaning. He did it wildly and started ramping and violating my ass with his big shaft I could feel his ball touching my hole. I felt like a woman.

He felt like a wild animal just ramping with animalistic instinct, shaking his hips. He then groaned and moaned and I could feel his cum up my intestine. I laid flat on the desk my nipples twitching and ass tightening. I felt the pleasure of my life I had never felt before. He carried me and hugged me and said “You will never find better dick than this”. I had a huge smile and all I could think about was his long huge dick and how much it made me cum to form a puddle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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