Nosey Parker Ch. 01

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Angela spent far too much of her time watching what was going on in the cul-de-sac for her own good, at least that’s what her husband Lionel always said. She couldn’t help herself though, her own marriage was a sham and her life otherwise had little to interest her so she spent most of the day and a great deal of the night watching her neighbours. It had become an obsession over time without her realising; she even had sets of powerful binoculars strategically placed about her house. It was an expensive area and the large expensive houses were well spaced apart, all apart from hers and two others close to the main road were bungalows.

As for her marriage, it was one of convenience it had suited both of them masking their differing sexual tendencies, which could otherwise ruin Lionel’s career. They did love each other though, he was kind and thoughtful man and she was never short of funds or wanted for anything, he often treated her to new toys like binoculars or a better telescope. For the next week she would be alone, Lionel was away for a few days again, coincidentally so was her next-door neighbour Laura’s husband. The younger gorgeous blonde woman had caught Angela’s eye when the couple moved in to the spacious bungalow some time ago. Despite her attraction to Laura Angela would not be foolish enough to envisage playing around on her own doorstep.

Besides that she had watched the pair closely, too closely at times as they made love by or in the pool, which she had a good view of. They were clearly in love and didn’t mask it or shy away from demonstrating their affection. At least though she could watch the striking blonde knowing her intimately to look at, at least and fantasize about her. Something about Laura had come to her attention though. For the past few months each and every time her husband went away the same stunning young tall red haired lady driving a sleek black sports car visited her. Usually the car didn’t move from the drive overnight of on occasion for days at a time. Pursuing her hobby as usual Angela saw Laura’s hubby leave this afternoon; intrigued she wondered if the redhead would appear tonight.

Normally the woman arrived somewhere around eight and nine, Angela would be at the ready, after a short workout she showered and slipped into her bathrobe, as she towelled her hair dry she checked the clock. It was ten to eight; distractedly she watched the length of the road from her darkened panoramic bedroom window. Sat right at the end of the well-spaced street on the top of the hillock the three-storey house it gave her quite a vantage point to view the activities of her fellow citizens in both her own street and neighbouring streets as well. An extensive arsenal of optical devices helped as well she mused as she dusted the powerful telescope lovingly. Her pulse quickened as a flare of bright light caught her eye as a car turned into the street and slowly crawled up the street towards her. It passed drive after drive as she settled in behind the scope and focused in on it. Smiling to herself Angela chuckled as she recognised both it and the occupant, it was the flash black job belonging to Red as she had christened the woman.

A little early tonight, nevertheless just as Angela expected it swung into Laura’s drive, this time however the garage door slid open and the car coasted inside. This was something new she thought watching the cars lights go out. Changing magnification she zoomed in on the car door, dressed in a long camelhair coat the redhead slithered from it. Fascinated Angela watched the woman slink around the car to the boot and retrieve two cases from it. One was the small bulky and clearly heavy suitcase that she always brought the other was new to Angela. Over a metre and a half long she watched Red wriggle it out of the confined space, tubular and quite thin, it was one of those plastic tubes for carrying rolled up artworks. She slung it beneath her arm and walked around the car towards the back of the garage where Laura appeared to meet her. Dressed casually in loose fitting jeans and sweatshirt Laura ushered her guest inside smiling warmly to her as with a flick of the remote she closed the garage door behind them. Angela couldn’t help but notice the excitement on her neighbour’s face at seeing her guest.

What did they get up to in there she wondered again just as she did each time she saw the woman arrive. Scanning the house with her binoculars repeatedly her brain whirred as she watched for any sign of them. What seemed like hours later Angela saw what she knew to be Laura’s bedroom light come on. From her high vantage point she could see into many of her unsuspecting neighbours bedrooms but not Laura’s unfortunately Putting down the binoculars she paced the room, over a short time interest turned to fascination then in turn to intrigue then finally into an obsession. She had to know, had to find out, a plan formed in her mind.

She had to know! What could be considered crazy thoughts and ideas flashed into being, izmit rus escort it was late, gone nine thirty at least by now and already fairly dark, the chances of a passer by was minimal at best. If she wore black she would be virtually invisible, between their houses she didn’t even have to set foot on the pavement. She knew her surroundings well; also she knew the layout of Laura’s house and garden very well too. After dressing in a black fleecy jogging suit and trainers she headed down stairs and had two straight whiskies to calm her nerves, even so as she slipped out of the back door a knot of exquisite terror gripped her.

Keeping to the shadows she flitted over the distance between the houses in no time at all. Catching her breath she crouched down in the shadow beside the garage wall then crept around the outbuilding till she could make out the illuminated window of Laura’s bedroom window. Hunched close to the wall a few feet from the window she leant back against the wall once again she steadied her nerves; she was shaking with euphoric excitement. Already the act of sneaking around spying on her neighbour was giving her such a kick, she listened intently for sounds that would let her know where they were. Wondering what they were up to she listened harder, her heart leapt as she heard the faint slow rhythmic slapping noise and what sounded like a faint mewling cry that followed each well-spaced crack.

Intrigued by the sound she desperately needed to see what was happening and edged closer to the window frame. Still with her back to the wall Angela stared across at the lawn and hedge, what she saw made her almost jump for joy. She had to suppress an excited giggle as she saw the faint stripe of gentle light that softly illuminated a thin vertical strip of garden; the curtains were not properly closed.

Ducking beneath the windowsill she looked up at the four-inch gap in the curtains, the light that spilt from it was low, if she stayed back from the pane she would probably remain unseen or so she hoped. Taking a moment to bolster her courage and recall the layout of the room she steadied herself before she stretched up to peer in. This was Laura’s bedroom; her king sized bed would be side on to the window; if they were on the bed she would have a ringside seat. Staying well back out of sight she cautiously raised her head and peered in, all the time ready to make a bolt for her house.

What she saw left her speechless; it took a few moments for her to comprehend the scene that was being acted out before her shocked eyes. Across the room facing the window the redhead arrogantly struck a domineering pose facing her. To Angela’s amazement she was dressed in a shiny black skin-tight cat suit that clung to her wondrous pert form perfectly. Her head was hooded; it masked the top half of her face apart from her delicate green eyes. The woman’s long red hair swung in a ponytail from an opening at the apex of the hood each time she moved. The pale skin of her face accentuated the fullness of her pert cruelly smiling mouth that twitched occasionally with obvious delight. Totally enthralled by the transformed highly erotic creature Angela watched astounded, the woman’s every lithe move captivated her. As the redhead began to raise her PVC clad hand Angela’s gaze snapped to it, she stared transfixed at the cat of nine tails that hung there for a brief moment then seemed to swing lazily down in a slow arc. Angela’s heart raced as her eyes followed the flogger on its lazy trajectory to its target, Laura’ unprotected up thrust red striped bare buttocks.

Such was her interest in the latex-clad redhead Angela hadn’t even noticed her neighbour until that moment. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she saw the young woman. Crouched face down on the dishevelled bed facing the very window Angela was peering through, her pretty neighbour appeared far too distracted to even notice the dimly lit strip of face peering at her open-mouthed in the gloom outside. The totally naked and excitedly writhing girl’s arms were under her probably bound to her ankles Angela surmised by her strange position. Her head was flung up crying out, Laura’s pretty face was contorted in an expression of tearful agony for a brief moment as the tails struck home before slowly assuming a state of delirious bliss as it sank back to the bed. Fascinated by what she saw Angela watched avidly as Red methodically whipped an increasingly excited Laura’s reddening buttocks for a seemingly long time.

In all her voyeuristic capers Angela had never encountered anything like this, she had expected or at least hoped to maybe get a glimpse of some furtive lesbian activities, what she witnessed instead blew her away. The scene being played out before her was incredible and any thoughts of melting away into the darkness were dashed. Watching Laura receiving her strokes she grew increasingly aroused herself, she squirmed uncomfortably as both her mind and body responded disturbingly quickly to the izmit escort performance she was elatedly witnessing.

The redhead’s blows began to change direction and shift target, from over arm stroke they subtly changed into an underarm swing and the target was hidden from her sight between Laura’s thighs. As the first blow struck Laura threw back her head crying out in anguish, Angela felt her stomach tighten with fevered excitement as she eagerly awaited the next blow. Her eyes flicked impatiently to the latex clad bitch as the woman shifted position to get a better swing of her arm. As she turned to stand side on to her Angela noticed that the woman wore an impressive black strap on phallus over her cat suit. From her vantage point Angela guessed it at a good twelve inches long, it’s impressively thick convoluted shaft curved upwards menacingly to its bulbous ridged head.

Crouched low close to the window Angela’s hands rested high on her thighs, almost subconsciously they rose to brush her overexcited groin. The semi- accidental contact through her clothing felt so good that she pressed a little harder and was soon absentmindedly stroking herself through the thick fabric. Before her eyes Laura had appreciatedly received several blows to the pussy and Red had paused her assault for the moment at least. What happened next made Angela groan with envious excitement, placing the flogger across Laura’s back Red fell to her knees and her face disappeared behind the bound girls buttocks. Even though most of her head was hidden behind Laura’s glowing derriere it was obvious to Angela that moments later the redhead began to eat the helpless girl out. A mere three feet from her Angela fascinatedly watched the pretty blonde’s face contort in rapture as she writhed in ecstatic pleasure while the redhead worked on her. Her cries and groans of intense delight reached Angela through the double-glazing and they tortured her.

It was no good she had to do it, besides who was going to see her crouched here in the darkness. Feeling incredibly naughty she slipped her hands into her jogging bottoms and without hesitating plunged her fingers into her heated wetness. Sighing appreciatively she watched the show unfold as she stroked her own hot slippery flesh.

After a couple of incredible minutes from behind Laura rose Red, she stood erect slowly, her lower face glistened with her lover’s excited secretions and she licked her lips appreciatively. Allowing Laura little respite she gripped the phallus in her hand, bending its rigid length down she forcefully plunged it deep into the vulnerable girl. Laura’s head whipped up again and she shrieked wide-eyed staring directly at Angela for a moment. Outside the window Angela’s heart lurched and dread filled her, even as distracted as she was the girl must have seen her she thought. Wanting to run she reeled away staggering back a few paces in terror but felt compelled to stay, to see if Laura had actually seen her and if not she didn’t want to miss the spectacle.

Moments passed slowly, no cry of alarm had been raised; there was no flurry of activity behind the curtained window. Returning nervously to her vantage point she peered through, they were still at it. Red was giving Laura a hell of a pounding and the young blonde was being pulled back and forth like a rag doll. Surely Angela reasoned with herself if they had seen her they would have either given chase, desisted from their debauchery or drawn the curtains at least. Before long the scare was all but erased from her mind and once more her hands were busy inside her joggers pleasuring herself furtively.

Unknown to Angela she had been seen by Laura, in fact they had been aware of her for some time as the camera that picked her up sent a signal to the small remote that beeped out of sight of the window. The small monitor on the dressing table had popped into life at the same time to show the performers their quarry had taken the bait. Angela was blissfully unaware they were scheming about how to deal with her even as they fucked. Alicia had been well informed about Laura’s voyeuristic pervy neighbour. They had found her quite amusing and knew that one day she wouldn’t be able to resist trying to find out what they got up to during Alicia’s visits, they had long ago formulated a plan to deal with her. For weeks now concealed night vision cameras even Laura’s husband was unaware of had been installed around the garden, the trap had been set knowing the prey would take the bait eventually.

Inside the action appeared to be slowing, to Angela they appeared to be tiring somewhat; eventually the redhead withdrew the glistening monstrous phallus from Laura. After caressing the bound girl’s mottled buttocks Red untied her lover and graciously allowed Laura to roll over. Totally engrossed Angela watched as Laura immediately sat up and drew her tormenter to her urgently by the hips. Angela stared in astonishment and moaned in envious appreciation at Laura sinking her mouth over the head kocaeli escort of the latex monster wantonly sucking her own secretions from its glistening surface. Clearly a dirty little sex kitten Laura was well versed in performing oral sex and gave a good display of her talents until Red pulled her lover’s head back and broke away. The woman turned and left the room saying something and laughing as she went to Laura who nodded and giggled.

Somewhere in the house music burst forth, it was loud rock with screaming lyrics and thrashing guitars. On the bed before her Laura began to perform instantly grabbing Angela’s attention, without looking she had swivelled to sort of face the window in her naked splendour. Angela watched mesmerised as the blonde caressed her own pert breasts intimately, imagination running riot Angela mimicked her actions playing with herself in time with Laura as the younger woman’s hands slid lower. Watching the blonde’s fingers sink between her thighs and begin stroking herself Angela followed suit assaulting her own exquisitely aching clitty. Before long she was breathless totally absorbed and very close to coming when she noticed Laura was smiling directly and very wickedly at her. For the briefest moment she was confused, it was then she realised the true precariousness of her situation.

Blackness suddenly enveloped her as a heavy thick fabric hood was pulled over her head. In abject panic she struggled, a hand clamped the confined airless hood about her mouth as her unseen assailant pushed her roughly to the ground effectively muffled her screams of terror. Disorientated Angela was unable to struggle as her stronger assailant sat squarely upon her back and cuffed her wrists first and then her ankles. Her fear was such that her voice failed her and her terrified shrieks came out as a weak squeal until the hood cord drew tight about her throat almost cutting off her air. Pulled unceremoniously to her feet she was dragged at a speed far in excess of the restricted steps her bonds allowed. She stumbled along pathetically shaking with panic and would have fallen several times had her assailant not held her up.

It grew warmer; the music was louder, she was aware they were now inside the house. Her fear stunned mind whirled unable to form rational opinion, her only clear thought was that she had been caught by her own vice she wondered what the hell they intended to do with her. The hood was removed, the room was pitch dark she tried to make things out but couldn’t. There was a noise she recognised through the cacophony of rock music, duct tape being peeled then torn off a roll. In moments she found herself gagged with it then blindfolded thankfully not with the duct tape.

“Well, well what have we here?” from behind an unknown icy cool menacing voice hissed close to her ear that must belong to Red, “don’t move a muscle bitch!”

“Looks like we caught us the local peeping Tom here Laura,” the voice continued just as menacing, “or is it peeping Thomasina perhaps?”

“It’s that nosey bitch Angela from the big house next door, I told you she would come poking around one day didn’t I?” Laura shouted over the music.

Shaking with fear Angela wished she could plead her innocence or beg for forgiveness but she couldn’t even make any intelligible sound past the fast stuck tape and just breathing through her nose in the hot room was difficult enough. Dim light crept in around the edges of her blindfold as someone clicked the light on; the music fell to a much softer volume shortly after that too.

“Well Angela, you’ve caused us quite a problem,” Came the soft menacing tone of Red, “I really don’t know what to do for the best!”

“We could call the cops and hand her over, couldn’t we Alicia?” chirped Laura helpfully.

“Yes but they may take a dim view when she tells them what she was watching you silly girl!”

“We can’t just let her go though!”

“True, very true, Laura,” mused Alicia, “what’s her name?”

“Angela, nosey bloody parker from on the hill!”

“What to do, I wonder?”

“If we clear everything up and you change, we could tell the cops she was trying to burgle the house, they would never believe her story!”

“Yes they would silly,” Alicia scolded her lover, “besides I might have a much better idea.”

“Oh,” giggled Laura wickedly alarming Angela, “tell me then!”

“I need to talk to our guest first to educate her to a few home truths.”

Dread filled her as she sensed the closeness of the woman, the heat of her breath on her face and the pressure of the strap on dildo thrust menacingly against her hip, which oddly excited her despite her fear.

“Well Angela, naughty Angela” came the woman’s matter of fact tone as she began to explain, so close Angela felt the phallus thrusting against her belly, “how do you think this will look in the papers once it leaks out, it could wreck your social standing somewhat!” “I don’t think you want that do you?”

Angela nodded vigorously in agreement with her.

“Good,” she felt the presence of the dildo disappear as Red continued, “the thing is Angela, we cannot afford to let you off scot-free after your transgression, so I’m going to give you two choices, understand?”

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