My Ultimate Fantasies Ch. 03

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I was still trying desperately to catch up at work and had been working very late each night and not getting home until well after midnight. It was several days later that I finally had the chance to talk with Mike about him sneaking in and taking me in my sleep. I hadn’t had time for Mike since the Monday night after I had gotten back from my trip and met him Thursday at noon at an out of the way sandwich shop where I hoped we wouldn’t be seen. I bought lunch and told him to get in the car where we could talk in private.

“Look Mike,” I said. “I am working long hours lately and we probably won’t be able to get together until I get caught up at work. There is one thing I wanted to ask you or tell you for that matter and that is I do not want you sneaking in and taking me in my sleep, like you did the night before I left and the Sunday I got back.”

He sat there dumfounded with this question on his face.


“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Look, I gave you a key and I know it had to be you.”

“No, I had the flu that Thursday and was sick the whole week you were gone. Sunday, I was with my folks and we never got back until about 2: AM Monday morning. When I met you at the mall was the first time I had seen you since your vacation.”

“What?” I sat there dumbfounded. If it wasn’t Mike, who was it? I sat there thinking.

“It wasn’t you?” I asked again.


“Mike, where can I drop you off?” I needed to get free of him and think.

“Just drop me off at the mall. I can go back to school from there.”

I drove in silence thinking and stopped at the mall dropping him off. “Mike, I will be busy and working late for the rest of the week and maybe next week also. I may also work through the weekend too so there won’t be time for us.”


I could see he was disappointed but I thought what the hell, I was too but work had to get done. I drove back to the office and told my boss I had a headache and would do some work at home. I gathered up some of the work and headed home thinking all the way. When I got there I went into the bed room, flicked on the overhead light and looked at the bed. I hadn’t changed the sheets since I got back and flipped back the covers and looked at the sheets. What am I looking for I thought? It was then I saw it. Another tightly curled pubic hair. I looked further but there was only one. I glanced at the base of the bed light and saw the other two hairs that I had placed there over a week ago. I picked them up and compared them to the new one. They looked alike. How and who I thought as I looked at them. They weren’t Mike’s I knew now.

I was wondering how I was going to handle this when I heard the kitchen door open and close. Startled, I turned off the bedroom light and slipped into the closet and closed the door slightly. It wasn’t dark yet and light was coming into the room from the windows so I could see. The sheer curtains that I had closed didn’t block much of the outside light. I waited quietly hidden as I heard someone move about the house. My car was hidden in the garage and I was home early so whoever this was didn’t know I was home. I was scared and trembling. Someone was opening and closing the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator door and moving about the kitchen. Then they moved down the hall past the bathroom door and into the bedroom. They only stayed long enough to look around. I didn’t get to see who it was. I only saw a shadow and knew it was a man when he walked past the door. He moved out of the room and down the hall back into the kitchen. Cowering where I was, I waited and finally heard the kitchen door open and close. Still I waited until I was sure no one was still in the house before I left the closet and quietly moved about and slipped quietly down the hall and into the kitchen. I checked the door. It was locked. I searched the house and found nothing.

Back in the kitchen, I looked around. Nothing looked out of place. Everything looked as I left it. Looking in the refrigerator, it was the same there also. Everything was in its place. I started to close the door when the thought hit me. The first time, I believe I had been drugged, had I been drugged the second time? I grabbed the half full pitcher of ice tea and poured it out. I did the same to everything that was in open containers and that included the almost full gallon of milk along with leftovers that I was going to have for dinner. I took a frozen dinner out of the freezer and heated it in the microwave. Ok I thought as I popped the cork of a bottle of wine. Now I wait. I completed a little of work while I was waiting and soon found it was dark. I turned on most of the lights in the house and watched TV for a little while. I kept double checking the locks on windows and doors making sure there was no way someone would get in. It was 10:00 when I finally decided to go to bed. I wished I still had the hairs to look at but I dropped them when I hid in the closet earlier. Well no matter tuzla escort I didn’t know what to do with them anyway.

Tonight, I didn’t sleep nude as I usually do. I didn’t have pajamas so I slipped between the sheets in panties and a t-shirt. A pair of shorts lay on the night table and shoes by the bed. I had a club in bed with me. It was one of the fish killers that my dad used when he fished for salmon. It was a short baton filled with lead on the business end. I always thought it would do the trick if I needed it and I kept it by the bed. Tonight it was under my pillow. I couldn’t sleep and kept looking at the clock and getting up and looking around the house, carrying my club. I made sure all the night lights were working and lit up the rooms so there wouldn’t be total darkness in the house. Finally after midnight I went back to bed thinking I would probably stay awake all night. I didn’t know when I fell asleep.

I was awaken with a heavy pressure across my waist and hips. I groggily struck at what was on top of me and only connected with a glancing blow. He laughed and grabbed my hands and while tossing the club aside and held my hands above my head. The light was dim but I could still see a dark man on top of me. I struggled, but with him sitting on my hips and my feet and legs still caught under the blankets, there was not much I could do. He was heavy and had me pinned to the bed.

“Be still and quiet and you won’t get hurt,” He said in a soothing quiet voice.

I kept struggling but he kept talking to me in this soothing quiet voice and just sat on me holding my hands above my head while I struggled. Finally, I gave up and stopped struggling.

“What do you want?”


“You can’t have me!”

“I already have, two times,” and he laughed. “You felt so good and tight. I thought you would be asleep.”

I knew then that this was the man who had taken me in my sleep.

“Well, I’m not.”

“Doesn’t matter, this will be more fun for both of us. I want you to stop struggling. It will be better for you if you relax and enjoy. Will you stop fighting?”

I knew he was going to have his way with me one way or another. He was much larger and had the advantage. There was no way I was going to stop him. I had a lot of conflicting thoughts going through my head. Do I fight him or let him.

He meanwhile shifted his weight and caught me off guard when he pulled the blankets and sheet out from under him and sat back on me. Now there was only my t-shirt and panties between his skin and mine. He was already nude and growing harder. His cock struck straight out and was doing this flexing dance. I was staring at it as I looked at him. Fuck, I thought. He’s bigger than Mike.

I forgot about struggling as I stared at it. I wanted it. I wanted to feel it inside me. My body went slack. The fight was gone. He must have realized this and rose off of me and slipped down between my legs. I let him remove my panties and shuddered as he pulled them down my legs and tossed them aside. He had released my hands and I found them reaching for him. I had never knowingly had dark meat before and I wanted it. He was kneeling between my legs and as I reached for him, he leaned in and grasped my t-shirt and pulled it up over my head as I leaned forward. As I fell back, I leaned to the side and flicked on the bedside lamp. Lying there waiting for my eyes to adjust to the light I looked at him. He was the kid on the bike.

He had tossed my t-shirt aside and was crouched there on his knees looking at me, his breath rapid. His excitement showed even more as his hardened shaft was standing fully erect and was pulsing slightly. I could feel my heat rise as he looked at me. He leaned down over me to kiss but I intercepted his head and directed it down to my pussy. There was no hesitation. He dove in and guided me to an incredible orgasm. My body shook, quivered and spasmed as my hands rubbed the tight curls on his head and held him to me. When my quivering slowed, he moved up my body to my mouth and filled it with his tongue and a mouthful of my juices. I swallowed it as our tongues fought and his hardness found my swollen opening and he slowly pushed his way in.

The feelings coursing through me were incredible. He began his slow thrusting and I lifted my legs into the air to give him better access but he forced them down and swung his legs over mine straddling them. His legs were now over mine and alongside them as he pushed them together and continued his slow thrusting. It was an incredible tight feeling even though I was extremely wet from my earlier orgasm. His shaft seemed to be rubbing against everything. No one had done me this way. I was in ecstasy. My legs being pinned together increased the friction even though I was very well lubricated. I tried to rotate my pussy up to meet him but he would force it back down as he placed his weight down on me to increase the friction. His ucuz escort shaft rubbing against my clit soon had me quivering and moaning my satisfaction. His length was reaching my very depths and driving me wild as I felt the head of his cock and opening rubbing against my cervix. My body began an intense spasm as the muscles in my entire body quivered and shook. I could hear someone screaming, “Fuck me harder, oh god, oh god, oh god.” In my intense pleasure I didn’t know it was coming from my lips.

As my quivering slowed and his rhythm speeded up I could tell he was very close. Sweat was dripping from his face and chest down upon my breasts adding to my own.

“Oh god I’m coming,” he yelled as he shoved in hard one last time and unleashed a torrent of hot cum. I felt him first stiffen and then the pulsing of his cock and muscles in his groin as he pumped his hot seed into me. He was pushing hard against my cervix, almost hurting me as he pushed up into me. Oh god it felt good. I held him tightly, with my arms around him as he emptied. As his own quivering orgasm subsided, he rose up weakly and looked at me and said, “God, Sara that was the hardest fucking release I ever had.”

I felt it. It had been intense for him. I hadn’t cum again although I had been close. I was disappointed and wished I had cum with him. I looked into his eyes wondering who he was and where I had seen him before. I know he was the guy on the bike but I knew I had seen him before that.

“Who are you, what’s your name?”


Silence followed as I lay there looking at him and thinking.

“Jerome, Jerome who and how did you get in here?”

“Mike, I’m a friend of Mikes.”


“Mike gave me a key and said it would be OK.”

“He did?” I was pissed but not really pissed that he did this to me. Jerome was better in bed than Mike, bigger size too. He was fucking good. How could I be very angry? I’ll deal with Mike later I thought. Jerome was still inside me and hard. I started flexing my groin muscles and rotating my pussy against him wanting him to fuck me some more. He quickly got the hint. This time I worked my legs out from under him and into the air and got him to thrust rapidly and hard. Pounding, I needed a good pounding. It didn’t take long and we orgasmed together. It was a hard and intense release for me and I lay there exhausted afterward as he rolled off and laid beside me his hand weakly tweaking my breasts.

He soon fell asleep and I lay there wondering what I was going to do. This was against the rules Mike and I had when we started this. No one else was supposed to know. Besides both of them were under age and could be a lot of trouble for me if anyone found out. My career would be destroyed and family devastated. I could be facing jail time. I eventually fell into a restless sleep and awaken alone when the alarm went off.

Dreading the day, I got up, showered and readied myself for work. When I got there, I couldn’t concentrate and finally called Mike on my cell. We had a meeting place for lunch that was out of the way and I told him to meet me there. When I arrived he was already waiting. I rolled down the window and told him to get inside. He could tell I wasn’t happy with him as I was almost growling. I was really pissed now since I had more time to think about it and had a sleepless night.

“Mike you shit!” I growled at him. “You know what you have done don’t you. You have ruined our relationship by telling another. Not only that, you little bastard, you allowed him to rape me, twice.”



“I’m sorry Sara.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it kid, we are through. Now get out!”

“Please listen to me Sara.”

He was pleading to me and I lost my anger and said, “Ok Mike, explain yourself.”

“You know what a red neck town this is? Jerome is the only black guy here and he doesn’t have anyone. There is no one here he can date and he has been here three years. I am just about his only true friend. I didn’t think it would bother you. After all, look how you teased me until you got me into your bed room. Besides, I was here both times to make sure everything went ok. I even took part and helped.”

“You took part, how?”

“I drugged you and let him in. I also had sex with you.”

I glared at him. “You lied to me. You said you had the flu and were gone when I got home. Your lying supposedly made it all ok?”

“Well, at the time I thought so. I didn’t think you would get mad at me for it. Would you have let us have sex with you if I had brought him over one night?”

I sat there and thought about it. “Probably not,” I replied. “Listen Mike, I want both you and Jerome over tonight. We need to talk. Be there by 8:00.”

His face brightened when I said that. “No Mike, there will be no more sex so get that shit eating grin off your face. We need to talk about the trouble we are in.”

I told him to get out and ümraniye escort I drove back to work. I needed time to think about what to. I tried to concentrate on work and time passed slowly. I hated to do what I was thinking of doing and that was having nothing further to do with Mike and Jerome. They had their fun. I had to stop this before I got into trouble. In a way I was dreading this decision. I loved having sex. The week in New Jersey had gotten under my skin. Hell, Mike and Jerome had gotten under my skin also but they were trouble for me. I had to do something about that. The more I thought about the fun I had with Mark in New Jersey, the more I thought that I might want to live there with him. I put in a call to him and got his voice mail. I left a message, something about helping find me work there and for him to call me back. I looked at the clock wondering where the time went. It was 5:00 and I wanted to get home and get it over with.

I drove home slowly, stopping to get something for dinner and a bottle of wine. I still didn’t know how I was going to handle this. Getting home I quickly ate, got into my usual sweat pants and sweat shirt, got a glass of wine and waited. It was after 8:00 before they showed up. I was pacing the floor when they snuck in contemplating just what I was going to say. I had already figured if they tried blackmail, it wouldn’t work. We would all go down. Mike was smart enough to know that. I figured Jerome was too.

“Sit down!” They both jumped when I said that and sat on each end of my couch. I was in a tirade and they knew it. I called them every name I could think of and was in the middle of almost yelling when Mike spoke up.

“So the sex with us wasn’t any good?”

He caught me off guard and I started stammering as I stood there looking at him.

“Ah, ah, shit Mike, well no. That’s beside the point. You, well, you forgot our rules. No one else was to know. You lied to me. You have lost my trust in you. You screwed up.” I was starting to cry and sat down between them.

They both slid in close to me and put their arms around me and started caressing me. I lost my argument when I felt hands under my sweat shirt caressing my breasts and didn’t protest when the sweat shirt was pulled off over my head. They were both kissing me all over and sucking at my breasts when I felt hands on the waist band of my sweat pants pushing them down. I rose up and helped as they were pushed down my legs. I wasn’t wearing panties so the removal went easily.

I was afraid that this would happen. I had thought about it but thought I could be strong. I found out I wasn’t. Sex had too strong of a pull for me. I needed it. I was hopeless. Tears were streaming down my face, my body racked with sobs. I didn’t know when they undressed but I had their hard cocks in each hand. I leaned down and started giving head to Mike while I felt Jerome remove my hand from his and move from the couch as his hands gripped my hips and moved me to my knees on the floor. Being behind me, he picked me up by my hips and slid himself into me. I was more than ready and shuddered as he slid in his full length and pushed against my cervix. I kept losing my concentration on Mike as Jerome started his slow thrusting.

Finally I had to give up on Mike and while I knew he was disappointed that I didn’t get him off, he started tweaking and sucking on my nipples and rubbing my clit adding to my ecstasy. I was leaning over him as Jerome was doing me so he could do what he wanted. I could feel his hard cock poking me in my stomach and I tried to reach down and grasp it. I lost balance and my head hit Mike’s chest. He held me up by my shoulders and I again placed both my hands beside him as he slipped down guided his cock to my pussy. At first I didn’t know what he was trying to do as Jerome had me filled. But Jerome slipped most of the way out with just the swollen head poised at my opening as Mike placed his against me and they both shoved in. I gasp loudly. I’d never been stretched like this, never had two cocks inside me at the same time. It hurt.

“Don’t, you’re hurting me.” At first I tried to get away but they held me in place. Finally I said, “Please hold still, and give me time to adjust.” I didn’t know they were both fully inside me.

They held themselves still for several minutes each trying to maintain as much depth as they could. Mike having to hold himself up from under me finally had to move.

“Jerome, I can’t hold this position, drop her down on me.” He did but now all of his weight was on me pushing me against Mike and Jerome had to hold himself upright. He leaned down and placed his hands on the back of the couch to try to hold in position. This worked somewhat. Mike with all the weight against his groin couldn’t move much more than just slightly. Jerome however was free to thrust. The added tightness and friction against each other’s cocks soon had both of them in the grips of orgasms. They both came at the same time filling me with their hot cum. Mike’s cock was blocking the friction that would have been against my clit and g-spot. I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t cum even though the feeling of a hard cock filling me usually caused me to. I was disappointed but that soon changed as the night went on and they took turns making sure I was satisfied.

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