My First Prostate Orgasm

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I don’t recall exactly how or when I first learned about the promise of reaching ‘next-level’ orgasms through prostate stimulation … but I was certainly intrigued. Unfortunately, my wife has always had a strong aversion to anything related to the backdoor (whether mine or hers). If I was to ever verify that the rumors were true, I would have to secretly figure it out on my own.

My first attempt was in the privacy of the shower with my finger … but it could only reach so far.

Days later, I found that a Sharpie slid in nicely, and farther … but I was paranoid about it accidentally disappearing inside. I had read too many warnings about embarrassing trips to the ER.

Over the next several sessions, I went back to my finger, but my wrist kept cramping up in my attempts to maintain adequate penetration.

Finding my own P-spot was beginning to seem like an impossible dream … but that made me even more determined to find a solution. After doing a few weeks’ worth of covert research, I finally decided to order a prostate massager.

The company promised that the labeling on the package would be discrete, but it still felt too risky to have it shipped to my home. If my wife happened to find the package first and open it, how would I possibly explain the apparatus inside?? Instead, I decided to have it shipped to my workplace. The day that I discovered a generic white padded envelope waiting on my desk, I was practically giddy.

Over the ensuing kadıköy escort days and weeks, whenever I knew that my family was going to be out of the house for more than 2 hours at a time, I’d remove my toy from its secret hiding place and put it to work. It took a couple trips to figure out the best ways to lube the tip for insertion, and a few additional visits to get brave enough to let it slide in the whole way up to the handle.

The next phase of experimentation was testing the different vibration settings on the device. I didn’t find a single setting that I didn’t like.

Increasingly comfortable with the oddly arousing feeling of a stuffed anus, it certainly helped produce some very satisfying eruptions. Over the first couple months of ownership, I climaxed probably a dozen times with my little friend humming inside me.

In between those private sessions, I continued to enjoy the familiar pleasures of mutually-satisfying sex with my wife … its infrequency and her self-conscious inhibitions were the only complaints I had in that arena. Nonetheless, it was hard to ignore my growing love affair with an inanimate object.

My perspective on prostate stimulation completely changed, though, during one particular week that my wife went on a road trip to visit her family. I dedicated one of those days to discover how many orgasms I could self-induce within a 12-hour period, and proudly established 11 maltepe escort as my new personal record. Four of those stemmed from the gratuitous encouragement of the smooth black shaft inside my behind.

The night before my family was scheduled to return, knowing that it’d be a while before I’d have the house to myself again, I decided to gift myself one last insertion. I laid naked on the bed with nothing but my toy and a bottle of lube.

Closing my eyes in relaxation, I took extra time to play around, teasing myself with its tip, building up anticipation for the overwhelming sensation of being filled up. When I finally took the plunge, my asshole eagerly pulled it the whole way in, and I turned the vibration on. Having been hard the entire time, I figured that it wouldn’t take long for my waist to be covered in warm cum.

And yet, I wasn’t at all prepared for what happened when I tilted the massager up at a unique angle … and it began vibrating against something that had never been touched before.

The feeling was overwhelming … electric … uber-sensitive … erotic … incredibly stimulating … and I suddenly realized that I had just stumbled upon my P-spot.

“Ohhh fuuuck,” I moaned instinctually.

My heart started racing faster than it already had been. Oxygen rushed out of my lungs. My hands and feet began to tingle with powerful nerve sensations … and that internal fire soon expanded escort bayan to my arms and legs.

“Fuuuckkkk …” I was helpless. I was impaled. My body was being taken over by something that I couldn’t stop … not that I wanted to have it stopped. Suddenly and uncontrollably desperate for even deeper penetration, my legs spread perpendicularly and my ass raised up off the bed.

As if having an out-of-body experience, I could barely comprehend what was happening to me. It reminded me of the internal sensations that rise up in the seconds right before ejaculating … except this was way more intense, and it was lasting for what felt like minutes, not seconds.

In near disbelief, I stared at my cock, expecting it to erupt, but what exploded first was my mind. My mouth gaping wide, and body spasming with pleasure, I couldn’t stop myself from gasping “fuuuck.” It was probably loud enough for the neighbors to hear, but I didn’t care. I was experiencing — undeniably — the most powerful and pleasurable orgasm that I’d ever had.

At the peak of that climax, I suddenly felt nothing, as if my body had completely emptied; the euphoria of that was mind-blowing. The tingling nerve sensations spread to my face as I strained for air, feeling like I could pass out. I felt like my cock was being vigorously swallowed up by the most amazing cunt it had ever slid into … and yet nothing was touching it.

Thick milky cum slowly began to ooze out of my fully-engorged cock. I grabbed my shaft and finished the job, quickly reaching a second consecutive orgasm.

Rope after rope of cum landed all over my torso.

Minutes later, when the tsunami of climax eventually subsided and I regained consciousness, all I could think was: “So that is what they were talking about.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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