My Wicked Ways Ch. 05

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When I awoke the next morning, which was Sunday (but felt like it should be Monday or Tuesday, given long Saturday had been), I felt a wonderful wetness around my cock and a bouncing motion on it that could only mean one thing. One of my sweet ladies had chosen to ride me in my sleep. I looked up and noticed beautiful blonde hair, silky olive skin, and the lovely baby bump of my sweet Sandra. To have one of my pregnant Assyrian princesses wake me like this was certainly a very pleasant start to the day.

I heard a groan, as someone stirred next to me, someone with very soft, sensual skin and hands like magic which began to feel for my body. This was followed by a series of kisses to my shoulder, my arm, and my side which indicated that someone woke up in a very loving mood. Suddenly, a face leaned over me, and it had the same bewitching grey-green eyes set against a very pouty pair of lips. It was undeniably my other Assyrian princess, Ninve. She started kissing me in earnest while smiling at me and exploring my torso with her hands.

“Good morning, honey,” Ninve told me right before another kiss to the lips.

“Good morning, Princess,” I answered, kissing her back with fervor.

“What can I do for you right now?” she asked me, clearly eager to please me right then.

“Sit on my face. I want to eat some pussy and ass,” I grunted, about a few seconds before Sandra began screaming with her orgasm.

I was so turned-on by the awareness of Sandra’s surprise cowgirl action and now her climax that I couldn’t help but unload my spunk as far inside her as I could safely shoot it. Sandra rolled off, but to my further shock, she didn’t leave my dick alone. Instead, she knelt and began licking her own fluids as well as my cum off my cock.

Ninve by now had enthusiastically obeyed my instructions and I thoroughly focused on lapping away at her folds, sucking her clit, and running my tongue up her taint as far as her tailbone. Then I circled back to her pussy, nibbling on her outer pussy lips. Ninve shivered so hard that I could feel her ass and hips moving on my face and I could see the goose bumps clearly on her skin. I always loved the taste of my sweet Assyrian princesses, both of them. While fucking them was the best thing to do with those babes, eating them out wasn’t so far behind.

Sandra, meanwhile proved once again that she was more than hungry for my cock, while Ninve now leaned over to 69 with me, thus adding her lips and tongue to the fun. They even stopped to kiss each other for a moment before each taking turns at engulfing my cock in their mouths. Then I heard whispers, after Sandra abruptly stopped, left Ninve to it with my dick, and rose to spread Ninve’s cheeks and rim her ass. My tongue now met Sandra’s across Ninve’s soft and succulent taint.

Ninve reacted by bucking her hips, even more, while now almost inhaling my cock deep into her mouth. She took a very deep and heavy breath when she stopped sucking me, and started grinding her cunt against my lips. I could smell the intensity of her arousal as I continued to ravenously eat her snatch and Sandra was now very much involved in helping get Ninve to the right place. I could tell that there wasn’t much further to go before Ninve came from our cooperative licking of everything from her mound of Venus to the top of her bottom.

Sandra did her best to often stroke exactly the same spot that I just finished, or even overlap there for a second. It was when our tongues met again at just outside Ninve’s asshole that we struck just the right nerve. Ninve began squealing, sighing, gasping, and moaning before she finally sprayed my face with her juices, soaking my skin and my lips with her cum. Sandra held her in place a few seconds longer and we continued rimming her, both of us sensing that Ninve was good for an encore, which proved quite true as we felt Ninve shake and splatter more fluids on my mouth.

Ninve then collapsed, suddenly unable to do more than kiss my dick lightly and brush her chin on my groin. Sandra then helped her get off my face and kissed my lips as well as Ninve’s for a further taste of both my mouth and Ninve’s twat. Ninve, after struggling on her wobbly legs for a second or two, then slid back into bed with me, while Sandra did the same on my left, whereupon they both planted constant kisses on my face and neck.

“Thank you for that,” Ninve told me with a raspy voice, still recovering her breath.

“Hey, the pleasure was mine. Trust me. You have a very delicious pussy and ass,” I reminded her.

“I agree with Mark. You’re delicious, especially your butt. I could rim that crack for hours. Still, the best thing for me was knowing that I helped get both of you off, especially Mark. It was another chance to serve our man,” Sandra told her side of things.

“Oh, God, yes! Pleasing Mark is what I live to do. That and waking up in his arms, being with him, having his cock lodged between the cheeks of my ass. Don’t you just love how he rubs his dick on your butt-crack, Sandra?” Ninve enthused.

“Fuck, yes! The only thing better is when he lubes up my hole really ucuz escort fast and buries his cock balls deep in there. That is living, baby!” Sandra exclaimed with delight at the memory of various times that I sank my dick into her butt.

“Need some lube?” Nydia popped her head up suddenly, proving that she had been lying on the rug nearby.

“Thank you, yes!” Ninve abruptly agreed, making it quite clear that she was still frisky and wanted it in the ass.

“Okay, but you gotta let me apply it my way,” Nydia teased, turning Ninve over until she was face down with her butt in the air.

Nydia then took some flavored lube and began to smear it lovingly on Ninve’s asshole, after which she pulled the big surprise by slipping a finger inside there, followed by another digit, and then a third. Ninve began moaning in response to the fingering of her ass, but she got really wet when Nydia pulled her fingers out and I eased my dick into her butt. Several strokes in, I put Ninve back on her side and returned to taking her bottom that way, while Sandra slid a lubed finger into my tush for the hell of it. Nydia, not one to be left out, started kissing Ninve’s baby bump and moving her mouth gradually down to her clit.

When Nydia actually began sucking Ninve’s clit, while my cock went balls deep in her ass, my Assyrian princess just lost it. She frantically pushed back at my dick as I fucked her, desperately trying to make sure that I bottomed out in her, while Sandra now eased a second finger into my butt, really caressing my prostate in a surprisingly gentle and loving manner. I continued plundering Ninve’s ass for what seemed like eternal bliss, her soft insides feeling delightfully sensual on my cock, her body milking me for my cum.

Then Nydia started sucking Ninve’s tits, and my former supervisor became uncontrollably excited. Something about having another woman try to drink the breast milk from her nipples drove Ninve, but nothing compared to when I really amped up the speed of fucking her ass and Nydia started fingering her cunt as well. That was when Cherry walked over and offered Ninve a taste of her tits. My princess couldn’t refuse that, and within seconds she was sucking on Ms. Sanchez as if she were actually being nursed.

At that point, Sandra slid another finger back in my asshole, while I gave Ninve a couple of swats on the tush. Ninve went crazy with her excitement, shivering, sighing, and moaning. She even bit Cherry lightly on the right breast, though thankfully just enough to leave a hickie. Cherry later described the look on Ninve’s face as complete ecstasy, as if she floated above clouds in the stratosphere, so aroused she was by then. She was totally out of it for a little while, unaware of anything but raw pleasure, until she finally came down after about a minute.

I couldn’t help but cum then, coating Ninve’s asshole with my cum, as I eased my cock out of it and Sandra promptly dove in to lap up my jizz from her fellow Assyrian princess. I was a little worried about how safe that was for a pregnant woman and gestured that, but Sandra winked in a way that suggested that she knew exactly what she was doing there. I moved behind Sandra and fondled her tush before deciding to play with her asshole as well. When I began to finger-fuck her bottom, she had an almost immediate reaction by squirting her juices onto her thighs, indicating that she had been close to her climax as well. No doubt it was due to the excitement of playing with my ass and now licking Ninve’s as well.

When I rose from the bed, I noted that Nydia had a milk mustache from Ninve’s breasts and I snickered, realizing that apparently breastfeeding had taken on a sexual meaning as well here. I went to go take a piss and Sandra actually followed me, putting her head on my back and her hands on my cock. She even stroked my balls before we both hit the shower, wanting to clean off.

The water jet just barely hit us when I heard a scream of total delight from Ninve’s throat, indicating that she came yet again. Then I heard kissing, three pairs of lips touching each other in passion, while I began making out with Sandra and washing her sweet, soft skin. She closed the distance as she began to wash me, while in the background I now heard applause.

“Go for it, Mark! Sandra really wants it, don’t ya, babe?” Ninve catcalled to us.

“Yeah, fuck that sweet Assyrian booty! She wants it bad!” Nydia chimed in.

“Balls deep, honey! Pound that pussy!” Cherry cheered.

“I think that they want me to fuck you again. What do you say? Shouldn’t disappoint them, right?” I smiled at Sandra.

“Anything that gets me laid, I’m all for it! Yeah, take me now!” Sandra bent over a little in the shower, while I slipped her my dick in her fine pussy as it stiffened again in reaction to having an audience.

We lasted surprisingly long in that cold, wet shower, my cock ramming it further and further inside her. Finally, however, Sandra came even harder than before, so squeezing me in the process that my last load for an hour or so shot up ümraniye escort inside her. She felt like Heaven on my cock, and filling her twat with yet more cum felt wonderful for both of us.

That was when Sandra turned to face me and asked, “We’ve been talking, trying to sort out who we think should be the official wife, though all of us would like a wedding and everything else eventually, at least someday when polygamy is no longer banned. Ninve and I agreed that as senior women in the harem, we’re secure enough, especially carrying your child, that while we would feel a little envy, it wouldn’t be enough to make us unhappy. We’ve determined neither of us should be the legal wife.

“We also considered Ana and Teresa, but they actually want to legally marry each other. Nothing against you, and in fact, they want a wedding with you as well, but they want to try out their new right to a same-sex marriage. Shelby wants to marry Josie, but that would be considered legally unethical due to her workplace relationship. Plus Josie, it seems, is still married to another man and wants to talk to you about that issue first before deciding how to handle it. She loves you very much already, but her husband back in Montreal is loathe to give up on her.

“Nydia still has fantasies about bedding a father figure, and you’re considerably older than her, so she has a proposal of sorts.”

Sandra then turned the matter over to my boot-fetish Latina slut.

Meanwhile, I finished drying Sandra and myself off, so I led the way to the living room, so we could also discuss this issue there. When I sat down on the sofa, Nydia and Cherry both plopped down next to me and faced me with brazen intent.

“I want you to marry my mother. I want to become your stepdaughter. That’s not quite the same thing as being your daughter, I know, but it’s pretty close. We’ve all discussed this and think that this is the best remedy for all of us. Mom becomes your legal wife, Ninve and Sandra will still be your princesses, I will be your stepdaughter as well as your Latin slut in boots, though the Mormon stuff is history now for both of us, and we will all still sign over our asses to you. Shelby will remain your niece and your lawyer, of course, and has even offered to officiate the wedding. Josie is quite happy to be a witness. Mom’s health is most likely to fail soonest, so you having the legal right to decide things for her would be helpful in that way as well. Ana and Teresa want a lesbian wedding for themselves, as noted, with a separate ceremony with you for each of them later. Lucy and Ashley are a matter for another time, at least until we can add them to our communal romance,” Nydia declared, much to my surprise.

“I agree with Nydia. I want this, badly. I want to share you with other women, and I definitely wouldn’t try to deprive them and you of each other, but I want to be Mrs. Mark Schumacher, legally. I know that you’re the man of the house, but I’d like to be lady of it. Ninve and Sandra even agree with me that this would be a burden off their shoulders. You’d no longer be torn between them as your senior women and they can focus on serving you and bearing you children without any extra stress. They would still be closest in affections, I understand that, but I have a sounder head for some things.

“Quite frankly, I love the idea of being married again, only this time to a younger man. Well, younger than me. Older than my daughter and most of you. Though I’d still like you to call me ‘Mom’ now and then, especially on our wedding night. That would give it an extra naughty thrill, if you don’t mind. Naturally, I’d still sign over my ass to you, but this would be an extra dimension of your claim on me, plus a serious taboo of us marrying while you also fuck my daughter. I’m falling for you, just as they have,” Cherry kissed me hard on the mouth, after which Nydia kissed me as well, and then they kissed each other.

“I love this idea, myself,” Sandra agreed, stroking her pussy and holding up a finger to show wet it made her, “Mark fucking his own stepdaughter as well as her mother. Getting both of them knocked up together.”

“Damn good thinking, if you ask me,” Shelby spoke up, “I’d love watching you consummate the marriage as we tag along for the honeymoon. We would get to tag along, right?”

“Of course you would!” I swore, smiling more and more at the idea of fucking a mother and daughter on the former’s wedding night with me.

“Naturally, when I’m naughty, I hope that Daddy will spank his little slut!” Nydia urged me with a wink.

“Count on it!” I grinned at her, visualizing the fun that would be.

“Daily spankings, I insist. My daughter can be such a saucy one. She needs a very firm hand, landing hard on her sweet ass,” Cherry encouraged the talk of spankings.

“Don’t forget to spank me, too,” Ninve added, speaking at last.

“Why you?” I asked her.

“Because I’m a spoiled brat at times and don’t deny it! I need my butt spanked regularly. Sandra does, too, don’t you?” Ninve put her friend on the üsküdar escort spot as well.

“Very much so. I love having my ass warmed by the hands of my lover,” Sandra smiled at me.

“I deserve a spanking as well, for daring to fuck your ass once!” Teresa insisted.

“So do I, for helping Teresa do it by distracting you with my tight tush,” Ana proposed.

“Okay, we all need a good, hard spanking, don’t we?” Shelby concurred, smiling as she kissed my face, “especially me, Uncle Mark.”

“Hey, this makes us cousins, you know,” Nydia observed, tickling Shelby’s crotch to make her squirm.

“Yes, it does. Kissing cousins,” Shelby reacted by planting a lip lock on Nydia.

“As thrilling as this is, we need to address some other things. Ana and Teresa, you two want to marry each other, is that correct?” I turned to them.

“Yes, though it’s nothing against you. Just our little thing. I hope someday that we can all be married to each other, in fact. It’s just a fantasy, to be the bride next to another bride, and kiss each other in full view of others as woman and wife. A real lesbian wedding, of course,” Ana explained.

“And naturally, we’d want you all to join us on the wedding night!” Teresa observed, licking her chops at the idea.

“Oh, and Teresa agreed to wear a strap-on underneath her dress, so she can lift it and fuck my pussy hard when we consummate the marriage! My ass, if that’s permitted,” Ana winked at me.

“You should both wear strap-ons. That would make it even better, if you ask me. Both of you in white wedding gowns with strap-on dildos underneath, so Ana can fuck someone while you fuck her. Then you should let her fuck you as well. And, yes, you can fuck each other in the ass,” I suggested to Teresa.

“I love the way that you think, baby. So fucking hot!” Ana reacted with delight.

“See why I want him to own my ass? He’s perfect for us,” Teresa answered with a kiss planted on my dick.

“Flattery will get you everywhere. Now, Josie, what’s this about a husband of yours? He doesn’t want to give you up, which I can understand, but how do you want to handle it?” I quizzed the young companion of Shelby’s whom I knew least of all, but had already fucked rather hard the day before.

“To be frank, I want to meet him, face to face, and resolve this shit at last. Do I have your permission to fuck him again, at least once, as a farewell lay, if it comes to that? I promise, I will stay with you, because I love you now and I don’t love him as much as I once did. Besides, my ass is yours, remember? To make that abundantly clear, in fact, I want to sign the agreement turning my butt over to you before I leave, of course. I want it understood that I’m coming back. I want your baby and I want to belong to you.

“I just want to finally clear the air about this marriage before I terminate it. I think that I want you there, too, though. All of you. If he doesn’t like it, too bad. I want your strength and moral support. That’s the deal. I want to set up a meeting and I want it to happen here, where I feel safe. If he doesn’t like that, too bad as well,” Josie boldly declared.

“What do you honestly want from this meeting? An amicable divorce?” I asked her directly.

“Yes, though I’m somewhat flexible as to what that means. I don’t want to go back to him, however. I don’t want to live with him. I want to live here, with you, and have your baby, as your slut. That’s how I think of myself, and at some point, you might have a decision to make about my fate and my relationship with Jean-Baptiste.

“That’s another reason that I want you around, of course. I want you to feel free to make a snap decision that might cut through any impasse, if you don’t mind. Make no mistake, however. I’m completely on board with this thing about you owning my ass. As far as I’m concerned, I’m your bitch. I’m your concubine. I’m your fuck toy. I’m your private, personal property. You’re exactly what I want in a man: gentle, firm, loving, and at times playful dominance,” Josie revealed her attitude, of course, much to my delight.

“See? She’s a keeper, this Canuck babe of ours, ain’t she? Rather cute and clever, not to mention loyal as can be. What do you think, Uncle Mark?” Shelby commented on her subordinate.

“She’s delicious, too. I really don’t Jean-Baptiste for wanting her back. As for fucking him, I don’t mind if you gave him a last taste of that fine ginger bush or went even south on him. I don’t even see a problem if you let him hammer your cunt for auld lange syne. However, as owner of your butt, I will wait until I meet him to determine if I trust him with that fine booty of yours enough to let him pound it into next week.

“Out of curiosity, however, what broke you up?” I inquired, truly wondering about that.

“Well, as I alluded to, I like my primary partner to be strong, manly, etc. Jean-Baptiste was my high school sweetheart. I married him before I realized what and who I really desire. As for who was unfaithful first, God alone might know. I’m not entirely sure. I admit to fucking around on him eventually, out of frustration, though even then I gave it up to him and never cut him off deliberately. After all, what do I need to do except spread my legs and let him have me, right? Wrong, because he increasingly wanted it cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, which is fine now and then, but you want a break from that, you know?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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