My First Gloryhole Visit

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I visited a gloryhole for the first time last week. I was not very experienced as I have only sucked off a few shemale escorts before, and they usually don’t cum because of hormonal treatments. But I was quite curious after reading about them on the web. I chose 11:30 on a holiday Friday in a sex shop. When I got there, there were a number of cars in the lot and there was no one in the store area. I bought some tokens and went into the video area were several guys loitering and selected a booth in the back with a hole to the adjoining booth. It was relatively clean with a bench. The hole was small, about 3 inches in diameter and slightly low for me. But I could access it if I kneeled (and why not, cocksucking is a very submissive activity).

I put some tokens in the video and waited. I didn’t have too long to wait before a guy entered the booth next to me. He sat down and started watching a video and I waited. Pretty soon I saw a finger come through the hole and I responded with my finger indicating that I wanted to suck. I heard him stand up and in a few seconds I saw in the dim light a cock come through the hole. It was rather short, flaccid and circumcised and looked clean. I knelt in front of the hole and started licking the head. The cock immediately responded by stiffening and I took it into my mouth. It was short and very thick. I had to open my mouth wide to get it in and keep my teeth out of the way. After a few minutes the guy asked me if I wanted him to come into my booth, but I indicated that I wanted to keep the experience anonymous. I sucked gently, bobbed my head up and down, and worked my tongue on the underside of his cock. Occasionally he made fucking thrusts with his hips but mostly just pressed his pelvis against the hole. After a few minutes his breathing got heavier and he gasped softly “Don’t stop! Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan Don’t stop!” I increased the vigor of my sucking and was quickly rewarded by a flood of semen on my tongue. It is curious that I didn’t feel it spurting against the back of my mouth or anything like that, in fact none of the cocks that came in my mouth felt like that. What I did feel was the increasing wetness in my mouth and the slightly salty, bitter taste of his cum. After I swallowed his load I noticed a bit of an aftertaste. It was not an unpleasant sensation.

After the guy recovered a bit his fingers came through the hole indicating that he wanted my cock. It was a bit awkward because I am tall and the hole was low but I got my cock through the hole by spreading my legs. He fingered me for a minute and then changed his mind and left the booth. I have a birthmark on my dick and maybe he didn’t like that. That was OK because I was mainly there to suck, not be sucked.

I watched some porn for a while and pretty soon another guy come into the booth next to mine. He immediately put his fingers through the hole and I did the same indicating that I wanted to suck him. His dick came through the hole, it was much longer that the previous guys and about as thick. I sucked for a few minutes and then he withdrew and left the booth. Maybe my blow job was not up to par for him or maybe he had already blown his load earlier, I don’t know.

The third guy had a short dick but with an extremely large glans. It looked like a mushroom! I had a really hard time getting the thing into my mouth and sucking him without catching his glans on my teeth. But he didn’t seem to mind and shot his load quickly and left. I waited for about 15 minutes and watched porn.

The fourth guy had the smallest dick of the day, it Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan couldn’t have been more than four and a half inches long. With him, I just kept my face up to the hole and he fucked my mouth while I worked my tongue on his frenulum as it went in and out. Pretty soon I felt his flood of cum in my mouth.

Well, word must have gotten out because after that because it was just one guy after another for the next 4 cocks that I sucked. Two of them just came into the booth and stuck their cocks into the hole and I obliged by giving them a blow job. The other two politely gave me the finger signal to which I responded that I wanted to receive. Then things tapered off for a bit. One thing that surprised me is that at this location no one signaled when they were going to cum. I had read that you are supposed to give a little knock on the wall to warn the cocksucker that you are about to shoot, but that was not the case here.

The ninth guy of the day indicated that he definitely was not interested in having a blowjob, but wanted to give one. It was getting late so I decided to oblige him and I poked my cock through the hole. It was in the flaccid state but quickly hardened when I felt the warm wetness of his mouth engulf my penis. He definitely knew how to give a blowjob, starting slowly and speeding up the in and out motion until I shot. He slowed down and I withdrew and noticed with amazement that somewhere in the process he had slipped a condom on me! I didn’t even notice.

I decided to do one last guy but had to wait about a half hour. A number of people walked by the booth but did not enter. Finally the last guy came in, closed the door and put some tokens into the video and sat down. A few minutes later I heard him unzip and I peeked through the hole and could just make out him stroking his dick. My tokens had run out so I did not have a video running and he probably did not know that someone was next to him. I stuck my fingers through the hole, it took him a few seconds but he finally noticed (the porn must have been pretty good and his attention was there). He stood up and his cock came through the hole. It was very nicely proportioned, circumcised, and about seven inches long. I started sucking and he responded by making short fucking thrusts with his hips. I stroked his shaft with my right hand. It took him about five minutes but he finally shot the largest load of the day into my mouth, he must have been saving up all week! A bit of his semen shot up into my nose because I could feel a burning sensation there after I swallowed. But once again, all I felt in my mouth was the flood of his semen when he came. No sensation of him shooting streams against the back of my mouth. I’m beginning tho think that is just a porn fantasy.

Anyway, after that I left, I had spent about two and a half hours in the booth. Some observations about the experience, all of the cocks that I sucked were white and all were circumcised. I would have expected at least a couple of uncut cocks and black cocks. All the cocks were clean and a few even had the smell of scented soap. I have read and seen repeated on porn sites that many women can taste the difference in semen from different men. I did not notice a difference. None of it tasted bad but it all tasted pretty much the same. And yes, I did like the taste.

The experience was really interesting for me. I am normally straight and would never have normal gay sex. I never watch gay porn, it just does not interest me. But the total anonymity of this experience was really different. I didn’t know if the person I was sucking was old, young, tall, short, fat, skinny, athletic, redneck, educated, or what. All that I saw was their cock, or sometimes their lap and legs if I peeped through the hole. That made all the difference I think. Will I do this again? Yes, I think I probably will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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