My First Time Being Black Owned

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I think the best way to start this story out is to catch you up to where I was at this time in my life. I was newly single, 20 years old and experiencing my first taste of cock lust. I just got a new job and I had walked by my supervisor in the locker room at work with his huge cock hanging out just dangling there. That image is still burned into my mind, as it’s the first time I saw a big strong cock and compared that to my own and realized I was inferior.

Flash forward a few years, lots of awkward hookups on “dating” apps, lots of anonymous handjobs and blowjobs for men I would never see again. I wasn’t gay, but I had a gay side of me that only came out for men with big cocks. Especially older masculine men.

I had a body made to be used by a man. Just a little 5 inch cock that shrunk to almost nothing when not hard. A nice girly body, thick thighs and a big ass.. Mostly naturally smooth body too. The body of a sissy really.. not a man.

I loved old cock and giving head to dirty old men. Eventually I started letting guys fuck me.. I started shaving my ass so it would be smooth for men to eat and fuck. I thought about cock 24/7.. even on the rare occasion I would hook up with a girl.

I started to become a secret gay sissy that loved being treated like a boy, nobody knew but nothing made me happier than an older daddy type man with a big cock. It became pretty much all I thought about, all the time. I’d choose a night with a daddy over a date with a hot girl. Besides, it was hard to find a date with a hot girl but it was pretty easy to find a big dick daddy who wanted to use me.

It is still shocking as I type this that I just let older men fuck me now. I love big cocks and I’m always on the hunt for daddies who wanna use me. I’ve become the sissy faggot that I was meant be based on the size of my cock and the shape of my body.. and I love it. I think about cock 24 hours a day.

Over a short time I started to come into my own and was confident in my body and it’s ability to please men. I had so much fun pleasing alpha men, however I had one fantasy that always eluded me.. I had always wanted to be with a BBC.. the ultimate in big cock and masculinity, a big black man. I hadn’t to this point had any encounters as I lived in a very rural area with little or no black men.

This changed one year when I went to visit my aunt in DC.. I quickly found myself on a “dating” app looking for someone who wanted to use me.. imagine my excitement when I saw all the 50+ older men within a few miles of my aunt’s apartment.. and the majority of them black. I hadn’t come here with the intention of having my first bbc but the second I saw the results of the search I knew I was going to get turned out by a big black cock. And I was soooo excited.

I talked to lots of black men, the second I sent them a picture of my girly ass they all wanted to fuck me. Some of them practically begging me to let them fuck, others offering me money like a cheap whore. I had been browsing men for an hour, I was partly being choosy and partly loving all the attention from all the different men, sending me their best cock pics to try to win me over.

I realized quickly most black men loved my big white ass. I already knew that older daddy type men did, hell anyone I’d showed it to did.. but the power it has over black men is really incredible.

Eventually Jim messaged me. He was 52, his profile picture was of his chest. I like when the profile picture isn’t actually a face photo because that usually means the guy is straight/alpha and is trying to be discreet. He started with a simple “hey boy”. I love the taboo feeling of the daddy/boy dynamic and it feels so good being a boy for an older man. So when an older man calls me a boy it drives me crazy. Plus Jim looked like a big strong daddy, his barreled chest and shoulder muscles were impressive. I thought about how amazing it would feel to have my little white body next to him. How it would feel to hold his hand, to get a hug, to get down on my knees in front of him and worship his cock.

After we talked for a while he finally showed me a picture of his massive 9 inch cock, it was thick and long and he was holding it in the picture with his huge hand.. you could also see his strong arm in the photo. I was instantly lusting for him and I wanted him to be my daddy. I wanted to see his huge cock next to my little boy prick, I wanted to be his white boy for the night. I showed him my ass and he instantly invited me over to “hang out”.. I knew exactly what that meant.

I told him how I was scared. I told him how I was just visiting town and how I’d always fantasized about black cock but that there were no black men around where I lived. I told him I had a few large cocks but never one like his. He told me he loves turning out white boys and that he knows how to be gentle.. he said he loves with a nice white ass more than anything but that he needs complete discretion because of his job and his long term girlfriend. He told me a few stories about the almanbahis other white boys he made into cock slaves. He told me that I was a hot piece of ass and that he wanted to be my first black dick. He said all the right things to make me want to give myself to him. I had to meet this man and I wanted to have his cock in me.

Jim had an apartment in a high rise about a 10 minute Uber ride away. I told him I’d come by at 7pm (I wanted to wait until it was dark out). As it was a few hours away I hopped in the shower. I couldn’t help but put a few fingers in myself thinking about what was going to happen. I was thinking about Jim’s huge cock and what a slut I was for wanting it inside me. I came twice in the shower. The second time I used my own cum to finger fuck my ass.. luckily I was very clean inside as I had barely eaten between traveling and lusting after cock upon arrival.

When I got out I lubed up my ass and fingered it more.. I felt like I needed to make sure my ass would accommodate Jim’s huge cock. I felt like I was doing this for Jim.. I was already crazy about my new black daddy and I hadn’t even met him yet.. I spurted cum again fingering my ass, by this time my cock came without even being very hard..

I like jerking off to the point where my cock doesn’t work good anymore before I go to hook up with a man. It just makes me feel like even more of a boy to have my little soft or semi hard cock bouncing around. Plus it looks better in panties when its soft.. I love wearing panties and thongs for men because my girly white ass in nice panties or a thong can make any mans cock hard..

I slipped on my panties and a nice pair of jogging sweats along with a simple black t shirt. I scheduled the Uber ride. They would be here in about 10 minutes. The thought crossed my mind that I could still back out, I could make an excuse and tell Jim something came up at the last minute.. I was after all still kind of scared to meet up with a random black man in the city who just happens to be twice my size.. but lust got the best of me and I wanted to be in Jim’s arms. I needed to have his huge cock. I was in lust for Jim, an old black man that just wants to use me like a slut. I walked out the door content with the fact I was going to become a black mans bitch for the night, or however long he’d let me hang around and be his slut.

On the Uber ride to Jim’s I got horny again, I could feel the panties rubbing against my hole . I reached into my pants to touch my asshole, traffic in city that night was intense, so the driver was plenty distracted. I felt like such a dirty slut riding in the back of that car, with my two fingers in my already open and hungry hole, on the way to get fucked by an old black man with a giant cock. I thought about what a slut I was.. but that just made me more horny.

When the Uber dropped me off I approached Jim’s building. It was much nicer than I expected. I followed his instructions and signed in as a guest with the clerk at the front desk of his building. I got on the elevator and headed up to the 6th floor. Although I was excited, I was also very nervous. My heart was practically beating out of my chest. I’m here, I’m probably going to get fucked by a black man. A man I deduced with pictures of my girly ass.

I got out of the elevator and approached the room.. I knocked softly on the door. I could hear stirring inside the room and I heard the door lock turn. The door opened and there was Jim, wearing just boxers and a t shirt. I was so turned on by him, I instantly wanted to hop into his arms and call him daddy.

I knew his cock was soft because of how low it was hanging, however I was still amazed by the size and girth. It looked big and heavy in his boxers. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, it felt like I stood in that doorway for 20 minutes but in reality it was only for a moment. He said “come on in boy, make yourself comfortable”.

I walked into the room and gave Jim a hug, he held me tight pressing his cock against me. It made me so horny how big and strong he was and how small and weak I was. As I eased out of the hug I slid down to my knees and rested my head on his big cock through his boxers. I knew what I was there for and I didn’t hesitate to do my job and be the little slut that he wanted me to be.

Jim’s big cock was semi hard and starting to grow rapidly. He pulled his boxers down and smeared my face into his cock. I kissed it and let him smother my face with his huge cock and balls. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was growing. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be serving a real BBC. It felt so right. I felt like this was my rightful place in the world..

His cock got so big I couldn’t believe it. He started smacking it against my face lightly, it actually kind of hurt.. It was big and hard and solid. He called me a bitch and told me to suck on his cock. This was only the second thing that was said, besides him calling me a boy and telling me to come into the room. I hadn’t said anything, I was just a complete submissive almanbahis giriş slut and was being treated that way. I didn’t have to talk I was just here for cock. I was here to keep my quiet and do my job serving daddy dick. This is what I wanted.. I literally sent this black man pictures of my ass and body to seduce him and make him horny for me. Now I was at his place servicing his huge tool.

I kissed the head of his cock a few times and slowly put it into my mouth. Just the size of his cock head was amazing, it was the thickest I’d ever put in my mouth. I was jerking off his shaft while I sucked on the tip and slowly eased it into my mouth. It was hard to keep my teeth off it, as it literally filled my mouth full. There was no hope of me taking it in my throat, but I got the feeling Jim was used to that and he was content with me jerking him and sucking him. He held the back of my head, sort of squeezing my head but caressing it at the same time. His breathing and fully swollen cock told me he was happy.

Eventually he sat or the bed and kind of wrapped his thighs around my face, I felt so submissive being between his legs with his cock in my mouth. I felt like such a little white girl as Jim was so much bigger and stronger than me. This feeling made me such a cock hungry, horny little slut. And Jim could tell..

He stood me up suddenly, the end of his cock slipping out of my wet mouth, covered in my spit. He turned my around and pulled my sweat pants down. He didn’t say anything at that moment but the “mmmmm” noises he made was enough for me to know he approved. Besides I’d never had a man who didn’t love my smooth girly bubble butt. And in the tight black panties I was wearing it looked like the ass of a beautiful white girl. He sat me down on his lap, with his huge cock popping through between my thighs. He held me tight from behind, pumping his body and cock between my legs. He was rubbing over my little prick in my panties, the same way he would be fingering a white girl.

My own little sissy cock started to twitch a little and get semi hard. He reached down and pulled my panties to the side, letting my half hard boy dick hang out to the side. My little cock in comparison to Jim’s huge hard cock was one of the hottest images I’ve ever seen. It’s forever burned in my mind. Thinking about that image makes me realize my place in the world.

Jim stood me up off his lap, still sitting on the bed. I instinctively bent forward as he slowly slid my panties off my big girly ass. When they were at my ankles he kissed my ass a few times then slapped it hard. He called me a slut and other inaudible things under his breath as he admired my perfect ass. After all that’s the only reason I was there, because of my girly white boy body and fat ass. The fact I kept it smooth and clean was just too much for any man to handle. I swear any man who saw it would have to fuck it.

He slowly kissed my ass, I could hear him sniffing through his nose, desperate to take in the sweet smell of my boy pussy. When he spread my cheeks and saw my little pink hole, he let out an approving “damnnn”.. I couldn’t believe I was bent over with my ass out, in this big strong black mans apartment. He fingered my ass my ass in this position for a while, he was pleased that I was lubed up. It was a long time for me to be bent over like a bitch but I loved it. It gave me so much time to think about what I was doing and how fucked up it was…

I needed more than just his 2 fingers in me.. I moaned out to him “Fuck me daddy”.. he took the cue and pushed me forward a bit sliding his fingers out of me. I couldn’t believe that I just told a big old black man to fuck me but it felt good to say it. Then he kind of pulled me back down onto his lap, I felt him trying to line his cock up to my little hole but as he pulled me back it missed it’s mark and popped up between my ass cheeks and it was between us. I could feel his massive cock on my back, I leaned back to grind on it and pleasure it. I knew this was my last chance to ask him to put a condom on but I just didn’t care. I was too caught up in the moment and wanted to be a slut for him. I wanted his load in me.

He flipped me over onto the bed as he stood up, now holding me hard by the back of the neck and pushing my face down into the bed. I felt him tongue kiss my hole deep and passionately, then remove his mouth purposely leaving my asshole wet with spit. Then I felt a plop of what I assume was more spit (as I didn’t see any lube around).. at that point I felt the tip of his cock against my hole. I knew this was it, this is why I came here. To let Jim fuck me.. I wanted Jim to spit fuck me.. I wanted him to fully use me.

He pushed ever so slightly and I could feel the pressure of his cock wanting to enter me. I arched my back and pushed my face into the pillow ready for the inevitable pain that was going to come as Jim fucked my girly ass. He pushed harder, his big cock head boarding it’s way into me.. it hurt. It was bigger than anything I’d had in almanbahis yeni giriş me up to that point. I started to panic a little in my head, I wasn’t ready for the kind of pain I was about to feel.. but it was too late to back out or ask him to stop.. and that’s not really what I wanted anyway, I wanted to be Jim’s white boy for the night.

He left just the head in me for a while. We must have stayed in that position for 5 minutes, me face down ass up, Jim with the tip of his raw cock stuck in me. He was rubbing his big strong hands all over my girly white ass. He could tell I was scared and that it was hurting and he was showing me some mercy. His touch felt loving. I felt like I was his girl for a minute, I loved the way it felt to be his girl.

Just as I started to relax and adjust to the big cock head plugging up my ass, he pushed forward, maybe just an inch or two but damn… I felt pain. I thought about all the white girl’s Jim must have fucked in his day. And how he must have had to ease his huge cock into them. How he must have coached them through the pain with his loving rubs and touches, his strong hands groping their little white bodies. He probably fucked so many of them and stretched them out, ruining them for sissy’s like me with small cocks.

I took the pain for Jim, I let him keep pushing his massive black cock into me. Little by little, inching into me. He just pushed a little deeper and a little deeper, he was slowly getting into me and it hurt. I winced in paint until eventually he whispered into my ear “my cock is all the way inside of you”.. and he was right. I felt like I had a fence post shoved up my ass, I couldn’t move at all. I was completely paralyzed by Jim’s cock bottoming out in me.

I could feel it deep, hitting somewhere different. I felt shame for a moment, about the slut that I had become. I thought about how my ass would never be the same now that it had been stretched out to fit Jim’s huge log of a cock.. then I looked at Jim’s big black arm over my shoulder, his strong hand on my neck, not choking me but just holding me in place, perfectly snug on his big cock. It felt good to be under a black man.. I had wanted this for so long and now the perfect big black daddy was raw inside me. My guilt went away and I felt like everything was right.

Jim ever so slightly pulled his cock back out in a rocking motion, maybe just an in or less. Then he slowly rocked back forward, bottoming out in my big girly ass. He did this in a very slow rhythm. It hurt but it felt good too. He was talking dirty in my ear, telling me I’m a tight little slut and that I was getting turned out by black cock. He told me he was going to leave me gaping and that my ass was his now. All of it was true.. I couldn’t believe I had his cock in me raw, all the way.

I’m not sure how long he rocked back and forth with his raw cock in me but he just kept this slow rhythm, I could hear my ass making noises, I could feel Jim’s body trembling in pleasure. And eventually, when the pain really started to fade away, it left me feeling in bliss. My little boy clit was hard as a rock and my ass was tightening on his huge cock, we were both moaning, me in a girly slutty tone and him in the tone of a real man. He told me that he was going to cum in me and I could tell by the way his cock was rock hard and only seemed to be getting bigger and harder.

I felt his cock throbbing in me, somehow hitting even deeper inside of me. Then it happened, I felt him spurt a shot of hot cum into me, his cock was convulsing inside of me. He was still rocking down on me with the same rhythm but now each time he rocked forward I could feel another spurt of cum. He was moaning in my ear, telling me I was a good slut. I tried to slide my hand down through our bodies or under me to touch my cock but I couldn’t, that was okay though. The pleasure I got from Jim cumming in me was indescribable, it’s so much more fulfilling then making my little cock cum.

After Jim dumped every last drop of his load into me he lay over my back sweaty with his cock still stuck in me. Still pulsing but slowly deflating with each pulse. Eventually it slipped out of me and left me with an empty feeling. He gave me a kiss on the neck and told me that I’m a good boy. To say that made me happy would be an understatement, in that moment all I wanted in the world was to be a good boy for Jim. He got up off me and went into the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

I could feel Jim’s cum running out of my ass and down my legs. I still lay in the same position stomach down with my body on the bed and legs off the side. I touched my asshole, not surprised to find it was gaping open.. as I slowly started to turn over and get up I thought about what had just happened and what a slut I was. I finally got what I’d always wanted.. and it was even better then I ever could have imagined.

Jim walked out of the bathroom naked with his huge cock hanging out, he walked toward me and I thought he was going to make me suck on his flaccid cock (and I would have..) but he just grabbed his boxers off the floor from where he had left them after he fucked me. He put them on as he looked over at me. He caught me staring at his cock as it slipped into his boxers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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