Paying for It

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Brian opened his email inbox and groaned as he saw that he had received yet another letter from his sister Sheila. He didn’t need to open it to know the contents of the email. He loved his sister dearly, but money seemed to run quickly from her bank account, and she was always broke. It wasn’t the first time she had come begging for money and Brian knew that it wouldn’t be the last time.

That evening Brian was reading a story on Literotica when he happened to stumble on an story that gave him an idea of how both he and his sister could benefit from the situation.

Brian sent an email to his sister asking her to meet him at a local pub at the weekend. Usually, it took an age for her to reply to emails, but he wasn’t surprised when got a very prompt response to this email given that she was after money yet again.

The weekend came and Brian found himself waiting for his sister to arrive. He could see her approach and couldn’t help admiring her. Sheila was three years younger than Brian but even in her fifties she still had a fantastic body. Brian had always admired Sheila’s tits and when he was younger had often wanked thinking of them naked with his cock between them. Her jeans were tight and emphasised the exciting bulge of her pussy. As she walked in, she smiled nervously. Brian stood and kissed her on the cheeks. She looked really sheepish and started to apologise. Brian stopped her and told her to go and buy herself a drink. He handed over £5 and watched as she walked over to the bar. He had always been attracted by her butt and he wasn’t surprised when he felt his cock stiffen at the view as Sheila leaned on the bar waiting to be served.

Having got her drink Sheila returned to the table and sat looking very miserable. tuzla escort “OK sis. What has happened this time?” Brian knew that Sheila was struggling with her bills as she had lost some of her hours in the shoe shop, she had been working in for such a long time. Nearly in tears she told him that the bills had been piling up and she need about £1000 to get people off her back. Brian smiled and told her that he would be happy to pay this time, but she would have to pay him back.

Sheila gulped and tears ran down her face as she nodded in agreement. “Come on Sis. Drink up and let’s go back to your house so we can talk in private.” They walked back to her house which wasn’t too far from the bar.

Sheila relaxed a bit as she sat on the sofa. She knew Brian would help but wondered what Brian had in mind for repayments.

“Look Sheila. I don’t need money back but there is something that you can do to pay me back. Trouble is you may not like the idea!!” Sheila looked quizzically at Brian hut shrugged her shoulders and told him to go on.

“I am going to be honest with you sis I haven’t had sex for quite some time. Nikki has just gone right off it. I am fucking horny, and I was hoping that we could help each other out.”

Sheila sat stunned but secretly was so excited. She had always known that Brian had sexual thoughts about her when they were younger and although she had never told him the feeling was mutual. She had often played with her pussy thinking of Brian. She remembered that she had caught him wanking although he hadn’t realised that she was there. Just the thought made her pussy tingle.

“Go on” she said. Brian outlined his idea. Brian said that if she needed money, she would have to perform some sexual act for him. pendik escort The prices would range for £25 for her to watch him masturbate while she stripped up to £1000 for full sex. When he had finished there was an awkward silence between them both. Brian felt a bit uncomfortable, but his eyes didn’t leave Sheila’s gaze. After a few minutes Sheila burst out laughing. Brian was taken aback when she said, “Sounds good to me so what do you want for me to get £1,500?”

“Are you serious Sheila?” Sheila nodded and said “Deadly serious” Brian hadn’t expected that. He could feel his cock getting hard and noticed that Sheila’s nipples were poking out through the material of the blouse she was wearing.

Brian sat thinking. What was he going to say now? “Okay Sheila let’s do this then. Let’s start with you getting naked for me.” Sheila smiled and stood up. She walked towards Brian and started to undress in front of him. He looked at her in excitement. This was going better than he ever expected. Brian unzipped his trousers and stepped out of them. Sheila gulped at the sight of his engorged member. It was bigger than she remembered, and she could feel her pussy starting to get wet.

“Come here Sheila”. She walked across to him and felt his hands grasp her bottom pulling her pussy into his face. Her legs buckled a little as she felt his tongue bury into her. He was lapping at her pussy like a cat. He found her clit and teased it with the tip of his tongue. She couldn’t help letting out a low moan as he pushed his tongue into her. Brian stopped and kissed her fondling her tits as he did. He led her towards the bedroom and pushed her back on the bed. He got on the bed and straddled her so that his hard cock was nestled between the slopes aydınlı escort of her breasts.

“Fuck Sheila. I have dreamed of this so bloody long. I am going to fuck these tits and I want you to squeeze my cock with them.” Sheila pushed her breasts together as Brian started jerking back and forth. She was in heaven having her brother fucking her tits.

Brian could feel his excitement growing. He knew if he didn’t stop, he would cum over her tits. He decided that wasn’t what he wanted. He knew that he wanted to cum inside his sister. Sheila was enjoying the sensation of Brian’s cock between her tits but could also sense that Brian was close to cumming, so she told him to stop. Brian was disappointed as he thought that maybe Sheila had changed her mind. Nothing could have been further from her mind!!

“Brian. I want your cock in me. Fuck me and fuck me hard.” Brian didn’t need any further prompting and told Sheila to put her hands on the headboard on all fours. Sheila didn’t need telling twice and grabbed the headboard. Brian got behind her and let the tip of his cock trace her pussy. Sheila pushed back on him hoping he would plunge deep into her. He pushed her legs further apart and slipped his hard cock inside her tight wet pussy. She moaned as she felt his motion speeding up. Brian was fucking her harder than he had ever fucked anyone before. He reached round and played with her tits as he slid in and out of her pussy. Sheila was screaming in passion and begging him to fill her pussy with his cum. Brian couldn’t help himself and he emptied his balls of his spunk until it ran from her pussy.

They cleaned up and went back to the living room. Brian got out his phone and transferred the money into Sheila’s bank account. “All Done Sis. Moneys in your account. Let’s hope you don’t need any more money soon!!”

Sheila laughed and said, “Oh I am sure I will soon”. She kissed him on the lips squeezing his cock as she did. “Oh and leave me the price list!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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