My Favorite Sunday

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Sunday nights had always been synonymous with laundry night for me. Late into the evening would I start my laundry, far removed in a basement room of my apartment complex. I’d sit there with a good book and my mp3 player filled with jazz tracks or triphop. But tonight, my sanctuary had been compromised.

She was bent at the waist, her heart shaped ass displayed in all its curvy glory in a tight pair of silken shorts. Her knees bent slightly as she pulled clothes from the dryer and placed them haphazardly in a basket. It was funny, most women I knew folded each morsel of clothing with care that bordered on the compulsive. As she tugged at the dryer, I noticed her finely sculpted calves flexing — for the briefest moment I saw them flexing as I took this beauty from her illustrious behind, those gorgeous ass cheeks slapping against my thighs as I dived my cock in her cunt. My cock twitched at the thought and I hadn’t even seen if the rest of this lady was still as lovely as her rear assets.

So, after thinking about boiled carrots for a few seconds to subdue my mounting erection, I fully entered the laundry room and walked to one of the washing machines and dropped my gym bag full of dirty clothes in front of it. I knew she might not see me as the dryer door blocked her view — but I was only 10 feet from her and I was sure she would have heard the falling bag.

When she finally stood up and placed her basket on top of the dryer, I noticed she had headphones on. From this profile I realized she appeared shorter than she actually was — she was already barely 5’0 — but it was beauty in a small, fiery package. Her hair was a dirty blond color with reddish highlights. It was pulled into a smart pony tail that showed off her long, slender neck. Since she was wearing a sleeveless shirt, I saw her bronzed skin and taut, slender arms. But it was when she closed the dryer door that she took my breath away. She was like a modern day fertility goddess: large, heavy and firm tits, a tiny waist and rounded, womanly hips harkening to an older form of sensuality — a curvaceous altar to the fuck.

She was rummaging through the basket when my erection grew impatient and impulse dominated reason. Without a second thought I circled around her, moving outside her peripheral vision and I slowly crept up behind her till I was only inches away. She must of felt my breath because she straightened and was about to turn around. But even as she moved I grabbed her wrist and pinned her arm behind her back and stepped close to her body. She froze in mid-breath.

She resisted a bit as I pushed on her shoulders so that her chest was pressed against the steel of the cooling dryer — I nudged her legs apart with my knees so that my cock could be closer to her silk covered slit. She struggled against me as I pressed my weight on her back took a whiff of the scent of her hair and the light, nervous sweat beading on her neck. Goose bumps trickled across her skin as I let my free hand roam her warm flesh: through her shirt I kneaded her large tit, sliding my hand between it and the top of the dryer so I could find her hard nipple — she groaned a bit in discomfort as the slowly stiffening nub was crushed by the dryer. Her groan changed to a gasp as the nipple found itself between my kneading fingers. Her struggle against my body turned to a wiggle — I’d moved my hand from her tit, down her side, barely allowing my palm to brush against her ever responsive skin till I found her exposed thigh. I gently let go of the arm I’d pinned, delicately undid her ponytail and brought my other hand to rest on her other thigh. Using only my fingertips, I traced the line of her thigh muscles from her knees to the edge of her silk shorts. I licked her neck and she placed her palms on the top of the dryer, like she wanted to lift herself up, but it was to better brace herself — I’d slipped my left hand through the leg opening of the shorts and my right hand had crossed the waistband. I snaked my left hand between her spread thighs while my right hand joined it from the front, craddleling her moistening cunt. I kissed the dove and dolphin tattoo that crowned her lower back and moved my hands back and forth across her pussy. I enjoyed her raspy breath as she grinded her hips against my hands, the wetness of her cunt like holy water from a heavenly fountain. Her forehead was now pressed on the dryer and I saw her tongue snake longingly across her lush lips, looking for a mouth to dive in to.

“Shh.. ii …tt,” she stuttered as one finger slipped in to her slit and the other found her throbbing clit. “Fuck … IM COMINGGG!!” Her entire body bucked and bostancı escort shook with electric shockwaves radiating from her cunt as it released a flow of juice in my hands. I saw her headphones fly off and noted she was listening to Live.

I slowly let her go and stepped away to give her a bit of room. She turned around to face me — finding me licking her moisture from my fingers — and was breathing hard as her tits heaved hypnotically with each breath. “Where have you been all week?” she asked between rasps.

“Does it matter?” I asked back as I came closer to her. “I’m here now. Didn’t think I’d see you here tonight, though.”

“Guess you’re rubbing off on me,” she whispered as she pushed her tits together, forcing her cleavage to claim its rightful place. “And I was hoping you’d show up tonight. But I never knew a finger up my cunt was a way to say hello.”

I was now a hair’s breath away from her face. “I’m a very innovative linguist,” I whispered. As proof, I zigzagged my tongue across her lips till she giggled and then forcibly pressed her lips to mine and we kissed with the passion born of absence. Her tongue danced across my teeth as I slipped my hands up and down her back underneath her shirt. When I cupped her through her shorts, stretching her ass cheeks apart, she pushed her crotch against my hard-on with enough force to push me back to the table in front of the machines.

“I haven’t seen this in a while,” she cooed as she deeply tongue-kissed me — she’d slipped my sweats down past my knees, allowing my cock to pop out and bob wildly. I watched in avid expectation as she dropped down and pushed the foreskin from the top of my shaft. “You know, I have you totally where I want you.”

“Be gentle?”

“Maybe…” But I didn’t have to worry. She cupped my balls and gave them a light squeeze, just enough to startle me. I then sighed when she placed the tip of my cock in her mouth, just enough to surround the head, and moved her agile tongue around it in small circles. My cock had been erect for a while so even the slightest contact caused my legs to jolt and my knees to buckle. I saw her smile as she witnessed the effect she had on me.

“Aaahhhh…” I moaned after she spat in her hand and gave my cock a good lube and pumped it like crazy while wildly sucking the top. She was exhuberant in lavishing my cock with saliva as she kissed and licked the veiny cylinder — every once in awhile she’d plop one of my balls in her mouth like a ripe cherry, like she wanted to suck the come from it through my skin. I grabbed the edge of the table tight enough to whiten my knuckles when she dug her long nails in the skin of my firm ass, forcing me to thrust forward — my eyes grew wide as I saw most of my long shaft disappear in her mouth and down her throat. It took all my will power to not coat the inside of her throat with streams of hot come. I thought I was going to dislocate her jaw with the way my cock was twitching and bulging with blood.

Realizing I wasn’t going to shoot my load down her throat despite her best efforts and my obvious physical desire for release, she let me go.

“You’ve been practicing,” I said as I slid to the floor to better look her in her grey eyes. She was still gently pumping my cock, the organ sliding purposely in her able hand. I reached out and caressed her face, admiring the gentle curve of her jaw.

“You’ve given me a big reason to get better, y’know,” she answered and gave my cock a playful slap — I bucked involuntarily my cock was so sensitive.

“Hmm … big reasons,” I whispered and leaned forward and kissed her deeply while sliding my hands underneath her shirt to reach her magnificent tits. While my tongue examined the recesses of her inner cheeks my fingers delected themselves with the bumpy flesh of her aureolas. I could taste her moans and groans as I pinched and massaged her eagerly sensitive flesh. We broke contact for the briefest moment, allowing her to slip her shirt over her head — exposed for my delight were her amazingly long nipples. I’d never known a woman with nearly double-D tits to have nipples an inch long. From her lips, I moved mine across her neck and her chest till they were puckered around a nipple — the other was trapped tightly between two fingers.

“Ohhh….” she sighed when I flicked my tongue across her stiff nub and twirled the other one. When I bit down lightly, I felt her grab my head and press it hard against her chest. I was loosing control, shifting my attention from one long nipple to the other with my mouth while my hands squeezed büyükçekmece escort and massaged and kneaded the flesh of her melons like morning bread. She released my cock and put her hands down her shorts — I could only imagine how furiously she worked her clit. She sweated and trembled and I kissed and licked her tits with abandon. After a few moments she shuddered — I let go of her tits and rose up to meet her eyes. She pulled her hand from her pussy and lifted it for inspection: it was musky and coated with her juices. I licked it clean and we kissed, the tongues mixing her juice with our saliva.

“Damn, you’re sensitive tonight,” I said as we took a small breather. Slipping my sweats off completely I went to the door and locked it. The overhead clock showed it was 11:37 p.m.. She snickered at the way my cock bobbed left and right while I walked.

“What did you expect? I barely saw you this week, Jason.” As she spoke my name, she pulled her shorts off completely. She was gorgeous in the buff; her skin had a golden tan and he pussy was shaved to just a slight strip of brown hair. She had a ring with a blue gem in her belly and a tattoo of Saturn opposite it.

I pulled off my shirt — I saw her lick her lips when she saw me. I wasn’t a six-pack kind of guy, but I was healthy. I had broad shoulders and well defined pecs. The chest was hairy, I’ll admit, but not like a rug. The ankh and the dragon tattoos hadn’t budged. My hair was longer than when we’d first met, but I’d kept the goatee and my eyes were still blue. “Now, Karen… Where were we?”

Karen hopped onto the edge of the table, but before she did anything, I picked from her stuff on the dryer a large towel with a Disney logo. She eyed me slyly as I spread it on the table.

“I want to see you,” I said as I cupped her boobs. She winked and scooted farther on the table and onto the towel. I rubbed my balls and stroked my shaft when I saw her raise her knees and spread her thighs for my viewing pleasure. Her musky scent rose to my nostrils with a thrilling surge as she traced the contours of her engorged pussy lips. She spread them open so I could better view the glistening moisture beckoning me. Like a wanton minx she pulled the hood from her clit and pinched her nipples, even taking the time to bring a tit to her mouth to better lick it. “I’ve never seen you so act so dirty,” I muttered as I stroked my cock faster; she was stuffing two fingers in and out of her cunt with glee. She held those fingers out to me.

“You want this pussy,” she said as she breathed hard. “You want this cunt?”

“Yes. I want it all: pussy, cunt, mouth, body, brain … all of it.”

But I was going to taste it first. I grabbed the towel and yanked Karen to the edge of the table where I gripped her ankles and pulled her legs upward — I noticed that she was watching me expectantly as I lowered myself to the level of her pussy. I took a deep whiff of her scent and then took a long lick from her puckered pink asshole to her clit and back again. I smiled as I felt her tremble and shudder during my trek across her nethers. Then it was time for me to explore her cunt — she rested her feet on my shoulders and I parted her pussy lips with two fingers. I was slow in pushing my tongue into her; I took the time to trace the fleshy design of her satiny folds and savor the taste of the tangy juices that flowed from her slit. I lapped at those juices and pushed my tongue and a finger into her cunt. It quivered under the pressure I applied to its walls. I wrapped my arm around Karen’s thigh where my thumb came to rest on her clit. I started to make small circles with my thumb and pressed my tongue against the base of her nub. I was greeted by her bucking hips and sighs and moans — I feared she’d choke me with the pressure her hips were exerting on my head. When my tongue took over for my thumb, she dug her fingers into my hair and pushed my face against her cunt.

In this position, her legs wrapped around my head and tongue deep in her, I let my organ go wild. Like a living creature, the tongue snaked and wormed itself through her juices, conquering every nook and cranny it could slide into. I could hear her muffled moans, but the real proof of the ecstasy I was bringing to her was the orgasmic seizure I felt rattle through her body like her last gasp.

“Cooooming… Again… Aaaahhhh…” she let out as the loud orgasm flushed through her system.

She was panting as she unwrapped her powerful legs from around my head — I was awash in her come juice; I took the time çekmeköy escort to run my hands across my smiling face and lick the fingers clean. Her taste was as addictive as the sound of her pleasure.

“We should commercialize your pussy,” I said. “Pussy scented water with your taste would make a killing on the drink market. We could call it: Eau de Pussé.”

“You… are insane,” she panted as she shook a semi-reproachful finger at me.

“No. I’m just fucking horny. I am going to fuck you.”

Karen knew what I wanted so she moved off the table and assumed my favorite position: bent over a table with her ass beckoning to me, a bit like she was standing when I first came into the laundry room earlier tonight. She locked her fingers together, looked at me from over her shoulders and gave me the double eyebrow raise, appraising my appreciation of her toosh. I approached her slowly, admiring the shape of her ass and how it merged with her shapely hips and lovely legs — the crack of her ass opened up to reveal her puffy pussy, ready to receive me in my full measure. I reached out and took some of the juice from her willing pussy and coated my shaft before entering her. She moaned when I touched her, inciting me to be savage and take her with impunity. But I worked with slow precision as I parted her lips and slid into her gape.

“Mmmm…” she sighed as I penetrated her hidden flower. She opened up willingly to allow me deeper into her — all the while her walls gripped me with a lusty force revealing her sexual hunger. The warmth of her cunt felt like it could melt the skin of my cock into its walls. The friction was delightful when I took a slow stroke to pull almost entirely out of her before sinking back into her erotic fathoms. I placed my hands by the new tattoo that ornamented her lower back, locked her in position and began to fuck her, increasing my intensity with each thrust. As I moved forward, the foreskin exposing the bulbous head of my cock, I developed a clockwise motion that pressed my cock to each cardinal point of her pussy. The laundry room soon filled with the echoes of our panting and the sound of my balls slapping against her ass and our thighs smacking together. There was a developing pulse in my balls as the onset of my orgasm was growing near.

But Karen grabbed my thigh and dug her nails into my flesh to slow me down. “I want to see you come,” she ordered. With a sweaty brow, I reluctantly pulled out of her and watched as she pulled the towel off the table and spread it across the floor. She then laid down on, raised her knees and invited me to join her. I dropped to my knees and inched ahead and I was back in my little slice of velvety heaven

I hooked her knees with my arms and accelerated to the pace I’d achieved when she was on the table. Karen held her massive tits in place so that our fucking did not send them bouncing all over the place. While she held them, she took the time to pinch her exquisite nipples — it was a struggle for her since I was surrendering to the savagery she’d invited earlier on. I was pounding in and out of her pussy with furious intensity, ever searching for the inevitable release and relief of orgasm. But I wasn’t alone this journey: Karen had lost nothing of her sensitivity and was marching with me towards ecstasy.

“Karen!!” I moaned. “It’s gonna …” I could only stammer the words as lucidity took leave of me and left only the sexual beast in its wake. My balls contracted wildly, surging a flow of come to my cock, but I held steady — part of me wanted the exquisite pain/pleasure of pre-climax to last forever.

“Come for me, Jason!” Karen cried. “Come in me!” Her cunt walls took on a life of their own and pulsed and tightened with thirst for my seed.

There was no turning back — I couldn’t refuse her pussy anymore so on my last thrust, carried on by every muscle in my body, I quenched her thirst and relived my desire. It felt like 40 days and 40 nights worth of come spilled from the cracked dam of my ecstasy to flow down the canal of my cock and flood her hidden valley. Both our bodies were seized by the intensity or our combined orgasm. My cock jerked and toggled while her cunt pulsed and drank me. Soon, the lunacy of ecstasy dissipated and I’d collapsed into Karen’s waiting arms, resting my head on the majesty of her chest and breathing in sync with her calm, steady heartbeat.

“How can a chemistry like ours have lasted so long?” I asked as I peered into her piercing grey eyes.

“It’s got to be luve with a ‘u’, my darling,” she said. I couldn’t recall her ever having called me darling, before. She was running her fingers through my hair. “But I hope you have a lot more of that lust stored up inside.”

“When it comes to you, it’s endless.”

“Hmmm… Good. I’m glad there’s no need to remedy that.”

I eyed her suspiciously. “What’re you talking about?”

Karen winked: “There’s a surprise for you upstairs. I hope you like her.”

to be continued …

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