One Moment in Time

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“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Captain speaking…” Said the strong male voice over the cabin intercom. “We’re about to start our approach into Los Angeles International and should have you on the ground in about twenty minutes.”

“On the ground in 20 minutes,” Kelly thought as she stared out the tiny window at the countryside rushing by below, ignoring the Captain’s comments on the weather and such. “And then a three hour layover until I catch the 6:30 to San Diego.”

The 39 year old redhead sighed as she thought of the long wait in an airport lounge with absolutely nothing better to do but watch people come and go. Of course she could go over her presentation one more time, but she really figured that an even dozen times in the last two days had been enough.

“Forget about in-flight movies,” She said to herself as her seatbelt closed with a snap. “They should have a theater or two in the airport so that people could kill a few hours.”

Originally, the layover in Los Angeles was going to be the best part of her trip. Her Internet lover, Michelle, lived up near Oakland. When she had first learned she was going out to the West Coast to personally present the new marketing campaign she had helped develop, Kelly had seized at the opportunity to fulfill a person desire on her stop over here. San Francisco or Oakland would’ve been better, but the tickets had been bought for L.A. before she had even been given the assignment.

According to her original plan, Kelly was going to have a full day here and Michelle was going to make the drive down from Oakland. The two woman had never actually met, but had been exchanging emails and gifs for a few months now.

Kelly was an up and coming advertising executive for a New York firm. On the fast track for a Vice President’s slot, this trip was going to be a feather in her cap. 5’3″ with short dark red hair, the first thing most men took in upon meeting her was her 38 inch bust. It usually put them off guard and Kelly was just aggressive enough to take advantage of their distraction. By the time they learned there was a lot more to her than just a big set of boobs, she had usually passed them on the ladder to the VP’s chair.

Michelle on the other hand was 32 and a career military woman. A Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy, she was as aggressive in her own field as Kelly was in hers. She had bucked the boy’s club mentality and flew multi-million dollar jets for a living. Currently she was stationed at the Alameda Naval Air Station up near Oakland.

Both women were married, both were mothers with small children. And both had discovered in the last few years, an interested in other women.

They had met one night on the Internet when Kelly responded to a note Michelle had posted on a bi newsgroup. The fact that they lived on opposite sides of the country just gave them the freedom to be totally honest with each other in their almost daily correspondence. The friendship had developed quickly.

Within an hour of learning that she was going to make the presentation herself instead of Bill Sullivan, her immediate superior, Kelly had fired off an email to Michelle. They quickly worked out a plan were as Michelle would take a 48 hour leave and meet her in Los Angeles. Then they would have a full night and day together.

Then a lousy twist of fate intervened in the form of one Janice Zimmerman. Janice was the pencil pushing travel budget coordinator at Kelly’s firm. Known as “old nickels and dimes”, she took great delight in trying to find new ways to save even a few dollars, no matter what the inconvenience to the traveler.

The pleasure she got from her discoveries, and the chaos they caused the unfortunate traveler seemed to be almost sexual in nature at times. At least that had always been Kelly’s impression. It was probably the nosy old biddy’s only such enjoyment.

So it was that Janice took great delight in changing Kelly’s travel plans so that she had to fly to San Diego tonight instead of tomorrow. In doing so, the company would save fifty dollars on air fare and a whole night’s hotel accommodations. Their clients had no problem moving up the meeting a day and Janice had further booked Kelly on a flight home tomorrow that would mean she would have to go right from the presentation to the airport. This would save another night of hotel expenses. The fact that Kelly would be totally exhausted by the end of this two day marathon didn’t really factor into the equation.

Kelly could still see the excited gleam in Janice’s eyes as she devastated her plans. It was almost taken as an article of faith in the office that Kelly had a hand in the scandal that resulted in the sudden firing of Bill Sullivan a few days before. In truth, she had nothing to do with the anonymous phone call that had led the night security guard to Bill’s office late Friday. Of course, she wasn’t sorry that he had been caught screwing one of the college interns on the couch. No, she hadn’t made the call, Eryaman Rus Escort but had she known about the tryst, she wouldn’t have hesitated to have made it.

As she felt the wheels bounce on the hard concrete of the runway, Kelly against cursed the fact that her chance to finally meet Michelle was slipping out of her fingers. The Navy Officer had told her that even if she broke every speed limit on the way down here, she wouldn’t arrive until just before Kelly had to leave. As much as she wanted to finally meet her in person, the Ad Exec wasn’t selfish enough to ask her to drive all the way down here just to wave good-bye.

As people all around Kelly took to the aisles and began to gather up their belongings, she just continued to stare out the window. It wasn’t like she had to hurry to make her next connection. Then, with only a few other people left onboard, she got up and removed her carry-on bag from the overhead compartment.

The flight attendant gave her a pretty smile as she thanked her for flying Southwest Air. Kelly smiled back at the young blonde, wondering if she’d like to help her kill a few hours. A silly thought really. Even on the remote chance that the tan suited woman was also into girls, the ground crews were already loading food and fuel onto the plane for their next flight. She would be out of here and on her way long before the New Yorker was.

Savoring the idle thought of how the flight attendant would’ve looked in a skimpy red bra and panties, Kelly exited the cabin and walked down the long passageway into the terminal.

“Guess I’ll get something to eat.” Kelly said to herself as she strolled down the walkway, ignoring the many people around her. “Although I can’t imagine the food being any better here than on the plane.”

Lost in thought and oblivious to her surroundings, Kelly didn’t notice the short haired blonde woman she’d just walked past.

“Hi stranger,” The blonde said with a smile. “Buy a lady a drink?”

Then the woman leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

Caught off guard, Kelly jumped back. The look of alarm on her face quickly changed to astonishment as she focused on the woman who had kissed her.

“Michelle!” She exclaimed.

Standing 5’6″ with blonde hair and baby blue eyes, Michelle was wearing a sleeveless cotton blouse- and matching shorts. The thin material of her shirt and the tight fit of her shorts outlined the well-defined muscles of her calves and arms. A well tanned body showed that she was an outdoor person who loved to soak up the desert sun.

Smiling ear to ear, blushing just a little, the younger woman held out a small bouquet of flowers to her Internet friend.

“These are for you, Kelly” She said quietly. “I can’t tell you how much your letters have meant to me over the last three months. I looked forward to them every day. Thanks for being my friend, you’re really someone special.”

Taking the roses in hand, Kelly finally found her voice.

“But how…? You said that it was impossible for you to drive down in time.” Kelly stammered, still a little shocked by Michelle’s sudden appearance.

“Honey, I’m a Naval Aviator.” She laughed in a deep rich voice. “We don’t drive…we fly!”

Michelle explained how she had hitched a ride on a transport flight and had only arrived a half hour ago.

“This is wonderful!” Kelly beamed. At least we’ll be able to have dinner together.”

A wicked smile appeared on Michelle’s face. She stared at the beauty of her cyber-lovers face and quickly lost herself in the richness of her deep brown eyes.

“I had something a little better than dinner in mind.” The Navy Officer quipped.

With that, the taller woman led Kelly down the corridor and through a locked door that read “Security Only.”

“Were are we going?” Kelly asked curiously.

“The Security Chief for the airport is a Reserve Officer and a friend of mine.” Michelle said as she closed and locked the door behind them. “He had a small office that he converted into an apartment some time back. A place where he could rest up during emergency situations. It’s not the Hilton but it sure beats a cot in the storage room.”

Michelle continued as they proceeded up a long flight of stairs.

“I called him yesterday and explained that I had a rather special friend passing through here today and I’d really like to be able to spend some private time with them.” She said as they reached the top of the stairs and Michelle unlocked yet another door. “Since you only had a few hours, heading out to one of the local motels was out of the question. He immediately offered me the use of his apartment.”

As she stepped into the rather spacious room, Kelly wondered if Michelle had mentioned that her special friend was another woman. Given the military’s rather silly obsession with same sex relationships, she guessed she hadn’t.

“Here we are, home sweet Sincan Rus Escort home.” Michelle pronounced with a sweep of her arm. “At least for the next couple of hours.”

Taking a good look around the room, Kelly couldn’t help but be impressed. The Hilton it might not of been, but it sure as hell had the Holiday Inn beat by a mile.

“We’ve got champagne, various appetizers and such.” Michelle said as she gently placed her hands on Kelly’s arms. “But first, something I’ve wanted to do for the longest time.”

Pulling Kelly tight against her, Michelle kissed her again. This time it was full on the lips. Kelly responded quickly to the warm, soft pressure against her lips, and the taste of Michelle’s tangy red lipstick. Opening her mouth as she felt the tickle of Michelle’s tongue against it, Kelly drew it inside her.

“Mmmmm” Michelle purred as tongue found tongue.

The reality of countless night’s dreams brought a warm feeling to both women. Kelly felt a soft touch against her breast as Michelle slipped her fingers beneath the folds of her blouse.

“Lets get more comfortable.” Michelle said as she kissed her a second time.

Slowly, the two woman began undressing each other, continuing to stroke and kiss as they did. Michelle quickly lost her blouse and shorts, displaying an perfect tan that continued even beneath her undergarments. Nude sunbathing was a passion with her. If you wanted to enjoy the kiss of the sun, why let a few silly scraps of cloth get in the way.

Kelly had been wearing a blue blazer with matching blouse and skirt, very conservative and business like. Michelle was more than eager to help her out of the jacket, running her hand across the outline of her breasts. The soft motion was enough to cause the quarter size aureoles to shrink and harden, exciting Michelle even more. She considered ripping it open in a burst of passion, but the idea that any other clothing Kelly might have had was locked away in her luggage finally prevailed.

Filled with excitement, Michelle quickly unbuttoned the blouse and in one quick snap, unfastened the Victoria Secret’s black lace bra beneath it. Definitely not what you expected to find under that dull outfit.

“Do you have panties to match?” Michelle whispered in her sexiest tone.

“Ah…that’s for you to find out.” Kelly replied teasingly, clearly enjoying the attention.

Michelle wasted no time in unzipping the wool knit skirt, sliding her hand down across the business woman’s voluptuous thighs. She was just a little disappointed to find the skin under her clothes so pale. If they only had more time, she would’ve taken her to her favorite spot out in the desert and taught her wonderful feeling you got from frolicking au natural.

“Let just me get the rest of this off you.” Michelle said in a commanding voice.

The authority in her tone and her willing reaction to it took Kelly by surprise. She wasn’t used to taking orders, especially from another woman. Her bisexual experiences had been with women more or less her own age. The first had been after a long endless night working on a report when her administrative assistant had guided her into the pleasures of girlsex. It had been an eye-opening experience. Yet in the end, she was somewhat relieved when Donna had quit to take a job with another company. Kelly’s world might not have been as oppressive as Michelle’s regarding lesbianism, but it wasn’t that open either. She wouldn’t loose her job over being exposed, but it would certainly bar her from the vice president’s office. After Donna, all of her affairs had been far from the office and usually with women who had as much to loose as she did.

What really surprised Kelly was that she was actually enjoying a submissive role for a change. Usually she had to exert her dominance in every aspect of her life, but she could feel the energy in the woman undressing her. It excited her and she wanted to just see where it would take her.

In no time at all, Michelle had undressed both Kelly and herself. Kelly watched with approval as the Navy Officer had carefully placed her traveling suit over the back of a chair, careful not to wrinkle the clothing. At least she was considerate enough to realize that she could hardly show up in San Diego in crumpled clothes. Deals had fallen through over less.

Michelle couldn’t keep her hands off Kelly’s huge breasts. Once, while she was pregnant, her own breasts had been close to this size, but had shrunk back to normal afterwards. Still, one does what they can with what they have. She gently caressed Kelly’s mounds with her hands and swirling fingers, making imaginary circles around the now swollen nipples. Her soft touch excited Kelly greatly, her nipples had always been extra sensitive. Michelle could hear her lover’s breathing began to quicken, causing the blonde’s own juices to collect between her legs.

Her tongue replaced her hands and like Etlik Rus Escort a babe, she pulled the large nipples deep into her hungry mouth. Strong fingers kneaded the abundant flesh, playing an erotic symphony on Kelly’s body.

Kelly reached out with her own slender fingers and played with Michelle’s breasts in turn. Truth be told, she actually wished she had mounds like that, having always believed that her’s were oversized. She lifted up each breast to her mouth and ran her tongue across the stiff and tanned nipples and kissed each in turn. This sent little shivers of pleasure across Michelle’s chest.

In response, Michelle slid one hand down across Kelly’s thigh and between her legs, delighting in the deep wetness she found there. Skillfully massaging the stubby clit she found there, she began to steer Kelly toward her first orgasm. A single finger became two, then three. They slid in and out faster and faster, adding fuel to the fire that raged deep inside.

Kelly continued to work on Michelle’s breasts, kissing, teasing, and biting them over and over. The conflagration that radiated from her own womanhood made her more and more aggressive. She began to heave back and forth as she felt her first small orgasm, the wetness of which covered Michelle’s fingers.

With her free hand, Michelle jerked Kelly’s head back and kissed her forcefully, sucking the force of Kelly’s orgasm into her. Her tongue pressed firmly against Kelly’s. The kisses continued, becoming softer, longer and much wetter. There were few things Michelle loved more than sharing french kisses with another woman, and from the response, Kelly shared the passion.

Now it was Kelly’s turn. She led Michelle back to the large bed, the size of which made it obvious that Michelle’s friend used it for a lot more that a quick nap. She spread her long muscular legs wide and immediately dropped her head between them. Kelly had been delighted to see that Michelle had indeed kept her pussy as bare as a teenage girl’s as she had mentioned in her emails. She had never been with a woman who shaved her hair, it was an immense turn-on.

Michelle moaned as she felt the soft wetness of Kelly’s tongue as it slid up and into her love canal. Hitting all the right spots, she began to drive the younger woman up the ridges of her own climax. It wasn’t long before Michelle’s heart was racing and the same electrical surges that Kelly had felt a short time before now ravaged her own body.

Grabbing the back of Kelly’s head with her powerful hands, Michelle pulled her deeper between her legs. So forceful was her grip that Kelly couldn’t even catch her breath. Not that she cared at the moment. All that concerned her was the small trickle of juices that she was eagerly lapping up with the tip of her tongue. A trickle that she knew would soon be a flood.

She didn’t have long to wait as Michelle’s naked form, covered with sweat, began to buck and quake. The larger woman let out a loud cry of joy as she exploded in and across Kelly’s mouth. Kelly would’ve joined in the shout but she was too busy lapping up her reward.

“Oh God, that was great.” Michelle panted as the two woman laid side by side.

The two spent long minutes just silently kissing and licking each other clean. No further words were shared, just an occasional shared laughter.

Finally, looking up at the large 18 inch clock on the wall, the military woman noted that they had already been at it for over a half hour. Time was running so fast.

Kelly meanwhile was oblivious to the passage of time, she was having to much fun. She never realized how good it could feel to just let someone else take control, even if just for a little while.

“I’ve got a little surprise for you.” Michelle laughed as she reached under the bed and pulled out her flight bag.

Kelly watched, first in fascination, then in shock, as Michelle produced a large 9″ dildo from the dark blue bag. In her own luggage, she kept a smaller vibrator, but nothing like this. It was the strap on kind, and it was obvious that Michelle planned to wear it.

“I don’t know about this…” Kelly said with more than a touch of hesitation in her voice.

“Didn’t you say in your emails that it’s always been your fantasy to be fucked by a monster cock?” Michelle asked as she jumped back onto the bed. “How you always dreamed about it but would never do it with a man other than your husband.”

Kelly bit down on her lower lips as she studied the formidable rubber phallic. It had been her fantasy to be totally ravaged at least once in her life. She loved her husband, she really did. Yet sometimes she so much wanted something more than his 7″ in her.

“I guess that sometimes you can fantasize about something knowing its never going to happen, that way its a safe obsession.” Came her reply.

“All right.” Michelle said, a little disappointed. “I’ll just put this away then.”

“Wait…” Kelly said, taking the time to measure her words. “I’d really like to try it…honestly.”

The look of disappointment on Michelle’s face instantly turned to joy. It resembled nothing else if not that of the cat that ate the canary. She quickly secured the straps of her artificial manhood around and between her legs. She held out her hand to Kelly and guided her to the floor, it was always more fun down there.

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