Paradise Isle – Faun Pt. 05

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(fetish, cosplay, faun, chastity, non-consensual) Bewitched

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

This tale is a stand-alone story of an adventure at Paradise Isle. Please read at least the first section of the ‘Island Paradise, The Beginning’ for background on the wonderful island and its sexual vacation orientation. It sets the stage for this and other stories of sexual pleasures encountered on the island.

Read the previous chapters of Faun, first.

As they did whenever they could, Willow and Liam drove up to a small convention of fantasy fans, mostly a D dressed in black leather, lace and satin. Her costume looked part goth and part dominatrix. He was both intimidated by her, and drawn to her.

But Willow, apparently just as fascinated as he was, beat him to her. She pushed through the intervening crowd, and he was left following in her wake.

“Hello. You must be Willow,” the beguiling witch said as they approached.

Willow, surprised, stopped dead in front of the woman. “How do you know me? We’ve never met. I would have remembered.”

“Oh, I’ve heard a lot about you. I was hoping to see you here. I’m Alexandrea. And I’m very pleased to meet you.”

For a moment, Willow didn’t know what to say. There was something inexplicably attractive and absorbing about the woman that mesmerized her – and befuddled her at the same time.

Finally, under the witch’s stare she simply mumbled, “you’re beautiful.”

Alexandrea chuckled, and the sound sent a shiver down Liam’s spine. She even sounded like a witch from some movie. He was surprised that Willow had actually broken character. It was something that she never did at events, where she always followed her own rules against speaking like a human.

“I do pride myself in being a witch of the highest order.” Alexandrea said, smiling. And even her smile was daunting.

“I think you’re beautiful as well. I wish to speak to you. Find out more about you, and your wonderful body,” she added.

Liam standing behind his wife, continued to admire the woman’s looks, body and costume…

Like his wife, he was having trouble with how absolutely, fantastic she appeared. Her costume was, stunning, fearsome and sexy as well. She did belong in a movie, but not a Disney children’s flick. A show where the evil witch was powerful, beautiful and erotic.

Her perfect face was heavily made up in goth-like blacks and whites, with pale skin and black lipstick. Her eyes were an unnatural bright blue that demanded his attention. It was unsettling, but he had difficulty looking away.

The most striking feature of her outfit was her elaborately decorated leather corset. It held her stiffly, gave her a tiny waist and covered her sizeable breasts perfectly, while displaying a lot of enticing cleavage.

Her skirt was long and draped all the way to the floor. But it was split wide in the front all the way up, almost to her crotch, and it displayed lovely long legs, clad in sheer black stockings that ended in high-heeled boots.

She wore no blouse, but her shoulders and arms were covered by a black lace cape that fastened at her throat, but otherwise hung open. It allowed the clear view of her breasts and her corset.

But, beyond her looks, the woman; the witch, frightened him, unlike any other woman he’d ever met. She looked so much like a true witch, that he firmly believed that she was one.

And she also looked like a dominatrix from Pornhub.

While he stared, Willow began introducing herself, and him, and then began explaining the particulars of her body. She’d never shared that information with anyone before. She surprised herself, by confessing to so much, so quickly and openly, but she continued on, anyway.

Liam, like a confused boy, stood back as the two women, the witch and the faun, talked. He too was shocked with how Willow was providing such intimate details in response to the witch’s questions.

After perhaps ten minutes of questions and answers, Alexandrea turned to him. “Run along Liam, we’ll be fine,” she said, waving him off imperiously.

Snapping out of his trance, he hesitantly looked at his wife, who smiled and nodded. “I’ll be fine,” she whispered.

He did need to use the bathroom, and he could use a Coke, so he leaned in and gave her a quick kiss before he turned, without saying a word, and headed off.

He took his time, and wandered the booths for longer than he had intended. He didn’t really want to confront the witch again. To him, she seemed as much a real istanbul travesti witch as Willow was a real woodland creature. He laughed at himself for thinking that she might actually be capable of casting a spell and turning him into a toad.

When he did return, better than an hour later, he had a difficult time finding his unique wife. She usually stood out in any crowd. He finally spotted her, still with the witch, over in a quiet corner.

When he walked up, neither Willow, nor Alexandrea acknowledged his arrival, they just continued talking; discussing Willow’s hooves and their effect on her mobility.

He stood silently, until finally, the witch acknowledged his presence. “Oh, you’re back,” she said, seemingly not pleased by his return.

He looked questioningly at his Willow, but she remained standing, looking intently at her new friend, entranced.

He’d never seen her like that. And it amplified his nervousness.

Before he could form a meaningful query, another fantasy witch stepped toward him. Surprised, he took an uncertain step back, she had been standing, mostly hidden behind Alexandrea, and he hadn’t noticed her until now.

“Liam, this is my companion, Isadora, she likes men.” Alexandrea said, casually.

Isadora then stepped up directly in front of him, commanding his attention.

Like her friend, she was severely beautiful and dressed the part – very similar to Alexandrea, but her costume was half-black and half red, and she was smaller in stature – not as imposing. And he noticed, almost subconsciously, her breasts were smaller.

She was, though, almost as intimidating, as her partner. He noticed that Isadora had striking green eyes that were just as eerily mesmerizing as Alexandrea’s. They must be contacts, he thought, but damn! they were amazing.

“Hi Liam, come along, let’s walk and talk.” Isadora said as she grabbed his hand and led him away. When he hesitated, she got more forceful. “Come. Those two need more time to get acquainted. And I’m always interested in another man.”

He took a good look at his wife.

Never having even glanced at him, she had already gone back to her conversation with Alexandrea, and did seem to be both comfortable and fully engrossed with the woman.

He flashed back to her and Ariel the mermaid, and decided that she’d be safe enough. In fact, there may be some good. The witch did frighten him, but perhaps there was another orgy in the works, like with the Japanese girls. Sex with a couple witches, who looked like this pair, could be a wonderful thing.

Regardless, he was now being led, more or less willingly, by the green-eyed witch back into the convention’s main floor space.

As they walked, everyone stared at Isadora. She ignored them, like Willow usually did. He was used to having a unique, fantastic and alluring creature on his arm, and was always proud to be out with Willow, so he enjoyed the attention. Let them be jealous.

And as he gazed out of the corner of his eye at the woman walking next to him, he had to agree with the passersby. She was stunning, in addition to being spooky.

“Tell me about yourself, and about Willow, too.” She said, and he thought it sounded more like a command, than a request. But he began anyway. Explaining who his character is, who Willow is, and was, and assorted details of their lives, backgrounds and careers.

He surprised himself when he realized that just like Willow, he was sharing more personal information about than he ever had before. What was it with these two?

“So, you arranged her modifications? Without her permission.” Isadora said as she pulled him aside.

“Um, yes. I like to surprise her,” he said, realizing that it sounded kind of lame. “But she loves her new body.”

“Hmm,” was all she said as she pulled him back into the flow, and they continued walking.

He continued with his answers and general ramblings as they sauntered along. Any time he paused, thinking he’d said enough, or too much, she prompted him for more, and often she accompanied her command with affectionate petting, that got him excited and started him talking again.

A couple of times she even gently ran her hand over his ass or crotch. And the touch sent chills up his spine, and made his cock get hard. Really hard.

She was a witch! His cock said so, and his mind agreed. Her effect on him was troubling, but he couldn’t fight it. Or he didn’t want to.


After Liam’s interruption, Willow resumed describing herself and her life, all the while becoming even more comfortable and mysteriously fascinated with the captivating woman. She’d never met anyone quite like her. And she found it easy to tell her many things that she usually didn’t talk about.

While they talked, she also learned a few things about Alexandrea. It turned out that she was istanbul travestileri a psychologist, specializing in human sexuality. Of course, that information made her nervous. But the clearly intelligent woman seemed to immediately understand her, her unique lifestyle and her challenges.

The more they spoke the more relaxed she became. It was almost like talking to an older sister. One she’d never had, but always wished she did.

And Alexandrea was sexually attractive, too. Willow had never been so attracted to another woman. Since she became a real faun, she’d had a couple of experiences with girls, they had just been instances of casual sex, just for fun. But she found herself, now, truly drawn to the alluring witch she was opening her soul to.

And Alexandrea was clearly fascinated by her, as well. Not as a psychologist, not even as a girlfriend, but as an affectionate friend and a potential lover. Or so it seemed…

To Willow, it was confusing and a little frightening, but not at all unpleasant. She’d never felt like this with a woman before, but it somehow seemed right.

Willow was flabbergasted when Alexandrea, leaned in and kissed her. It was thrilling, and she felt a stirring that immediately made her pussy wet.

“I want to take you home.” She whispered, hypnotically as she leaned away from the kiss.

When Willow looked into her electric blue eyes, the witch added. “You will come home with me. Won’t you?”

And it didn’t sound like a question. More like a statement of fact.

Confused, she just stood there.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Alexandrea said, with a gentle smile. And Willow didn’t protest.

Alexandrea then began explaining how she was going to eliminate Willow’s boredom, help her to grow, and explore her sexuality in ways that she’d never dreamed of, and how she could become a more sexually attractive and satisfying creature; all the while, standing holding Willow’s focus and spirit.

It sounded exciting and inescapable. As if it was meant to be.

She was so entranced by the woman, that she only vaguely noticed Liam come over to them, and then leave again with some other witch.


As Liam spent his time walking with the enticing Isadora, he began to lose his anxiety and begin enjoying himself.

He realized that she was indeed a pretty and intelligent woman, and he was happy to be spending time with her. He also learned that she wasn’t nearly as intimidating as her friend.

As he’d already told her too much about his life with Willow, he decided to turn the tables.

“So, tell me about you, and Alexandrea. You two make perfect witches.”

She laughed. “Alexandrea is the real witch. I’m just her acolyte. Actually, we’re just a happy couple. She enjoys playing the witch at these things.”

She paused and looked at him, speculatively, for a minute like she was deciding how much to tell. With a sigh she continued.

“We are, of course a non-standard couple. Our relationship though is fairly normal. I always dreamed of being a loving wife, the happy homemaker to a strong, loving, bread-winning husband. But when I met Alexandrea, that all shifted. Now I’m a happy homemaker to a strong, loving, bread-winning, wife.”

She again paused, to check out his reaction. What she saw from Liam was acceptance and interest, so she carried on. “I love her, but I still enjoy sex with men. So, on occasion, Alexandrea allows me to indulge. It’s kind of a gift form her to me.”

Liam laughed. “So, are you’re considering me as a gift cock?”

She laughed, embarrassed. “Well, you seem nice and kind of kinky. You’re married to a faun, after all. And Willow is busy with Alexandrea, and I hope you won’t mind if they get, ah, intimate.”

She paused for a moment to again check his reaction, before continuing.

“And as a demure witch, I like woodsmen.” She added with a delightful giggle. All semblance of evil witch gone.

“Well, this woodsman is certainly amenable, he is under your spell,” he said as he leaned over to give her a quick kiss on the cheek.

She grabbed him and pulled him into a proper kiss, that set his cock to swelling. Even more than it already was.

After that, they slowly retraced their steps back to their spouses.

Liam was shocked when he saw a clock, and realized that they’d been gone for something better than two hours!

When they finally arrived back where they’d left Willow and Alexandrea, they found them in the same quiet little corner, still in earnest discussion. Willow seemed to be hanging on every word Alexandrea uttered.

Isadora walked up to her wife and gave her a quick kiss and hug.

“Hello dear,” Alexandrea said to her. “How are you and Liam getting along?”

“Wonderfully. He’s a fascinating man, let’s take them home.”

“I’ve already decided travesti istanbul on that plan, at least for Willow, so if you like that boy, let’s go.” Alexandrea said, as she turned to Willow. “Come along, let’s go home. We can have more privacy and fun there.

“Liam, you and Isadora will take your car. She can provide directions.”

Without waiting for an acknowledgement, she grabbed Willow’s hand and led her toward the door. Willow finally looked at her husband, smiled and shrugged, and then allowed herself to be led.

Isadora wrapped her arm around Liam’s waist and steered him to follow. “Come on, you and I can have fun at our house. I haven’t had a real fuck in a while.”

Liam’s heart jumped a beat. The thought of sex with the red witch had him all excited. He wasn’t about to argue, although he was concerned by the black witch’s control over his wife. She seemed to be either in a trance, or in love with the woman. And that was certainly unusual for her.

But he was absolutely intrigued by Isadora and the promise of sex she was offering.

In the large parking lot, the two couples went their separate ways, and at his car, he opened the passenger door for Isadora. She smiled and gave him a more than friendly kiss as she slid past him and into the seat.

Isadora provided easy instructions as they made their way down the freeways toward their city and home. All the while, her hand was on his thigh or in his lap. His cock made it clear that he was ready to show her a good time.

As Alexandrea drove her car, her hand was also busy. And as Willow’s sex wasn’t covered, only hidden by her fur, the witch’s fingers were enchantingly tickling her pussy.

Willow moaned and twisted, but didn’t protest or resist. It felt fantastic. She’d never been so turned on by another woman in her life. Her times with other girls had never been as intense as this seemed to be. She was actually afraid that she’d cum, there and then.

She fought the urge, biting her lip, clenching her fists, and trying to focus on the flow of lights outside the car.

At last, they arrived at Willow’s large and elegant home, and pulled into the garage. Willow just sat quietly, trying to motivate herself to climb out of the car, while Alexandrea got out and headed for the door into the building. “Come on, slow poke. Get your ass out of that seat!” she called out.

Liam and Isadora pulled into the driveway and parked, just as Willow walked into the house, and they followed the first pair through the mud-room, and down a hallway into a large and comfortable sitting room.

As Alexandrea and Willow headed toward a large couch, Isadora led Liam right past them and down another hallway. Liam turned and looked over his shoulder in time to see Alexandrea lean over and kiss his wife.

He felt he should have stopped to talk to his lover, to make sure she was alright. He wasn’t so sure she was, with the way she’d been acting.

But sweet Isadora, with her promise of sex, didn’t allow him to linger. She literally pulled him by the hand into a bedroom, closing the door once inside.

It was a spacious and comfortable room with a huge bed, but again he wasn’t allowed any time to examine the space. Isadora threw off her cape as she pushed him toward the bed. “Strip,” she said, as she unfastened her long skirt allowing it to drop into a puddle on the floor.

Seeing her beautiful body, in only corset, stockings and high heels, she wasn’t wearing panties, he lost all capability of thought and followed her instructions.

She stood, hands on hips, a he hurriedly removed his shoes, socks, shirt and pants.

“No underwear?”

“Willow likes me to go without.”

“And you do whatever she asks?”

“Well, since she doesn’t wear any, I agreed that it was only fair.”

Isadora laughed. “I like a man who’s fair with women.

“And I like men who shave their pubes, too. Is that also Willow’s idea?”

“Yes.” Shyly.

“Good, getting hair in my mouth is a turn-off.”

Then it was into the bed. She nudged and pushed him onto the mattress, and onto his back. Not giving him any chance to do much other than comply. He had no intention of resisting, in any case. He thought he knew what Willow was doing with Alexandrea, and he was ready and willing to enjoy a session of loving with sweet Isadora.

Once he was in position, laying as she wanted him, Isadora climbed on and sprawled on top of him. She kissed him excitedly and her tongue energetically pushed into his mouth. He kissed her back, just as enthusiastically.

His cock quickly grew hard, and was being brushed and crushed by the bottom edge of her sexy corset.

He wrapped his arms around her and held her as they continued to kiss.

God, it felt good!

He was suddenly disappointed when she broke off the kiss, but that feeling turned to excitement when he realized that she was slithering down his body, her legs sliding in between his own, as she moved sensually down toward his cock.

Soon his arms were empty, and his hands were in her hair as her head and wonderful mouth arrived at his sex.

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