Never Enough Ch. 02

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I didn’t wake up till after 10:00am, not having bothered to set my alarm. I didn’t hurry getting ready to get to Carl’s production company. I took my time getting dressed and putting on my make-up. I was still having doubts about getting involved in the adult video business. I stopped for a cup of fresh coffee at the convenience store up the street from my apartment. I sipped it as I drove to the industrial complex.

It was almost noon when I pulled up in front of the address at the Paramount Industrial Complex. I noticed several cars and pickups parked there including Fawn‘s Cadillac SUV. I pulled on the door but it was locked. I rang the service bell several times before someone came to the door. I was surprised to see if was Barbara. She unlocked the door and let me inside.

“Hi Hon!” Barbara greeted me, smiling.

“Hi.” I replied. “Sorry I’m late. I forgot to set my alarm and overslept.”

The reception area of the office was deserted, not even any furniture. We walked down a short hallway and stepped through another doorway into a large open area. There were several partitioned cubicles along one wall. There were probably a dozen people running around setting up different sets, adjusting the lighting and positioning equipment. Everyone seemed pretty busy.

Carl was across the way opening up one of the large overhead doors. Barbara and I watched as a long, white limo was driven in. I didn’t see any passengers get out. Maybe the limo was going to be used in one of the videos. I could see quite a few other vehicles parked in a fenced-in area behind the building. The whole set-up appeared very professional.

“Hey Jennifer!” Carl shouted. “Glad you could make it.”

Carl came trotting over towards Barbara and me. He had a big grin on his face. I shook his hand, apologizing for being late. Carl shrugged off my being late, saying he understood how it was working till early in the morning.

“We’re getting ready to shoot another video in a few minutes.” Carl stated. “You’re just in time to see how it’s done.”

We sat in a couple of tall director’s chairs in front of the set. Carl talked about how the camera operators worked in conjunction with the sound technicians. The lighting techs usually stood by making last minute adjustments. He knew what he was doing. That impressed me quite a bit. I asked him about the videos and how they were processed.

“Everything’s shot on digital media. We do all the editing here.” Carl informed me. “We send the finished footage up to a lab in Chicago to have the videotape and DVD masters made. It’s about a two week turnaround before we get it back.”

I asked Carl several more questions about the marketing of the videos. I was curious about the average cost per scene and the expected gross sales of the finished product. He seemed a little reluctant to give me answers on the latter two subjects. I figured he didn’t want to let me in on just how much his video production company was making. I’d have to do a little investigating on my own to come up with the answers I was looking for.

“You seem very inquisitive about the internal workings of the adult video business.” Carl stated.

“Oh, I guess it’s just my education in business and finance that has me curious.” I stated, trying to sound as casual as I could.

One of the actors approached Carl and me. He was about 6’ tall, dark hair, with a slight athletic build but not muscular. To say he was handsome would be a big understatement. He looked like one of those models you see in the ads for men’s clothing. He was stark naked. He stood directly in front of me. Although I looked at his face, my eyes did travel down over his chest to quickly glance at his cock. Andrea’s term, “well-hung” came to mind right off! Carl introduced the guy to me.

“Jennifer, this is Richie.” He said. “Richie, this is Jennifer.”

Richie and I shook hands. His eyes were looking me over like I was fresh meat. His face displayed a sinister grin.

“You getting into the porn business?” He asked. “I’d damn sure like to do your audition scene!”

“No. I’m just here as an observer.” I replied smartly. “I don’t do audition scenes!”

My remark stung him just like I wanted it to. Carl put his hand over his mouth to hide his grin. Richie walked away from us and took his position on the set. A young girl came out and sat on the couch with him. I recognized her from the club. Angie was one of our part-time waitresses. She was wearing a see-through negligee with thong panties underneath. Angie was tall and slender with long, blond straight hair. The camera operators moved into position and the guys with the boom mikes made some last minute checks asking Richie and Angie to say something in their normal voice. Carl looked at everyone, making sure everyone was ready.

“Actors Ready!” He commanded. “Cameras and sound roll!”

Richie and Angie started kissing each other. Angie’s hand moved to Richie’s crotch, rubbing his hard cock. Richie pulled Angie’s negligee up to her waist and rubbed the haramidere escort mound over her pussy. Angie was really moaning. I couldn’t tell if it was real or fake. Whichever it was, it was damn good! Barbara was standing behind me with her hands on the top of my chair. I felt the chair jerk just a little. I think the action on the set was getting to her. I watched Richie slip Angie’s negligee off over her head and pull her panties down her long legs. Richie’s cock was rock hard. Maybe I was just imagining it but it looked like it was pulsating.

Angie put her mouth on Richie’s hard cock and started licking the head. I felt my lips pursing as I watched her working her lips all over it. She licked up and down the shaft, making it glisten with her saliva. I felt myself breathing a little hard. I could feel Barbara’s hands firmly grasping my chair. I looked over at Carl. He was watching the action. His body relaxed in his chair like he was watching a baseball game. Angie stopped working on Richie’s cock and lay back on the couch. Two of the cameramen quickly changed positions. Richie spread Angie’s long legs and started licking her pussy. He put a finger inside her and Angie’s mouth gaped open emitting a long, loud moan. That had to be fake but damn good acting! Richie sucked on her pussy till Angie orgasmed. Her orgasm seemed real. At least for her, I hoped it was.

Richie got between Angie’s legs and started to penetrate her.

“Stop!” Carl shouted, scaring the hell out of me. “Jackie put some lube inside her.”

A middle-aged woman stepped onto the set, spread Angie’s pussy apart and squirted some lubricant from a tube just inside Angie’s pussy. The woman then stepped back off the set.

“Actors Ready!” He commanded. “Cameras and sound roll!”

Richie pushed his cock inside Angie’s pussy with one stroke. Angie’s eyes widened as he forced it all the way in. She put her hands on Richie’s arms but didn’t grasp him very tight. Richie fucked her missionary style for several minutes before changing positions. Angie straddled Richie facing him on the couch. Angie fucked up and down on Richie’s cock slowly. I could see some of the white lubricant dripping down Richie’s hard cock. Angie was moaning. It sounded a little too much. Richie and Angie changed positions for the last of the scene. Angie got into the doggie-style position and Richie got behind her, plunging his cock into her pussy. His hands held Angie’s waist tightly as he fucked her hard. He smacked her hard on the ass several times till the cheeks of her ass reddened. I felt my chair slightly moving. Richie and Angie’s hard fucking were having their effect on Barbara. Richie pulled his glistening cock out of Angie’s pussy and shot his load up her back almost to her shoulders. My eyes were glued to Richie’s cock as he got off the “money shot”.

“Stop!” Carl shouted, clapping his hand once.

I practically jumped out of my chair. Richie got off the couch. Jackie tossed him a towel. Richie was perspiring from the hot lights along with the hot sex. Angie was slow to get off the couch. Jackie handed her a towel to wipe herself off with. She was smiling as she chatted with Jackie. I was sure Richie got her off. The whole scene had taken less than thirty minutes to shoot.

Richie was grinning as he approached us. I was prepared to hear him utter a smart-ass remark but he walked on by us heading for the bathroom without saying a word. I looked over my shoulder at Barbara. She was perspiring but not from the hot lights. I asked her what she thought of the scene. She didn’t say anything, just nodded her head.

“Well, what did you think of it?” Carl asked.

“Interesting, great action!” I replied.

I couldn’t come up with anything witty to say so I just adlibbed an answer. Carl gave the crew instructions to move over to the next set. I saw Fawn step from one of the cubicles along the wall and walk towards the next set over from where we were sitting.

“So, do you think you might be interested in coming to work for us?” Carl inquired.

“I might.” I replied, smiling. “Depends on if we can agree on terms or not.”

“What do you mean terms?” He asked. “Jennifer, the only terms are my terms!”

“Well, I won’t waste anymore of your time.” I said politely.

I stepped down out of the director’s chair and started to walk quickly towards the door.

“Hey! Hey, come back her a minute!” Carl shouted. “Let’s talk!”

I slowed down and turned around. Carl stepped down from his chair and approached me. He was grinning so I knew he wasn’t totally pissed off at me.

“Let’s go to my office where we can talk in private.” He said, motioning me towards an office near the front of the building.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go ahead and shoot the next scene?” I asked. “I don’t want to keep your people from getting their work done.”

Carl smiled. “Well, I guess that would be a good idea. I don’t want to pay the technicians anymore than I have içerenköy escort to. Why don’t you stay and watch, Fawn’s a hell of an actress!”

I told him I had an appointment so I should be going. Actually, I wanted to watch them shoot the video with Fawn. My answer seemed to disappoint him but I needed to step outside and get some fresh air.

“Well, when can we get together and talk?” Carl asked, anxiously.

“Why don’t I stop by tomorrow around 9:00?” I replied. “Can you take time then?”

“OK. You going to be prepared to fuck?” Carl asked. “Or are you just going to bullshit me with more questions?”

“Depends.” I snapped back. “Depends on if you’re willing to meet my terms.”

I waved at Barbara as I left. If Carl was pissed at me, I didn’t give a damn. If he wanted me bad enough to appear in his porn videos, he was going to have to meet my terms. Carl had everything to gain. I was the one taking a big chance on losing.

I stopped by the club that evening to see Andrea. It was a very slow night. Andrea was sitting with several “suits”. I motioned towards the dressingroom. Andrea excused herself and followed me.

“Hey, Barbara said you talked with Carl this afternoon.” Andrea stated. “How’d it go?”

“It didn’t.” I replied. “I didn’t give him a yes or a no.”

Andrea seemed a little confused by my response. I asked her what she got paid per scene. Andrea told me she got $250 for a scene with one guy, $300 for a scene with two guys and $175 for a lesbian scene. She also got paid traveling expenses for location shooting. Carl always paid in cash at the end of the sessions. There was also a contract that had to be signed. It gave Carl and his production company exclusive rights to limit your working for him only.

“Why?” Andrea asked. “Is that fucking Carl trying to get you to work for less money than that?”

“No.” I replied. “We didn’t even discuss the money. I just needed to know what you made so I could leverage my terms.”

I thanked Andrea for her time and we exited the dressingroom. I stopped for a brief time to chat with Barbara before leaving. I asked her if Carl seemed mad after I’d left. She said he didn’t seem to have been.

I drove quickly back to my apartment with the information I’d just gathered from Andrea. I pulled my laptop computer from my attaché and started plugging in some figures. The results were quite surprising. I adjusted the figures to where I wanted and ran the numbers again. I could use plenty of leverage and still make sure Carl and his production company, Paramount Productions, made tons of money. I double-checked the numbers to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake. My last task before bedtime was to draw up a contract, one of my own, not Carl’s. It was close to midnight before I got to bed.

I set the alarm for 7:00am but woke up before it went off. I took a shower, fixed my hair and put on my make-up. I had time to drink a cup of coffee before I got dressed. I ran over last night’s figures once again. I checked over my version of the contract that I wanted and mentally ran the presentation I was going to make to Carl. It was going to be a tough sell but it would be well worth it if I could get him to buy it. I put on my best dress business suit, trying to look businesslike as well as sexy. I wanted to through him a “visual curve”.

I drove into the industrial complex, arriving a few minutes before 9:00. I didn’t want to be too early. The only vehicle sitting in front of the studio was a new Lexus sedan. It had to be Carl’s. I rang the service bell several times before Carl came to the door. There was a security camera just above the door. I was sure he knew it was me. He was just making me wait, playing his game. Carl finally came to the door, opening it for me.

“My, don’t we look all businesslike the morning!” Carl greeted me, grinning. “I like the outfit. Be a damn shame if we got cum stains all over it!”

We walked slowly to Carl’s office. He was eyeing my attaché as we walked side by side. I’m sure it put him on alert. We entered Carl’s office at the front of the building. It was lavishly furnished with every piece of office equipment and convenience imaginable. The environment would work in my favor. I sat down in a plush leather chair across from Carl’s desk. Carl sat behind the desk, casually leaning back.

“Ok. I’ll listen to your terms.” Carl quipped. “Just before I turn them all down!”

“I’ll wait to make my presentation.” I smarted back quickly. “You tell me what your terms are.”

Carl reviewed what he paid and his contract restrictions. It was a pretty short dissertation on his part. Carl rolled his eyes back when he saw me take the laptop computer from my attaché. I took my time booting it up, taking a long deep breath as the screen images appeared.

I started with the pay scale first. I wanted $350 per scene with one guy, $450 per scene with two guys or one guy and one girl. I also wanted $250 per lesbian scene. I was willing to innovia escort accept his regular terms for travel expenses if location shooting were involved. I wanted cash payment at the end of each day’s shooting. I told him I wasn’t willing to sign any kind of contract except for the one I’d drawn up. Most importantly, I didn’t just fuck anybody. I picked who I fucked, when I fucked and how I fucked.

“You Missy, are fucking nuts!” Carl exclaimed. “There’s no way I’d even consider terms like that. How the fuck do you expect me to make a profit?”

“I’d say from the looks of this office, the new Lexus parked out front along with the motorhome out back, you’re making money faster than you can count it!” I retorted.

I turned the laptop towards Carl and pushed it across the desk towards him. I pointed out that it took him two days to shoot each complete movie with five heterosexual scenes and one lesbian scene. His total production costs, including final masters from Chicago, were probably less than $9,000 per complete movie. At the minimum, his gross profit was at least $100,000 per movie. That was a gross profit of $91,000 per movie. Two movies per week made him $180,000 before taxes. I showed him my charts and graphs to back up my figures. Carl scanned over them rather quickly.

Carl was just about to say something when the service doorbell sounded. I jumped when it did; my ears were getting sensitive to loud, sudden noises. He excused himself and headed for the front door. I figured it must be the crew coming in for the day’s shooting schedule. I could hear his footsteps as he quickly returned to the office, closing the door behind him.

“Do me a favor!” Carl boldly stated. “Shut that thing off and put it away.”

I shut the laptop down and stuffed it back in the attaché. I kept a straight expression on my face, not wanting to intimidate him any further. Carl sat staring at me, trying his best to stare me down. I didn’t flinch. The silence between us lasted for several minutes. I could see he was mulling my terms over. He hadn’t said “no” right off.

“I’ll have to look over your contract before I even consider a decision.” Carl muttered.

I took a folder out and handed him a copy of the contract. It was short and explicit. The document listed the various pay scales, payment terms and all my requirements. I’d purposely left out any mention of working exclusively or him or Paramount Productions. You didn’t need to be some pricey lawyer to understand it. Carl read it over several times. I still hadn’t got a “no” answer. I took that as a favorable sign. Carl put the contract down and left the office. I watched through the office window as he walked across the large open area towards some of the technicians setting up equipment. I looked away quickly in case he caught me watching him. He came back to the office, closed the door and sat on the front edge of his desk.

“You must think your pussy is awfully damn hot to think I’d even consider this!” Carl exclaimed. “I’ll have to see just how hot it is before I agree to your terms and sign this contract.”

“Sorry Carl.” I replied. “No freebies, you sign the contract first. Then you’ll see how hot it is!”

“I really don’t need this or you!” Carl exclaimed. “I can get plenty of girls to make porno movies!”

“Carl, if that were the case, you’d have more than just five or six girls working for you.” I smarted back. “You wouldn’t have wasted your time talking to me all this time either.”

I didn’t know how many girls Carl did have working for him; I’d just thrown out a couple of numbers. I had to keep the pressure on him. Carl picked up the contract and read it over again. He took out his pen and signed it. I handed him three more copies of the contract to sign, two for each of us. He grinned as he signed the last copy. I signed my name to all four documents and handed him his copies.

“This is just between you and me.” Carl said. “I trust you won’t tell any of the other girls about this contract.”

“My lips are sealed.” I replied, smiling. “It’s every woman for themselves!”

I stood up from my chair straightening and brushing my skirt and jacket. I knew the time had come for me to prove I was worth the money.

“Well, time to see the goods, Missy!” Carl exclaimed. “Let’s go pick out someone for you to fuck!”

We stepped out of Carl’s offices and headed across to one of the sets. The clicking sound from my high-heels echoed off the concrete block walls. Carl and I approached a bedroom set. The set was completely furnished. The fresh bedding was a light blue in color. Carl looked at me like he was asking for my approval. I didn’t see anything wrong with it.

“Getting cold feet?” Carl asked.

“Nope, not a bit.” I replied.

My feet were too busy shaking to be cold. My high-heels kept it from being so obvious. The crew was milling around us, not really paying all that much attention to Carl and me.

“You want to pick or guy or do you want me to pick someone?” Carl asked.

“I’ll pick.” I mumbled, looking at three guys sitting over by the coffee bar.

They were all in their underwear chatting amongst themselves. Richie was one of the three men but I wasn’t too crazy about him. It was between the other two guys. I took a minute to decide. Carl asked the three to stand up so I could get a better look at them.

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