Naughty Little Girl

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Cum On

(All characters in this story are 18 and over, the role playing going on in the story is just that role playing, fantasy, it is complete fiction. I own all copyrights to this story.)

I was nearly dripping by the time his hand was in my panties, his rough long fingers caressing my folds, probing my warmth hungrily. I moaned almost loud enough to be heard, his other hand clamped over my mouth, hurriedly silencing me. If we were caught we’d be in so much trouble….

Again his fingers dipped into my hot wetness, I spread my legs more, wanting him to finger fuck me as deep as he could. I nearly cried out when I felt him tickle the inside of my pussy with two fingers, never before had such a sensation spread over my tender flesh like that. He pressed me back against the wall, his manhood hard in his boxers, I could feel the heat of it on my stomach, “Mmm god, you’re so wet.” He groaned, thrusting his fingers in me roughly.

I could hear the noise of my wet pussy, trying to suck his fingers deeper in me; my eyes opened and met his. His dark blue depths were wild, like a deer caught in the head lights of an on coming car; he licked his lips…those wonderful full lips.

“You like that don’t you Little One?” Again his fingers plunged into me then tickled the walls of my throbbing pussy. My knees went weak and I almost fell, I answered him by grinding my crotch against his hand. “Yes…I thought you did.” He hissed evilly, his fingers pumping faster and faster.

I bit my lip and muffled a groan as my body tensed up then started to shake with orgasm. He laughed and removed his fingers, shoving them into my mouth. I made delighted sucking noises as I cleaned them of my juice, my eyes glued to his. He slid down my body to my waiting parted legs and lifted the hem of my skirt, grinning he caressed the crotch of my wet cotton panties, slightly ripped from the finger fucking he was giving me. He pulled them to the side and breathed in my scent, ucuz escort and then I trembled as his long tongue flicked my swollen clit.

“Mmm baby, you’re so sweet….” He whispered, his tongue lapping at my juices,” You like the way I lick your pussy don’t you Little Girl?”

“Ahh….” Was all I could manage as he began tonguing my hot hole while one hand moved to rub my clit. I gasped when he pinched my swollen nub, pulling it out and tugging almost painfully, he quickened his tongue as he pinched and tugged.

“You like the feel of my tongue in your pussy don’t you, you little Brat?” He grunted in between licks, “Talk to me you little Slut!”

I opened my mouth but my words were cut off as he ripped my cotton panties off and dived into my pussy, both hands moving to grip my ass. I groaned,” I love the feel of you licking my pussy!”

He smacked an ass cheek hard, the sting causing me to yelp, “Naughty! Did I say you could say Pussy? You nasty Little Girl, now your gonna be fucked like the little Slut you are!” He removed his mouth and yanked me down to the floor he slid down his boxers, his hard cock laying against his stomach, pulsing. He took both hands and positioned my head at his groin area. “Suck it Baby Girl, just like the little Slut you are!”

I flicked my tongue over the tip of his hard cock, feeling my juices drip down my thighs from my orgasm earlier. He pressed on the back of my head urging me forward till my red painted lips surrounded the end of his cock. I flicked my tongue over the tip, and then slowly began to bob my head up and down, coating his hard cock in my saliva. He groaned and moved his hips back and forth faster and faster until I was having a hard time keeping up. I sucked along the shaft my tongue rubbing the slick flesh, moaning as loudly as I dared. His hands gripped my pig tails tightly as he forced me down on him hard, almost causing me to gag.

“Come ümraniye escort on Bitch, you know how I like it, do it right you fucking Tramp!” He forced me down again harder. “Suck my cock Whore!”

I tightened my mouth around his cock and felt him hit the back of my throat, and then as I pulled up I scraped my teeth along his shaft. I heard him gasp loudly then curse, telling me to do it again. Once again I scraped my teeth along his tender flesh as I pull back up, I felt his knees wobble and it excited me. All of a sudden I was being pushed away, he stared down at me his eyes flashing. “You’re a good cock sucking Bitch, but now it’s time to fuck you hard. Roll over, Baby, I’m gonna fuck that pretty pink pussy of yours.”

I quickly got on my hands and knees sticking my ass in the air, awaiting the feel of him entering me, needing the feel of him in me. He always knew how to excite me, how to make my body tremble with each word, touch or thought of what he’d do next. “That’s it baby, I love looking at that ass of yours as I fuck you.” He smacked one of my cheeks hard then again, a pink hand print forming on my pale skin.

I felt the head of his hard cock press at the entrance to my pussy, my juices making it easy for him to slide in quickly. He plunged into me as far as he could go, his hips smacking against me painfully, I groaned and flexed my muscles around him. He pulled back and forced himself forward, his hand smacking my ass with each painful thrust. “Fuck you feel good, oh yes Baby, ride my cock!”

I thrust back against him as he pounded me, I knew it wouldn’t last long, but it didn’t matter it felt too damn good. I bit my lip to keep silent, feeling as if my body was going to rip apart as he plunged into me over and over and over again. All of a sudden he gripped my pig tails again and forced me back onto him, I cried out as he pulled my hair, my hips rocking as fast as üsküdar escort I could get them to go. “Yes, you little Slut…you like the way I fuck you don’t you Bitch?” He gritted his teeth, pulling my pony tails with each thrust into me. “You want it harder don’t you Baby?”

“Yes!” I cried out, the feel of his cock hitting my spot with each movement causing me to orgasm again.

“Yes what, you fucking Slut?” His hand stung my cheek again.

“I want you to fuck me harder!” I groaned, feeling myself still riding the path to a third orgasm.

“Naughty!” He smacked my ass again and twisted my hair tightly, pounding me hard and fast. “You little Brat, you love this cock don’t you?”

I groaned, nodding, he tightened his hold on my hair,” Say it, you know what I want to hear!”

I squealed as I felt another orgasm ripping into me, “I’m a Naughty Little Girl!”

“Fuck yes!” He growled and thrust into me one last time, I could feel the hot spurts of his liquid deep inside me his hips still moving but slowing down. He was panting, I was totally exhausted and sore, and I felt so good….

Finally he released my hair and then slowly pulled out of me; gently he moved the hem of my skirt back down over my ass and sat back with a satisfied look on his face. I turned and smiled at him, my eyes catching his, nodding I stood up and straightened my white blouse then smoothed down the loose hairs from my pig tails. I bent and picked up the torn white cotton panties, I lifted my skirt and wiped up the cum with them then carefully set the panties down on the desk. Grinning I glanced at the clock and then went over to where his pants were piled on the floor, I stuck my hand in the pocket and pulled out his wallet. Opening the wallet I found a one hundred dollar bill and stuffed it in my bra, then replaced the wallet back into the pants, skipping happily I made my way over to the tired naked man on the floor. Bending I kissed his cheek and patted his head, “Same time next week Mr. Jenson?”

Nodding the older man grunted, “Yes, same time next week Kitten; and this time,wear that cute little denim jumper with the pink lace.”

“Sure will Mr. Jenson, have a good day Mr. Jenson.” I stick a lollipop in my mouth and skip out of the Office…

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