New and Improved

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Gail woke up and wiped the sleep out of her eyes, today would be day one without her husband Tim, he was off on a business trip for 2 weeks.

Gail thought back to last night, they had fucked for 2 weeks’ worth in one night, knowing that they would be apart from each other for so long.

Gail then noticed that Tim had left her a gift. She picked up the package and looked at the note that only had one word on it, ENJOY.

She opened the package slowly and when she pulled back the flaps and looked inside there it was.

She smiled when she saw what it was, it was the vibrator that she had told Tim about. It did everything, multiple speeds, it could twist to the left, or right, it could pulse, it could thrust, and it was a good 10 inches long and 1 1/2 inches thick.

Unfortunately for Gail she had to get to work, but she knew when she got home she would have to test it out.

All day long at work Gail had a hard time concentrating on her work, she kept on thinking about last night with Tim and the new toy he left her to play with.

Finally she was home, work seemed to drag on all day. She walked straight to the bedroom and put on some music and lit a candle. Next she change into some sexy lingerie, just like she would for Tim.

She picked up the vibrator and caressed it up and down, she was already wet with anticipation of what was esenyurt escort about to follow.

She turned on the lowest speed and could feel the vibrations tingling in her hand.

Gail brought the vibe to her nipple and slowly ran it around, feeling the sensation, her nipple became erect at the touch.

She moved it over to her other nipple and move it the same way. She wet her lips from the feeling, and brought the vibe to her mouth and sucked the tip inside.

Gail pulled the top of her lingerie down to expose her hardened nipples, and touched the vibe on them again. She turned the speed to 2, it went all the way up to 10, she would get there, she had all night to play.

Gail thought of Tim and how he loves to lick and suck her boobs, paying special attention to her nipples. Gail was small breasted, but that’s what Tim liked, he could suck her entire tit into his mouth and suck, slowly pulling off and pinching her nipple between his lips, tugging ever so gently.

Gail let the vibe slowly move down her body as she removed the lingerie. She spread her legs wide and moved the vibe up and down her thighs, not allowing herself to touch her pussy quite yet. She increased the speed to 3.

She changed the setting to pulse, this felt very different, she moved it down her left thigh and back pendik escort up again and then the right side.

Gail slowly moved the vibe to her pussy, she let it glide up and down just barely touching her pussylips. Again she turned up the speed, 4, mmmmmmmmmmm, she was getting wetter by the moment.

She switched the setting again, this one would speed up and slow down, speed up and slow down. Oh this was nice, it would get you feeling really good and then it would back off, almost teasing you.

She set the speed to 5, half way there she thought, and it was really feeling good, she could hardly imagine full speed but she was determined to go one at a time.

It was time, Gail spread her pussylips apart and slowly guided the tip into her waiting wet pussy. It was still on the same setting. She pushed about 3 inches inside, mmmmmmmmmm, that feels so good. She eased it back some and shoved it back in deeper, 5 inches, her pussy gripped the vibe. Oh God, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, she wished Tim could be here to watch her play with her new toy, he always got off on watching her play.

Gail turned up the speed, 6, time to try something else, the twist, suddenly the vibe started moving inside her, she had to see for herself. She slowly eased the vibe out of her pussy and could clearly see what it was doing. She tuzla escort moved the vibe back in again, she switched the setting again so that it twisted the other direction, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, back and forth she would move the setting so that it would twist left than right. Again she increased the speed to 7.

It was then that the first powerful orgasm hit her, she was moving the vibe in and out, it was twisting back and forth, Oh God, her juices were flowing, she turned it up to 8.

Gail had all 10 inches buried deep inside her very wet cunt, she was moving it in and out, wanting to feel that fucking motion, she switched the setting again, to the thrusting motion, and the speed to 9.

Gail’s head was spinning, the feelings her new toy were giving her, she didn’t know how much more she could take. She turned the knob one more time, full speed, and shoved the vibe in as deep as it would go. With it set on thrust, it felt like she was getting 12 inches, she started cumming in waves, multiple orgasms, ripped thru her body.

Gail’s ass lifted off the bed, she had never cum so hard in her life, she could feel her juices trickling down between her buttchecks, the sheets were soaked with her cuntjuices, she didn’t care.

Gail slowly pulled the vibe out of her pussy, yet the orgasm still continued, finally about a minute after it was out they subsided.

Gail lay motionless in bed, she raised the vibe to her lips and kissed the vibe, tasting her own juices. Her pussy was a bit sore, but she didn’t mind.

Tim called later that night, Gail Thanked him for her new toy. She told him you have got to see me play with this, you won’t fucking believe what it does to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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