My First Time With Erin

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It all started my fall semester at college. I was living with 3 other guys in my sophomore year. I was working on campus with a bunch of other people in a pretty well known spot. Everyone came in to do their work and it was pretty much always busy. That is where I met Erin. She wasn’t the hottest girl at school but she was a looker. She was about 5’6”, sandy colored hair, blue eyes, 36C tits, with light pink nipples that stuck out a lot when it was cold ;), a nice ass and nice legs. She was a little chubby, but nothing too bad, still a very sexy girl. Since Erin worked where I worked we had lots of time to talk.

At first the talks were nothing special, we talked about class and what was going on in both of our lives. I had just broken up with my girlfriend of two years and she was currently dating someone, but he went to another college. Eventually we started talking more and more about stuff we did after work, I always did homework after work and hung out with my roommates a lot, but she did work and just sat around since she didn’t have too many friends. Once I heard this I know I had my chance to get to know her better.

Eventually one day she came up to me while we were working together and asked me what I had planned for Friday night. I didn’t really know since all my roommates were going to some event out of town so I said nothing of course. She then asked me if I wanted to go up to her room and hangout, maybe watch a movie or two. Well I couldn’t pass the chance up so I went for it. I showed up at her room at 8pm and she already had a movie playing so we laid on her bed and watched it. She had these tight jeans on that I have never seen her in and a white shirt that looked small for her. About 10 minutes into the movie she cuddled up next to me and draped one of her arms over my body and started rubbing her feet against mine.

At this point I was going nuts. I knew this girl had a boyfriend (his picture was next to my head on her night stand), but she was looking good and I really wanted to get a piece of her tonight. Well we watched the rest of the movie and nothing really happened and I almost left before she asked if I wanted to watch another movie. I said sure so I just laid there and she got up and changed the movie. The next movie was some movie she liked and I really didn’t pay attention, all I could think about was how hard my 10 inch dick was in my pants and how insane this girl was getting me. Eventually she moved her arm and it brushed against my hard dick in my pants. I thought to myself if this girl wanted me to do something or if it was just an accident.

Eventually she went to the bathroom and I got my chance to adjust my dick so it was a little more comfortable. She comes out in a t-shirt and shorts and is driving me even wilder. Her nipples are poking straight out since her room is freezing cold from the air conditioning. She lays back down next to me and I decide I can’t take this anymore. Either this girl wants me to make a move or I am going to have to get out of there and relieve this pressure. Well when she lays down I started to ask her if she is ticklish and she said very so I started to tickle her. She started to wiggle all over and eventually she ended up on top of me yelling at me to stop tickling her. I did stop but became more aware that that hot little pussy that I wanted my dick buried in was right over me. Before I could think of it anymore she started wrestling with me.

She managed to get on the bottom, or did I manage to get her on the bottom? I had her one wrist in each of my hands and my face was right next to hers. I leaned over to kiss her and she kisses me back with even more force. Our tongues do a duel in each others mouths and I hear her moaning and grinding her pussy against my pant covered dick. Suddenly she stops and says “I really want you and I am not sure how this is going to work out, but I can’t resist anymore. I have seen you around work so much and spent so much time talking with you about my problems that I just know how nice you are that you won’t hurt me. Please I really need this, I haven’t had sex in over a month and my boyfriend is very poor in the dick department, he might get a few pumps into my pussy and cums already. He is only as big as my Beylikdüzü Escort thumb, I need a real dick and I think you have more than enough for me”

All the time as she is saying this she wraps her hand around my dick in my pants and is rubbing it over and over. I can’t resist so I tell her to take off her clothes as I get undressed. I throw all my clothes onto the ground and get back in bed with her. She says “We only have an hour because my roommate will be home later tonight but I really want you to fuck me sooooo badly George, I need your dick buried inside of me so bad. Fuck me as hard and deep as you can get. I am your personal fuck toy for the next hour, and I am sure it is going to be great. I know I will want it again and again, so give it to me NOW!!!!!”

I knew this girl wanted me but I couldn’t just give it to her. 10 inches was a lot for most girls so I got down and started eating her pussy. She was going wild. I personally love eating pussy and hers tasted so good that I did not want to stop. I know she had at least two or three orgasms as I went down on her. She was screaming so loudly “you are so fucking good! Keep eating my dripping wet pussy!!!!!! I love your tongue buried inside of me, SUCK ON MY CLIT!!!!!! “I sucked on her clit as much as possible, it was pretty hard since she was bucking and moving around so much. Eventually after about 10 minutes of eating that wet little pussy grabs my arm and pulls me up and kisses me. She said “I love tasting myself on a guy’s tongue; I think it is so erotic. Now use that big dick of yours and make me soak my sheets even more.” And I did exactly as the lady wanted.

I told her to spread her legs and she willing did very wide. I slowly pushed my dick all the way in until I had all 10 inches buried inside her tight little pussy. She was so wet it made it very easy. As soon as I got all the way in I started pulling out and slammed it back into her, it kind of startled her a little but she loved it. She wrapped her legs around me and waited for the pounding I was about to give her.

I started slowly but eventually she got impatient and said “ Dammit! We only have 20 minutes left, so get to work. I want to cum so badly, and make sure you shoot that hot cum of yours deep inside of my pussy. I hope there is so much that I can feel it tomorrow morning when I take a shower” So I started pumping her hot wet pussy even faster and harder. Pulling all the way out then slamming back intro her. She kept moaning “got this is fucking incredible, use me George, make your personal fuck slut!!! God your dick is fucking big, I want it all the time in me!! “She was so loud her neighbors were pounding on the wall to be quiet but she just kept moaning for me to do her even harder and faster. We kept fucking for 15 minutes and I noticed we only had about 5 minutes left and I know she had at least one orgasm. She looked over and said “ god only 5 more minutes! DAMMIT! Fuck me some more, I want you to cum inside of me before I am letting you go for the night. If my roommate comes in just keep going, I don’t care if she sees us and tells my boyfriend. I want to be a slut tonight, I am your little WHORE tonight, so fuck me and cum inside of my little slutty pussy. “All the dirty talk pushed me over the edge and I cummed in ropes deep inside her pussy.

There was so much cum it was leaking out of her pussy onto the bed forming a big puddle. I rolled off of her exhausted and she said to me” that was the best I have ever had in my entire life. Can we do it again? “I tell her that we definitely will, just to let me know when she wanted to.

I hurried off the bed to get dressed and out of the room before her roommate came back. Before I left she shoved her thong she was wearing all day into my jeans pocking saying “here is a little memento of our night, keep it. Smell it next time you have to masturbate. I am free this coming weekend just in case you aren’t doing anything or anyone. Just stop on by if you want.” I told her I would talk to her online and let her know what I was doing. I left her room and passed her roommate on my way back to my room and she gave me a sexy smile and a wink, but that is another story for another time……

Let me know what you all thought if you are reading this. I am writing this story from personal experience so I would like to hear about what you all thought. Any ladies who would like to get back to me please feel free 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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