Nothing Too Serious

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Dawn nearly jumped out of her seat when the door opened. She felt like she’d been sitting there so long that she’d forgotten she was ever going to see a doctor at all; the arrival of another person seemed almost like a sudden, unwelcome surprise, just as she was finally getting used to the peace and quiet of the examination room. It took her half a second to get her mind back on why she’d come here to begin with.

“So, let’s see,” Doctor Larsen said as she entered. “It says here you’ve been having some pain in your wrist?” Dawn felt a little reassured that the doctor was female. Sure, it didn’t matter quite so much this time–guys probably had the same wrists that girls did–but she always felt a little more comfortable with a woman doctor. It was also nice that she looked to be about fifteen years older than Dawn. She was just getting used to the idea that she was thirty; the idea of trusting her health to someone younger than her was going to take a lot more getting used to.

All that flickered through Dawn’s head in about a quarter of a second before she replied, “Um, yeah. Every time I bend it, it feels really sore.” She held up her right hand, keeping the wrist ramrod straight. “I can bend it about…” She crooked hand forward less than a quarter of an inch, already feeling the burning pain in the joint. “…this much before it hurts.”

Doctor Larsen nodded. “Sounds like a case of tendonitis,” she said. “Nothing too serious. We’ll have you feeling all better by the time you leave.” She smiled gently, her pale green eyes twinkling behind her glasses. “Tell me, do you play a lot of sports? Or perhaps have a job that requires repetitive motion?”

“I work in data entry,” Dawn replied. “Just until I can find something to do with my Classics degree.” She didn’t know why she felt like she had to justify her career choices, all of a sudden; it was probably something to do with the way Doctor Larsen looked so much like an authority figure. The white coat, the dark hair pulled back into a tight bun, the clipboard…Dawn felt like she was about to get a lecture on how her nose piercing and her green hair was holding her back from good jobs.

Instead, Doctor Larsen crossed over to the medicine cabinet and pulled out a small bottle and a syringe. “That’s fairly normal, then,” she said as she stuck the needle into the bottle and began to draw the plunger up. “Pretty much any repetitive motion can cause those tendons to get inflamed; you might have heard of it as ‘tennis elbow’, but it can happen in just about any joint.” She pulled the syringe back out. “You might want to look at a brace for your wrist, to help support it while you type.”

“Um, Doctor Larsen…” Dawn’s eyes widened just a little as the other woman turned towards her. The needle seemed kind of large. Awfully large, in fact. Dawn was pretty sure they’d used a smaller needle to pierce her nose.

“Please, dear, call me Adelle.” She held out her hand expectantly. “I feel awfully silly going by ‘Doctor Larsen’. Makes me sound like my father.”

“Um, okay…Adelle,” Dawn said, not quite ready to hand over her arm just yet. “What’s that for?”

Adelle fixed her with a steady, confident look. It didn’t exactly look like it was meant to intimidate, but it certainly didn’t look like it wanted to hear arguments, either. “It’s a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory,” she said. “It’ll bring the swelling down and make your wrist hurt less. You’ll still want to take it easy for a few days, though. I’ll give you a doctor’s note to excuse you for the rest of the week.”

“Oh,” Dawn said, her worries easing a little. She bursa escort still thought about asking if she could get by without it–painkillers tended to make her groggy, and she needed to drive home after this–but Adelle was the doctor, after all. And she had the clipboard and the coat and everything. “Okay.” Dawn held out her arm, studiously looking away.

She felt a brief, sharp prick, much less pain than she’d expected, and then a sensation of coolness flooding into her wrist. “There you go, dear,” Adelle said. “Now we’ll just give that a couple of minutes to kick in. Do you have someone out in the waiting room that can give you a ride home?”

Dawn shook her head. “No, I came by myself.” Mentally, she kicked herself. She should have said something after all.

“No worries,” Adelle said, patting her on the shoulder. “You’re my last appointment of the day, and I’m sure I can give you a ride to wherever you’re going.”

Dawn frowned. That didn’t explain how she was going to get back to her car before work tomorrow–oh, right. She wouldn’t be going to work again until Monday. Her frown metamorphosized into a broad grin. Almost a whole week off, and all of it paid! She wondered what she was going to do with all that unexpected free time.

“How does your wrist feel, Dawn?” Adelle asked.

Dawn wiggled it tentatively. It moved loosely; in fact, her whole arm felt like it had gone sort of boneless and rubbery. “Feels fine,” she said, hearing a tiny slur in her voice. “I think the painkiller is kicking in…”

Adelle tilted her head up and peered into her eyes. “It’s starting to,” she said, “but I think you’re not quite there yet. Try raising your arm all the way over your head.”

Dawn lifted her arm, enjoying the strange floaty feeling. “No problems there,” she said, vaguely aware of the dreamy, docile tone in her voice.

“And touch your nose with it,” Adelle said. Her voice seemed to be coming from a long way away, but at the same time it echoed in Dawn’s head. Dawn swung her arm down, but missed her nose and bumped her mouth instead. She giggled unsteadily at the mistake, then moved her arm up slightly to brush her nose.

“Okay,” she said. She sank back into the chair, feeling the rest of her body take on the same boneless feeling as her arm. It felt so much like work to move, now. All she wanted to do was relax.

“Good girl!” Adelle said. “How do you feel now?”

Dawn’s head lolled backwards to rest against the back of the chair. The drug was doing strange things to her sense of time; every blink felt like it took an eternity. “Feel…fine,” she said. Her jaw seemed slack and her lips felt rubbery, but at the same time all she could think about was that the doctor had asked her a question, and she needed to respond. “Nice, and…” she struggled to find another word, but her head felt too empty to think anymore. “Nice.”

“Good, good,” Adelle said. She patted her on the shoulder again. “Feeling all limp, and loose, and happy, isn’t that right, Dawn?”

“uh-huh,” Dawn said, another giggle escaping from her lips. “limp…loose…happy…” She couldn’t remember why the words popped into her head. They just seemed natural and right in there. She blinked again, only her eyes didn’t seem to want to open up once she’d closed them.

“Good girl,” Adelle said. “Now, Dawn, you need to take good care of your wrist from now on. You need to be careful to avoid too much repetitive motion, do you understand?” Dawn felt her head bob up and down slightly, almost as if it did it all on its own. It seemed so easy to respond now, so effortless. She was just floating bursa escort bayan on the warm, sleepy tide of bliss the drug had caused, and everything else took care of itself.

“Good girl,” Adelle said. “That means you’ll need to take care not to over-strain yourself typing, playing sports, masturbating…I expect you masturbate a lot, don’t you, Dawn?”

Dawn didn’t even think about the question. It was so much easier to respond than to think, now. “uh-huh,” she replied, slurring her words badly. “between boyfriends now, masturbate…twice a day…” She sighed, the question stirring memories of the morning session. It had been kind of awkward, using her left hand instead of her right, but she always preferred fingers to toys. They seemed so much more precise.

Adelle’s tone broke into her reverie. “In fact, I bet you’re horny right now, aren’t you?” Dawn’s head bobbed up and down for her again, and her fingers twitched slightly. But despite the rising heat in her pussy, it seemed like too much effort to reach down there. She couldn’t even remember that there might be other reasons not to finger herself in a public place in front of a strange woman, not anymore.

“But you mustn’t masturbate, Dawn,” Adelle said warningly. “Doctor’s orders. No matter how horny you get, no matter how much your pussy needs to be touched, you may not play with your snatch. Do you understand, Dawn?”

Dawn whimpered and squirmed slightly in her chair. Just hearing the words was making her pussy itchy, and she wanted to touch right now, so badly…but Adelle had told her not to. That thought seemed to be the only thing in her mind besides the haze of lust and the drifting, warm sensations of the drug. Adelle had told her not to. “yes,” she gasped out.

“Good girl,” Adelle said. Dawn shook slightly as the words triggered a surge of pleasure through her body. “You understand. You understand that you need to be frigged off by a trained medical professional. Someone who understands your condition, and knows exactly what you need. Isn’t that right, Dawn?”

“uh-huh,” Dawn said, letting her legs fall open as she gently bucked her hips back and forth in a slow, unconscious rhythm of desire. She couldn’t think, but her pussy didn’t need to think, and it knew exactly what she wanted. It wanted to cum. And if she couldn’t finger herself, if she needed a doctor to do it… “please,” she whispered, the words arriving almost before the concept.

“Please what?” Adelle said. Her voice sounded so close, almost as if she was whispering right in Dawn’s ear.

“please finger my pussy, please please stick your fingers in my snatch and make me cum, please oh please oh please make me cum, fuck me, please, need it, ohhh,” Dawn knew she was babbling, but she didn’t care. Nothing mattered anymore except getting off. It was all she could think about now.

“Good girl,” Adelle said, sliding her fingers into the waistband of Dawn’s shorts. Dawn felt Adelle’s hand brush past the downy hair around her cunt, and she whimpered in anticipation. “Good girl, Dawn, felt so good to beg, didn’t it?”

“yes!” Dawn gasped out as the fingers slid into her pussy. She shuddered as she felt them slide all the way in, felt the heel of Adelle’s hand grinding against her clit.

“You know what I’m doing to you, don’t you, Dawn?” Adelle whispered in her ear as she slowly, achingly slowly pumped her fingers in and out of Dawn’s pussy.

Dawn did know, but somewhere between the drugging and the wonderful, wonderful finger-banging she’d lost the ability to care. “brainwashing me,” she whimpered out, sighing in pleasure as the escort bursa words escaped her lips.

“No,” Adelle whispered, before nuzzling her lips against Dawn’s throat. She gave Dawn a long, lingering kiss that made Dawn quiver with pleasure before speaking again. “I’m not brainwashing you. I’m fucking your mind. Brainwashing gets your mind clean, and I want you to be a very dirty girl.” She punctuated her words with precise, strong pressure inside Dawn’s pussy, finding places to caress that Dawn hadn’t even known about.

“yes please yes…” Dawn moaned out the words until Adelle’s nipple filled her mouth. Then she instinctively clamped her lips around it and began to suckle at the other woman’s breast.

“That’s right, feels so good, you need it, you need to ohh, need to nnnh…” Dawn felt Adelle straddling her leg, grinding herself off against Dawn’s thigh, but all that really mattered now was the way the pleasurable ache in her clit was building and building to a crescendo.

“Need to obey!” Adelle finally gasped out. Her pussy felt feverishly hot through her panties, and Dawn shuddered in sympathy as she felt the other woman shake and twitch in arousal. “Need to obey, need to cum, can’t think, ofuck ogod ofuck cum Dawn, cum Dawn, cum for me cum for me cum for me…” The words kept going, but Dawn didn’t hear them anymore, not consciously. The only thing in her mind was the white-hot pleasure of orgasm, again and again and again as Adelle’s thumb danced on her clit until she blanked out in ecstasy.

Dawn didn’t know how long it was before Adelle finally stopped bringing her off. Time still didn’t have much meaning, not with the drug coursing through her veins. But eventually, Adelle pulled away and said, “Open your eyes, Dawn.”

Dawn complied. It wasn’t easy; every part of her wanted to stay completely limp, floating in the pleasure and shivering at each tiny aftershock of the all-consuming orgasm she’d just experienced. But Adelle had told her to open her eyes. All she could do now was respond, obey, submit. She stared vacantly at Adelle, her gaze hazy and unfocused.

Adelle reached into the cabinet and slipped the bottle into her coat pocket, then adjusted her skirt back into some kind of semblance of order. She looked in the mirror, putting a few stray strands of dark hair back into place. “There we go, love,” she said, holding out a hand to Dawn. “Now, stand up for me.”

That was a lot harder than opening her eyes, but Dawn managed. She sagged against Adelle, the drug still making her limbs feel loose and rubbery. “That’s it, Dawn,” Adelle said, leading her out the door and down the hall. “One foot in front of the other, good girl. Good girl.” The brief tingles of pleasure every time Dawn heard the words ‘good girl’ didn’t make standing any easier, but knowing that it was Adelle’s will that she keep walking helped.

Adelle led her out the door, pausing to exchange a few brief, meaningless words with the receptionist, and to her car. Dawn slumped into the passenger seat with a sigh of relief. “That’s right, good girl,” Adelle said, brushing her hand over Dawn’s face to pull Dawn’s eyelids shut once more. “Just relax, and let me take you home.” Dawn understood that ‘home’ didn’t mean her apartment, but she was already too drowsy to care. She knew that by the time she’d spent six days with this regimen of drugs and pleasure-conditioning, she’d be too programmed to want to resist Adelle’s will ever again, but the drugs and the pleasure washed the worries away from her mind. She knew Adelle’s words were fucking her mind the way her fingers had fucked Dawn’s snatch, but she was too mind-fucked to care anymore.

All Dawn could really think about was that Adelle had been right all along. She was leaving the doctor’s office, and she really did feel all better now.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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