Mystic Mansion

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You’ll have to excuse me for my english; it’s not my first language (and this story was written long ago). I don’t think it’ll cause you big problems to read, but you’ll certainly find some mistakes. And, most of all, I fear that I’m not really getting better with each story I write so be patient…

If there’s one thing I like being a girl, through all the things I don’t like, it’s the luck we have hitchhiking. And by being quite pretty, I must admit, my chances are even greater. I confess that I sometimes use my curves to increase my luck: when I decide to wear only my white tank top and an old pair of cut-offs, like today, I really make an impression. Tightly wrapped by the white spandex, my breasts softly wave up and down, unhindered from any bra. And below, my legs seem to emerge from my jeans like two wild rivers. I never have to wait more than five minutes on the side of the road for a car to stop. It helped to lower the costs of my numerous trips across the States.

Anyway here I am just out of a small town, at six o’clock, heading south on a long and isolated road. As usual a car stops by quickly and we’re off for the forest ahead. But I won’t get very far with this guy, he’s turning east on the 55 while I must go down southward. It was still a pleasant hour. After letting me out, he took the 55 and disappeared in the forest. That’s when it hit me; at six o’clock, even with all the luck I can have, there are not many cars passing by. What do I do? I can’t walk 60 miles back to the town, and I know very well that the forest goes on for much longer. I pin up my hair tightly and begin walking deeper in the forest.

It’s now eight and after two long hours walking further in the forest, I see what could be my life saver; a small, faint light through the woods. Walking a lot faster now, I nearly run towards it; at night-time in the forest it gets really dark and cold. To my surprise and relief, it’s a house that looks like it was dropped there, with nothing more than a small trail heading for the big door. Good Gods it’s a really big house, radically out of place in the woods! But right now I don’t really care about the fact that this old mansion looks pretty weird, and I just walk through the light bushes and knock on the door.

Two knocks later, I finally ear footsteps from inside, coming quickly to the door. Behind the opening door, a woman in her early forties smiles warmly at me and after a quick hello, asks me to enter before I can even place a word.

“So, young stranger, where do you come from?”

“From a lot of places actually, but for today, I come from the town just outside the woods.”

“And to what pleasure do we owe your visit?” She said in her sweet voice.

“Well, I was hoping for a lift, but at this time of day, I had no luck at all.” I try to look as if I was a helpless little girl: perhaps she would invite me for the night?

“You had no luck dressed like this?” She laughed and gave me a long look up and down. “It’s quite curious. But don’t worry about anything, you can spend the night here if you want to.”

She then turns around and head for the kitchen while telling me to make myself at ease, at home. Clad only in a large but thin house gown (which will allow my eyes to see part of her ample and firm cleavage), she smoothly walks away. I’m really surprised by her light brown hair that flows all the way down to her thighs in soft curls. I don’t mean that I don’t like mine, but sometimes a redhead just wishes to switch color for a while.

Anyway, I’m still quite surprised by her incredible hospitality, but just as she asked, I make myself at home. After dropping my bags, I turn around the corner to find myself in a large living room. As I sit down, I hear her ask me from the kitchen if I wanted something to drink.

“Water would be fine.” But I was once more surprised by her. She peaked her head around the kitchen corner and smiled.

“Oh come on, if you consider yourself lucky to have found us, be more creative and try your luck again. Anything you want, you’ll have it. Don’t worry, try me!”

Maybe influenced by the tone in her voice, a happy one, I think about what I could ask her. “Pina-Colada, virgin.” Was my response.

She repeats my last word, but as a question this time. “Virgin?”

I reply with a laugh. “Not quite, but I like my drinks this way.”

Just as I spoke out my last word, she turns the corner with my Pina-Colada in her hand. “Here you go, a cold Pina-Colada, for a virgin…” She looks at me with a large smile and sits down beside me.

Puzzled, I ask; “How did you do this so quickly?”

“Well, you see, …how could I say: there’s magic in this house. ”

Even though she looks serious, I can’t help but to crack a smile. She goes on a bit with a new smile;

“Don’t laugh so quickly, you’ll see that it’s true soon enough.”

“OK, I want to believe you. I can’t say that I do now, but I do want to!”

After a few more laughs, I finish my drink and after taking the empty glass, she gets nişantaşı escort up and goes back in the kitchen.

“If you want to take your bags to your room now, I’ll show you were you’ll spend the night.”

“No problems.”

We climb up two sets of stairs to finally end up on the second floor, which is as big as the first and ground floor. There’s even a complete bathroom up here and four bedrooms; four large bedrooms. Two of them seem to be used, the two other look more like guest rooms. When she sees my eyes looking in one of the rooms, she tells me that Mary and Klaudia, her two daughters, will be back soon. The three of them seem live alone in this immense place and she doesn’t say a word about a possible husband. Again she asks me to make myself at home and asks me if I had dinner. As soon as I tell her no, she leaves the room. Before disappearing down the stairs, she asks me to get back down in about fifteen minutes, dinner will be served.

After throwing my bag on a big chair, I let myself fall back on the huge bed, letting out a long sigh of disbelieve. What is this strange house, and this strange woman? How can they live out here in the forest? I suddenly notice that I didn’t see any radios, TV sets or telephones at all. I look around my room and indeed there are none. The decorations and styling don’t look old or anything, but modern conveniences are non-existent. I take off my cut-offs and tank top and put on my old tee-shirt, which barely covers my buttocks.

As I look at myself in the wall-long mirror, I think back to my senior high year, two years ago. As one of the cheerleaders, choosing a boyfriend was important. When I decided to accept a date with Mark, he saw it like a divine grace. At least that’s what he told me. And every time I wore this tee-shirt to sleep, usually with nothing under it, he always marveled at the teasing curves of my thighs smoothly transforming themselves into my buttocks. But this time I’ll wear panties and my black boxers under this memory-filled shirt.

As I was searching for my boxers, the lady (who didn’t ask for my name and vice-versa) enters my room and tell me that dinner is ready.

“Just a minute, I’m still searching for my boxers. ”

“Oh don’t be shy of your pretty legs.” She then takes my hand and guides me out of the room. “Anyway, it’s only going to be me, you and my daughters. And don’t worry about any visitors, you’re the first we’ve had in months.”

After a brief hesitation, I follow her down, realizing that she’s completely right. But another surprise awaits me in the dining room. She did not only prepare dinner, she prepared a sumptuous meal that’s more fit for a king than for me. I look at her, with a thousand questions in my eyes, but all she gives back for answer is a quick smile and;

“You think you’re going to like it?”

As I sit down, I make long “no” signs with my head, not believing what I see. There is simply everything. She prepared all this stuff for me, and in about ten minutes? It’s impossible. She pulls me out of my wonder by asking me;

“So, what’s your name stranger?”

“Tanya, and yours?”

“Juliette. I know it sounds weird, but my parents were both literature students when I was conceived.” She smiled and even blushed a little! “What can I say!”

“It’s not weird, it’s unusual, yes, but not weird. I always found that name quite special. ”

“Well me too. But now eat, before it gets cold!”

With that she starts to eat herself. All through the long dinner we discover each others past and plans for the future, I learn that her “Romeo” died 6 years ago but that it wasn’t really hard for any of the three women still alive. He had been sick for 3 years and they all knew the moment would come sooner or later. But now, they were all living happy lives in this incredible house.

As time passes by, I begin to seriously wonder if magic really exist in here. Let’s consider those two things; we talked about music and I told her that I love Irish music. She then took the remote and simply turned the system on. Can you guess what type of music was already in the CD player? Yes, it was Irish, it was the Chieftains. But one thing special about this system is that it’s hidden somewhere, I that I can’t see any speakers at all. The music seems to be coming from everywhere. After dinner, we got back to the living room and this time I spotted the huge library on the back wall. And as I browsed through the titles, each of them ringed a bell. I had either read them or heard something about them. How can this be? I still don’t know.

It’s now nine and a half and suddenly, she asks me if I want to take a swim. I say yes, that’s exactly what I needed to relax from the weird day I had. Without hesitating, I tell her that I’m going to change and put on my swimsuit, and run upstairs to my room, as if it were my own home. In the room, I think about all the funny stuff that happened since I arrived, but not for long because I decide that, until they become threatening, I won’t bother with them. kağıthane escort As I get back down and turn the kitchen corner, I see the pool through the doors. It’s, of course, a long pool with dim lights in it. Juliette is already in and is slowly swimming from side to side. I walk up to the edge and dip my foot in the water. Somewhere between 80 and 85 degrees, the temperature is perfect. But I realize, with a tiny shock that Juliette is swimming in the nude. She notices my reaction and asks me if I wanted her to put something on. I tell her;

“No no, it’s just that it surprised me.”

“I thought so.”

“Why did you think so?” Is she a telepath!?!

“I saw you looking down my house gown earlier, and back then you didn’t seem to be shy…”

But now I am. With a fake smile, I look at her and finally accept the fact that she caught me earlier. “Sorry…”

“Come on, don’t be shy my child.” she said laughing. “I won’t eat you!”

And I think to myself “Well, we never know, funny things have happened here…” While I climb down the three stairs down the pool, I can’t help but imagine her head between my legs and the feel of her tongue inside me. The little burning I feel inside me wakes up my nipples that now stand quite proudly against my thin swimsuit. She’ll probably think that it’s the cold water… Through our fooling around in the pool, I let my arm touch her breasts a couple of times and my legs her buttocks. She may be much older than me, but I could give anything to have a body like this when I reach her age. Firm yet smooth, thin yet generous, very generous…Breaking a long silence, she asks me;

“Could you unpin your hair for me?”

“Well, if you want to.” As I do, I let them fall down my shoulders and on my back. The tips touches the water and reach down to the middle of my back. Walking towards me, she asks me to turn around. Taking my hair in her hands, she plays with them; twisting them, pulling them up or straightening them to see how long they really are. During that and the small talk about my and her hair, she moves her hands and fingers on my back. I don’t know how she does it, but her body’s really hot. Not only figuratively, but hot like if she had a high fever or something. It must be my cooler body that gives me that impression, but still, I wonder…

When she moves her hands back up from the tip of my hair, she lets her fingers touch the skin from my hips up to under my arms, before wrapping them around my neck to grab my hair once more. Each time she does that, her fingers get closer and closer to the side curves of my breasts. I must confess that my one piece swimsuit has a low, very low back and that the swelling of my breasts is clearly visible from the sides. When she asks me if I had enough of the pool, she lets her finger trace the smooth outline of my breasts. I guess I had it coming, but I don’t really care. She doesn’t do it too clearly so that I could have reacted, but enough for me to feel a women’s touch on my breasts. I smile a bit when I see my nipples coming back to life, poking through my white swimsuit. I then slowly walk towards the stairs, with her just behind me.

After drying ourselves up, she puts back her robe and opens the patio door for me. At the same time, across the kitchen and lobby, the front doors open and two girls about my age burst inside. They seem to have had fun earlier ’cause they’re laughing and talking quite loudly. When they see me, they stop everything. But a second later, their smiles are back and, with curiosity in their eyes, they walk towards me and their mother. One of them is about my size, 5’8″ and has long dark brown hair that flows down in long curls past the middle of her back. With shining green eyes and a body even I could be jealous of, her beauty is simply stunning. The other one, with curly blond hair down to her elbows, has deep black eyes, which make an incredible effect. A bit shorter than her sister, but with the same kind of figure, she looks as sexy as her sister. The only noticeable effect of her being shorter is the fact that her delicious breasts look much bigger.

“Who’s this mom?”

“It’s our guest for the night. Tanya, here’s Mary (green eyes) and Klaudia (blond hair). I think you’ll all get along fine.”

“Don’t worry mom, with a guest as gorgeous as her, you won’t hear us complain.” Klaudia laughs.

I know my face is quickly turning red, but their smiles give me something to think about. When Klaudia sees my face, she comes to me;

“Don’t be shy Tanya, you are beautiful and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, isn’t it?”

I only give her an awkward smile for an answer, but that’s enough for her. She puts her arms around me and after that, she takes my hand in hers and asks me if I want to listen to some music with them in their room. “Of course, that would be nice.” With me close behind her, she runs up the stairs. Mary’s just behind me and, curiously, I can feel the stare of her eyes over my body. I don’t mean to say that I dislike it, but it does feels weird. osmanbey escort

We spend the rest of the night doing just was we said: listening to music. And of course, we talked a lot. After only a few minutes, I didn’t feel shy anymore, and realized that I was even more lucky than I thought to find this house in the woods. Mary and Klaudia are really nice and their total lack of timidity is quite refreshing. After the usual small talk with my friends back home, the conversations I have here tonight are simply wonderful. They have the same attitude regarding their bodies. Klaudia only wears her panties and a bra, while Mary even took her bra off before putting on a tee-shirt. She turned around to do it but even then I could see the smooth curve of her right breast quite clearly. We spent the night all three sitting on Mary’s bed and it was a really fun conversation. Right now, I’m telling them about Jonathan Francis, a special boyfriend I had 4 years ago. With Mary on my right and Klaudia to my left, I must constantly turn my head from side to side to talk. When I finish my story, I let myself fall on my back on the large king-size bed. I do something like that each time because the conclusion of my relationship with him is quite special.

Anyway, I only had time to extend my legs that Klaudia stretches out beside me face down on the bed, moves her left arm across my chest to then wrap it around my neck and really gets closer to me. I feel the entire length of her left leg touching mine and once more, the heat is incredible. Moving one last time, she puts her left breast on my chest and the right one is pressed against my wide open arm. I’m literally burned by her skin. But one thing I discover now that I hadn’t notice earlier is how soft and smooth her skin is. I’ve had some high-school lesbian experiences and I know that nothing is smoother than a woman’s skin. But this is simply unbelievable. And my experiences never went further than kisses. I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m going to go a lot farther than kisses tonight…

Like if nothing special was happening, Klaudia asks me if I have another story for them. And Mary also wants me to go on talking. She moves closer to me too, but remains sitting crossed legs beside my waist. During my “story”, Mary begins to caress my thigh with the tip of her fingers. My upper thigh I must mention because it’s really high. I feel her fingers moving close to my swimsuit, on the tender skin you rarely show to others, let alone allow them to touch it. The feeling is weird and new, but I like it. I like it a lot! As time goes by, she lets her whole opened hand caress my thigh and I realize that she’s looking closely at me to see if I don’t like it. But “Don’t worry Mary” I think to myself: I won’t be the one stopping you. Then Klaudia slowly lifts her legs over mine and puts her foot between mines. Letting the weight of her leg press on mine, I open my own legs a bit to let hers slip down. Turning on her side a little bit more, she places her other leg just where the other was seconds before.

When her inner thigh moves over me, I can’t help but to ask her about that heat. But, afraid she might take it off, I place my hand over her thigh to hold it if she moves back.

“My god Klaudia, your leg is so hot, it’s incredible…” I see Mary looking at her sister with a smile. Then Klaudia answers me, not even budging her leg.

“I know. But I don’t really know why, we’ve always been this way. Doctors always think we have fever or something, but we’re not sick.”

“You mean that Mary also have a body as hot as yours?” We all start laughing when we realize what could be understood by my question. Anyway, just as Mary took my hand to place it on her thigh, we hear Juliette calling;

“Shouldn’t you girls be sleeping by now?”

“Yes mom!” They answered like a perfect chorus.

Mary lets my hand down and gets up. Klaudia slowly moves off me and, after a quick kiss on the lips (casually, like if nothing special was happening, of course), she heads up to her room. I wish a good-night to Mary and go to my room too. I must say that I’m a little disappointed, and that my blood is still streaming fast. As I take off my now dry swimsuit, I look through the old door lock to see if someone will surprise me this time. No, this time, nobody’s coming to my door. But although no one comes to my room, I see the lights go out. Only my desktop lamp is still on, maybe the only light in the house. After putting my old tee-shirt back on with nothing under it, I slip under the bed-sheets and turn off the lamp. Once more I taste the absolute darkness of the deep forest night. Each time I can experience this kind of night, I play a while with my eyes, opening and closing them quickly, completely unable to see a difference.

Just as I was sliding my hands down over my belly towards my warm pussy, I hear a door opening. Pulling out my wet fingers, I sit up on my bed, and look through the lock once more. There’s someone walking with a candle in her hand. Of course, she comes to my door and without even knocking, she enters. Not knocking must be a family habit! I see Mary’s face above the candle flame, with a smile that asks me to keep quiet. She’s only wearing a white and lacy slip that barely reach under her waist.

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