Nevaeh’s Adventures Ch. 02

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I positioned Maria so she was lying on the floor. I seductively pulled off my thong to reveal my bald damp pussy. Maria just stared in astonishment and shut her eyes. I lowered myself over her face, positioning my knees either side of her face and I was facing her sweet pussy. I took her hand and hovered it between my legs.

“You can either use your hands, or tongue?” I questioned as she took time to consider.

And that’s when it happened. I felt her tongue slowly caress my pussy lips. I gasped in shock and she used her hands to spread my lips and guide her tongue slowly and playfully over my clit.

“OH…” Sweet moans escaped my mouth as her tongue worked faster. I bent over and run my fingers up and down her pussy. I could hear muffled moans escape her mouth as she was now using her tongue on my clit and fingers pounding in my pussy. I slid not one, but two fingers into her delicious heaven, and played with her button with my thumb. I was close to cumming. I worked faster as I felt an orgasm build up. Pleasure overtook my body as I screamed her name. I’d never felt like this before and I loved it. Before I could moan the words ‘again’ she had already began licking the juices off my pussy. I then went back to work çankaya escort on her. I wanted her to feel more pleasure than any man or woman could give her. I worked faster gliding my tongue along her thigh. I shuffled down so my bare pussy was touching her stomach. As if in motion with her, my hips began thrusting, and my pussy began gliding along her stomach making us both moan louder. I could feel her about to cum and that’s when I stopped, teasing her. I stood up and positioned myself so our clits were barely touching and our pussy lips mingled together. I was about to fuck her and she wanted it this time. I began thrusting my hips in rhythm with hers. Faster and faster we would go satisfying moans escaping our mouths.

“Oh god. Oh Maria… Like that baby, please!” I begged as she thrusted harder.

We both reached climax and cummed, our love juices mixing together. I collapsed in tiredness, panting. I crawled up next to her and laid there.

“I told you, you would like it.” I whispered softly into her ear.

“Nevaeh, Please don’t tell anyone we did this. Please?” She gazed up at me with her striking blue eyes, begging me. A faint grin crept along my face as I looked down at keçiören escort her and muttered;

“Don’t worry baby, our dirty little secret.”

A couple of days pass and I saw Maria not once, not twice, but three times, and each time, was better than the last time. Our little ‘deal’ was that she would fulfil my needs and pleasures and I would return the offer and not tell anyone about our eventful afternoons. Having my own personal slut lick me until I’m clean was exciting at first, but it became more repetitive. But I wanted to make things more lustful. I glanced at my phone and texted Maria:

“Meet me in the shopping centre 2pm. C U soon 😉 xxx”

I squealed with excitement as I pushed opened the doors to the shopping centre. Unknown to passers-by, underneath my green knee-length dress, I was wearing a laced see-through black bra, and perfect fitting black thong. I could see Marias blonde hair from a mile away. I snuck up behind her, placing my hands on her shoulders shouting ‘BOO!’

“Oh Jesus, Nevvy! You frightened me!” the words escaped her perfect pink lips.

“What are we doing here anyway?”

I put my fingers to her lips and hushed her.

“All in etimesgut escort good time my dear” I taunted.

I escorted us both to a nearby lingerie store. We entered the store and found ourselves looking through the naughty underwear located at the back of the store. We both giggled in excitement as we picked an outfit each to try on. I chose a red laced body, with a gap revealing the stomach, underwear with matching stockings and Maria chose black leather pants and leather bra which came with a matching whip. The lady showed us to a private dressing towards the back of the shop and said to us to shout if we needed ‘help’. Maria entered one dressing cubicle and so did I. The underwear fitted perfectly. It showed my flat stomach and made my breasts look bigger. My legs, arse, pussy and breasts look seductive and irresistible.

I opened the cubicle door and shuffled a few steps to Maria’s. I gently tapped the door before letting myself in.

“Ey? Hot or what?” I questioned as I looked at myself in her mirror. Her head slowly raised and looked at my reflection in the mirror. Her mouth fell open as she saw how delicious I looked.

“Well, well, that leather and whip suites you well sexy” I teased as I edged closer. I set down the whip and gazed at our reflections in the mirror. I run my hand down her body and her leather covering her pussy. Even under leather she could still feel my touched and she moaned. I slid my hand inside the leather and rubber her button. Her head flung back in amazement. Time to get down to business, I giggled to myself.

~To be continued~

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