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This is my first submission. All feedback appreciated.


Mark collapsed on to the bed and picked up his phone. He had been in meetings with the client all day, and endured another dinner with his boss who couldn’t talk about anything but work; but now he was finally able to relax. As soon as he got into his room he had stripped off and got straight into the shower. It had been hot and powerful, not always guaranteed in a chain hotel, and his cock had responded to being freed from his boxers. Now out of the shower and stretched out on the hotel bed, he let the towel fall open and the steam rise from his body. He opened a private browsing session and navigated to his favourite porn tube site.

Mark preferred to take his time reading erotica before hitting the videos, but it was already late and he needed to be up early for a breakfast meeting with the Partner. He entered the same search phrase he always used, hit search and scrolled through. Stills of girls passed by, some with their hands between their legs, others grasping a breast. Some of the stills were taken when they still had some of their clothes on, although Mark was pretty sure they would come off if he watched.

He selected a video featuring a pretty blonde in a cute little sun-dress, lying on a bed with white sheets and soft lighting, her hands pushed into her underwear. He preferred this series to the over the top, fake ‘professional’ stuff. A little guitar intro played as the video faded in. The girl was caressing her breasts through the fabric of her dress, Mark could already see that she wasn’t wearing a bra and his cock stirred a little. Despite skipping straight to the videos, he tried not to break his rule of only touching where the girl he was watching touched bare skin.

The girl in the video pulled up her dress slightly and rubbed her hand over her cotton panties. Mark imagined that she was massaging her labia over her clit and slowly getting wetter. The video cut to a camera between her legs, he could see the impression left in her panties as the girl stroked her finger up toward her clit. She moaned softly and pinched a nipple with her other hand.

Mark’s cock was getting really hard now, he willed himself to wait until the girl got her hand beneath her underwear.

Suddenly, there was a knock on his door. He jumped slightly with the sudden intrusion into his fantasy world. He looked across his hotel room to the door and the knocking came again: *t-TAP*, *t-TAP*. It sounded slightly odd, uncomfortable almost. Mark dropped his phone, picked up his towel and wrapped it round his waist, trapping his softening cock between his belly and the fabric. In common with many hotels, it wasn’t quite big enough to wrap around without risking it falling, so he held it in place with his right hand as he walked toward the door. He just hoped that his cock would stay in place and not make an embarrassing tent to greet whoever was interrupting him.

The person on the other side knocked for a third time in the same, uncomfortable way. Mark risked the chance that there was some kind of axe murderer prowling the corridors of a business park hotel and opened the door without checking the spy hole.

He found his colleague, Zoe with a heavy stack of files in her arms. The stack was so tall she had to point her chin up out of the way.

“Hey!” she said breathlessly, “I didn’t want to make two trips from the car – can you take these?”

It was at that moment Mark remembered that Zoe had volunteered to drive over some files from a satellite office that the client said were needed to inform a workshop. He hadn’t realised how many there were! He tried to work out how he could take the files while holding his towel in place. It was impossible.

“Errr, sorry – I just got out ümraniye escort the shower – you err, mind putting them on the desk?” he stammered.

“Sure” she said, and pushed pass him. Orientated herself in the unfamiliar room and walked around the bed to drop the files with a thud on the desk.

“Thanks, I totally forgot, long day”, he said by way of apology.

“It’s fine, I’m sorry I caught you in the shower.” She replied, noticing at the same time that while Mark’s hair was a little damp, his chest was dry – it didn’t look like he had just got out the shower.

He wasn’t bad looking she thought, slightly taller than her, about the same age: late twenties. His body and arms were toned, she figured he probably worked out a few times a week, which was more than she managed to fit in around their demanding job. He seemed a little unsure of the situation, they had agreed on the phone that she would explain what the files contained.

But he obviously didn’t want to discuss such things while holding a small hotel towel to maintain his modesty.

“Why don’t you put something on while I get myself a drink?” she suggested, picking up the bottle of complimentary mineral water from the desk, unscrewing the cap and filling the glass almost to the rim. “It was further from the car than I thought.”

Mark picked a t-shirt, boxers and plain, grey pyjama trousers from his suitcase, and stepped into the bathroom. “I’m going to be a moment,” he shouted as he shut the door.

Zoe heard the sounds of a man peeing, the toilet flushing and of him washing his hands. But at the same time she heard a different sound. She recognised it, but it didn’t fit with the sounds of a man in the bathroom. The bathroom taps stopped and the room was quiet. Then she heard the sound again, it was a girl moaning, sexually, she was sure of that, but it seemed to be close to her, not muffled through the hotel walls. She tried to pinpoint the sound, it definitely was not a coming from a neighbouring room, she turned to the bed, and noticed the mobile phone that was face down on the duvet, she could see that the screen was lit and playing a video.

“That’s why he looked dry!” she thought, “He was watching porn!”

She moved to the bed and hesitated, she shouldn’t be intruding on a private moment, but it would be really awkward if the moaning interrupted her explanation about the files. She picked up the mobile phone and watched for a moment. The video was at the top of a webpage, surrounded by crude ads for bigger dicks and “HOT GIRLS ONLY 5 MILES AWAY!”. The video showed a blonde girl on her own, a sun-dress pushed down below her breasts and scrunched up around her waist, hands rubbing her pussy furiously and moaning louder and louder. Zoe noticed the video title and felt a hot flush through her own face and chest.

“So what’s in the…”, Mark started as he opened the bathroom door, but stopped when he saw Zoe holding his phone and heard the sounds of the pretty blonde girl in the cute sun-dress reach her climax.

Zoe was startled by Mark and dropped the phone back on the bed. The sounds of climax cut through the tension in the room, then panting and softening moans faded out and left silence.

Zoe spoke first, “I… err… sorry… I heard it and…”.

“No, I’m sorry”, interrupted Mark, “I’ve been really unprofessional, forgetting you were bringing the files, now you discovering that I was watching porn.”

“Haha, it’s not a massive secret that men watch porn!” She laughed and they both relaxed a little. “Although I thought all porn was girls with fake tits and guys with massive cocks!

Mark was a little surprised at Zoe’s language, she had always come across to him as super-professional and mecidiyeköy escort he had never heard her swear. “There’s err, many types, people like different things I guess”

“And you like arty videos of girls touching themselves?” She was smiling, so Mark could tell she was teasing him a little. “Anyway, it’s normal that you get horny, what with you living away from home and your girlfriend.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment,” he replied quietly.

“Oh, I’m sorry”, Zoe said, feeling the tension in the room return. She made a show of looking at her watch: “Wow, it’s late, I’ve got to be up at six to go to another satellite office tomorrow, you think you will work out the files on your own?” She walked swiftly across the room and closed the door behind her before Mark could reply.

Mark was left standing by the bathroom door, trying to make sense of everything that had just happened. He caught the scent of Zoe’s perfume or shampoo, something sweet and feminine, once again that evening he felt his cock start to rise. He picked up his phone from the bed and restarted the video, he noticed the similarities between Zoe and the girl on the screen, at least, they had similar hair and faces. He wasn’t sure about their breasts, its difficult to compare those on a girl lying down to a girl standing up wearing a bra and blouse. He wondered if Zoe touched herself, he reached under his waistband, grabbed his erect cock and started to rub himself to the thought.

He clicked to another video and pushed down his pyjamas and boxers, a tall girl with long hair and wonderful breasts was leaning against a wall lit only by a large window. He imagined Zoe leaning next to the wall where she had been standing was with a hand down her smart, office trousers fingering her pussy. He could still smell the sweet, feminine she had left in his hotel room. He placed his phone next to the bathroom sink and with the mixed imaginary of Zoe and the tall girl in the video masturbating for him he came in a long, thick string over the bathroom floor.

After he cleaned up, had pulled his pyjamas back on. As he got into bed, Mark felt a slight pang of guilt for thinking of a work colleague in an inappropriate way. He reasoned with himself that having a fantasy wasn’t illegal and as long as he didn’t act on it, it wasn’t unprofessional. He decided that he wouldn’t mention anything that happened that night if she didn’t, and slipped off to sleep.


Zoe entered her room and went through her familiar routine: locked the door to the corridor, plugged her phone in next to her bed and set the alarm for the next morning, she undressed and carefully hung her clothes up on the silly hotel hangers; then took her wash bag, stepped into the bathroom and turned on the shower. As she washed she realised that she couldn’t get the images of the blonde girl in the video out of her head. It was like a little gif animation was running on repeat, only this time rather than a cute kitten gif sent by her younger sister it was a pussy of a different kind. The hot flush returned and Zoe found her nipples were hard under her fingers.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d touched herself, until her ex-boyfriend had left her six months ago for a stupid hairdresser she had been more than by satisfied him. “Big cock” she thought, smiling as she realised that not only was it an accurate description of her ex’s manhood, but also of his intelligence. “I wonder how big Mark’s is?” she shook her head, almost trying to rid herself of the thought.

She got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around her chest and another around her damp hair and walked to the bed and sat down. The fabric rode up slightly and she felt cool air between her legs, kartal escort she hadn’t felt like this in ages and wasn’t sure what to do. Should she be professional, dry herself, do her hair and try to get a much sleep as possible before her early start? She felt her breasts being squeezed slightly by the tightly wrapped towel, she lay back on the bed and released it.

Zoe realised that she was in a very similar position to how Mark must have been before she knocked on his door with those heavy files. She thought about his toned chest and arms, imagined that she saw the hint of a six pack. Again she thought about the size of his cock, imagined it hard and him rubbing it while watching his arty porn.

She picked up her phone and opened the browser, stopped for a moment while she tried to remember how to clear the history, then saw “Private Browser” and immediately understood what it was for. She didn’t know any porn websites, so googled the title of the video she had seen on Mark’s phone and followed the link. A website with the same crude ads and links loaded, followed by the video window, she pressed play and then a button to view full screen.

The video that loaded wasn’t the same as the one she had seen on Mark’s phone. She watched petite girl lying on a bench in a garden, Zoe could hear background noise of nature and rain falling. The girl had short, brunette hair, and was already naked, she brushed her fingers over her breasts and pinched her nipples gently. Zoe did the same. The camera cut to a shot looking between the girl’s legs and the girl pressed one finger on her labia, Zoe continued to match the girl’s actions and they both rubbed their lips over their clits. Zoe felt her pussy start to get wet and her lips glided smoothly over her hard clit.

The video girl paused to pull her knees up, and then let them fall apart so that her pussy was spread open. Zoe didn’t follow her straight-away, it didn’t seem right, like it wasn’t something that a ‘good girl’ – whatever one of those was – should do. But she then decided that she was an adult, alone in her hotel room with the door locked and she could do what she liked, she spread her legs and felt an instant rush of cool air on her damp pussy.

Zoe saw that the video girl was holding her labia open with her left hand, and rubbing her clit with her index finger from her right hand. Zoe copied every move and when she watched the girl move her hand up to her mouth to lick it she didn’t hesitate, she tasted her own juices. She had never tasted herself before, but the taste excited her. She returned licked her finger to make it wet and returned it to her aching clit. Her clit felt amazing, her ex had never really focused on her clit and she hadn’t known what she was missing. She watched her mentor – that’s what the video girl was to her now – rub faster and faster. She did her best to keep up and instinctively grabbed her breast with her left hand and pinched her nipple, it sent shockwaves through her body and a moan escaped from her mouth. She looked back at the video and watched her mentor climax. That image sent a surge of energy right through Zoe’s chest to her clit and she too felt her climax explode through her. Her legs clamped shut on her hand and she tried not to make noise but a cry built inside and she let go. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were shut as she tried to make sense of the feelings.

Eventually her breathing steadied, she threw the towel on the floor and slipped naked under the duvet. The sheets felt clean and new, she felt different as well, almost like a new person. She wondered if Mark would say anything about the moment in his room to her tomorrow, did she want him to? She felt like she wanted to thank him for introducing her to a new mentor. It wouldn’t be appropriate at work, perhaps if she invited him for a drink in the hotel bar, maybe the conversation would drift that way.

Despite all those thoughts in her mind she was completely tired out, more than normal for a long day at work, she felt good and smiled to herself. With her hair still damp she drifted off to sleep.


To be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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