My Mom and our Neighbor Pt. 04

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After we had rested and gotten our bearings back, Miranda cooed, “So my dear, is this your first time with another woman?”

I replied, “No, my college roomie Leslie Stapleton and I have engaged in more than a few rounds of hot, lesbian sex, we’d filled the dorm room with our sounds of hot sex and pleasure, we were having a full-blown college love affair, and it was so enjoyable.”

Miranda smiled, and purred, “I thought so, your lady-loving talents were well earned.”

I felt her hand on my thigh, running in tantalizing circles, and she cooed, “Now, let’s have some more sweet time. And I have just the thing for that.”

She reached into a drawer on the bedside table and brought out a double delight dildo, purple, both ends curved upwards, each shaft was rippled, and had a head that looked exactly like a real cock head at each end.

Miranda purred, “This is going to feel so wonderful. The way the cocks are curved upwards, it’ll hit our G spots like crazy. I’d better put down a bath towel before we start to ride this, our pussies are gonna be gushing like mad!”

She gently pulled my face forward, and her lips came at me, hot, hungry, and eager. I felt her lips part, my lips opened instantly, and our tongues came out to play. The feel of her hot, slithery tongue inside my mouth made my blood surge, and I could feel a gush of wetness churning up deep inside me.

She pushed me back gently onto her bed. Her mouth was warm, expert, she licked me down the valley between my breasts, then her tongue drew tantalizing designs over my stiff, hard nipples. Hot pulses of pleasure went zapping at my pussy, I was starting to cream like wild. She licked down my belly, then circled her mouth around my pussy, and then she lifted up her head and smiled at me.

“Oh my god, I just can’t wait, I need to fuck you now sweetie,” she growled, holding up the double delight strap-on dildo, “and this is just the thing to make it a memorable ride!”

I watched Miranda adjusting the straps, then her growl of pleasure as she slipped it on, one of the 7-inch dildos sinking deep inside herself. Making sure the straps were securely buckled around her waist and her thighs, she grinned at me, and the effect was electrifying. A hard 7-inch purple dildo, shaped just like a real cock, with ridges and a large cock istanbul travesti head was standing up from her pubic region, fuck, it looked like Miranda had just grown a purple cock!

I lay back, oh fuck, I was soaked and I needed to get my horny cunt rammed. Miranda got into position, and nudged the dildo against me, with a thrust, I was impaled, both of us letting out growls of pleasure as our horny cunts came together, joined by the toy of pleasure. I pushed my hips against her, sending a thrust of my own on the dildo buried inside. Miranda reached out and grabbed me, pulling me into a sitting position, with our legs intertwined like a pair of scissors, our bodies touching, my hips pushed forward, our pussies bound together by the hard shafts curving up into our heated folds.

Embracing together tightly, we started fucking each other, using only our hips to propel ourselves. We started out slowly, getting the hang of it and working up a rhythm, our moans of desire started to sound as each end of the dildo was pushed into our burning pussies.

Oh god, it felt so good, grinding our hips back and forth, humping at each other in a frenzy. In our heated embrace, breasts pressed tightly against each other, we were joined cunt to cunt. The dildo heads were angled perfectly, and I could feel my G spot getting it, while our clits stood up, rock hard, erect, throbbing, and twitching with desire, brushing heatedly against the plunging dildo.

I could feel the massive wave coming at me, and I cried out, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna fucking explode, fuck, fuck, OHHH GAAAWWWD!!”

My voice rose up to a full-on shriek, and Miranda’s scream of pleasure joined mine, and my cunt blew apart. My pussy started to squirt like crazy, Miranda’s pussy joining mine as we were pouring juices like waterfalls, squirting all over each other’s pussy, soaking the bath towel and each other.

My body was shaking in a grip that felt like I was gonna fly apart, I was trying to catch my breath, and gasping for air as Miranda clung to me, crying out wordless sounds of pleasure until our orgasms finally started to ebb, and we flopped down in a wet, sweaty tangled heap, still joined by our dildo holding us together.


I heard the chime of a smartphone and watched as Miranda took it. It was late istanbul travestileri in the day before we had finally laid back, exhausted, and wrung out. We had made love over and over, Miranda had been insatiable and for that matter, so had I.

The excitement of making love to my mother’s lover, the wonder of discovery, the melding of a lover’s hot flesh to mine had kept both of us running hot, and we had explored each other’s hot holes, licked and kissed every inch of each other’s bodies, and had played with her dildos, using them on each other, driving us to orgasm after orgasm.

Miranda closed out the connection, and cooed, “That was your Mom, she’s on her way home, should be here in an hour, and she’s just going to come straight over here, so she can stay the night, and she’s very hot. Her text included, ‘I want you to use my holes, finger, and lick and fuck every one of them, and I’ll do the same to you.’ “

Before I left, we were in a heated 69, licking each other’s hot wet cunts while we pumped a finger into each other’s tight assholes, driving us to one last insanely hot explosion.

When I left, she held me close, and our tongues joined in a frantic duet of lust. I reached down, cupped her sex, and let my finger slide along her pussy lips, teasing her, and getting her warmed up for my Mom.


When I went to bed, all I could think about was Miranda and my Mom getting into hot, wet, wild sex, and just before I was about to masturbate, my smartphone chimed, I answered it, and Miranda purred, “My sexy Audrey, your Mom just got in, and how would you like to have me leave the connection open, so you can hear your Mom and me in a hot lesbian romp?”

I cooed, “Oh yes, I’d love it!”

“Then enjoy, sweetie.”

There was silence on the line for about a minute, then I heard her bedroom door open, and Miranda growled, “Get over here and strip that sexy body right now.”

I heard Miranda purr, “Oh yeah baby, grab your cheeks and pull them apart.” A moment later, I heard a low moan from my Mom, and Miranda cooed, “Going to give you a nice loving analingus, I know how much you love it, babe. Oh, Rachel, you have the most beautiful, sweetest pucker hole, I love kissing it.”

My Mom was letting out soft moans and purrs, as she cooed, “Mmmmm, travesti istanbul I love having my tight little asshole played with, feels so good.”

I had a finger at my asshole, rubbing all over that tight little starfish, remembering the hot analingus Miranda had given me earlier. I imagined the sight of my Mom on the bed on hands and knees, and Miranda kneeling behind her, slurping all over her hot ass, licking and laving.

“Now, let’s get ourselves all nicely vibrated.”

My Mom let out a louder moan, I could see in my mind’s eye, Miranda getting my Mom ready for heated lust.

Miranda purred, “This is a set of dual vibrating eggs, can you guess where these eggs are going to go? Spread your cheeks baby.”

I heard the start up, the eggs began humming and vibrating, clacking against each other. I heard my Mom’s long, drawn-out moan, then she cooed, “Oh god, it’s vibrating away inside my ass, it feels so good!”

Miranda directed, “Lay back baby,” as she climbed on top of my Mom. “Now it’s my turn,” then she cooed, “Oh yes, so tight, trying to resist, then ah, ah, AHHH, the welcoming, oh yes.”

Miranda cooed, “Now that we are nicely plugged, it’s time to let our pussies kiss each other.” My mind’s eye pulled up the image of Miranda straddling my Mom, lowering her body, then matching purrs as they came together, mound to mound.

Miranda purred, “I’m going to spread us open, really let out sweet cunts kiss each other.”

A moment later, my Mom cried out “Oh yes, kiss me right there.”

I could hear the bedsprings squeaking as they started to rock together, god, my mind was visualizing it just like a film clip. They were rocking together, Miranda grunted, “Let’s rub our clitties together.” Matching squeals of pleasure sounded, and the spring squeaking went faster as they were no doubt humping at each other with increasing vigor as Miranda grunted, “Oh yes, I can feel your clit against mine baby!”

I could hear my Mom whimpering under Rachel as they rode toward orgasm. God, it sounded amazing, their bodies squirming wildly, crotches locked together, grinding hard at each other, I could imagine the bolts of passion that were starting to surge as they rode. It took only a few moments before twin screams of passion split the air, cumming wildly, their bodies writhing together in blazing passion.

I had been lightly playing with myself, I knew that once they got to the final moments, I’d explode, and I fingered my clit hard, and my scream of passion joined in as I shook and writhed on the bed, gasping and grunting as the pleasure spun through my body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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