Oh I Didn’t Know…

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Oh I Didn’t Know This Would Happen!

The following story is true and happened just two days ago so I wanted to write it while it was still fresh in my mind. Although this occurrence brings a smile to my face when I think about it, the smile is a caring smile accompanied by a slightly amused but very sincere emotion. The emotion is hard to pinpoint but it is a combination of the good feeling you get when you help a family in need at Christmas time and the lusty feeling you get when you think about the naughty things you would like to do with someone who is well… NOT available.

I am a nice looking 36 year old professional male. A few years ago I began giving massages to people at work for fun. I have been giving my wife massages for 10 years and she has always raved about them, jokingly telling me to become a professional masseuse. It started with my co-worker Cathy who had developed a neck and shoulder strain from hours and hours of sitting at a computer. Her Dr. had given her some muscle relaxants but they didn’t quite do the trick. I volunteered my services and we soon progressed to full body massage – nothing sexual. She then referred a friend of hers to try my “treatment” and from there the word was out that Rob gave great massages.

Last week I was doing a second massage for a married friend of ours who happens to be my daughter’s Sunday school teacher. She is 39 years old and although very shapely she is not really physically fit konya escort and had strained her back while gardening. Mary was also what you might call VERY conservative. My wife was amused that Mary wanted her massage fully clothed when she arrived for our first session. We finally talked her into wearing a swimsuit top, but she insisted on keeping her jeans and shoes on! Our first session went well and the next day Mary called and said she felt like a new person. The following week however she called back and said her back was acting up again. Naturally we invited her back over and this time my wife advised her to wear a swimsuit and she would be much more relaxed and comfortable during her massage. Mary however declined and said she would wear what she wore the previous week – “after all” she said “it worked didn’t it?” We laughed and told her to show up around 2 o’clock that afternoon.

At 2:00 O’clock Mary arrived and to our surprise she disrobed and was indeed wearing a swimsuit. Granted it was a very conservative one piece swimsuit but nonetheless it was a swimsuit. Anyhow my wife was off to a baby shower so she bid us both farewell and Mary assumed her position on the couch, tummy down, arms at her side.

I proceeded with the same treatment I had applied the previous week beginning with shoulders and neck. I gradually dropped to her lower back and added some peppermint oil to enhance the rub. kütahya escort Mary was much more relaxed this time and as I continued my efforts I noticed she had almost fallen asleep. At the conclusion of the rubdown I asked Mary if she needed her legs done today as well and much to my surprise she said “sure, if it feels as good as your back rubs how can I say no.” I proceeded to rub her calves and gradually worked up to her thighs. Again Mary was very relaxed and appeared to be truly asleep. Mary is by no means fat but her thighs are voluptuous and were touching each other so I slight pulled her legs apart for better access to the interior part of her legs.

Although I had always appreciated Mary’s Victorian shape I had never really fantasized about her because she seems so distant, such a conservative Christian, totally off limits. As her legs parted though I was able to make out a thick dark patch puffing out underneath the homely white 1950’s style swimsuit and my penis began to stiffen. I continued my massage inside of her thighs for about 30 minutes as she slept. I eventually got bolder and placed my face down near her bottom and took a deep breath.

MMmmmmmm she smelled good and it was obvious that even though she was wearing a swimsuit she had definitely not just gotten out of a pool. The musky smell of her crack was very pronounced. Next I dropped a little lower to sample her vagina and to malatya escort my surprise I noticed a definite moistening of her swimsuit crotch. She smelled clean but the strong womanly smell of passion was there. I continued my massage and by this time had a huge boner.

After a little while I could not resist and placed my hand, palm down, firmly against her pussy. Much to my delight she immediately convulsed in orgasm. She woke up as she was coming and said OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhnn nooooooo I didnt know this wouuld happen… OOOHhh my god… oh my god…!!!!! As her bottom jiggled in the wrath of her orgasm I could not help but lean forward and place my penis, with my shorts still on of course, on the swell of Mary’s big bottom. I lodged it right in the crack, and came in my pants as Mary’s buttcheeks clamped down and bucked as a result of her own pleasure.

As Mary got up to put her clothes back on over her swimsuit her cheeks were beet red and she seemed to be ashamed. Before she left she turned and apologized. I said “whatever for Mary?” and she smiled a shy little girl smile and said “oh nothing I guess.”

I saw Mary the next day at church and she quietly asked me if I had told my wife. I very nonchalantly replied “I’m sorry?” She again asked her question to which I replied, “I don’t follow, what would I tell my wife?” She looked at me quizzically and then a look of relief came over her face. I said “By the way Mary I went ahead and penciled you if for another session next Saturday same time. OK by you?” Mary quickly sat down and took a deep breath and then looked up at me with that shame shy smile and said… “yeah… yeah.. I guess so Rob. Yes, I would like that. I will be there at 2:00”

Do you like my story? Let me know what you think!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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