Patchouli Fantasy Ch. 1

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“I want to be close to you,” she said. Across the table from her he smiled. It was a noncommittal smile. He was flattered perhaps but no more. ” I think it would be fun” she went on, ” a diversion.” He seemed to agree though there again, no real enthusiasm. She left it to him at that point. Obviously, she had made herself quite clear. They had known each other for a few years. She had always found him interesting, attractive — but she had never thought any more of it. But now that she had opened her mind to the possibility of more with this man — she could think of nothing else.

At night, in her bed, when the house was dark and quiet, she would think of him. There were many things that turned her on about him but first and foremost was his smell. She could only describe it as a cross between patchouli and his own male scent that fairly screamed sex. For all of her obsession with him now the funny thing was that he had once lived with her. Well, he hadn’t exactly lived with her, he had rented a room in her house. Back then she went to bed at night without a second thought for this man, beyond the fact that it was nice, comforting to have a guy around. Anyway, the room that he had stayed in still held this patchouli/sex smell and on the really lonely nights a fire in the wood stove seemed to actually draw it from the walls.

On just such a night, after a warm bath, she lay on the sofa. She was naked, wrapped only in the quilt he had slept under. The wood stove burning Bostancı Escort brought his scent and if she kept her eyes closed tight she could almost feel him there with her. It was a purely physical thing that she had for this man — with its roots in her mind and her sex. During the day, in a moment of sanity — or was it clarity — she had become suddenly fearful that perhaps she was turning into a guy. Well, not literally, of course, but she had never had these feelings before. These were feelings of pure lust, unrelated to any emotion. And this to her seemed quite a male trait. But, then, at night, wrapped in that quilt and warm from the tub, she was assured once again that she was definitely all girl.

And so, laying on the sofa with the fire crackling, she imagined her lover there with her. She stretched out luxuriantly and felt the quilt rub against her bare nipples. Her fingers slowly traced the outline of her flat belly and ran down lightly across the slight rise of neatly trimmed hair. She had trimmed it in anticipation of him that week — anticipation of the call that never came. But now, she thought of how he would have felt inside her. She thought of his cock as she saw him in her mind. He would walk in the back door and see her on the sofa. She would smile and motion to him to come closer. As he stood before her, she, without a word, unzipped his jeans.

Already, she could tell, he was getting hard. She was still Bostancı Escort Bayan wrapped in the quilt and as she moved to free his cock his hands brushed the fabric off her shoulders. It slid down, off her back exposing her entire body to him. He saw her breasts were small and firm with pink nipples standing straight out. Her tummy was flat and smooth and lower down he could see that she was wet. Meanwhile, she continued to fondle his cock. She was amazed at its beauty — relishing each moment. He was hard now and sitting before him on the sofa she slid just the head into her mouth. Her tongue licked slow circles around the rim. He was large as she had imagined he would be and he felt good in her mouth. She ran her hands around to grasp his ass and pushed him slowly forward into her mouth.

He was big but she took him in all the way — her throat opening and her tongue pushing forward to lick his balls when he was fully in her mouth. He grasped her breasts and moaned, squeezing her nipples hard and feeling a bit off balance. Reluctantly, she stopped what she had been doing and had him sit. She unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it back off his shoulders. She had seen his chest before at the beach and she loved it — tan and strong.

His arms were thick with muscles and manhood. He sat on the sofa exposed to her, his cock pointing stiff and straight to the ceiling. She smiled and slowly straddled his lap. She held his cock and rubbed Escort Bostancı the end along the wetness of her sex. She placed him at the entrance to her self and slowly lowered her body down upon him. She brought in just the very head of his cock and smiled.

Oh, she had known that he would feel this good hadn’t she? Slowly, she teased him by rubbing the head of his cock in and out of the opening of her pussy. Her breasts were at face level with him and he began to lick her nipples. This alone put her over the edge. She laughed at herself for thinking that she had teased him. It was obvious who was in control of this scenario and it really wasn’t her. She descended hard upon him just as he pushed up inside her.

The movements brought on a feeling, a tingling that began in her clit and slowly spread in waves throughout her body. Her inner muscles were contracting and squeezing him — forcing him to lose any control he may have had. He shot up deep and throbbed inside her. And as she felt the wetness trickle down her thigh she crumpled, exhausted on top of him. He held her like that for a few minutes, enjoying the feel of her warm body and the smell of her hair. After a while she sleepily sat up and for the first time, she kissed him. She was, at this point, quite content and pleased with herself.

The fire had gone down and the room was getting cold. Abruptly, the chill brought her back to reality. She smiled though and snuggled down deeper into the quilt. Even though she was quite sure that she was not a guy, she had gone out on a limb like a guy and she had felt rejection like a guy. She knew that she would not ever have him in reality but her mind was powerful. And so, this way, he would be her lover on lonely nights with a warm fire and her patchouli/sex quilt.

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