Curious George

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When I was a boy, maybe around 14 or 15, I found a book under my parents bed while snooping around. The book was of all sorts of erotic stories, and I found myself loving the book. I masturbated frequently, as any young man does, and this book became one of my favorite things to masturbate too. I could only use the book while my parents weren’t home, being that I had to go into their room to get it, and I feared being found looking for the book under their bed. After a few weeks, I had finished all of the stories, and read through them all a couple of times. When my parents were out for the day, my mom shopping and my dad at work, I made my way into their room, and got on my knees next to the bed. I found the book, and moved some stuff around to see if maybe I could find another. I found a shoe box, non-descript, just sitting there, so I pulled it out. I opened the lid and found, to my surprise, 2 dildos, one slender and green, and a white one with much more girth. Along with the dildo’s I found some lube, massage oil, and a little pink vibrator on a long cord. I had never seen a dildo in person before, I had seen them on the internet, or in porn videos, but never in person. I picked the green one out of the box and held it in both hands. It was about 7 inches long, and about as thick as a broomstick. I had never had gay fantasies before, or any gay thoughts, but when I held this dildo in my hand, my mind began to race. I thought of what it would feel like in my butt, and if it would hurt. I wondered if I would like it, and if liking it would make me gay. I put my doubts aside and Ankara escort decided to try my luck with the dildo. I took the dildo and the lube into the bathroom, where I locked and bolted the door shut. I peeked out the window overlooking our driveway to make sure no one was home then sat on the toilet.

Being young, and new to anal play, I didn’t know how to begin. I made myself go to the bathroom, for fear of making a mess on the bathroom floor. When I was done, I cleaned up and got on the floor. I took out the lube and squirted a glob onto the tip of the dildo, then rubbed the lube all over the length of the toy. I bent over, on my knees, one hand on the floor, and one hand guiding the dildo to my butt. I pushed the dildo against my whole and pushed, but I had trouble getting it to penetrate. The dildo simply wouldn’t slide through my virgin hole. I straightened back up and took out the lube again, this time rubbing it on my pointer finger. I bent back over and this time guided just my hand back to my butt, allowing my finger to rub on the outside of my whole. I felt the cool lube smearing across my hole, and then an odd sensation as a inserted my pointer finger into my hole. It felt odd, both feeling my insides with my finger, and feeling something moving around in my anus. It didn’t hurt, it just felt weird. I gently fingered my hole for a little while longer, before picking up the dildo once again.

I placed the dildo against my hole again, and this time, felt the odd sensation of my asshole being pulled apart as the toy slid inside more easily than before. The lube Ankara escort bayan around my hole eased the dildo in easily, and my ass willingly accepted the intruder. It felt amazing, this simulated dick sliding into my ass, filling up my insides. The dildo was thin, so it really didn’t hurt at all, uncomfortable, a little, but no pain. I began to slowly move the dildo back and forth in my ass, feeling it slide along my insides, and pull on the rim of my asshole every time it slid back in. I found myself wanting more after a little while, I found myself wanting something bigger inside of me. As the thought entered my head, I found myself walking back into my parents room, and next thing I know, the big white dildo is in my hands.

I knelt down again and lubed up the white dildo. On my knees, I rubbed the toy against my whole, before pushing it in. This feeling was a little more intense than the feeling of the green dildo in my butt. This one hurt, it hurt bad. I felt spasms of pain roll through my body from my rectum. I pulled the dildo out and started to breathe heavily, my butt still hurting. Determined, I tried again, this time, the pain a little less, but still enough to make me pull the dildo back out. This went on for a few minutes, me pushing the dildo in, feeling the pain, then pulling it back out, until finally, I could take the pain, and left the dildo in. After awhile, it felt glorious, the dildo penetrating me deeper than before. I pushed in as far as I could, until it seemed as if I would lose the dildo, then pull it back out, sometimes letting it come all the way out Escort Ankara just so I could feel it dive into my ass fresh. I looked down at my dick and saw it dripping pre-cum. I really couldn’t rub my cock with my hand working on my ass, so I stood up, holding the dildo in tight with one hand. I put the toilet seat down and sat on top of it, dildo still deep inside of me.

I stood up slightly and sat down again, fucking myself with the dildo but leaving my hands free. “This is what it was like to get fucked by a guy,” I thought to myself. It felt so good, the dildo pleasuring me in ways I didn’t know possible. I quickened my pace, really fucking the dildo as I began to rub my dick. It felt so good, the combination of my ass getting penetrated and my hand rubbing my cock. I felt my orgasm coming a few seconds after I started rubbing my cock. I came in big globs of white, right into my waiting free hand. My hand was filled up quickly, an some dripped over and landed on my feet and the rug. I looked at the cum, feeling very adventurous (I just fucked my own ass after all) and decided, why the hell not. I brought my hand to my face, and sucked in, taking all the cum in my mouth. I coughed once, forcing some of the cum out, and down my chin. It tasted salty, a very odd taste, but not entirely bad. I tried to swallow but it felt like the cum was stuck in my throat. I kept swallowing until there was only a lingering feeling of the semen. I stood up, almost forgetting the dildo in my ass. It fell out with a sucking noise and hit the floor. I cleaned up, and went to my room. The after affects of everything left me a little sore, and my throat a little sticky, but I could tell that this was only the beginning of a whole new world of sex for me.

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Control Geek-Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

By Randy MacAnus

Copyright 2018 All rights reserved by the author

Trevor told Mitch that coach hung out at the local coffee house after school. Figured. A lot of cute guys came there after school. Mitch figured coach would likely follow Trevor into the men’s room. Mitch would be in one of the stalls when they came in. As coach passed his stall, Mitch would stick the needle in his ass.

This would give Trevor a little information, namely that Mitch was injecting something rather than using hypnosis or blackmail or some other form of coercion. As it would not give him critical information, and Mitch felt he could trust his good friend, he decided to go for it.

The plan worked like a charm. Coach only had time to say, “Hey!” before is eyes glazed over and he slumped to the floor. Trevor left the men’s room and stood guard outside as Mitch gave the coach his instructions.

When coach woke up, Mitch and Trevor were gone and Coach didn’t remember a thing about his indoctrination. Coach just thought he passed out. Then he began to have very strange thoughts. (For him.) He suddenly felt tremendous shame for what he had done to the slender teen boys that turned him on.

He had preyed mostly on nerds, because they represented the opposite of football players to him, and were therefore not real men. They could and should be used by real men like him. Now, as he thought about it, he decided that it was really the nerds who were the real men. They were the ones who were smart, and should be in charge.

Football players and ex football players like him were obsolete in the modern world, hanging on to the illusion that strength and size made them better.

He now realized that he better make amends with those he had used, and especially with Trevor who was not only really really smart, but had had the balls to stand up to him! Now that kid was a real man!

Coach got up from the floor and walked out of the rest room. He wanted Trevor to take total charge of him. He would do whatever the boy wanted. Coach felt small and insignificant now. He should belong to and serve Trevor, if the boy would have him. He desperately hoped that Trevor would not only use him but punish him for his evil ways. If not, Coach would find another teen nerd to use him. He just had to!

Coach left the coffee shop and headed for Trevor’s house. He knew right where the boy lived, as he had spied on him numerous times, hoping to see him naked through a window, or swimming naked in his back yard pool. He had planned to take pictures with a telephoto lens, but he never caught the slender teen naked.

He walked up to Trevor’s door after checking that his parents’ cars were gone. He found he was really nervous, because he so wanted Trevor to take charge of him! Coach rang the bell and waited.

Trevor and Mitch were sitting on the living room sofa. When the bell rang they both grinned and giggled. Trevor composed himself, walked to the door and opened it. Coach swallowed hard and hoped he wouldn’t mess this up.

“What do you want?” said Trevor, in his coldest voice.

“Sir, I am so sorry for constantly tormenting you and hitting on you. I was wrong to do that, and I now realize the you ner… I mean you really smart men are the real alpha males in this day and age. I should be serving and servicing you!”

“And…” said Trevor.

“And I was hoping you would accept me as your slave. I know you’re gay, and I’m hoping that, even though I’m not worthy you will let me serve you. I’m yours to use as you wish. I’ll serve you the best I can, and if you get bored with me you can give me or sell me to anyone you want and I’ll serve them.”

“You’re right, you don’t deserve this. But if you promise never to come on to anyone ever again, and accept the fact that you will be severely punished, I’ll allow you to be my slave. And trust me. You will be sold at some point.”

“Thank you Master!”

Trevor instantly slapped the coach hard across the face. “You will not call me Master until I decide you have earned that right! You will call me and every other nerd you ever meet ‘sir’. And if a nerd hits on you, you will say ‘thank you, sir’ and service him in any way he pleases. You will then report to me and describe your use in detail. One exception. If anyone ever wants to bottom for you, you will respectfully decline. You will explain that your Master doesn’t allow you to top.”

“Yes, M..Sir! Thank you Sir!”

“You will strip naked right where you stand, place your hands behind your back and assume the parade rest position while I inspect you.”

“Yes Sir!”

As humiliated as he felt, the coach complied at once. After stripping down, he assumed the position, his face beet red with humiliation, which of course, resulted in his now useless 8 inch cock becoming hard as a rock.

Coach didn’t know it yet, but his conditioning included orders to never cum again. He would always be horny and in need of an orgasm, but unable to achieve one. Mitch didn’t know if that would work. So why not find out? If it did, it would be the ultimate version of edge play! And a whole lot better than a cock cage.

Trevor Ankara escort examined Coach’s body with his hands as well as his eyes. At times his hands would gently brush over Coach’s rock hard hairy body, feeling the sculpted muscles and enjoying the tight defined ass. Trevor was in heaven! When he got to a sensitive area, Trevor would suddenly grip hard causing the Coach to wince and whimper in pain.

Coach was now dripping pre-cum—the only jizz he would ever produce again, if Mitch’s orders had taken hold. As he moaned, in need of release, Trevor gave the Coach’s nut sac a good hard squeeze. Despite his orders Coach doubled over and yelled in terrible pain.

“Did you deserve that?”

“Yes sir!”

“Beg me to do it again!”

Coach looked up at his owner, his eyes wide. His considerable sense of self preservation tried desperately to kick in—but it was no use!

“Sir please, I’m begging you! Give my balls another hard squeeze. I deserve to be in pain!”

Trevor smiled and said, “Stand up straight and resume the parade rest position, bitch! And don’t you dare flinch when I squeeze, or you will be punished!”

With great effort, fighting back tears of humiliation, the coach managed to resume the position. He had to take deep breaths just to hold himself in place. Trevor slowly ran his hand over the coach’s toned, flat belly down to his cock and finally to his nut sac. He slowly and gently squeezed as the coach whimpered between gasps of air and kept his eyes closed.

“Open your eyes, cunt! Did I give you an order to close them?”

“Sir, no sir!”

“Look down at your nut sac slave. See my hand ready to give a good squeeze?”

“Y-yes sir,” the coach whimpered.

“Keep looking. Watch, as I squeeze your useless balls! And you better maintain the parade rest position this time, or else!”

“Yes Sir!” said the coach with a resigned sigh. He knew the chances of his remaining upright were pretty close to zero. But he was damn sure going to give it his best shot, because he wanted to please his owner so badly!

Trevor felt a delicious tingle down his spine. He had never envisioned having this kind of control over anyone! He would have been perfectly happy negotiating scenes, as long as he got to fuck his slave and discipline him enough to at least leave his ass red.

In fact, he would have felt guilty about doing this to a nice guy. But Coach was not a nice guy! He had this coming. And Trevor was thrilled to make him pay for what he’d done to who knows how many teen boys.

Trevor savored the moment gently kneading the Coach’s balls for over a minute. By that time Coach had broken out into a cold sweat. He was moaning as he waited for the terrible pain to come and his dick was a rock hard eight inches once again.

Trevor squeezed—hard! Harder than he had the first time. The coach wailed in pain, and through sheer will managed to hold the parade rest position for nearly two seconds before he crumpled to the ground and assumed the fetal position, holding his savaged ‘nads and his now limp dick.

“Nice try, but not good enough! Get in the house. Leave your clothes where they are!”

“Y-yes sir!” The naked slave said in a hoarse whisper. Holding his throbbing balls, the Coach managed to get to his feet. He briefly glanced over his shoulder at the street wondering if anyone had seen any of this. The thought made him hard again, despite the pain.

Coach couldn’t get himself completely upright, but he did manage to get his torso to about a thirty degree angle. His legs, however, were still bent at the knees. He hobbled into the living room and was startled to see Mitch sitting there with a big smirk on his face.

“Having fun, Coach?”

The new slave couldn’t answer as he had still not recovered from the two attacks on his nuts.

“He’s my slave now, Mitch. Seems he’s had a change of heart about his evil ways, and wants me to make him pay for all he’s done. And I am going to do exactly that!

Isn’t that right, Coach?”

“Yhess, ssir” the Coach managed to wheeze.

“Well then, it looks like Trevor has you off to a good start,” Mitch said, with an evil grin on his face.

Trevor said, “You ever sucked cock, dick breath?”


“You ever been fucked?”


“You know that’s about to change, don’t you?”

Coach finally managed a big breath and was able to say, with a little bit of volume, “Yes Sir.”

“Lean your hands against that wall and spread your legs wide, bitch!”

“Yes sir!”

The 54 year old gray fox leaned against the wall, but his arms were too weak to hold him up so his head was against the wall as well.

“Did I tell you to lean your head against the wall, slut?”

“No sir, but I can’t quite hold myself up with my arms!”

“Your list of punishments is growing by the minute. Beg for it, pussy boy!”

“Please sir, take my cherry! Pound my virgin ass hard! Make me suffer for all I’ve done!”

Trevor didn’t want his dick to suffer, so he had lubed it up as the bitch begged. His new slave received no such courtesy. After dropping trou, Trevor grabbed his 54 year old boy’s hips and rammed his seven Ankara escort bayan inch man meat home with one brutal thrust. It hurt him despite the lube, but he didn’t mind in the least. The howl of shame and pain emanating from his property was music to his ears!

“Take it all slut! And you’d better get used to it, because your boy pussy is gonna get reamed more often than a jail house bitch’s!”

Between his moans, the new bitch managed to say, “Thank you sir!”

Trevor pulled back slowly, then rammed it home once more, bringing another delightful howl from his new pussy boy.

“Listen up, slut! Whenever I ram it home you have your pussy as relaxed as you can make it so I know how much you want it inside you. When I pull back you squeeze as hard as you can to show how much you want to please me!”

“Yes sir! I want to please you so bad, Sir!”

Mitch giggled as he watched his friend finally get what he’d always wanted. Trevor continued to pull back slow, then ram it home, but never with the same rhythm, so his slave would be caught off guard (and so Trevor would last longer!)

Sure enough the slut did his best to have his tight little hole open for his Master’s thrusts and squeezed tight as his owner pulled back. After a wonderful fifteen minutes of playing with his new toy, Trevor decided it was time to fill him up. He picked up the pace and established the rhythm that suited him, pounding as hard as he could.

The 6 foot 4 inch pussy boy was moaning and wailing, saying “Oh Gawd, I’ve got to cum so bad!”

“You are forbidden to cum EVER! Is that understood slave?!”

“Oh, Gawd, yes sir! I’ll do my very best sir!” The stud moaned.

“NEVER! Trying your best is not good enough! If you cum, I may just decide to crush your balls, and then cut them off!”

“Oh crap! Please don’t cut them off sir! I want you to have the pleasure of torturing them!” wailed the hapless naked slave.

Trevor and Mitch grinned at each other. Then Trevor turned back and finished with a massive load in his bitch boy’s twat. “On your knees cunt and lick your owners cock clean!”

The exhausted slave crumpled to the ground, scrambled to his knees as best he could took the cock that now ruled his life into his mouth, and desperately sucked and licked it clean.

“My balls and taint too, bitch!”

The slave promptly obeyed. Coach’s cock was rigid and dripping with pre-cum, but he had not shot his load. Mitch wasn’t sure if that was his conditioning or the fact that his nut sac was a lovely shade of purple.

“What does this make you?” asked Trevor. Coach knew the answer. He had asked the same question of every boy he’d deflowered.

“I’m a pussy boy, sir!”

Trevor slapped the coach and said,“Whose?”

“I’m your pussy boy sir! I’m your fuck toy and your property.”

The middle aged hunk hung his head in shame. He knew he deserved all of this and much more. And he knew much more was to come!

“And what are you about to become?”

“I’m about to become your cocksucker sir!”

“Bet your sore ass you are! Get over here and get to it!”

“Yes sir! Thank you sir!”

Trevor was a bit startled by the sincerity of His slave’s response. Whatever Mitch was doing to these guys was just amazing. The Coach greedily swallowed Trevor’s cock whole. He’d never sucked one but he had trained a lot of cocksuckers in his time and he knew exactly what was required.

He’d expected to gag when he took Trevor’s cock down his throat, but it didn’t happen because Mitch had told him that with cocks it wouldn’t happen—just as he’d done with Darrin. The kneeling hairy hunk was happily deep throating his new owner, but Trevor wasn’t going to let him off that easy.

“Stop sucking, bitch. You’re not in charge here, I am. Hands behind your back and knees well apart. If you fail to obey in any way I just might kick your balls this time instead of squeezing them!”

The slut instantly complied. Trevor could see real fear in his eyes. Good! With that, Trevor began face fucking his muscular naked property.

“I’m going to use your throat bitch. You may use your tongue on my cock head if and when I choose to pull it out of your throat and into your mouth.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Trevor force fed his cock down the willing throat with a slow steady rhythm. At times he would allow it to remain all the way in, cutting off the air supply until he could see his slut’s eyes begin to lose focus. To his credit, coach would have rather passed out than disappoint his new owner.

Whenever Trevor pulled his cock back into Coach’s mouth the eager slut would lick and slurp greedily all around the head. Trevor had to admit to himself that it felt damn good, but so did his bitch’s throat muscles, when they spasmed around his seven inch rod.

Finally, Trevor was ready to unload. He picked up the pace ramming harder and harder into his prey’s tonsils.

“Hold my cum in your mouth, slave. You swallow only when I say you can!”

Coach moaned as the load was deposited in his waiting mouth. He only just managed to hold it without swallowing or losing any. If Trevor had taken his mouth first, he wouldn’t have had a chance!

Trevor Escort Ankara pulled his cock out and slapped his new boy’s face with it. “Very well, you may swallow my cum.”

Coach swallowed the load in one gulp, then said, “Thank you sir!”

“All right cocksucker, lick my cock clean!”

Coach willingly complied. When coach was done, Trevor pulled his cock out and the big stud whimpered at his loss. His first impulse was to look up at his owner but he quickly thought better of it and looked down.

“Your looking in the right direction, bitch. Pull up my pants fasten them and zip up the fly. Then bend down and lick my shoes clean.” Trevor had made sure to get mud on them as he walked into the house.

“Now the soles.”

Though his tongue was dry and gritty from licking the tops of the shoes, Coach quickly degraded himself further by thoroughly licking his master’s soles clean, one at a time.

“Put your forehead on the floor and spread your legs wide, pussy boy! You want some of this slut, Mitch?”

Mitch was so turned on from watching the proceedings that he thought he might blow a load in his pants if he didn’t get relief. So, even though he wanted to fuck his new property Sean tonight, he decided to go for it.

“I’ll take pussy boy’s ass.”

“He’d better be pleased with your efforts slave. You’ve already got a ton of punishment coming your way!”

Mitch lubed up and slammed it home. The slave grunted, whimpered and started breathing heavily, but he didn’t scream this time. Shame about that. But Mitch was sure Trevor’s punishments would have the pervert’s voice wailing like Joe Cocker! (For those of you who are younger than forty, he was a pop singer with a voice that sounded like a frog and he wailed a lot.)

Mitch held back for a while by trying to think of anything but sex, but it didn’t take long, as horned up as he was. He picked up the pace and shot a nice big load where the sun don’t shine!

Mitch pulled out and slapped the kneeling naked bitch with his Santorum covered cock a few times then wiped it clean on the bitch’s face. “You look good covered in cum and ass juices, pussy boy.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Did he do a good job, Mitch?”


“There’s another punishment coming, slave.”

“Cripes, there must be a dozen of them coming by now,” thought the kneeling submissive. “I hope my owner enjoys giving punishment.”

Mitch said, “I’m going over to Hans’ now. Any more plans for your new toy today?”

“Yeah,” said Trevor. “Bitch has a lot to learn. For openers I’m going to let him burn his clothes in the backyard barbecue. Then he’s going to walk home naked. How far is that, slut?”

“Two miles sir,” whispered the panicked, antique boy toy.

“I’ll allow you to sneak around as much as you can. But if you get caught by the cops, I expect you to offer them your body if they don’t run you in. If you’re arrested call me and I’ll bring you your wallet so you can pay your fine.”

“Thank you sir,” said the grateful slave.

“You get caught, I have a special punishment lined up for you. Trust me, you won’t like it. Once you get home, call me and I’ll come over to administer your punishments. My parents will be home soon, and I don’t want them to see a pig like you dripping pre-cum all over their floor. Which reminds me—lick it up.”

Mitch stayed to see the hairy naked stud burn his clothes while trembling uncontrollably. Trevor made a note to himself to ask Mitch whether he had, or knew of a permanent hair remover. Trev loved hairy men, but decided the coach didn’t deserve his.

The two teen nerds watched Coach leave through the front door at a dead run for the nearest patch of trees. The two teens laughed hysterically at the pervert’s plight. Then Mitch left to pay a visit to Sean and Hans. It would be interesting to see what Hans was doing with him!

Trevor sat on the sofa, exhausted, but as happy and horny as he’d ever been!

The new teen master pulled out a note book, and began to make a list of all the toys and restraints he was going to have his new slave buy. He would set up a dungeon in Coach’s basement (if he didn’t have one already) and use him there.

In fact, he might just have Coach sell him his house for a dollar, then let the slut live there until Trevor sold him, and the slave didn’t need it anymore.

Trevor found he wanted to jack off, which was pretty amazing considering how many times he’d already cum today. But he decided to save it for his slave.

He wanted to spit roast the bastard tonight, so he decided to call one of his former classmates who was now home from college. They shared a passion for using daddies. Though now that Trevor thought about it, Coach was just about old enough to be his grandfather! That thought made him even hornier!

“He damn well better not get caught,” thought Trevor, “I don’t want any delay in punishing his ass—and the rest of him too!”

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Caught Wanking #3

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The next day I had a wank before getting ready for work.

I then got in my pick-up truck and drove to work.

It all went smoothly with no dramas of the past few weeks.

I had a clear head for once.

That was until late into my shift when Jordan‘s cock made a brief appearance.

I worked around it, as it wasn’t as traumatic as before

Even while I drove home I didn’t have any visions that messed with my head.

Gina was in the front of her place as I pulled up deep into my driveway almost to my garage.

My pick-up was too big for my garage to park there.

I also parked deep to shade my truck under the big oak tree.

Gina soon came over.

She wore a small summer skirt with a tight sports bra and her hair was tied in pony-tail.

Then she told me that Jordan had taken the kids to the movies.

Also, there were more dramas in their household.

They are seeing a marriage counselor.

The kids are the only anchor keeping them here.

How is your mindset from yesterday?” She asked.

“Better, I only had one flashback today,” I responded.

“Seems like I might have hope in one of my guys from being cock chaser,” She said, sounding depressed.

I gave her a hug as I knew she needed one.

“I’m still confused but I still haven’t a solution,” I said, shrugging my shoulder.

“That will go away once you’re content with which path to take,” She said as we walked towards my truck.

“I’m no closer to an answer but time will answer that,” I said.

“Yes honey, you’re either vanilla, bi or a gay faggot like Jordan,” She sounded angry.

“Look Jordan craves the kids, but he does crave this,” She said grabbing her tits.

I kept listening as she was in a dark mood.

“He didn’t really know either until he went back for seconds,” She finished.

We were between my garage and the hood of my truck under the big oak tree now.

She gave me a cute little smile and then a wink.

In a blink of an eye, she was down on her knees and ripping my cock from my shorts.

Dam she has no off button.

She tugged at my cock gently and squeezed my foreskin.

Then she squeezed her hand down the base Ankara escort of my shaft and started stroking my cock.

Gina had my cock fully erect in under a minute.

I let out a sigh when she ran her tongue up my shaft and teased the Mushroom tip.

Then she put my cock in her mouth and deep-throated it without taking a breath.

She held her lips down my shaft with my whole cock inside her mouth.

Then as she withdrew her tongue run up the shaft until she kissed my cock’s head.

She lovingly repeated the process.

There was now drool all over my cock until she kissed it and sucked it back into her mouth.

She had her lips firmly clamped tightly around my cock driving me insane with lust.

Dam she is so brazen, we were under the shade of my oak tree and just out of view from the street.

She had my cock in her mouth and making short swallows before going for all glory.

I caressed her platinum blonde mane while she had my cock deep in her mouth again.

Her ponytail made a great handle to help pump my cock in and out of my mouth.

When she made eye contact, I realized she wanted my cock in her snatch now.

I lifted her off the dirty ground and spun her around.

Giving her a slight shove to which she braced the hood of my pick-up truck.

“Go one bad boy give it to me,” She encouraged me.

I had her bent forward to the waist and reaching under her skirt, I pulled down her knickers.

She let them drop to the ground as I played with her nice firm ass.

A simple poke and prod and my cock went inside her wet smoo of pussy.

My cock just slid deep inside Gina.

“OOHHH! YYEEAAHH!” She gasped.

“SHHH! People might spot us,” I tried to quieten her down.

“SO WHAT!” Was her response.

“Sorry but I’m in a wicked mood and your cock feels brill-e-ant.” She said grinning back at me.

Her hand reached down between her legs to give herself a quick clitty rub.

I started to slowly plow into her.

We were rooting like two dogs and making my car shake.

The pick-up suspension was starting to squeak.

I felt the urge to cum, she sensed that same urge.

“Wait, wait, slow down and control Ankara escort bayan yourself,” she asked.

“Pull out and drop to your knees,” She ordered.

I did just that.

She spread her legs apart and started fingering her sloppy pussy.

I almost cum by watching her.

Then with two sloppy fingers, she stuck them in her ass and started twirling them in her ass.

Gina backed her ass into my face.

“Now lick out my ass with your tongue and make it nice and sloppy,” She ordered.

She bent back over the truck and spread her ass wide open for me.

Gina tossed her head from side to side as I ate out her ass, she was enjoying what I was doing to her ass.

She giggled and moaned a few times as I rooted her asshole and crack like a pig does its trough.

Several more moans and sighs were let out before she called an end to it.

“Ok, Simon enough, I think I’m ready.” She said.

I stopped and stood up from the ground, as my knees felt sore.

Gina was still bent over my truck as I was getting ready to mount her.

I slowly stuck my cock back inside her pussy.

It was an inch inside when she wriggled her ass about.

“Wrong hole, stick it in my ass,” She ordered.

I shuffled around behind her until I had her in the right spot, I then forced her into the hood.

So with an arm forcing her door into the hood of the vehicle, I then the arm to guide my cock into her asshole.

I then applied a bit of slobber from her pussy to the head of my cock to then toy around her lubed anal pucker hole.

As it slid in slowly my cock’s head throbbed.

Once I was half inside I ground into her, before grabbing hold of her hips with each hand.

Then I ground even more inside her until I was trying to crack that anal breach.

I continued to grind against her breach until I forced past it.

Then I almost fell into her at the moment I popped past her breach.

“AARRGGHH!” Gina groaned as I did.

We then exchanged a few rectal runts as I began to anally plow deep into Gina’s sweet ass.

I couldn’t tell until I caught a reflection from the windscreen of the sheer wanton lust I was giving her.

By now I was Escort Ankara plowing into her with venom.


I saw her reflection and her mouth and eyes were lost in lust.

That egged me on even more.

“THAT’S IT! BUGGER ME ROTTEN!” She ranted on.

“You wanted this, this you will have,” I said.

“UUGGHH! OH YEAH! GO ON GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!” She couldn’t help herself.

I then picked the pace and moved into another gear.

Over the next few minutes, I buggered her hard and furiously.

It was like her egging me on made me a bit mad.

“Eerrgghh, Gawd!” I think I buggered her good, she was just moaning now.

I kept going, my balls were getting ready to erupt and it seemed I had broken her.

Gina collapsed on the hood with me still pounding into her.

All I heard from her were moans.

Her reflection was of someone drunk and almost passed out.

Drool was trickling from her mouth.

I wasn’t quite done yet so I kept going.

When I let out a grunt or snort, I was on the verge of cumming.

“AARRGGHH!” I grabbed her hips tight and shoved my cock as deep inside her as possible.

I stayed there until I felt all my big jets of cum expend inside.

Cum blast after cum-blast was shot inside her butt.

Once I thought I was finished, I simply pulled out and pop sound could be heard.

She was spent, her legs gave way and she slid down the hood and down to her knees and ankles.

My cum slowly exited from her bum hole.

Gina was struggling to pull herself up and grab the hood ornament for help.

I felt triumphant watching her struggle and the knowledge that a good portion of my cum was inside her bum.

After my three minutes of triumph I helped Gina up and we passionately embraced.

I noticed she had big scratch marks from my truck’s grill on the front of her thighs.

We hugged and walked into my garage, which was also my make-shift laundry.

After cleaning up we embraced and kissed before she went home.


Every night after work this week Gina waited for me to come home.

She would come right over and we would suck/fuck and clean up and go home with a load inside her stomach/ass or pussy.

Then she goes home and starts getting tea ready for the kids.

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Bloodbath, Case #2 – Part 1

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Ok, I noticed my first story got low rankings. Now, I want to ask you guys how I could improve. Feel free to tell me or suggest anything I could do to make my stories more enjoyable for you. I would gladly accept any help or advice you’d give me. Thanks! 🙂

Victim – Chase Anthony Cervera
Age – 22
Date of Birth – November 3, 1989
Date of Death – November 8, 2011
Cause of Death – Strangulation
“Happy birthday, Chase!!!”

The wild cheers of over 50 people sliced the still, cold air. Drinks were passed around and music blared from an old, but reliable, stereo. People were dancing to the catchy beat as the celebrated their friend’s birthday. In the center of the room was a tall, gorgeous young man with seductive brown eyes and short, spiked hair. His shirt was unbuttoned, revealing his smooth chest and beautiful abs. As he danced, another hot young man with sharp, green eyes joined him and they held each other in an embrace. People cheered as their bodies came closer to one another and the distance between their faces grew shorter. Before long, the two were locked in a romantic kiss. The elated screams of the people around them reached a frenzy as the kiss became more passionate and torrid. A few seconds later, they broke off the kiss, smiled, and embraced one another.

The young, brown-eyed man whispered, “I love you, Ken”

“And Ankara bayan escort I love you, Chase,” replied his green-eyed lover.

As he and his boyfriend embraced, Chase noticed someone sitting alone in the corner and in the shadows. He was looking straight at him and his eyes seemed to communicate rage. Troubled, Chase freed Ken from his embrace and told him about the person. Ken turned around to where Chase saw the person, but he was gone.

“I have a bad feeling, Ken. Something was just so disturbing about that guy.”

“Don’t worry, love. I’ll keep you safe from any creep who tries to come close to you.”

Chase felt the sincerity and love of his lover’s words and relaxed. It was his night and he wasn’t planning on using it on worrisome thoughts. Smiling, he took Ken’s hand and danced with him again as a slow song started playing on the stereo.

It was 2 AM when the celebration finally ended. What was meant to be a small party had become a boisterous and enjoyable night, and Chase loved every part of it. Ken’s arm was wrapped around his shoulder as they left the bar and started walking home.

“Ken, you don’t have to walk me home. You’re tired and you have work tomorrow.”

“Yeah, but I can’t let anything happen to you. Especially after you told me about that creep who was staring at you.”

Suddenly, a voice rang out from a dark alley.

“You mean me? That’s very insulting, you know.”

A blond, muscular man stepped out of the shadows. His hands were buried in the deep pockets of his dark overcoat. He was grinning at the two men and walking slowly towards them.

Ken stepped in front Escort bayan Ankara of Chase and spoke in a deep, threatening voice to the man.

“Look, if you don’t leave my boyfriend alone, you’re gonna see stars once I’m done with you. Or do you want me to drag you to the police instead?”

The man laughed at Ken’s statement.

“Are you trying to scare me away? I haven’t done anything to you…”

The man looked over Ken’s shoulder and saw Chase’s handsome face hiding behind Ken.

“…but I sure wish could have some fun with Chase. Come out, Chase. I just want us to do what you and your boyfriend do every night. Don’t you want to try someone else for a change?”

Ken flew into a rage, grabbed the man’s neck, and threw him against a wall.


Despite being suffocated by Ken’s strong hand, the man managed a weak chuckle and replied in a sinister voice.

“Au contraire, Ken. I don’t believe you could hurt a fly, much less a person…”

Suddenly, the man pulled out a sharp knife from his overcoat pocket. Chase saw the knife glisten and ran towards Ken.


Ken looked down and saw the sharp object. He loosened his grip and took a step back, but the man was too quick. The next thing Ken felt was a sharp pain in his side as the knife entered him. He fell to his knees and collapsed as the man pulled out the knife.
“Don’t worry Ken,” the man said, “I’ll take care of pretty Chase here.”

Chase froze. He didn’t know what to Bayan escort Ankara do. His boyfriend was just stabbed in front of him and this murdered was coming closer and closer to him. Dark red blood dripped from the tip of the knife and left a trail leading back to his lover’s body. He had to run. He had to get help or Ken would die. Hurriedly, he whipped out his cell and dialed 9-1-1. The man saw this and ran towards Chase. He tackled him and Chase’s phone flew into an open dumpster just as a dispatcher answered the call

“9-1-1, what’s you emergency…Hello? Is anyone there?”

Knowing his call got through, Chase screamed at the top of his lungs.


The man violently hit Chase and threatened to kill him if he wouldn’t shut up. Blood started trickling from Chase’s mouth onto his white shirt.


“Not today, Chase. I’m taking you with me whether you like it or not,” replied the man.

The man started strangling Chase to knock him out. He didn’t want to kill him because he had other plans for Chase’s beautiful body. Chase struggled to fight back, but it was futile. Slowly, his body grew limp and within seconds, he was unconscious. The man carried Chase into his car, which was parked on the main road, and drove off just as the sound of police and ambulance sirens grew louder and louder as they approached the alley where Ken was.

Chase’s head was lying on the man’s lap. The man ran his hand over Chase’s dark brown hair and over his handsome face and smiled.

“Finally, after all those months of waiting, I finally have you where I want you to be. You will be forever mine, Chase. Forever mine…”


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Domination of Monique.Chapter1.

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This is a true story..Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Fresh out of school 18 yr old Monique was a little nervous as she approached the door to the managers office for the first time.It was a hot day and she had chosen to wear a very pretty,short floral dress together with 4in stilettos that accentuated her attractive tanned legs.She wanted to make a good impression and guarantee herslf the job.She had seen the ad in the local paper for a temp postition and was in desperate need of money and had subconsiously decided to do what ever it takes then and there to do just that.

As she briskly walked her long golden blonde hair brushed across her hard perky breasts on her way upstairs to the front door.Her petite cleavage was out there and was a sight to be admired.There was a horny oversexed guy sitting on a chair talking bullshit to his younger collegue out the front and when she walked past them he smelt the sweet perfumed air around her and commented “just look at that hot slut” to the younger male followed by “Id love to bang her hot tight ass!”

The younger 18 yr old trainee thought the same but wasnt so outspoken as his senior collegue.He just perved at her nubile body and wished in his heart that one day he wud get a girl just like that.

Monique quickly preens herself before pressing the buzzer to the front security door.It opens and she walks in the door closes behind her.Its quite dark inside and after a short while her eyes adjust to the ambient light.Theres a front counter and seated behind it is a 35 yr old woman.Shes worked here for just on 10 years and has seen Ankara bayan escort a lot of pretty young things come and go.Her eyes shift from the computer screen and eye Moniques pretty young body up and down stopping at her mound.Not knowing as she was walking in, Monique’s dress rode high in between her firm legs and was pressing against her freshly shaven pussy.Being such a hot day Monique wasnt wearing any underwear and the perspiration covering her smooth pussy made the dress stick hard.

Can I help you? Jessica said without thinking as her mind deviated to more perverse things whilst at the same time her eyes shifted from Moniques pussy upwards along her tight nubile body settling on her hard pert nipples .Instinctivly she makes eye contact not letting herself get caught.It was too late but that didnt worry Monique who was used to being perved on and was more worried getting this job!

“Yes I have come here abt the temp job”, I phoned up earlier.I have an appointment to see the manager Monique says as she looks over the counter and notices Jessicas skirt pushed just high enough so that she can see her pink cunny lips and a gstring running through her crack.She pulls back and puts out her hand hi she says shaking Jessicas soft moist hand.Not realising minutes before Jessica had been fingering herself while watching some porn on the work computer.

Just a minute and I’ll get the boss Jessica says as she pushes down her skirt and walks into the adjoining office..Hey Bob you should see the chick whos come for the temp job Jessica says closing the door behind her.Come over her and taste me she Escort bayan Ankara says as she hitches her skirt up,pulls her gstring to the side and pushes her hungry moist cunt against Bobs energetic tongue.Thats it lick my cunt make me juice up Jessica says as she spreads her silken smooth labia apart for Bobs cum hungry tongue.I think we are going to have some fun today Jessica yells as she squirts into Bobs eager mouth.Ok thats it darling lick me clean.I ‘ll bring her in.Now remember what we discussed ok!

With hurried anticipation Jessica pulls down her skirt and licks Bobs dripping cum covered face clean before opening the door.Come in pls Monique,the boss is expecting you Jessica says before closing the door on her way out.Meanwhile the two guys who were outside have entered the office and the older guy is sitting on Jessica’s desk looking at the porn thats still playing on her computer screen.Your a dirty bitch Jess! Have something real as he unzips his fly to reveal his think 8in cock.Suck on it slut!

Jessica gets down on her knees and grabs hold of Tonys throbbing cock and starts to lick from its thick base all the way up along the underside of his shaft to just under the sensitive rim.Oh keep going bitch Tony says as he undoes his belt,drops his pants and flops out his large cum filled balls.Ive got a nice big load ready for you he says as he beckons for the youger guy to do the same.Initailly 18 yr old Ian was a bit shy but the sweet aroma of Jessica’s wet pussy changed his mind instantly and he proceeded to position himself in behind Jessicas hot ass!Ian lifts up Jessicas skirt and pulls her gstring Bayan escort Ankara to the side so he can have easy access to her dripping wet hole.He licks two fingers and without hesitation pushes them all the way straight in.He pushes in deep and starts rubbing her cervix.She starts to uncontrollably wriggle and push back against him at the same time..Shes got one hand wrapped tight around Tonys balls as she stretches them down.Jessisca spits onto her right hand n pushes two fingers deep into Tonys ass.He removes his hands from Jessicas head and spreads his ass cheeks wide so she can have easy access to his hole.Fuck me harder slut!Stretch my dirty hole you bitch Tony yells as Jessica forces 3 fingers all the way in..Oh Oh Im cumming Tony screams as he spurts his hot load deep down the back of Jessicas throat..

Ians fingers are by now furiously working their way in and out of Jessica’s dripping cock hungry hole.Stretch me open baby she yells and Ian willingly obliges.He now is working 4 fingers in and out while hes jerking his throbbing cock with the other hand !Tony calls out give it to her as Jessica sucks his cock dry.
Ian heeds Tonys advice and forces his whole fist deep in Jessicas ever gaping cunt.She starts pumping his hand like shes riding a giant cock.Fuck me fuck me fuck me harder she yells as Ian punches her sluthole!Yes thats it ooohhh yessss.Ian beckons Tony around and ever so diligently they exchange hands.Ian can hold on no longer and while Tonys fisting Jessicas wet gaping cunt he positions his cock againt her puckered ass.Jessica feels his hot meat against her ass and pushes back to accomodate him.He plunges in deep and squirts his thick creamy load deep into her ass.He doesnt care its a quick fuck because plans have already been made for the new temp Monique…To be continued.

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dx gets it

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It’s fall 1997, and the early days of D-Generation X. Hunter Hearst-Helmsley and Shawn Michaels are roaming the backstage area of the Gund Arena, looking to stir up some mayhem, when they past an open door. Hunter passes it without looking inside, but Shawn does stop. The former WWF Champion peeks inside the room and is greeted with the site of Sunny, wearing skintight shorts and a WWF t-shirt, bending over and doing some stretching.

“Hey Hunter, check this out,” Shawn calls out. Hunter has gotten a good distance away before he hears Shawn calling out to him. Hunter does an about face and hurries back to Shawn and peeks into the locker room at Sunny.

“God damn… that’s one hell of an ass,” Hunter says as Sunny continues to bend over. Before Hunter can make another comment, Shawn has entered the locker room. Shawn walks into the room and smacks Sunny’s ass. The beautiful diva spins around and slaps Shawn across the face before she realizes it’s him.

“Hey watch it buster…. Oh shit… I’m sorry Shawn,” Sunny says as she holds her hands to her mouth after she realized what she did. Shawn rubs his cheek and laughs a bit.

“It’s ok Sunny, I’m the one who slapped you ass…”

“That’s right… I should report you to Commissioner Slaughter…” Sunny puts her hands on her hips and glares at Shawn. Hunter has entered the room after hearing Sunny threaten Shawn. Shawn puts his hands up and smiles at her.

“Hey relax Sunny, we both know you won’t do that…” Shawn smirks as he moves his leg to kick Hunter so he can catch on to what he’s trying to do.

“And why won’t I?” Sunny asks as she folds her arms.

Hunter grins, “Because Shawn here is going to make it up to you… and I’m going to help.”

“Oh really?” Sunny raises an eyebrow but starts to smirk, “And how are you going to do that?”

“Like this…” Shawn replies as he takes Ankara escort hold of her wrist and pulls her towards him. He wraps his arms around Sunny and dips her downward as he places a hot kiss on her lips. Sunny wraps her arms around his neck as she parts her lips and slides her tongue forward and into Shawn’s mouth. The reason why Sunny is not resisting is that this isn’t the first time she and Shawn have hooked up like this. Meanwhile, Hunter has kneeled down near Sunny and has pulled down her shorts to around her ankles. He lifts one leg at a time to fully remove her shorts. Hunter takes hold of the string of her thong and snaps it in order to remove it without sliding it down her legs.

Hunter moves behind the moaning blond as Shawn places his hand on her pussy. As Shawn begins to rub her smooth pussy, Hunter has opened up Sunny’s ass and is licking up and down the crack of her ass. Sunny moans loudly as she moves her hips a bit to press her cunt against Shawn’s hand and her ass against Hunter’s mouth. Shawn slides his fingers into her cunt for a short time before he kneels down in front of her and starts licking her pussy. Sunny pinches her nipples through her t-shirt.

“Oooooo… that’s it… eat my pussy… lick my ass… ahhh… mmm…” Sunny moans as she pulls off her t-shirt, exposing her perfect five-star breasts. Shawn slides his tongue deep into her twat, touching a spot inside her that makes Sunny squeal. “Ohhh fuck… stop… get those cocks out…”

Hunter and Shawn smirk as they stand up and quickly remove their clothing. Sunny licks her lips as she eyes up the well toned bodies of both men and gets down on to her knees. She takes hold of both men’s cock and strokes them both for a moment before turning her head towards Hunter’s. Sunny takes the former blue blood’s cock into her mouth and starts bobbing her head rapidly on his cock as she pumps Shawn’s Ankara escort bayan cock quickly with her hand. Sunny then lifts her head off of Hunter’s cock and turns towards Shawn. She moves his cock in different direction in order to make it easy for her to lick the sides of his shaft. Sunny changes how she’s kneeling a bit in order to push her ass up into the air, giving Hunter a non-vocal invitation to bang her from behind. Sunny slurps up Shawn’s pick into her mouth as Hunter pushes his cock into her tight pussy.

Sunny’s moan is very audible despite her mouth being filled with Shawn’s cock. Hunter starts fucking her pussy at a brisk pace. He puts on hand on the back of her head and pushes her head forward so she’ll deep throat Shawn’s dick. Hunter grunts noticeably as he gives the original modern day diva, which drives Sunny to push back on to his cock. Her ass cheeks jiggle a little as they collide with Hunter’s powerful thighs. Sunny moves her mouth off of Shawn’s cock and lets out a pleasurable sigh.

“Ahhh ohhh god…” She moans as Shawn takes hold of her arms and pulls her away from Hunter. Hunter gives him a bit of a sour look, but that look soon turns to the a smirk as Shawn lays down and has Sunny mount his cock. Sunny starts bouncing up and down on HBK’s prick and run her fingers through her beautiful blond hair. She pulls on her own hair roughly as she comes down sharply on Shawn’s cock each time. HBK puts his hands on her hips and helps her out some, lifting her up and pulling her back down onto his cock. Hunter gets tired of watching and moves in close to the action. He waves his cock near Sunny’s beautiful face.

“I got two words…” Before Hunter can finish what he’s about to say, Sunny grabs his cock and pulls it closer to her mouth. She opens her mouth as wide as she can and starts doing a bit of a chicken hawk motion, bobbing her head on his Escort Ankara cock as fast as she can for a few moments. Hunter then pulls his cock out of her gullet and moves back behind her. He pushes Sunny forward so her tits are pressed down against Shawn’s face. Hunter taps her ass with his cock, which makes Sunny look back at him.

“Do… ahhh… stick it in…” Sunny moans as she slows down her movements on Shawn. Hunter grins and shoves his cock deep into her ass, making Sunny scream in pleasure as Shawn takes advantage of her tits being near his face. Shawn is now licking between both of her breasts as he thrusts up into her cunt. Hunter takes hold of Sunny’s hips, using her body as leverage to pull himself harder into her ass. Sunny tries to move against both men, but can’t, so she focus on pushing back on to Hunter’s cock. Hunter doesn’t have the stamina necessary to out last Sunny at this stage in his life, and starts to cum inside her ass. Hunter pulls out of her ass and sits on the first floor trying to catch his breath.

Sunny leans back up and resumes riding Shawn’s cock at a break neck pace. Sunny throws her head back she drives herself hard down onto Shawn’s body. The ultra hot girl can’t last much longer under her own pace and starts to cum.

“Ahhh FUCK!” Sunny yells as she suddenly comes to screeching halt as she takes time to enjoy her orgasm. Shawn pushes her off of his cock, and Sunny lays down on her back. Shawn quickly straddles her body. He spits down between her tits a few times, making a trail of saliva, which he lays his cock on. Sunny presses her tits together, and Shawn starts to fuck her breasts. Sunny lifts her head a bit and flicks her tongue against the head of his prick when it comes close to her mouth. Shawn groans a bit and soon he starts to cum on her face. Sunny opens her mouth wide and moves her head around to catch some of Shawn’s banana juice. Once Shawn is spent, Sunny licks her lips and looks up at him was a smirk.

“I… forgive you… this time… next time… you might not be so lucky…”

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Brothers Love Ch 3

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Ian squeezed his eyes shut and let Silas pulse inside his mouth, thrusting at his own pace. His hands remained behind his back, but only because Silas had tied them there.

“You feel so good,” Silas whispered. But he reluctantly pulled out, letting his bobbing member hang, itching for more attention.

“What now?” Ian asked, his voice hoarse.

“You’re getting better at your breathing control, but that’s not the only thing I wanted to let you practice today.”

Ian’s eyes dropped to the floor, regretting that he’d asked.

“But while I think it’s hot to see you tied up like this, if that’s the only way you can keep from pushing me away while you suck me off it’s going to get old. Since I really don’t want to get tired of doing this, and you’re not ready to act right if I unbind your hands, I think it’s time to try something else.”

“Like what?” Ian asked, knowing he would hate the answer.

Silas led Ian from the corner of the room to the bed, where Ian began to panic.

“Silas, please don’t! I don’t want to!”

“That’s the point,” Silas smirked. “Lie down.”

Ian shook his head and gripped the bedpost.

“What? Do you think you can hold onto the bedpost to keep me from making you lie down? Did you forget that I’m a little stronger than you?”

“Please, Silas!”

“Please what?”

“Don’t make me do this.”

“I haven’t even told you what you’re going to do yet.”

“But I can guess.”

“Then guess. Tell me, little brother, what do you think I’m planning to do with you?”

Ian’s lips pursed and he stared at the floor.

“Nothing? That’s what I thought. Lie down before I have to make you.”

Ian closed his eyes and gripped the bedpost tighter.

“Ian…” Silas insisted. “I’m going to give you one more chance. Lie down.”

Ian’s eyes shot open, filled with fear. He glanced at the bedroom door. It didn’t appear locked. He took a chance and made a lunge to escape.

Silas gave a bark of laughter, and allowed Ian get a few steps away. But when the boy reached the door, he had hardly managed to pull it open when Silas’s hand tangled in his hair, pulling him Ankara escort backwards until he hit the floor hard.

Silas closed the door and flipped the lock.

“Nice try. I admire the effort, not to mention the spirit. Do you know how dull this would be if you never even tried to fight me?”

Ian didn’t appear to be listening as he lay on the floor, rubbing the back of his head.

“See?” Silas spat, standing over the boy, “I knew I’d get you to lie down one way or another.”

Without another word, Silas knelt down and leaned over Ian, swinging one leg over his torso and straddling him. Ian, seeming defeated but stiff, resisted Silas at every motion.

“It’s cute that you still insist on fighting me. Go ahead, don’t give in. I’m enjoying the chase.”

Silas pried Ian’s arms away from his chest long enough to get them through the sleeves of his sweater, and pulled it over his head. His undershirt came next, a difficult task since Ian went back to pinning his arms over his chest whenever Silas let them go.

Eventually the boy was bare chested lying on Silas’s bedroom floor.

“I wasn’t actually planning on having the first time I penetrate you while you’re awake happen in anybody’s bedroom,” Silas said.

Ian flinched at the words but didn’t respond.

“I thought keeping all of our fun confined to the room downstairs would make it easier for you to compartmentalize and help you feel safe. But you resisted too much, so here we are.”

Ian seemed to shut down like he had in the dining nook, but Silas ignored it this time. He worked Ian’s slacks open, only met with weak resistance from Ian’s hand, but he pinned them both over Ian’s head with one of his own hands.

Ian’s squirms made sliding his slacks down a bit difficult, but Silas’s member pulsed with anticipation while he worked. He finally slid them over his hips and down to his knees, where the boy’s shifting actually made it easier to slip them to his ankles and off of one foot. He didn’t bother with the slacks any further, as Ian lay bare naked before him.

Tears slipped from the corners of Ian’s eyes and soaked his hair. Silas ran his free hand Ankara escort bayan through the wet strands, feeling a heat in his core knowing he caused those tears, and there were going to be more before he was through.

He let go of the boy and leaned back to slip a tiny bottle of lubrication from his pocket, Ian whimpering at the sight of it.

Silas chuckled. “You’re just precious. You’re really afraid of me, aren’t you? You should be.”

Ian looked away, using his free hands to push himself up and scoot away from his brother.

Silas dropped the cap of the bottle in order to swipe one of Ian’s arms out from under him, causing him to fall back to the carpet.

“Stay still.” Silas shifted so he could lift a knee and pin Ian’s chest down.

He found the cap of the bottle again and, after squeezing some of the lubrication into his palm, he replaced it and tossed the bottle aside. He tugged his slacks down a little further, baring more of his hips, and rubbed the liquid over his member.

He didn’t take any time to prepare the boy before leaning over him, Ian’s wrists gripped tightly in his hands.

“This is going to hurt a little,” Silas warned. “But it’s not your body’s first time, so you should be okay.”

He realized he could go easy on Ian the first time, but he chose instead not to alter his usual pattern, and get the boy used to his rough technique faster.

Ian fought and squirmed, shaking his head and trying to free his wrists and wriggle away at the same time, but Silas’s grip was too tight. Silas found Ian’s legs with his feet and pinned them down as well. Ian’s red face was streaked in tears, and he refused to look at Silas.

Silas lowered himself, choosing not to give Ian a warning of what was about to come. He aimed himself at Ian’s tight entrance and pushed while Ian tried to pull away. But Silas was stronger, and unwilling to relent. He pushed harder and broke through Ian’s barrier, Ian biting back a groan of pain.

Silas allowed the boy to have a moment to breathe and sob, but when Ian still hadn’t collected himself Silas ignored his brother’s pain and pushed in deeper. Ian cried aloud as Escort Ankara Silas pulled out and pushed back in. He made no attempt to keep a calm pace, but thrust again as Ian’s cries grew louder and more panicked.

“You’ll be okay,” Silas whispered in his ear, finally easing his weight onto the boy so he could rock his hips with less concentration on his arm muscles.

He shifted Ian’s wrists into one hand and wrapped his other behind Ian’s neck. The boy’s cries became silent as Silas’s pace picked up.

“Ian,” Silas pleaded into his ear, kissing his wet cheek and hair. “You feel so good,” he groaned.

Ian’s face was frozen in pain, tears still streaming, and his hair becoming matted in strands over his wet cheeks and mouth.

Silas took in the pain on his baby brother’s face and began a pounding rhythm inside of him, the lube helping him glide in and out.

“That’s it, baby, take me in. I know it hurts, but you feel so good to me.”

He pushed in as deep as his hips would allow, his balls resting against Ian’s body, and held himself there while he enjoyed the sensation. When he pulled out again, just to push in hard, Ian shouted a cry of pain and fell into sobs.

“You’re okay, little one, you’re okay.”

“No I’m not!” Ian shouted.

Silas took his free hand and used it to cover Ian’s mouth. He leaned back and shifted his weight to his knees and began rocking into Ian even faster than before. Ian’s body jumped with every thrust.

“Baby, you feel too good. I’m going to come.”

Silas thrust in faster, a slapping sound filling the room above Silas’s heavy breaths.

“Please stop.”

“I will, love. I will stop. But not until I’m done.”

Silas’s hips rocked back and forth with a quickening pace as Ian tried to free his hands. The fight excited Silas, and he pushed in harder. Ian cried out, and burst into sobs that wracked his body, his trembling sent him over the edge.

“I love the sounds you make, little brother. I love the way you make me feel.” he whispered as he thrust deep and exploded inside the teenager’s hot, tight canal. He lay panting a moment, his head reeling from pleasure.

When he finally pulled back, Ian didn’t seem like he was capable of moving. His eyes, tear-streaked, stared blankly at the wall, and he wouldn’t look at Silas.

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BimboTech Chapter 4: Bimbo Wife’s Special Ass

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Chapter Four: Bimbo Wife’s Special Ass
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals

“I think that should cover it,” my husband said as he finished writing out the check. He tore it free and handed it to Mr. Peterson, the nice manager of the Lucky grocery store. His fly was still open, Natasha licking at his half-hard cock.

Natasha was a new bimbo. I improvised her today, turning her from a doughty woman into a sexy, hot woman that understood just how yummy and wonderful sex was, like hot fudge drizzled all over your sundae. It made everything better. She had caught Janet and me testing cucumber ripeness in the produce section.

She didn’t understand how important it was to stick in your pussy to check. Silly woman. Now she did.

“Fuck,” Mr. Peterson said, taking the check from my handsome and sexy husband. Frank was a super smart sciency person who had invented the bimbo formula and improvised Janet and Natasha and me. And all our other wives. He was the bestest man and husband in the world. “That’s…generous, Mr. Jackman.”

“I know,” Frank said. “And not a word about Natasha.”

“Yeah,” the man nodded, looking down at his employee loving his cock.

“Oh, isn’t that just sexy?” Janet whispered. My bestest friend and wife sat beside me on the desk. Like me, her stretchy dress was bunched around her waist, leaving her naked, her big tits heaving, her long, sleek legs swinging. My big boob brushed hers, making me giggle.

“It is sexy,” I purred, licking my lips. “Just like your big boobies.”

Frank shook his head, muttering, “Horny bimbos.”

We were always horny. Our pussies were always in need of being stroked, petted, and kissed. They hungered for big, thick cocks to fill them with yummy cream. It was hard to think about anything but fucking with marshmallowy goodness drizzled all over my thoughts, covering all the super smart sciency parts of me.

That part of me knew I was in trouble, though I couldn’t remember why.

“Our nipples are kissing, Alice,” Janet giggled after turning her shoulders. Both our fat nubs, mine pale pink and hers dusky pink, nudged. Her breasts were so soft and even bigger than my lush pair. Tingles rippled out of my nub, shooting down to my pussy.

“Makes my pussykitty purr.”

“What doesn’t, Alice?” Frank asked as he pulled out a syringe.

I recognized it. The intelligence serum. He needed to speak to the real me. The super smart sciency me. I invented the serum because Frank missed the old me. Not that he didn’t love bimbo me. He did so much. His cum leaked out of my pussy right now, so yummy and gooey and—

I gasped. The needle slid into my thigh. The cool serum pumped into my veins.

I blinked. The marshmallowy goodness melted from my brain. he goopiness poured down my mind, running off as it turned into a gooey mess. Everything grew sharper, more into focus. I shuddered, shaking my head and…

“Oh, fuck,” I said, glancing at Natasha as she knelt on the ground, the stupid bimbo still licking at the perverted manager’s cock. “Why did I have a bimbo serum on me?”

“I was wondering the same thing,” my husband said, leaning back against the desk. “Your little trip cost us $2000.”

“An expensive shopping trip,” I winced, remembering the fun I had. Then I remembered driving here. I hadn’t obeyed any traffic situation. That wasn’t good. “We can’t let bimbos drive, Frank. I could have gotten myself killed.”

“But you were such a best driver,” Janet gasped, still rubbing her nipple against mine. That felt nice, my well-fucked pussy aching. Just because I had my normal intelligence back didn’t stop me from being as horny as any bimbo. “Everyone waved to you and honked their horns.”

“Yeah, waved with their middle fingers.”

“That’s hardly the problem,” Frank grunted. “What do we do about Natasha?”

“Is she married?” I asked the manager, a new hardon already swelling his dick as Natasha licked him.

“What?” the man groaned, savoring his employee’s tongue. Then he blinked, realizing what I asked. “Yeah.”

“I bet we can convince the husband this is fine,” Frank said. “What did she look like before?”

“A muffin,” giggled Janet. “A big, soft muffin. Now she’s a sexy bimbo. Just like me. Alice improved her.”

At least she can say it right. Improvised? Bimbo-me was an idiot. But a fun one.

“Call her husband,” Frank growled at the manager. “Right now. Tell him he has to come and pick up his wife. I’ll explain it to him.”

“How is this even possible?” groaned the manager, Natasha sucking harder, her cheeks hollowing. She really wanted to please her boss.

And that made my pussy even wetter. I squirmed, Frank’s cum trickling out of me. “It’s possible because my husband is a genius.”

Frank looked at me, smiling. His hand brushed mine. Our fingers played together. “You helped. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

He claimed my lips in a kiss. Though we had our bimbo wives, really more sex slaves than anything, Frank still loved me. He didn’t mind that I had my fun outside our marriage. He certainly had more pussy than he could handle. So he couldn’t begrudge me my boy toys, like hunky Carmanjelo, my “assistant” at work. I stole him from Veronica, not that she minded now that she was our bimbo.

Frank broke the kiss “And you’ve been bad. Injecting Natasha, going out shopping as a bimbo, having sex in public. You’re lucky the police weren’t called.”

I winced.

“You have to spank her,” Janet said, her boobs shaking. “And me, too. I was bad with her.”

“Yes, you both were,” Frank grinned. “Alice, over my lap right now.”

I shuddered. Even though you could argue I couldn’t be held responsible for my actions as a bimbo—I was just too much of an airhead without the intelligence serum—I didn’t want to miss out on my spanking. I loved them.

I had been so repressed before my transformation. I had all these desires I was too scared to act on. Whether with my husband or with other men. And even women. And then I injected myself with that serum and was liberated. Every woman in the world deserved the option even with the side-effects. I knew they would all be so happy.

“Yes, honey, I was soooo bad,” I purred. “I fucked a Black man in the middle of the store.”

“He was teaching her how to check for cucumber firmness,” Janet added.

“He played with my tits,” I groaned.

“To recognize how melons should feel.”

Frank shook his head. “Yes, you have been naughty, Alice.”

“So spank me,” I groaned.

I stretched over Frank’s lap as he knelt on the desk. In the background, the manager grunted and groaned as the married bimbo sucked his cock, bobbing up and down, suckling with such hunger. The bimbo wanted all that cum, not caring about her marriage, just so horny and biddable.

I loved it.

I wiggled my naked ass at Frank, more of his cum leaking out. I bet there was some of that hung Black man’s cum in there. Kent had fucked me so hard. I loved big, Black dick. My husband had a big cock, and he knew how to make me cum, but Black men made me so wet.

“I was so bad. You fucking in the store, injecting poor Natasha. Punish me.”

“Damn, you know how to keep your women in check,” panted Mr. Peterson. “Shit, maybe you could help my wife out.”

“It’ll be out on the market in a few months,” Frank grinned, his strong hand running over my ass. “The Venus Serum from BT Chemical. It’ll improve any woman. Make her just like Natasha.”

“Shit,” the man groaned, his hand sliding through Natasha’s brown hair. “Oh, fuck, that’s amazing.”

“It is,” I groaned, wiggling my ass. I needed to be punished. I was such a bad wife.

Frank’s hand cracked down hard.

The stinging slap echoed through the room. My cum-filled pussy clenched as the heat shot through me. I groaned, writhing on his lap, feeling his hard cock beneath my stomach. I savored his girth. He was hard, excited. He wanted to fuck me.

And I wanted to fuck him.

I savored the heat, my nipples throbbing. They rubbed against the smooth surface of the manager’s desk. As I squirmed, they slid across the surface, adding another bit of delight to my excitement. Frank’s hand came down again, the loud slap echoing through the room.

“Oh, yes. I was soooo bad,” I moaned. “Punish me.”

“Shit,” groaned the manager, his hips thrusting forward, fucking his cock down Natasha’s throat.

“So bad,” Janet said, and then her hand slapped down on my ass. Not as hard as Frank’s, but I savored it, too.

“Yes,” Frank groaned. “Spank her again.”

Janet giggled, and her hand cracked down on my other butt-cheek. “Ooh, I made your butt look so pretty. I marked you. Ooh, it sent a naughty tingle through my pussy. I’m so wet. Can you fuck me, Frank? You fucked Alice. And I need my vitamins.”

“I will,” Frank groaned and spanked me again.

I savored the heat burning my ass and the eyes watching my flesh. The manager stared at me as he fucked Natasha’s face. His balls thwacked over and over into her chin. He gripped her brown hair in his tight fists as he used his bimbo employee.


I groaned, bucking. I was so glad the manager was seeing that I was punished. I was so bad today, so naughty. I shouldn’t have gone out. I definitely shouldn’t have driven. I probably shouldn’t have injected Natasha.

I savored the heat. My pussy dripped more and more, growing hotter and hotter. My thighs spread open. Hands touched me. Janet’s. She stroked my cunt as Frank cracked his hand down again, the stinging slap echoing through the room.

“Oh, so much cum is spilling out of you,” moaned Janet. “Frank’s cum. There are vitamins in your pussy.”

The Ankara escort bimbo buried her face between my thighs, licking at my cunt as Frank slapped his hand down again. My legs spread wide open, the right falling off the table. My pussy lips parted as Janet’s tongue darted into my cunt, swirling around, lapping up Frank’s and Kent’s combined jizz. My husband and the hunky, Black man I fucked behind his back.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” spluttered the manager. His face twisted in pleasure. “Holy shit. Drink my cum, slut. Drink it all down.”

“Yes,” Frank groaned as he cracked his hand down again.

My ass burned with aching pain. My pussy clenched. And then Janet’s licking tongue soothed away any ache. She shoved it deep into my pussy, moaning as she searched for every drop of cum that she could find, believing it to hold special vitamins to keep her hot and sexy.

Natasha gulped the manager’s cum down with noisy swallows. Her ass wiggled as she drank them. Then she popped her mouth off and let out the most satisfied sigh in the world, licking her lips, savoring her boss’s cum.

“Do you feel better now, Mr. Peterson?” she panted.

“So much better,” the manager groaned. “Shit, I have to call your husband.” He walked out of the office, shaking his head.

“Yay!” cheered Natasha. “Pete’ll love my big boobies.” She turned around. “Don’t you just love them?”

“Fuck, yes, I do,” Frank groaned as he stared at the bimbo’s breasts cupped in her hands.

“He’s so hard for you,” I moaned, squirming, my orgasm building. Between the thrill of being watched, the pain of being spanked, and the delight of Janet’s tongue, I was coming closer and closer to exploding. “He needs you to help you. He needs that married ass.”

“Damn, I love you,” Frank groaned.

“My ass?” Natasha frowned. She craned her head, trying to look over her shoulder at her ass. As she did, she turned around in circles on the ground, her cute ass wiggling as she worked her knees. “Really?”

“You have a special ass,” I panted, Frank’s hand squeezing mind. Sharp pain shot through me. My pussy clenched on Janet’s wonderful tongue. “Men have to fuck your ass. When they do, they’ll feel amazing. You’ll really help them out because your ass is what they need.”

“Wow?” Natasha said, still turning, still craning her head in a vain attempt to see her own ass. “I didn’t know.”

“Alice is a super smart sciency person,” Janet moaned between licks. “Her and Frank both. They’re amazing!”

“Yes,” Frank groaned, his finger dipping between my butt-cheeks. “You are amazing, Alice, even if you were so naughty today.”

I groaned as his finger probed into my asshole. I squirmed on his lap, humping against Janet’s mouth. Her tongue probed so deep into my pussy. She stirred me up. My eyes rolled back into my head as her tongue caressed my inner sheath.

Her chin nudged my clit.

I came.

“Janet, you wonderful woman,” I moaned, bucking on Frank’s hardon.

He groaned, his finger probing my spasming ass as my pussy clenched and writhed. Juices squirted out of my cunt, splashing into Janet’s hungry mouth. She moaned her delight, gulping down my cream. Her touch stirred through me, keeping me gasping and moaning, spasming on my husband’s lap.

I heaved and thrashed. My entire body went rigid for a moment. And then I relaxed into a puddle of delicious bliss. I breathed out my nose, wiggling on his lap. Janet licked at the outside of my folds, teasing my now-sensitive labia while Frank popped his finger out of his asshole.

I heard him suck on it.

“I have to fuck that ass,” Frank groaned.

“Only fair,” I purred. “I made her into a bimbo. You should get to enjoy her once before her husband picks her up.”

“Yes, yes, with my special ass,” Natasha said. “Oooh, I just can’t see it. Does it glow?”

I rolled my eyes.


Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals

“Yes, yes, fuck my special ass,” Natasha moaned, wiggling her married rear at me. Juices trickled down her thighs, her pussy gleaming.

I grabbed her bubbly ass. It was so plump and perfect. On the table, Janet squealed, humping against Alice’s devouring mouth. I glanced at Janet, her black hair flying and huge tits heaving. She leaned back on her elbows on the desk, legs locked about Alice’s face, red hair spilled about sleek thighs.

“Please, please, use my special ass,” begged Natasha.

“Now you have to keep this a secret,” I told her. “If your husband ever finds out your ass is special, all the magic goes away.”

“Oh, no. That’s like in a fairy story.”

“Yep, a fairy tale.” I pressed my cock, dripping with Alice’s cunt, against her asshole. I shoved it in a few times to get nice and wet for Natasha. “And you wouldn’t want that to happen. Like Cinderella at midnight. It’ll go away. Poof.”

“No,” she moaned. “I don’t want that. I love having a special ass.”

“Good,” I grunted and thrust my cock into the bimbo’s married asshole.

And damn it if wasn’t a tight, sucking hole. My hands gripped her hips, fingers digging into her flesh. I groaned as I pressed forward. My cock slid deeper and deeper into her asshole, embraced by her tight bowels. I shuddered, my eyes squeezing shut as my dick slid deeper and deeper.

She was married and letting me fuck her asshole. Her husband would have no idea I had fucked her ass. He never had this tight treat. I could tell I was breaking in virgin territory as I pushed harder, sliding deeper.

“Oh, yes,” groaned the bimbo, her bowels clenching down hot on my dick. “Oh, yes, can you feel how special-wecial my ass is?”

“So special,” I groaned. “You love it. Your special ass makes you crave this sensation. Every man you meet you’ll want to treat this to. But not your husband.”

“No, then I’ll lose it,” she gasped as I bottomed out in her. “I don’t ever want to lose my special-wecial ass!”

“No,” I grunted, savoring her bowels. “You’re an anal slut now.”

“Yes! Yes! Anal slut! Oh, yes! I love it. Oh, the special-wecial feelings are bleeding into my pussy. Fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock! Oh, you’re so amazing! Oh, this is so sugary and yummy! I need you to fuck me! I need you to pump in me! I’m so hot!”

So I fucked the married bimbo’s slut hard. I drew back my cock, groaning at how tight her asshole was. Then I thrust into her depths. The friction caressed my cock’s head as my wife’s juices lubed the way into Natasha’s bowels.

She groaned as I bottomed out, her hips wiggling, her brown hair flying. That gorgeous face, lips so plump, looked at me over her shoulder, eyes so wide with delight. She rocked back and forth, fucking her asshole up and down my cock.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck my special-wecial ass!”

“Such a hot, tight ass, you married slut! You’re a bimbo whore! Just a slave to your anal pleasures.”

“I love them!” she moaned, rocking back faster and harder, our flesh slapping together. Her new, curvy bubble-butt bouncing and rippling with each stroke.

I caressed up and down her sides, her skin silky smooth, as my balls thwacked over and over into her taint. I pounded her hard, reaming her asshole, grunting with every thrust. It was such heaven in her asshole.

Behind me, Alice and Janet moaned and writhed as they sixty-nined. Their sweet passion spurring me on to pound her married cunt, my balls boiling with a fresh load of cum to squirt into her asshole. When her husband arrived, she would be swimming with my cum.

And he would have no fucking idea.

“You’re just a nasty, married slut! An anal whore!” I grunted as I pounded her.

She loved it. “Yes, yes, yes! Married slut! Anal whore! Keep fucking my special-wecial ass! You’re making me feel all sugary inside. Yummy, powdery sugar coating everything! Oh, yes! Oh, oh! I’m cumming!”

Her bowels writhed about my dick. The anal slut came just from having her ass reamed, believing it to be the best thing she had ever felt. I grunted, realizing just how powerful the serum was, how it shaped the bimbo’s minds.

And turned her into a slut.

Soon, there would be so may bimbos around, eager to fuck their men, to cum over and over, their hot bodies needing satiating. Men would pay fortunes for this. Alice and I would be so rich. My hips stroked faster and faster.

“Yes, yes, yes, you nasty, anal slut! Cum on my cock! Milk it with that glorious ass.”

“Cum in her ass,” Janet moaned. “Oh, do it, Frank! Give it to her! She has a special-wecial ass!”

“Yes,” Alice moaned, her voice throaty with pleasure. Was she cumming? Maybe. “Yes, yes, yes, cum in the slut’s ass. She’s married, and you’re fucking the bimbo’s asshole.”

“So hard, Alice,” I grunted, my hands squeezing Natasha’s hips.

“Yes, yes, cum in my asshole,” the bimbo squeaked as she thrashed, her bowels throbbing so hot.

I groaned, slamming into her depths. The friction shot down to my bowels. I grunted as my cum exploded out of me. Blast after blast of spunk basted her married asshole. The first ever load of jizz to dirty her ass.

But not the last. Oh, no, she would give this treat to every man but her husband.

My orgasm surged harder, the cum exploding with powerful blasts. I groaned through grit teeth as it peaked in me. And then I leaned back, my cock popping out of her asshole. Her brown sphincter gaped open for a second, revealing her pink depths swimming with my jizz.

And then it clamped tight, still not broken in as much as it would be.

I turned around and found Janet kneeling before me, her face stained in pussy juices. She didn’t hesitate to suck my dirty cock into her mouth. It was covered with Natasha’s anal musk, and my bimbo wife only moaned her delight.

“I Ankara escort bayan whispered to her to clean your dick off,” grinned Alice as she stood up. She adjusted her stretchy dress to cover her breasts and hips. “I’ll go get Natasha cleaned up and presentable for her husband. Enjoy.”

“You are the best wife,” I groaned, my dick, still hard thanks to Alice’s formula, throbbing in Janet’s bimbo mouth.

Alice kissed me, her lips coated in tart musk. I kissed my wife hard while Janet tried to suck the cum out of my balls. I groaned into the kiss, my entire body shaking, the tip of my dick still sensitive from my orgasm.

And Janet’s tongue caressed it.

I broke the kiss, “Fuck, Janet, you are hungry for my cum. You don’t care at all that my dick was in Natasha’s asshole.”

She mumbled about my cock. I think she said, “Your cock taste the bestest.”

“That’s a good bimbo,” I groaned, stroking Janet’s black hair. I didn’t love my other wives the same way I loved Alice, but I still cared for them. I wanted them to be happy, and I could see in Janet’s blue eyes that she was very happy right now, her hips shifting, her pillowy breasts rubbing on my thighs.

“Come on, Natasha,” Alice said. “Let’s get you cleaned up for your husband. You smell of pussy and sex.”

“It’s so splendor!” Natasha giggled. “Did you see? He fucked my special-wecial ass! I came so hard.”

“You did. But remember, your husband can never know or you’ll lose it.”

Natasha gasped, “Oh, no. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to dye.”

“Yep, you’ll be dyed the ugliest color if you break it.”

Dyed? What the fuck was Alice talking about?

And then Janet’s tongue swiped across the crown of my dick, and I didn’t care. I groaned, trembling, savoring her sucking mouth cleaning off all of Natasha’s ass. Janet’s hands gripped my balls, massaging them while her cheeks hollowed.

“And you’re just a cock-sucking, cum-hungry slut,” I groaned. “My slutty bimbo wife.”

She purred and sucked louder. She bobbed and loved my cock. I groaned. My body shuddering and shaking as she slurped and loved my dick. She wanted to clean off every trace of Natasha’s sour musk from my dick.

She was such a slutty, loving bimbo.

My hands gripped her black hair. I groaned, my eyes rolling back in my head. She bobbed harder, faster. Sucking with such hungry intensity. Her fingers massaged my balls gently, working out the next load of cum already produced and ready to fire.

“Mmm, you want my jizz, huh? Full of all those yummy vitamins you crave.”

Janet moaned and nodded her head, cheeks hollowing from the force of her sucking.

“You’re such a beautiful bimbo. So sexy with your big tits and pouty lips. Love you, Janet.”

Those words cascaded emotion across her face. Such joy burst in her eyes. My bimbo wife beamed around my cock. Her tongue swirled, showing me how she cared for me without speaking, making my entire dick ache and throb in her mouth, her hands massaging my balls.

I stroked her black hair, smiling at her. She was far happier than as that asshole Ryan’s husband. I left the beta-cuckold out at the limo parked before the grocery store while I was inside, savoring his wife’s mouth on my dick. He had cheated on her, was about to leave her, and wanted to abuse the bimbo serum I invented.

And that pissed off Alice.

“I’m going to give you so much cum,” I groaned. “You’re just such a good wife, even if you were naughty with Alice. I should spank you, too, when we get home.”

She moaned about my dick, bobbing, taking more and more. I groaned, feeling the back of her throat. Then she swallowed it with the practice ease of a bimbo, working her lips farther and farther down my dick until her lips was buried in my dark pubic hair.

God, that was great. Just amazing feeling her throat massaging my dick. She swallowed, and I shivered. My eyes fluttered. She was an amazing woman. So sweet and loving, and had such delicious tits.

The door opened. The manager walked back in. “Jesus, do you ever stop?”

I grinned at him. “Bimbos need a lot of loving.”

“I thought you’d be drained by now. I can’t believe I came twice in Natasha’s mouth. Shit, I feel young.” He paused. “You have another chemical, don’t you? Like super Viagra.”

I winked at him, my balls aching, throbbing. The feel of Janet’s throat wrapped so tight about my cock made me shudder. My fingers tightened in her hair. I let out a grunt and then exploded down her throat.

Blast after blast of cum shot down her throat, straight into her stomach. She shuddered, her nipples so hard on my thighs as she moaned her delight, receiving her daily dose of medicine. I groaned, swaying, gripping her hair tight as the pleasure boiled through me.

“Janet, you naughty slut, you know how to suck my cock. You did so good.”

I let go of her hair. She gurgled as she slid my cock out of her throat. Saliva dribbled down her chin. “I’m so glad. I made your cock feel all gooder and better. And you poured so much yummy cum into my belly.” She rubbed her stomach, her big tits jiggling. “Mmm, yes.”

I pulled up my pants. “Fix your dress, Janet. Natasha’s husband is coming.”

She looked around, eyes wide. “Oh, is he? Is he fucking Natasha right now?”

“No, not that cumming. He’s going to be here soon. Cover your body. I’m tired of other men looking at my wife.”

She let out a pleased giggle and pulled up her blue, stretchy dress, covering those tits. The manager let out a groan of disappointment. I couldn’t blame him—Janet had a pair of ripe, perfect breasts. So huge yet so perky. They defied anything nature could produce.

Or plastic surgery.

Janet hopped to her feet just as Alice and Natasha returned, the new bimbo wearing a white smock like a butcher might wear, the front struggling to surround her big tits. Natasha giggled at Frank then at the manager.

“You need to try my special-wecial ass, Mr. Peterson,” she beamed.

“Later,” Alice said. “Your husband will be here soon. Remember what we talked about.”

Natasha’s vapid face put on what approximated a serious look as she nodded. “I do, Alice. I won’t forget. It’s super-duper important.” Then she glanced at Mr. Peterson. “My ass is special-wecial. I’ll show you next time I come in for work.”

“Yeah,” the manager groaned, swallowing. “Shit, this can’t be real.”

“It is,” Frank said. “And remember, discretion or you won’t get a free sample of the serum for your wife. If this gets out on the news…”

“Yeah,” the man groaned and moved around his desk, sinking down.

Alice moved up to me, her breasts almost spilling out of her dress. It was her favorite style. She almost didn’t wear another variety. It was so easy to pull down and up, baring her body to have fun. And even clothed, she might as well not be.

“Smart,” she whispered. “And what about Natasha’s husband?”

“Bribery. A little white lie.” I winked at her.

Alice’s green eyes widened. “A placebo?”

I nodded my head.

A knock rapped the door a few minutes later. I was just starting to grow impatient and having ideas about using Natasha’s “special-wecial” ass again, adding another load of cum to her tight rectum, when the door opened and a man who could only be described as white-trash entered.

Pete, Natasha’s husband, had a scraggly beard covering his cheeks, chin, and neck, his hair greasy and unkempt. He was a little overweight in ragged jeans and a stained wife-beater Despite the early hour, I could smell beer on his breath, his eyes bloodshot.

“What’s this ’bout my wife being in an accident?” he grunted, looking around, leering at my wives.

“Pete!” Natasha squealed, darting forward.

His eyes widened as his wife bounded up. He stared at her face then down at her body. Natasha’s smock had opened up, revealing her lush curves to her husband. Pete’s jaw dropped. He blinked his bleary eyes.

“Natasha, is that you?” His words hoarse.

“It is,” she giggled. “Do you like my new boobies? Alice improvised me!”

“I improved you,” Alice said, her cheeks tinging pink. “And that’s the accident.”

“You did this?” Pete asked.

“Don’t you like it?” Natasha asked, a catch of uncertainty in her voice.

“Well, damn, honey, of course I do. You look like a fucking supermodel. And them titties. Holy shit, what is this?”

“I’m Dr. Frank Jackman,” I said. “And this is my wife, Dr. Alice Jackman. We’re chemist who invented a serum that enhances women’s beauty.”

“I’m a bimbo,” squealed Natasha, bouncing happily. “Look at my titties.”

“I’m looking,” groaned Pete, staring at those tits. “Damn those are nice tatas.”

“Now it has a few side-effects,” Alice said. “You’ll notice a personality change and an increased libido in your wife.”

“A what?”

“She’ll be an airhead and horny,” I told him. “So long as she takes the treatments. Which we will provide for free. She has to take it every morning. We’ll drop off the chemical at your house this afternoon. So long as you keep your mouth shut, she’ll get her treatments.”

“And if I talk, she’ll go back to being fat?”

“No,” Natasha gasped. “I don’t want to be fat again. I’m beeeuitiful now!”

“Yes, you are,” Pete groaned. “Holy shit, you are. And I’ll I got to do is keep my mouth shut?”

I nodded.

“Well, we got a fuckin’ deal. Shit, look at her.” Pure lust burned on his face. “I wouldn’t give this up for a gold-plated lawnmower. Sure as shit, I wouldn’t.” He seized his wife, pulling her close. “Come on, Honey, I’m taking you home and fucking you hard.”

“Yay!” she giggled. “I’m so horny. I need you to fuck me so hard!”

And then they were gone. The manager provided me their home Escort Ankara address to send the shipments of saline for her “treatments.” That guy wouldn’t want to give up his bimbo wife, so it shouldn’t get out before we’re ready for marketing.

All we needed was a bad PR campaign tanking the project.

“Well, shall we?” I asked Alice. “We have the day to relax before the party. And, I think, Janet needs to be spanked for letting you get away with all your naughty fun.”

Alice laughed and took my arm. “I think so. She was as naughty as I was.”

Janet took my other arm, a big smile on her face. The manager only shook his head in envy as I left.


Magnolia Savage, President Femme Allure, Inc.

“Don’t masturbate your cunt right now, you filthy whore,” I snapped at my bimbo sex slave.

Annalee Burrell gave me such a vapid, horny, passionate look. Her face was perfect. The best plastic surgeons in the world couldn’t have given her such beauty, plump lips, soft cheekbones, wide eyes. When combined with her large tits almost spilling out of the halter top she wore and her long, killer legs, Annalee exuded sex. It bled out of her, wreathing the air, making my pussy so wet. I wanted to violate her again like I did on the limo ride over here.

Just hearing her gasp and moan as I fucked the biggest dildo I had into her cunt made me explode. I still buzzed from my orgasm.

“But my pussy is soooo hot and wet, Mistress,” Annalee said, her eyes devoid of all thought, only idiot lusts remained.

And it was so sweet. My bitterest rival at my company, Femme Allure, was now my sex slave. Annalee had been with me from college, one of my friends that helped me create my cosmetics company. But she always thought she was smarter than me. When my company climbed higher and higher into the business world, joining the ranks of the Fortune 500, it was despite Annalee’s constant attacks, constant attempts to wrest control of the company from me.

And then I injected her with the bimbo serum. Frank Jackman maybe a disgusting, filthy, pig of a man for making it and his wife was a traitor to women for helping him, but this serum was remarkable. In my hands, given out to the right women—narrow-minded shrews, those women who still clung to antiquated ideals that they were men’s lessers instead of their betters—it would revolutionize the world.

A true feminist revolution.

I couldn’t wait until my home was filled with the empty headed bimbos, all eager to lick my pussy and please me. I wanted them all straight, and the more religious the better. Married girls who had only ever let one man fuck them, probably only in the missionary position, were what I craved. And I would turn them into such horny, pleasing bimbos like Annalee.

But Frank… He would let the men control this discovery. They would turn their wives into their sex slaves. Disgusting.

“Please let me keep touching myself,” she moaned, shaking her hips.

“What happens when you disobey me?” I asked, my voice frosty.

“You won’t let me lick your tasty pussy and get the antidote.”

“And then?” I arched my eyebrows.

“I die.” She ripped her fingers from beneath her skirt. “I don’t want to die, Mistress. I won’t masturbate.”

I grinned at her. “And why have you been poisoned?”

“Because I was a bad cunt that never listened to you, Mistress,” she promptly said, raising her pussy-coated fingers to her lips. “A bad, naughty cunt. But now I’m a good bimbo-slave. I always listen. I always obey. I’m a goody tushy now.” She turned, wiggling her butt at me. “See how goody my tushy is, Mistress.”

I groaned, staring at that bubbly ass clutched by the fabric of her skirt, my pussy growing even wetter. She was such a gorgeous woman. The bimbo serum was amazing. Just absolutely delicious. I needed to have it.

My R&D Department had to reverse engineer the sample my spy gave me.

The elevator rose higher and higher in the Washington D.C. skyscraper. It reached the top floor and dinged, opening onto the penthouse owned by Senator Delilah Murphy. She served on the Senate Committee on Health, which oversaw the FDA.

If Frank Jackman thought he could bribe Director Steffen with bimbos, I would go over the man’s head right to a powerful, feminist senator. Delilah would eat Steffen for breakfast if he even thought about fast-tracking BT Chemical’s bimbo serum to market.

It would be mine.

Delilah waited dressed in a conservative pantsuit, soft gray, that showed off her great body. In her forties, she worked out to look fit and attractive. Her legs were long, her ass great, and her boobs still perky, shown off by the silk blouse. Her blonde hair spilled about a tanned, sensual and aggressive face. Delilah knew how to take the bull by the balls and get what she wanted.

“This better be important, Magnolia,” Delilah said. “I have to pick up my husband and kids from the…” Her words trailed off as she noticed Annalee’s busty, bountiful body. “Well, what’s this? Bought me a whore to bribe me?”

It was a tightly held secret that Senator Delilah of the great state of Indiana was a lesbian. To win her seat, she had to play to the liberal Christians to her state, be the supportive wife to her lawyer husband, the loving mother to her kids. She had to host bake sales at her local church, spearhead PTA initiatives, and keep her true self hidden deep from prying eyes. She put up with it all for power. There was talk about her running for president in another few years.

But I knew her secret. The first time I met her, then a Congresswoman, our eyes met, and we felt that energetic rush. Lesbians always recognized each other. Our affairs were passionate, hot, burning bright because they always had to be so brief.

“What do you want from me?” Delilah moaned. She had a weakness for big tits. She moved towards Annalee, who gave the Senator a big smile.

“I just want to lick your pussy,” Annalee said, bouncing. “Please, please, can I? Mistress said you taste amazing.”

“Mistress?” Delilah arched an eyebrow, glancing at me. “Are you into BDSM now?”

“Oh, this is a special case that you will find interesting,” I told her, pulling out my tablet. “Just watch this video.”

I played the video of Alice Jackman becoming a bimbo to the Senator, the same one Annalee had watched and scoffed at it for nonsense at the board meeting last week. Delilah arched an eyebrow, licking her lips as Alice’s tits became large and soft yet oh, so perky in a way that defied gravity. Tits that begged to be held and played with. Her eyes kept glancing to Annalee.

“It’s a nice bit of special effects you showed me, but what of it?” she asked. “Unless you’re into some high-production value porn.”

“That’s real,” I said. “I’m sure you remember Annalee Burrell, my Vice-President of R&D.”

“Hi!” Annalee giggled. “Don’t I look so sexy? I have big boobies now!”

“Yes, you do,” Delilah purred. “And you are peddling some serious bullshit, Magnolia.”

I played the next video, this one from my boardroom where Annalee was transformed into the bimbo. Delilah’s eyes widened, glancing from the screen to the bimbo standing beside her, tits almost falling out her top.


“Frank Jackman. Heard of him?”

“He’s the new president of BT Chemical,” Delilah frowned. “I met him briefly last month. He took over from that shrew Veronica.”

“Right,” I said, like I had forgotten, “BT Chemical is in your state.”

“And he invented this?”

“The bimbo serum. I’m sure you remember what a cunt Annalee was.”

“I was such a naughty cunt,” nodded Annalee. “But now I’m a goody tushy now.”

“She’s an airhead now. Go on, you can convince her to do anything.” I arched an eyebrow. “Anything.”

Delilah licked her lips again. Then she pulled out her phone and hit a button. “Yes, George, I can’t pick up my husband and kids. You’ll have to do it. I have a meeting. Very important.” Then she hung up. “So, you naughty little bimbo whore, you’ll do anything?”

Annalee giggled.

“Do you like licking assholes?”

Annalee made a face, looking like a child confronted with brussel sprouts. I hadn’t had her lick my ass yet. I wasn’t a fan of being rimmed.

“Well, honey, licking assholes is the best thing a dumb whore like you can do. You’ll absolutely love it.”

“I will?” Annalee asked, her voice unsure.

“Yes, you will. I’m a senator, so you can believe me. So strip me down and lick my asshole. You’ll see just how much you enjoy it, slut.”

“Okay,” Annalee nodded, licking her lips. “I had no idea. I always thought it was so nasty. But you’re a senator!”

“Just like that?” Delilah frowned.

“Bimbos,” I shrugged. “And BT Chemical plans on bringing this to market. Selling it to husbands to change their wives into busty airheads that just want to please them.”

“We can’t have that,” Delilah said, leading Annalee through the open penthouse to a large bed. This apartment was the Senator secret play area where she took her lovers. She had another home outside DC that her family lived at beside their permanent residence back in Indiana.

As Delilah kissed my bimbo sex slave, my phone buzzed. I pulled it out of my purse. There was a message from my executive assistant. I opened it, reading: “Ms. Savage, I’m forwarding you a YouTube vid that you might find interesting. It was posted twenty minutes ago by a man claiming his wife was turned into a bimbo at the grocery store by a scientist.”

I hit play on the video. A busty woman appeared, tits almost spilling out of her top, a huge smile on her face. “Look at my Natasha now,” a man said, his voice slurred like he was drunk. “She’s so dumb, she’ll do anything I tell her. Right, honey?”

The woman nodded, her eyes as vacant as Annalee’s. A smile crossed my lips as my mind went to work on how to use this.

To be continued…

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breakfast and dick

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The smell of waffles and bacon woke me from my slumber as the bright daylight shone on my face making it unpleasant to open my eyes, I groaned and stretched rolling over to my side so I could pull my husband into my chest and fall back asleep but much to my dismay his side of the bed was empty with just a small pillow strategically placed to confuse me, it’s goal complete as I crack open tired lids to see what had replaced my lover followed by a small huff from the revelation.

I stretched again and opened my eyes wider with a groan before slipping from under the sheets onto the cold floor, shuffling my feet until I reached the bathroom to relieve myself and brush away the night’s dirt from my mouth, today was supposedly Sunday otherwise my alarm would have woken me up much earlier for work as it was my only day off not including certain holidays meaning I could get away with not fixing my bedhead for a few hours more, I didn’t have anywhere to be.

Brushing my teeth and giving my face a basic wash I yawned as I walked out the bathroom and my room all the way into the kitchen where my husband was and gave a deep tired sigh, propping my chin on the top of his head while snaking my arms around his waist as he was standing there carefully watching an omelet that must’ve been in there for less than three seconds.

“Are you still sore from yesterday?” He plainly asked, unbothered by the fact that he was now trapped in my hold.

I grunted, still too tired to make coherent answers but still felt his hand lay on top of mine and lace our fingers together allowing me to give them a small squeeze, the smell of breakfast should have woken me up but it only made things worse because it reminded me of my husband and I was able to let my guard down around him.

“I’ll give you a back rub later after we eat if some tylenol doesn’t work okay?” he looked up at me the best that he could with a small smile.

His naturally cherry lips looked extra soft today, most likely because he labeled Sundays self-care days seeing as it was the only day of the week we’d be able to do things like that together which he preferred rather than doing it on his own, it made him feel better about doing it and whatever made him happy I’d be willing to put up with.

I moved my head to kiss his temple and cheek then rubbed his stomach making him lean into me and close those beautiful coffee browns, my kissed got lower going to his jaw then his neck making him tense up and untangle his hand to push my face away gently, “I’m cooking” he breathed.

I ignored that comment and kept kissing his neck, tightening my hold on him Ankara escort so he couldn’t move away as he tensed and grabbed my forearm as he started to breathe heavy, I always teased him for his neck being so sensitive but it came in handy for moments like this, when I have a strong case of morning wood.

“Baby I have eggs on the stove” he pleaded while I ran my hand up his clothed torso and played with his nipples through the fabric.

That didn’t stop me as I tightened my hold once more when he tried to jerk away, now starting to tremble slightly as he attempted to push my arms away, even when we weren’t teens anymore his body was still so sensitive, I could blow a tiny bit of air on his chest and the tiny rosebuds would perk up and harden immediately.

While sucking on the crook of his neck I open my eyes and looked down to see exactly what I wanted, my free hand trailed down to his belt and fiddled with the rim of it still not letting my hold loosen in the slightest as he huffed in defeat still trying slightly to push my arms away, “Come on they’re almost done just give me a minute” he tried to reason with his voice shaky.

I pinched his nipple and grazed my teeth just under his ear making him jerk and tremble more, finally giving up and not pushing me anymore, “f-fine but let me at least-”

I didn’t wait for him to finish as my hands shot down to the flimsy piece of leather that was between me and having a morning bliss, he did his best to try and turn the heat off but once I opened his wrapping I pulled him into me possessively and shoved my hand into his briefs to grab his barely soft cock having him moan and instinctively grab my wrist while trying to stabilize himself from the sudden action.

I pumped him fast, listening to his moans and pouts as if they were music playing on a radio while he searched for a part my me with his other hand to grab onto and keep himself standing, seeing him struggle like this was cute and usually ended up in him begging, feeling his cock start to gush precum as it had fully hardened I moved his briefs and pulled down his pants some to make sure they didn’t get messy since he liked getting dressed up even when there was nowhere to be going.

He started to pant more, biting on his lip to keep his voice down despite not having roommates which made me frown because I loved the sounds he makes while getting jerked off, moving the few items away from the counter I bent him over pushing the flannel from his ass and grabbed a handful of it, revealing his flush red hole causing a low growl to sound in my throat which made him shiver in reaction.

I pressed Ankara escort bayan my thumb against his hole and stretched it just slightly to see the cavern I was going to be plunging my dick into feeling that it was wet and already slightly loose, I looked back up at him with a raised brow about to ask if he did any early prep when he answered for me, “i-it was too early to be getting out of bed and you were too deeply asleep to wake up”

A smirk spread across my lips as I leaned in to kiss his neck while opening the drawer next to us to grab the emergency baby oil, he watched me as close as he could from his angle as I poured the liquid onto my fingers rubbing them together for a quick second before pressing them against his entrance again causing him to flinch, “cold”

I chuckled as I slid in two fingers and curled them right into his prostate, kissing the nape of his neck as he mewled and trembled, definitely still sensitive from his earlier solo adventure but too tight to slide my cock into without hurting him, I thrust my fingers in and out still abusing that spot while spreading him open as he shook and moaned hiding his face in his arms as I kissed all over his neck and shoulders.

I added a third finger and his insides spasmed trying to tighten around my digits while being stretched out, he grabbed my arm that was on the counter panting and let out a long whine signaling me to hurry up or he was just going to cum right then and there, which I didn’t have a problem with but I’d prefer to be in him for this session.

Once he felt loose enough I slid out my fingers listening to him suck in a breath and release it as a sigh of relief before he tensed up hearing the bottle ap open again knowing what was coming next, I lined up my cock with his ass slowly pushing in to hear him gasp and feel him tighten around me which felt amazing but forcing me to stop for a minute until he relaxed again.

“F-fuck I feel full” he announced, earning a kiss from me with my tongue being shoved down his throat.

He gripped my shirt tightly and moaned in my mouth when I started to move in and out of him slowly at first just to get his love tunnel used to being impaled, I grabbed his dick and started to pump it again making him moan louder lips still locked on mine.

He almost ripped my shirt right off my chest when I started to pound into him, finally pulling out of the kiss to cry out and mewl while I stood straight and held him down on the counter to keep him mostly still, if he wasn’t bent over a solid surface he would have collapsed by now, eyes rolled to the back of his head as he tried to let out Escort Ankara a moan while he inevitably came but nothing left his throat.

Once he was settled enough I took my hand from his dick putting it onto his hip as I aggressively slammed into his prostate making his back arch into the counter as his voice got louder, his hands had no idea where to go as they couldn’t grab onto me anymore and the counter was completely smooth.

I stared down at his face, tears streamed down his cherry red cheeks, his lips were puffy and he could barely keep his eyes centered and open as they either kept closing or rolling back every time the head of my cock pounded his prostate, he finally found a place to grab onto while he kept his other hand balled up next to his shoulder.

He turned his head to lay his face on the now warm marble as he began to shake again and tighten up around my cock showing that he was about to cum again “o-oh god I’m gonna- babe, baby!”

I kept going, close to filling him up with thick ropes of my own semen but he tapped my thigh frantically as he tried to take deep breathes in order to talk without moaning between every word, “b-baby h-hold on, shit, b-abe the omelet!”

I huffed, not giving a shit about the food right at this moment and just leaned onto him as I fucked into his hole deeper, whatever he was trying to say was lost as he bit his lip hard enough to draw blood and twitched as he came hard, the squeezing of his ass set me off and I filled him to the brim with sperm and a grunt.

He took two seconds catching his breath before starting up again, “b-babe the omelet”

I huffed about to tell him I didn’t care when I suddenly realized why he was bringing it up, “fuck it’s on fire!”

I quickly got off of him with a wet pop and moved the flaming pan just as the fire alarm went off, running off to the sink without thinking turning on the faucet before watching a huge cloud of mixed steam and smoke rise from the definitely useless pan making me cough and slightly wheeze.

“Are you okay?’ my husband asked trying to get up but his legs were currently unstable jello and needed a rest.

“Yeah I’m fine” I sighed, looking at the block of charcoal in the scorched pan.

Walking I dumped the failed breakfast into the trash and went to turn off the stove that miraculously didn’t burst into flames with the pan considering it’s a gas stove, I looked at my lover who was giving me a ‘told you so’ stare which had me rolling my eyes as I bent over to kiss him and pick him up since he currently wasn’t able to walk, “I-I told you to wait until I was done”

“Well you’re rather irresistible so maybe stop being so sexy”

He just laughed at that and playfully hit my chest, guess no more morning kitchen adventures for a while.

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Devil’s game

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“Wow, you actually did it?” Matt, my best and childhood friend asked me amazed.

I nodded, swallowing the guilt from my throat, I hated lying to him but it was better for the both of us “whole four hours my dad booked”

“Impressive” Matt said taking a swig of his Redbull.

I honestly wanted him to devour my lips as much as he slammed back those god awful adrenaline suckers, he drank so many of them he needed to drink at least two if he actually wanted to stay awake more than two hours, but like always I didn’t say anything I thought besides the fact that they were extremely unhealthy for him, sure they tasted good but ending up in the hospital wasn’t worth it to me.

“She was surprisingly soft..” I mumbled to try to make what I was saying more realistic.

What were we talking about? Well, my lovely father decided that last night since it was my birthday and my hormones were starting to rage to get me an… escort, which wasn’t legal by any means and was doubly illegal since it wasn’t my eighteenth, I still had two years for that, however, I wasn’t about to make a fool of myself in front of an older woman who was clearly tired and had a long night ahead of her after me by letting us sit there pretending I was ever going to get aroused.

Instead, I just said I wasn’t interested and offered her to just hang out and chill as it was a cold night, we ordered pizza, cheesecake slices and just talked about life, how she got into the position she was in, I even laid on her for a moment because I had started getting upset that was how my birthday was going, my dad once again forcing me to do things I didn’t like because he was adamant I wasn’t ever allowed to turn into a fag, even after I turned eighteen and moved out he’d hunt me.

It was kind of too late for that as I’d always known I liked men since before I was even old enough to attend school but I quickly learned to hide that fact not just from him but from everyone, I even hid it from myself for a very long time until I couldn’t take it and broke down.

I still did “straight” things to get him to calm and hop off my ass but otherwise, I acted “grey”, no one could tell if I liked guys, girls, or ascended nonbinary individuals, most just assumed I wasn’t interested in dating yet or was just too shy to ask a girl out and left it at that.

When the four hours were close to up the lady helped me get messy and throw away some extra condom wrappers into the bin to at least half-ass make it look like we did anything, I managed to go just a step further before my father got to the room but that was all I could do, thankfully he just glanced over and didn’t think too much about it after she left.

“Well there’s a party Brent is throwing this weekend, maybe you could flex your new lady skills?” Matt asked, obviously joking.

“I don’t know dude, I’m not really actively searching right now if it makes sense”

“Yeah I get it” he ruffled my hair and I had to stop myself from blushing and giggling like an idiot as butterflies rushed through my stomach “you’re such a nerd Will, always focusing on your studies”

“Got to be able to make a stable income before you think about making a stable family” I shrugged, I didn’t mean it in a sexist way, I just wanted to be able to support myself before adding another person to the mix.

“I guess that’s right” he stated, taking another gulp of the sugary liquid in the can he was holding.

I wondered if my lips tasted like it he’d kiss me, I bit my tongue and shook the thought out of my head as I knew I’d get carried away if I was careless, he couldn’t know that I liked guys, specifically him.

“But still, if not to pick up girls do you wanna come?” Matt dislodged me from my fantasy.

“S-sure, I’ll drive I guess” I looked away from him.

“But you don’t have your license”

“Matt I drive safer than you when you’re sober”

“Damn, you got a point though” He chuckled.

After that Matt handed me his switch to play on while he texted his sister and a couple of other friends, I managed to beat whatever he was stuck on in breath of the wild and push him up farther in the story before he leaned close to me to see what was going on, it was hard not to get immediately aroused at the smell of his cologne but I bit my tongue avoiding looking up at him.

As if God was testing my willpower he moved closer, pressing against me and sliding his arm under both of mine most likely to keep from blocking my sight but if he were to curl it even slightly he’d be holding me by the waist which I honestly wanted so bad for him to do that so we could make out and cuddle.

He put his chin on my shoulder as he kept watching me doing whatever he was doing that made him reach over until he finally moved away and I could breathe again without having to restrain myself, I looked over to see what he was doing and he was just putting his stupid can of redbull down I looked at him frowning “wouldn’t it have made more sense to put it on the floor?”

“Maybe” He shrugged, taking his switch back right as I was about to die and killed the monster that was attacking me “but I like my way better”

I wasn’t going to argue with him especially since the reason I didn’t want him doing that wasn’t very straight sounding, it wasn’t like he blocked my sight or pushed me or anything I was just trying to keep my heart from making me snap and attack him with kisses.

I really needed to find a way to calm myself after he leaves, for now I just watched him play on his switch trying not to be too close but also close enough to see the screen, he looked at me from the corner of his eye and leaned over to me so I could comfortably see but that meant I was ambushed with his sent once more and that was bad, for both my heart and my raging hormones.

Soon his phone vibrated and he paused the game before picking it up “What?”

I stared up at him from my lashes as he frowned and gripped the consol before sighing “Alright I’ll be right there”

“What was that about?” I asked, curious and sad he had to leave.

“My sister, don’t worry about it” he ruffled my hair and I had to stare hard at the floor to keep from blushing “I’ll see you later?”

“Y-yeah” I nodded as he stood up, putting his switch into his bag and picking up his redbull.

I watched as he left my room then let out a small sigh, finally my emotions could stop raging but I saw feet standing in my doorway and I slowly looked up to see my father standing there, one hand on the doorway the other just hanging there, I quietly swallowed wondering why he was standing there “yeah?”

“Just wondering what you two were doing” he simply said.

My dad was always skeptical of Matt, thinking he’d turn me gay because he wasn’t afraid to touch and make suggestive jokes, he never meant it in a gay way though I know for a fact Matt would never have feelings for another dude, he experimented with an ex-friend once and he didn’t like it saying it felt too… jarring is the simple way he put it.

I however never experimented mostly because I already knew what I liked so the suspicion should be the other way around but if my dad even thought I was even bi I’d be smothered in my sleep so I was almost glad he focused on Matt, “we were just talking about last night, he invited me to a party this weekend”

My dad’s gaze was enough to put a pit in my stomach, I hated when he was thinking because he’d take forever to answer me, I honestly never felt safe around him but when he was silent was when I felt completely stripped of my safety as he could just wordlessly choke me at any time, and he has gotten close to doing so before, when I was younger and didn’t realize him promising to kill me wasn’t just an empty threat.

“Alright, you can have the car”

“Th-thanks” I stuttered.

He stood there for a moment before finally turning away and walking off to the kitchen probably, in that moment I felt like I should at least consider kissing a girl to see if I like it but seeing as I cried in summer camp as a child because I was dared to kiss the popular girl I doubt it’d go well and I’d be outing myself in the process.

Once I heard him chopping something on the wooden cutting board I silently opened my window and slipped out, climbing down the fence my mom had placed next to it to grow grapes before she passed away, now it was occasionally covered in poison oak but Ankara escort was mostly empty throughout the year.

Once I was fully down I walked off, knowing I didn’t have my phone but I wasn’t going to take my chance immediately climbing back up to grab it, I at least had my wallet and that was enough for me in case of an emergency.

I walked to the corner store first just to grab some water and a drink then I just wandered around, finding small family-owned businesses and hole in the wall shops that seemed happy to finally have a customer, I didn’t buy much since I had to climb the fence again to get back into my room and it’d be nice to do it in one trip.

I walked downtown with a small pastry in my hand I was nibbling on from a new bakery I had no idea existed until I took an alley that differed from my usual one, I looked in my wallet seeing I didn’t have much cash left meaning it was time to head back home before dark.

As I turned around I stared at a shop that always caught my attention, it was an adult shop so I couldn’t go in since I honestly didn’t look much older than a tallish twelve-year-old but I was still curious to see what was in there, I wasn’t big on porn but I did have some interest on the toys I could buy once I was old enough.

Every time I would look through the window of the shop the cashier, a college male covered in piercings and tattoos with a pink fohawk who was always wearing some kind of band shirt always caught me staring, when I’d look at him he’d give me a knowing smirk that made me blush furiously.

I turned around and started quickly walking from the narrow street, I pulled up my gps and set it to give me the direction home, although I had it memorized by now I didn’t really trust myself not to get distracted and lose track and I had to be home before dark or my dad was going to kill me, after a long walk that made me almost too tired to climb I took a break to just breathe, seeing that the sun was about to start setting I pulled the last of my energy into hefting myself and the still way too many bags up the fence and into my room.

I shoved the bags under my bed and covered them with my blanket, one of the reasons I bought one that was one size up from my actual bed, once I felt like they were safely hidden I crawled into my bed pulling the blanket over me, doing that thing where I gripped a handful of the duvet in my hand and held my fist over my mouth as I checked my text messages.

Most of them were from Matt, talking about the party but also asking why I wasn’t answering, others were from a groupchat where everyone was just spamming memes, I answered Matt using the excuse I was helping my dad with cooking then set my phone onto my nightstand rolling over in my bed and passing out.

The rest of the week passed by uneventful, my dad even went out one night giving me enough to properly relieve some built-up stress without fear he was going to barge in but that was all the excitement I got.

Come the day of the party and Matt already came prepared, shoving two cases of beer in the backseat before sitting in the passenger, he looked too sexy with his hair extra fluffy from that intentional bedhead look, he wore his varsity jacket over a light blue t-shirt that clung to his muscles, his blueish white jeans ripped at the thighs and knees, it was like he was tempting me on purpose but I knew it was just what he liked wearing to events like this, meanwhile I was wearing a band shirt that fit loosely on me under a pale yellow and blue flannel and dark jeans that didn’t hug a single inch of me, using a belt to keep them above my hips.

“Somehow you still look good even though you’re drowning in your clothes” Matt teased.

I just shrugged, not wanting to tell him I didn’t want to raise suspicion from my dad from wearing something tighter as that’d be weird, I just started the car up and drove over to Brent’s house, when we got there it was obvious the party had started earlier than we thought.

Matt hopped out the car to grab the beer while I took in deep breaths mentally preparing myself, Matt was definitely going to chat it up with a few girls and I knew I had to keep my heart from ripping itself in half, it was hard but eventually I just accepted that reality and got out the car seeing that he was already in the house.

I locked the car putting the keys into my pocket and walked into the house, the music was loud but not too extreme, some people had cups in their hands others bottles, and the rest were staying sober, gathering in the dining room that had been emptied of the giant table and it’s chairs with a bunch of people sitting on the floor just chatting,

I walked into the garage and saw a bunch of seniors sitting on lawn chairs smoking something, I knew it wasn’t cigarettes because the smell would have been familiar, I got curious and looked back seeing Matt was already flirting with one of the cheerleaders making my chest hurt so I quickly turned around and headed into the garage.

“Hey there cutie,” Jason said, one of the more well-liked seniors.

I had to stop myself from blushing as I knew he wasn’t joking, everyone knew he was very bi and had a full taste of both teams, if I was being honest I did have a crush on him for a long time when I was still denying my feelings for Matt and every time I looked at him I felt a hint of those feelings come back.


“We aren’t gonna bite” He smirked, patting his lap “come sit”

“A-aren’t there any other chairs?”

“Fresh out,” He said smirking more.

“If you don’t wanna sit on that pervert I’ve been told my arms are quite comforting” another senior, Nate stated holding open his arms.

Nate was… questionable, no one knew where he stood as he’s made comments on wanting a few men to sit on his face while also kissing girl’s hands but he played all of that off as a joke, he’s even dabbled in teasing a few genderless people but that’s all he was, a tease that no one knew when he was making serious offers and when his “jokes” were actually jokes.

I’d prefer he not comment on my ass which was quite big when I sat on him so I went to Jason and sat on his lap, feeling my heart start to beat faster as my senses were overwhelmed with the scent of whatever they were smoking and his natural scent, it was just as much as a turn on as Matt’s, although his was less quick in its effect in Matt’s as I’d stopped pinning after him for a while now.

“What’s that?” I pointed to the sort of cigar-shaped thing in his hand.

“You don’t know?” He looked at me with a teasing look and I couldn’t help but blush at my lack of knowledge, I just shook my head “here”

He placed it between his lips and sucked in a deep breath, removing it before blowing the smoke into my face slowly hie lips so close to mine if I moved they would have touched, I inhaled the smoke and refrained from coughing as he leaned back “know now?”

I pressed my lips in a thin line thinking but still couldn’t recognize it so I shook my head “what is it?”

“Baby” He held up the thing to my lips, his long thick fingers brushing against them as I took it into my mouth and sucked, the smoke burning worse but I somehow managed to keep from coughing as I blew it out in puffs “it’s a blunt”

That’s when I coughed “Y-you just gave me weed?!”

“Are you allergic?” he asked, still calm but there was a hit of worry in his voice.

“N-no, at least I don’t think so,” I thought, staring at the blunt as it was secured between his lips “b-but I’ve never been high before, you could have warned me”

“I thought you’d at least know what it was” he wrapped an arm around my back.

He was really not making it easy to think right now and I had a feeling he was doing that on purpose and if this was back when I liked him I’d jump on the train without second thought but right now… I wasn’t sure, “I’ haven’t really been around people who smoke…”

“That’s my bad then” he rubbed my side.

I knew he was trying to get to me now, as I felt something on my thigh when I could see his wallet in his other pocket that wasn’t near my legs, I felt my cheeks heat up at that realization but for some reason, I didn’t get off, mostly because his leg was more comfortable than concrete, “can I… have another hit?”

“Have a blast” he handed me the rest of the blunt, which was halfway gone already so it wasn’t like it could be that bad… Ankara escort bayan right?

“Aye J, you sure you wanna give that to him? It’s some strong shit” one of Jason’s friends warned.

“He’ll be fine” Jason waved it off as I took a hit.

I coughed and leaned on him, starting to feel the effects already as it wasn’t like I was taking small puffs, I let the smoke come out my mouth and nose as I continued to use the blunt and it wasn’t long until I was past the point of buzzed and now completely high, it was kind of weird, it wasn’t an out of body experience like portrayed in movies but it did make me feel different, mostly really happy.

“Jason” I spoke, looking up at him.

“Your eyes are red as hell” He chuckled.

“I feel… calm” I stated still looking at him.

“That’s good, I thought you might have an anxiety attack”

“You can get, anxiiiiiety?” I asked.

“Certain people yeah” he put his hand on my head which made me smile and giggle.

“Yo he baked as fuck” Nate laughed.

“I feel really fuzzy” I hummed, putting my hand on Jason’s chest “is this how you feel?”

“Something like that” he answered.

“Mmmm I want snuggles” I whined leaning into him more and resting my head on his chest, curling up in his lap.

Everyone laughed and continued talking about whatever they were before I came in, I closed my eyes loosely gripping Jason’d shirt in my fist as I took another hit from the blunt slowly blowing out the smoke, while I was laying there I started considering more and more just letting Jason fuck me, just get the tension out of the way and satisfy the both of us, I knew Jason could handle a secret as I’ve told him some of my lighter ones before so he’d be the lowest possibility of outing me.

That was until Matt walked in.


I opened my eyes and saw him standing in the doorway, his hair messy and his lips kiss swollen letting me know he’d already succeeded in getting his tongue down someone’s throat, it didn’t bother me as much as it would have had I been sober but now, I just thought he looked fucking hot.

“Mattyyyyyy” I called out, stumbling off Jason’s lap to go over to him.

“Are you okay?” He asked concerned, I never called him Matty.

“I feel happy and fuzzy” I giggled.

“You didn’t drink anything did you?” he got more concerned.

“Nope,” I said, popping the p and wrapping my arms around his neck, having to stand on my toes to do so, and even then my face still lined up perfectly with his chest “I got a blunt”

“You what” Matt did a double-take.

“Hmmm, it looks like you were busy” I ignored his previous comment and looked at his lips.

“Don’t change the subject” he huffed making my eyes snap up to his again “you got high?”

“Yyyep” I said, once again popping the p.

“Who the-”

“Matty I’m jealous” I interrupted him, leaning more into his body making him stumble back “you always get girls”

“Will, not the time, we need to get you some food” he sighed, picking me up to which I responded with a ‘wee’ sound “I’ll tell your dad you got tired on the way here and took a nap”

“I don’t wanna nap” I pouted.

“Well you’re gonna have to as neither of us are sober and you need to return home with your car” he scolded.

I whined as we made it to the kitchen and he opened Brent’s fridge, “hey hey hey bro whatcha doin?”

We both looked up to see the man himself, Brent was a junior but he could pass off as a college sophomore, dark green eyes, short blond hair, and a personality that was hard no to love it was easy to see why he dominated the school instead of someone older, I’ve also had a small crush on him.

“Breeeent” I said holding my arms out making me tip and Matt almost drop me “hai”

“What’s up with Will?” Brent asked completely ignoring me.

“Someone gave him a blunt and now he’s high off his ass” Matt sighed.

I squirmed out of Matt’s hold and took a hit from the blunt, coughing a bit before stumbling over to Brent and face planting into his chest, giggling “you’re so tall and strong”

“What are you doing in my fridge though?” he was still ignoring me.

“I heard eating makes people sleepy after they get high, I’m just putting him to bed”

“No nap!” I declared, Brent was around the same height as Matt so I had to stand on my toes to wrap my arm around him, keeping the other with the blunt down to my lips as I sucked in a breath and let the smoke come out like I was a dragon “Breeent notice meee”

“You are absolutely baked”


“Who even gave you that thing?” he asked furrowing his brows.

“Jason” I chirped then giggled “He got horny from me sitting on him, b-but I didn’t let him fuck me”

“Oookay yeah it’s time to put you to bed” Matt pulled me back while Brent laughed.

“I kinda like him like this, he’s more open”

“Don’t encourage this” Matt narrowed his eyes.

“Matty, would you get horny if I sat on your lap?” I looked up at him through my lashes “I have a big ass, just like a girl’s”

“We are not discussing that”

“I’m jooking, I know you don’t like mens” I giggled, wrapping my arms around him again “you only fuck women”

“Hey, take this pizza and just put him to sleep in my room” Brent chuckled, handing Matt a plate.

“Thanks man”

“No problem, however I am curious to see what would happen if we left him like that” Brent smirked and it made my knees almost buckle “next time though”

“Maybe, but I doubt it” Matt warned.

He picked me up again and I again said ‘wee’ before he started carrying me off “bye-bye Brent!”

“Bye Will”

Matt carried me up the stairs and into Brent’s room that thankfully wasn’t being occupied by horny teenagers, however I was extremely turned on by Matt’s pure strength and scent, it was hard not to squirm on him and just beg him to pin me to the bed.

Matt set me on the bed and put the plate of pizza in front of me “eat it and lay down please”

I nodded pouting and went to eat but I saw Matt leaving “where were you going?”

“Downstairs, why?”

“Stay” I huffed.

He stared at me for a moment before sighing and sitting on the bed next to me, I crawled into his lap curling up just like I did with Jason and happily munched on the pizza, Matt was shocked for a second as I barely touched him aside from a high five or fist bump and now I was using him as a seat then just shook his head lightly and wrapped an arm around me, I smiled wide as I ate when he did that, then paused and looked up at him “how do you get so many girls?”

“Huh?” he asked, confused from the sudden question.

“Whenever we come to parties like this it’s so easy for you to have someone under your arm” I looked at the pizza, which was still hot enough to scorch my tongue but I ignored it “I’m kinda jealous”

“I thought you weren’t looking for anyone?”

“I-I’m not” I lied, biting the pizza “but I’m used to seeing you make out with someone not even an hour after we arrive”

“When you put it like that I sound like a player…” he sighed.

“I know you’re not” I looked up at him, the bubbly part of my high starting to wear off as I started to just be calm “you’re just really sexy, isn’t that why it’s easy for you?”

“Are you sure you don’t have someone you like?” he asked again.

“You’re so hot Matty, all the girls can’t help but like you” I ignored the question, shifting in his lap so I was straddling him, putting the pizza down “you’re too hot”

“W-Will?” Matt stuttered as my face got closer to his.

“They must think about you a lot, and when you pick them they must be so delighted” I wrapped my arms around his neck loosely, letting my hands droop.

“Will you need a nap” Matt warned.

“It must feel so good when your thick cock is finally pounding into them, stirring up their guts, having them moan in your ear” I pressed our chests impossibly closer and leaned my lips over to his ear moaning into it, not as a joke but actual moans as I thought of him fucking me rough and deep “begging you to go harder”

“Okay it’s time for bed, you’re getting rowdy” Matt stammered but when he grabbed my sides I moaned again.

“You’re so hot Matty, I bet you fuck real good, is that why it’s easy for you? Because women know they’ll have a good time?” I continued


“Is it Matty?” Escort Ankara I looked up at him through my lashes again slightly pouting my lip.

“You’re not thinking clearly,” He said sternly, I ground my hips against his moaning into his ear and brushing my lips against his neck “A-are you?…”

“I’m so jealous Matty, you’re so fucking hot” I whined, still grinding on him.


“Hm?” I looked at him unable to read his expression.

“Who exactly are you jealous of?…” he asked cautiously.

“All those women, they get to have a good time with you and I’m left with nothing but the pain in my chest watching you with them” I whined “I love you Matty, you’re so hot and sweet I can’t help myself, it hurts watching you with those other people, but you only like women, boohoo”

I was stuck on whether to cry or to keep grinding on him, even if those weren’t the exact word I’d use if my head was clear it was still true that it hurt me watching him love everyone else, it made me feel unnoticed and sometimes small, I gripped his shirt as I stared at our bodies, realizing only now I was probably making him uncomfortable so I moved to get off him but the arm around me tightened and stopped me from doing so.

Matt’s hand touched under my chin and lifted my head up to look at him, tears I hadn’t noticed spilling over and running down my face, he seemed upset by that and leaned down to kiss me, as much as I loved the feeling of his soft lips finally on mine it felt wrong so I pushed him back “D-don’t…. Don’t give me hope”

“Will” He ran his hand through my hair tucking some behind my ear “I love you too”

I paused for a minute, waiting for him to say it was a joke, or that he was just comforting me, or he meant love in a brotherly fashion but he didn’t, he just stared into my eyes until I moved and kissed him again, moving our lips together, it started out soft but as I moved to get comfortable again my hardon rubbed with his I moaned again and Matt kissed me harder.

Everything was a blur, the pizza was moved, his jacket flew off, my pants were nearly ripped clean off, his were pulled down to mid-thigh, when we finally stopped kissing and I could take a deep breath I felt him latch onto one of my nipples while he was playing with my pucker, I moaned and squirmed making Matt look up at me, he moved only for a second to that the blunt I forgot I was still holing and put it in the ashtray on the nightstand.

He went back to what he was doing, swirling his tongue around my nipple before sucking on it once more, I whined and gripped his hair jolting slightly when he spread my hole with his fingers, still not putting any of them in just to tease me as he moved up to my neck grazing his teeth on my skin “looks like you were busy earlier”

My face went completely red as I knew what he was talking about, I didn’t think hours later I’d still be somewhat loose from fingering myself before I went to go pick him up from his house, “I-I got excited thinking about you….”

“You’re cute” he mumbled.

I didn’t get to respond and he propped himself up and opened the drawer in the nightstand, staring at it with a mixed expression before grabbing a bottle of lube and shutting it, I was curious as to why he made that face but bit my tongue as I watched him slick up his fingers before they disappeared from my view, pressing against my entrance, I shivered and moaned as he slowly pushed two in.

It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, it just felt weird as I wasn’t used to someone else touching me there but I quickly got used to it as he curled his fingers right into my prostate, I moaned and pushed my ass back into his hand as he chuckled softly and started to thrust his fingers in and out, stretching me as he did so.

I gripped his biceps and locked eyes with him as I moaned and kept with the pace of his fingers, Matt leaned down and kissed me again firmly slipping another digit into me and stretching my insides out even more while I rocked back on his hand.

It felt like forever as he was stretching me out and teasing my sweetspot making me moan and whine squirming while grinding back onto his fingers, finally he pulled out of the kiss and sat up pulling his fingers out, I felt empty but my mouth watered as I looked at what was about to fill me while he dug into his pocket to pull out a condom, rolling it onto his hard cock before slicking it up and pressing it on my tight ring of muscle, “it’s going to hurt”

“Please” I whined, biting on my lower lip.

He growled in his throat lowly before slowly pushing in watching my face for any sign he needed to stop, it hurt like a bitch and I did tense up but I didn’t dare let him stop, wrapping my legs against his waist and pressing the heels of my feet into his asscheeks every time he slowed down, it took a while as he kept pausing to let me get used to his cock stretching my hole and filling me to the brim, I gripped his arms tightly digging my nails into his skin as his hips finally touched my ass and he was fully in me.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly.

“Y-you’re so fucking big” I moaned as his face turned beet red.

“That’s not what I was expecting…” he mumbled, lifting a hand to brush my hair from my face “it doesn’t hurt too bad right?”

I shook my head, as I got used to it the pain went away and all I was left with was the desire to have him fuck me into the bed, I rolled my hips trying to get him to move but all he did was tense and groan, I frowned and pushed my ass against him to maybe make the message clearer but he still didn’t move, I whined in frustration “Mattyyy, just fuck me already”

Again his face turned beet red but he slowly started to move his hips back and forth into me, I moaned happily and slid my hands up to wrap my arms around his shoulders grinding back into his every thrust, he was gentle, not moving too rough but as time went on he picked up speed, rubbing against my prostate and making me moan louder.

I bit my lip to try and make myself quieter as I looked up at him through my lashes, seeing his expression filled with pleasure, his eyes half-closed, his mouth open as he let out soft grunts, a faint blush painting his cheeks, it was both extremely arousing and adorable at the same time watching him melt into the feeling as his cock rubbed my insides.

I whimpered, purposefully tightening around him and rolling my hips against his making him jolt in surprise and give a sharp thrust into me, my eyes rolled back while my teeth sunk into my lip and a rough moan vibrated in my throat, it felt so good even when Matt went back to the soft pace.

“M-Matt~” I moaned in a whiney tone before my breath hitched and I moaned louder.

My back arched off the bed while my lips were roughly covered by Matt’s and the bed creaked, he was thrusting harder into me making my body shake as I whimpered and moaned into his mouth, it still wasn’t back-breaking rough but my god did it feel good every time the head of his cock hit my sweetspot making me see stars.

I felt a knot form in my stomach as the need to cum grew, I tangled my fingers in Matt’s hair while gripping his shirt with my other hand keeping our lips firmly together while his hips started to stutter, letting me know he was getting close as well.

As we kissed we both let out pleasured grunts and moans into each other’s mouths, my body shook as the feeling in my stomach got stronger and I held Matt tighter, my hole clamping down on his cock as it throbbed in me making my insides quiver, my breathing turned into panting and strained moans while my cock leaked like a broken faucet.

My back arched off the bed once more my body tensing and I let out a cry of pleasure as ropes of cum shot out my cock and onto my chest, my vision turned white as my hole spasmed and tightened, I heard Matt grunt before feeling him fill up the condom seconds later, we both collapsed pulling away from the kiss to catch our breath.

“I’m so happy…” I mumbled.

Matt looked at me with a smile and kissed my cheek as he pulled out, taking off the condom and tying it before throwing it away in the trashcan by the bed “Why?”

I just giggled and pulled him back down so that I could lay on him, feeling tired I hummed and nuzzled my face into his chest “I’ll tell you tomorrow”

“Okay then” he chuckled and put his hand on my head.

I smiled and held him close as I slowly lost consciousness, thinking about how tomorrow would go and planned on asking him to be my boyfriend, it wasn’t like he thought I was straight anymore.


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