Neighbourly Surprise Ch. 06 Pt. 02

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As soon as Beattie and Benny started their friendship, they agree that they would experiment to try solving her vagina problem and also explore other sources for their joint pleasures. Some things were easy and Benny already had in mind the fact that Beattie, as a woman, had other openings into her body, for his satisfaction. Within a week, he raised the matter with her.

“Let me gobble you, lovely woman, he said one evening and turned her from being flat on her back to lying down on him with her legs either side of his head. Obviously, her head was more-or-less on a level with his growing erection. He took her labia into his mouth and nuzzled her clitoris with his chin. After a few moments, he hears her “Mmmm” sound, and pressed her shoulders down towards his erection. She got the message immediately and took him between her lips. Then she opened her mouth a little further and he thrust upwards with his hips, so that his erection slid further. He could feel the roof of her mouth against his glans. He wanted her deeper. At the same time that he was vibrating her labia and clitoris with his tongue, he pressed down on her shoulders as far as he could reach down her figure. She began to comply but then she gagged and lifted her head; a long dribble of spittle or mucus or food dropping from her lips onto his groin.

“Sorry,” she murmured, and put her head down again but came to the same outcome.

Benny had some experience of deep throating and lifted Beattie off himself.

“Come and lie here,” he said softly, moving her so that her head rested over the side of the mattress, lying on her back. Her throat was in a straight line from her head down to her shoulders and further to her chest. Her eyes were looking towards the bedroom wall; not the ceiling at all.

“Open you mouth, bend your throat as far back as possible, and grip each of your thumbs in the palms of your hands,” he instructed her, using a trick he had heard about to reduce the gagging reflex.

Beattie did all those things and Benny positioned himself standing over her head, leaning forward a little, with his hands pressing on her breasts. His erection rested on her chin while he backed away a little until it lined up with her mouth and he urged himself into her face.

Beattie opened her mouth wider and he slipped in. She was surprise that he reached her back teeth, then into the top of her throat; which was in a line. She was more than surprised to feel him enter her throat and press on her tonsils. Somehow, the gagging didn’t happen. Benny pulled back and then forwards again, carefully and slowly. Beattie found that her own reactions grew into excitement at her own ability to swallow his erection; and to give him his orgasm. She quickly learned to inhale and exhale on his out-move and to hold her breath on his forward move.

Beattie reached back with her bent arms and held Benny’s hips; expecting to control him by pushing him out, but found herself just moving her hands with his movements. Gradually, Benny increased the speed and depth of his penetration kartal escort of her throat; and she pulled and pushed his hips in time. It was obvious that his climax was developing and so was Beattie’s excitement.

To herself, she thought, “Wow, I’m turning into a whore. I can do this.”

She came close to giggling except that was impossible with her throat plugged up by an erection close to ejaculation.

Sure enough, Benny came in her throat, pushing as far as he could as his semen pulsed out of him and down her throat. For a split second, he was worried that he would stay in position too long for her breathing, and that she would be unable to swallow his juices. But his concern didn’t last long; he just wanted to fill her with his semen or, more honestly, to empty himself somehow.

For herself, Beattie knew from his movements, and the hold he firm kept on her breasts, that trying to stop him at this stage would be impossible. She sensed that his orgasm was all that mattered to him a that moment, and so she held onto her thumbs, timed her breathing carefully to any opportunity. And then at the end, when he held his erection deep in her face and poured his semen into her throat, she held her breath for as long as she could. When he pulled out of her throat, she swallowed and took a breath. She knew that she was his sex-slave at that moment, just for those seconds, and that she would do whatever he wanted. She’d had her orgasms and now it was his turn, whatever that meant for her and her body. Her growing affection and connection to Benny came first and that was an important understanding for her mind and her body.

That was the highlight of their sex on that occasion and became a regular part of their repertoire, after he first gobbled her and brought her to her own orgasm. It had been a real and exciting learning experience for Beattie, and a promise of greater future erotic exploration for Benny.

A few days later, after some research, Benny sent off for a range of dilators which he hoped would be able to open out Beattie’s vagina. He ordered them without discussing it with her, because he didn’t know whether she’s tried it before and would be resistant to the idea. He include in the order a small “bullet” vibrator; to see if this could please her as well. The set of four dilators and the bullet were delivered to him at work, complete with a little pump-bottle of lubricant. He brought them back to the apartment with a plan forming in his head; to inset the smallest into Beattie as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

That very evening, he placed the smallest dilator under his pillow, with the lube and the vibrator. The dilator was 8mm [say one-third of an inch] across and very smooth flexible silicone. As happened every evening, they ended up in bed, cuddling and kissing before sexual excitement overcame them. Benny resumed his usual position between her legs and started to create her orgasm with his mouth. On this occasion, he reached over to kaynarca escort his pillow and brought the dilator to a position under his throat. As Beattie’s orgasm grew and overwhelmed her, he pushed his tongue between her labia and into the small area where her vagina should start. He found, as usual, that the tip of his tongue just opened up a short way into her. As she subsided, he spoke softly to her.

“Relax my lovely women, I’m going to explore you a little. Is that all right?”

“Mmmm,” she replied, knowing that he would not hurt her deliberately.

The little pump bottle included a short spout; about 4 cm [2 ½ inches] in length but only 3mm [one-eighth inch] in width. As secretly as possible, Benny squeezed a small amount of the lubricant into his lips and applied it to her vagina area. Then he slipped the spout first into his lips and applied it to the same area. He found it inserted easily for a short distance before seeming to hit a barrier about 7cm [say 3 ½ inches] into her. He pumped the bottle twice, to fill the short entrance and passageway. Then he inserted the tip of the smooth dilator and pressed carefully. It slipped into Beattie and he kept pushing gently until it reached the same barrier. He pulled it back and then forward again, to see if the barrier could be opened but Beattie felt it as a painful intrusion and squirmed, saying “Ooh.”

Benny eased out the dilator an inch or so and said, “Sorry my love. You can see what I’m trying to do.”

Beattie lifted her head and said, “Yes, it’s been tried before by doctors and they gave up. Because it would take so long, I suppose.”

“I got these without telling you, as a surprise,” he explained, a little ashamed now, “Shall we keep trying? We have plenty time so I can be careful, to see if we can make a difference. What do you think?”

He was hoping for her approval.

“Yes, but please don’t hurt me. But do it and see how it goes,” she was partly excited at the prospect of being penetrated gently; and also apprehensive, of course.

Benny pressed the dilator again very slowly and without any force. At the same time, he reached from under the pillow the little vibrator and held it to her clitoris. He switched it on to the lowest setting, and held it vibrating gently as he pressed the dilator. He was expecting some resistance to the penetration and perhaps a refusal from Beattie, but her response surprised and pleased him.

“Turn it up – more, please Benny,” she murmured and then made a sweet “Aah” sound. He interpreted this to indicate her pleasure, and did as she said; two more settings until the vibrations were really quite strong.

At the same time, he realised that the dilator was able to move forward a little more as he kept up the pressure with his other hand.

Because of the position he had taken alongside Beattie, he was able to put his head down and place his mouth on her belly. He pressed his tongue into her navel and received another “Ahh” from her. Through kozyatağı escort his tongue he also could feel the vibrations from the “bullet.”

Then something happened which pleased him and surprised them both. Beattie began to go rigid, with her spine arching backwards slightly. She took in a deep breath and opened her mouth wide, keeping her eyes tight closed. For a few seconds she was silent and still, and then suddenly let out a long higher pitched version of her pleasure-sound, “Aaahhhhhh”: not loud but clear.

She pressed her hands down on his head and lifted him with his hair. He knew that meant he should switch off the “bullet” and he did so. She relaxed and he felt her stomach muscles subside under his face.

But the other surprise came from the fact that the dilator had moved its full length into her tight vagina: its full four inches. And he could rotate it easily against the lubrication and she made the “Mmmm” sound showing her acceptance or even pleasure at the movement.

Leaving the dilator inside Beattie, he moved up with his knees either side of her torso and presented his erection to her lips. Her eyes were still closed but she opened her mouth and took him in. Although the both knew this was not the ideal position for his erection, he moved back and forth as she tongued him and sucked on him. Within a few minutes, he exploded into her mouth and she swallowed his juices, taking a breath immediately afterwards.

Benny collapsed on the bed alongside her and whispered into her ear, “You are amazing. Fabulous exciting woman.”

She replied, “You’re a lovely man. Thank you. I haven’t had that feeling for many years. I’ve felt so bad about myself. Now you’ve brought me back to a pleasure I’d nearly forgotten.”

They kissed and held each other. Beattie was on the point of weeping with pleasure and gratitude; and her eyes were moist.

“Shall I take it out now?” Benny asked.

“Not yet. Will it stay in place by itself?” she asked in reply.

“Don’t know. Shall we wait and see how you feel?” he suggested, hoping that she would agree to leave it in place for a long interval.

“Yes. Leave it. I’ll tell you when. OK?” she responded and that is how they relaxed and slept.

Some hours later, Benny felt that he should withdraw the dilator or else the lubricant might dry out and then it could be uncomfortable.

He spoke softy into her ear as she slumbered, “I’ll take it our new, lovely woman.”

She nodded her head a little in her sleepiness, and said, “Yes. Now.”

The lubricant had disappeared from her labia but fortunately there was still sufficient in her opening that the dilator allowed itself to be drawn out slowly.

Benny moved down and kissed her labia and licked a little into the moisture, as it he were “cleaning up” around her vagina opening. Beattie gave him the “Mmmm” response and he knew she was happy with the outcome.

To his surprise, she reached out her hand to his, to take the dilator, and then pressed it into her mouth through pursed lips. She was kissing it and taking it into her mouth at the same time. She left it fully inside her mouth for a few seconds and them withdrew it, holding it again her breasts. They resumed their sleep; she nursing the small dilator and Benny holding her vulva with his full hand between her open legs.

That was their first dilation experiment. More were to come.

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