My Sugar-Daddy

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Natasha sat down on the barstool and started watching the couples glide across the dance floor. Her body begins to sway to the beat of the music as she remembers a romantic moment from her past. One where she was locked in an embrace with the man whom she thought loved her. They were waltzing around the room. She closed her eyes and laid her head lovingly against his shoulder as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear.

A tear formed in the corners of her eyes as she remembered what happened about a month after that. She had come home early from work and caught him in bed with another woman. She fought back her emotions and pondered, ‘Oh God, why didn’t the love she had for him hold onto him? Why did he have to cheat on me and ruin everything?’

Her mood was broken when the bartender placed a napkin on the counter in front of her and asked, “Hi Nat, what’s your poison tonight?”

She composed herself, and with a sly grin suggested, “Give me a martini Joe, tonight I feel adventurous.”

Joe mixed the drink and poured it, “Adventurous huh, looks like you’re alone, out on the town, and bored again.”

Her grin turned into a frowned, “Aww Joe, am I that transparent?”

He handed her the drink and winked, “Not really, I’m just teasing you as usual. I have a question to ask you and if I am being nosy tell me to butt out. Why isn’t there’s a good-looking man sitting next to you? With that dress on and that figure, you’re a knock-out.”

She blushed, and then glared with disgust, “You’re not prying. Besides, I don’t mind telling people that I caught him cheating on me.”

Joe flashed a concerned look, “Now that’s a shame. Take my advice, honey. Keep your chin up, keep looking, and you’ll find that someone special one day.”

Her frown turned into a grin. A devious smirk crossed her face and she held up her glass up and toasted, “Here’s to finding that special someone,” then laughed and added, “No matter how many toads I have to kiss.”

Joe chuckled, “That’s the spirit, you go girl!” He then went back to tending bar.

Natasha returned to watching the crowd. After a few minutes, she spotted a tall man coming toward the bar. He seemed to be alone. While taking a sip of her drink, Natasha observed him under half closed lids. As he got nearer, she noticed his jet-black hair, firm jaw, and masculine body, which filled out his suit perfectly.

“Mmm, he looks delicious,” she uttered under her breath. He walked up and sat on a stool two down from hers. Natasha tried to keep an eye on him without him noticing it.

At first he didn’t speak or look at her, just ordered a Black Russian. Following that he took a sip, and surveyed the room. Next he glanced up and down the bar. Then after a long pause, he looked directly at her. When their eyes met he smiled and it made Natasha tremble with desire.

He took a drink then licked his lips, “Hello, the name’s, Jack.”

Oh God, even his voice sounded sexy. She sighed, took a drink, and then gathered up all of her courage, “Hi, I’m Natasha.”

Jack tried to hide his emotions. ‘Oh God,’ he thought. She’s not only gorgeous, but has a voice of an angel. For a second he was at a loss for words.

However, he mustered all his charm, took another sip of his drink and asked, “If you don’t mind me asking, why is a pretty young thing like you sitting here at the bar all alone on a Saturday night?”

She blushed in response and then flashed him a sultry smile. “I’m not that young, and I don’t mind telling people that I’m thirty-two. Besides, I got tired of looking at my four walls at home and decided to come down to the club. After all there’s something always exciting happening here on Saturday night. So tell me, Jack, what brings you here, alone?”

His eyes lit up and the corners of his mouth turned into a frown. “Well you’re young to me because I’m fifty-five. I wasn’t doing anything tonight and was tired of sitting home alone watching television. So I decided to see what kind of excitement I can find here at the club tonight.”

She lowered her eyes, feeling a little self-conscious. “Oh, I hope you don’t think I was being nosy.”

Jack took a drink, grinned and gazed into her sapphire blue-eyes again. “Not at all pretty lady, it’s nice to have someone to talk to for a change.”

Natasha took another sip of her drink and then put on a sad puppy-dog face. “I know, I hate being alone.”

He gave her his full attention this time, “Why are you alone, if you don’t mind me asking?”

She shook her head and deeply inhaled, “The guy I used to go out with left me for another woman.”

Jack lowered his glass, and couldn’t quite keep the sound of disgust out of his voice, “Aww, sorry to hear that, honey.”

She half way smiled, not knowing whether she was trying to convince herself or Jack. “Thanks for your concern, but I’ll be Okay.”

The rest of the evening they sat there talking as if they were long lost friends. As it turned out, even though Jack was older than her, his suave mannerisms sancaktepe escort and sexy smile touched her in ways no other man had ever could.

She glanced at her watch and noticed it was almost midnight. “I hate to spoil such a great evening, but I better be getting home, I have to work tomorrow.”

Jack then glanced at the time, “Have we been talking that long, it seems like just a few minutes? Maybe I will see you here again sometime?”

Natasha batted her eyes and flashed him a seductive grin, “I’m free next Saturday.”

This time, Jack blushed and hoped she didn’t notice how much his fingers were shaking when he set down his glass. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were asking this ole man for a date?”

Her mouth stretched into a wide grin. “I wouldn’t call it a date. Let’s just say we’re two lonely homebodies going out for dinner.”

He chuckled as his green-eyes sparkled with desire. His hand reached into his coat pocket, and handed her his business card. “Here’s my number, give me a call later on this week and we’ll talk about where to go for dinner.”

She took the card from him and then reached over and touched his hand. “Okay, I’ll call you sometime Wednesday, I’m off that day.”

Natasha was about to pay for her drink when he stopped her, “I’ll pay for that. Let me walk you to the door, or call you a taxi.”

She stood up as her gaze shifted toward the front door. “There’s no need to call for a taxi, one is always parked right outside. The driver knows me pretty well and will take me home safely.”

Jack put his arm out for her, and looked right into her eyes, and suggested, “Well at least let me walk you to the taxi.”

Natasha took his arm and the two strolled toward the door. Once outside, Jack opened the car door for her. After she was inside he poked his head into the cab, “Goodnight Natasha, I’ll be in touch.”

She nodded, “Thanks for a wonderful evening, good-night Jack.”

He waved goodbye until the car was out of sight then walked toward his vehicle in the parking lot.

When Natasha got home she dressed for bed. After climbing beneath the covers she realized for the first time in weeks she would be falling asleep thinking of someone else besides her ex-boyfriend. However, Natasha wondered why she accepted going out to dinner with him. After all Jack was older than any man she went out with in the past. Nevertheless, something about him intrigued her and made her tremble with desire.

When Jack got home from the club that night, he couldn’t stop thinking of Natasha. He wondered why she intrigued him; after all she wasn’t even near his age. Yet, for the first time in months, he fell asleep thinking of another woman. He hadn’t done that since Rebecca died four years ago.

When the alarm went off the next day, Natasha yawned and stretched. It was then she realized that this tall, dark, handsome stranger invaded her dream. Her body tingled all over with desire and she slid her fingers down to her quivering pussy.

She started masturbating as she envisioned what the two of them would be doing if in bed together. Jack’s lips would be pressed against hers in a passionate kiss as he drove his hardened cock deep inside her pussy.

Natasha’s nipples and clit were hardening in response as she began moving in rhythm with his thrusts. Their desires heightened as together they made music of their own. Her body trembled hard as an earth-shattering climax overtook it. She closed her eyes, riding out the orgasm.

She then said out loud, “I wondered how Jack will really perform sexually. Could he bed this young filly? Oh well, one of these days, I’ll just have to find out.”

She then glanced at the clock and noticed it was time to get going. As she showered, Natasha decided that she’d better concentrate on work, and figure things out later.

Unfortunately, the next three days went by so slow it made her wonder if Wednesday would ever get here.

Jack awoke Monday more invigorated than he had been in a long time. He straightened up the place, mopped the floors and even dusted, which were chores he didn’t relish doing. However, all he could think about was the enchanting conversation he’d had with Natasha.

After lunch he grabbed a beer and went to sit out on the deck. It was then he began to daydream, could this chance meeting blossom into friendship and maybe something more? He then shook his head and told himself out-loud. “Now tell me something you old hound-dog, do you really think she would go that far?”

His enthusiasm turned into a sadness that made him want to cry in his beer. The day dragged on as if to torment him, but still all he could think about was Natasha.

That night, as Jack crawled into bed, he realized that one thing he missed most was having a woman lying next to him. The warmth of her body, the soft tender caresses, made not only his mind excited but his dick began to swell. He lay there slowly stroking sarıyer escort his cock, as he envisioned Natasha. Her blue eyes made him burn with lust. He could see the woman removing her dress and then coming into his arms, begging him to tenderly making love to her sweet young body.

As Jack began to fantasize he even thought he heard Natasha say, “Make love to me darling.”

As he imagined moving between her legs and sliding his dick into her hot pussy, he stroked his cock fast and furious and soon exploded with a large climax.

Jack knew it was only a fantasy that would probably never happen in a million years. However it fueled a new desire within him. He grinned mischievously, “I’ll just have to see what would happen, if I try to bed that sweet young filly!”

Finally it was Natasha’s day off. All morning long she contemplated what she would say to Jack. Around noon she poured herself a cup of coffee, grabbed her cell phone, and went outside to sit on the patio.

As she sat there, Natasha quivered with desire then suddenly stopped and gave herself a pep-talk, “Oh for goodness sake Nat, you’re only going out to dinner!” She was right, there was not need to get excited about something that might not even happen.

She got Jack’s business card out of her purse then crawled up on the lounge and dialed his number. Day after day all Jack could do was think about Natasha. When Wednesday arrived he was lying on the sofa attempting to watch television and began to daydream about her. When the phone rang, he nearly jumped out of his skin.

Jack picked up the phone, “Hello, Jack Spaniel residence.”

Natasha felt her heart skip a beat, “Hi Jack, its Natasha, from the club, remember me?”

Jack thought he’d drop the phone from excitement, “Oh hi, I was just wondering if you’d call me. Do you still want to go out to dinner Saturday night?”

Natasha played nervously with the phone cord, “Sure, it beats sitting here at home alone. Where do you think we should go?”

Jack’s mouth watered, and not because he was hungry for food. “I was thinking about the Longhorn steak house, that’s if you like steak.”

She licked her lips and felt herself quivering. Oh God, his sexy voice was going straight to her clit. “I have been there and enjoy their food.” She then snickered, “I guess if we’re going to dinner, I’d better give you my address.”

He chuckled, as he reached for a pen and paper. “Yeah, that would help. By the way there is no need for you to call a taxi since I have my own car.”

She loved Jack’s attitude, he was a perfect gentleman. “Okay, I live at twenty-five Oak Terrace, apartment four. Do I need to give you directions?”

Jack scribbled it down, “Okay, got it. No, I know exactly where that is, as I used to live in apartment twelve. 12. Shall I pick you up at seven p.m.? I’ll be driving a black Mercedes. “

All of a sudden her mouth went dry and all she could do was mumble, “Yes.”

Jack wanted to climb through the phone and take Natasha in his arms and kiss her passionately. Oh God, her voice was like that of an angel, it set every inch of him afire with desire and his cock began to swell in his pants.

He gathered all the courage he could and tried not to sound over-anxious, “See you around a quarter to seven then, Saturday.”

Natasha didn’t want to hang up the phone. She wanted to hear his sexy voice as she slowly played with her throbbing clit. However, she decided now was not the time to do those kind of things. After all, it just might scare him off.

“All right, see you then. Good-bye.”

Jack cradled the phone as if it were her and uttered, “Good-bye.”

Jack hung up the phone and just sat there with her voice still echoing in his head. This was it. Saturday they would meet.

Natasha hung up the phone and laid there on the lounge thinking about things. Saturday, she was going to meet this tall, dark, handsome man for the second time. She felt very excited, for a moment, then suddenly worried. “Oh God, what if he wants to really date me—would he be disappointed because of my age?”

Saturday morning came around and she lay in bed longer than usual. Her body was aroused again. Natasha slipped off her nightie, and ran her fingers across her swollen, hardening nipples. Next she lifted one to her mouth, suckled on it while biting it gently, then harder. After that, she slid her hand down to her wanting pussy.

Her fingers slid beneath the wet folds, in search of her sensitive clit. Again she rubbed it furiously and climaxed hard uttering Jack’s name and wishing his hard cock was deep inside her.

The hours went by slower than molasses. Around five, Natasha headed for a luxurious bubble bath. She wanted to make sure every inch of her was pampered, and smelling as fresh as a rose.

Afterwards, she stepped out, dried off, and then walked into the bedroom to get dressed. Natasha went over to the closet and got out her favorite sefaköy escort blue dress. It clung to her curves and showed just enough cleavage to be enticing. She then went to the dresser and picked out white silk panties with matching bra, garter belt, and hose.

Carefully she got dressed. After all it wasn’t a one night stand or even a date. Natasha wanted to go slow and just see what happened. Next, she headed to the bathroom to apply just enough make-up to be alluring and dabbed her favorite cologne in all the right places.

When finished she walked in front of her full-length mirror to check herself out. Natasha winked and whistled, “Hello gorgeous!”

Natasha glanced at the clock, her stomach churned, for some unusual reason and she was feeling nervous. She didn’t know why, because this wasn’t the first time she’d went out with someone she’d just met. Natasha then walked into the kitchen and poured herself a shot of brandy to calm herself.

The time was getting nearer to when Jack was to arrive and pick her up. As the minutes clicked away her pussy juices began to saturate her panties. She went into the living room and picked up the newspaper, trying to distract her thoughts. That didn’t work so she turned on the television; Natasha couldn’t concentrate on it either.

She began daydreaming about his twinkling eyes and sexy smile, when the doorbell rang and she jumped so much she nearly fell out of the chair.

Natasha got up and answered it, hoping Jack wouldn’t notice her shaky hands. When she opened the door, and invited Jack inside, she swallowed hard and gasped. Oh God, he was handsome. She wanted to feel his lips on hers as his cock plunged into her pussy All of a sudden, she found herself at a loss for words and not sure what to say to Jack.

When their eyes met, her apprehension faded away. Natasha wanted to reach out, take Jack in her arms, and kiss him.

Instead she held out her hand and shook his, uttering, “Hello Jack.”

Jack eyed her up and down and almost passed out. ‘Mmm she looks so sensuous’, he thought. Oh how he desired to pull Natasha into his arms and say, “To hell with dinner, I want you, let’s go make love.” However, he decided now was neither the time nor place to be thinking those thoughts.

He took her hand in his and said, “Hi Natasha.”

Natasha replied, “You may call me Nat, if you want, most of my friends do.”

He winked and said, “I prefer Natasha. I like the sound of it.”

She blushed, “Okay, well let me grab my purse and lock the door and then I’ll be ready to leave.”

Jack waited patiently then opened the door for her and waited on the porch for her to secure the door. Then he held out his arm and escorted Natasha to his car.

As Jack opened the passenger door, she climbed into the car. She then sat there anxiously, aroused as a million thoughts crossed her mind.

Jack sat in the driver’s seat. As they drove toward the restaurant he was feeling more nervous than a teenager on his first date. His mind wandered onto the subject of sex. All he could think of was, ‘would they, or wouldn’t they go further than just dinner?’

He could tell Natasha was anxious and wondered if she was thinking the same things he was.

Jack spoke to her in a soft tone about his day and then reached over and touched her shoulder reassuringly.

His touch was so gentle, but it went right through her, arousing every nerve in Natasha’s body. She watched him drive, and listened to him speak. With each minute that went by, she felt more relaxed with him.

She conversed with him, trying not to give away her secret intentions of eventually having sex with him.

Finally they arrived at the restaurant. Like a true gentleman, Jack parked the car, then got out, and opened her door for Natasha before ushering her inside.

Jack told the waiter that they wanted a quiet corner, away from the noisy crowd. They were escorted to one and as he held the chair for her Natasha sat down.

After taking his seat he looked over at Natasha, “Would you like me to order drinks or would you prefer coffee?”

She gazed lovingly into his eyes, “I’d like some coffee, please.”

About that time the waiter showed up and handed then each a menu. Before they looked at it, Jack took the courtesy of ordering coffee for them both.

As they checked out the menu, the waiter left to get their drinks. Natasha looked up at Jack. His eyes mesmerized her. She began looking at the memorabilia on the wall behind him to keep from constantly staring at him.

Jack caught her staring and asked, “What’s wrong? Do I have something stuck in my teeth?”

Natasha giggled, blushed and looked away. “No, I was just admiring the cowboy painting behind you,” she lied.

Jack smirked, “Well for a moment I thought something was wrong.”

They ordered the special of the day and sat there talking casually. It was as if they’d known each other for years. Jack took a bite of his steak and contemplated asking her if she’d be his dessert. Soon after he was lost in his thoughts and didn’t realize he was ogling his companion.

Natasha looked up and giggled, “What, do I have food caught between my teeth?”

Jack blushed, “No my dear, I was just admiring how beautiful you are. That man you dumped must have been a real jerk because if you were mine, I’d never let you go.”

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