Peeping Tom Ch. 05

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Saturday. The BIG day had finally arrived. The sun well up when I woke, having slept in just a bit as I wandered into the kitchen and started the coffee. I returned out onto the deck, enjoying the feel of the early morning sunshine, looking about. Strangely, I saw no one, and heard nothing. I stood for a moment, the sound of the coffee maker bubbling away until it had finished. I walked back inside, poured myself a cup, and went back outside again. Still nothing. Still no one. It was almost as though everyone had turned into Vampires and were now afraid to step out into the sunlight. Even Steven hadn’t come out yet, or if he had…I had missed him. But as rarely as it was that he went any place, other to sit out on his deck naked, reading a book…or openly jacking himself off. To not see him at least, was fairly strange. I finished my coffee, went back inside to pour another and returned.

It remained eerily calm, peacefully quiet. “Maybe they’re all sleeping in, in order to rest up for the evening,” I thought to myself. I’d give it another hour, and then wander over to Darlene and Rub’s place. I had a few last minute questions and concerns regarding the party, and in particular my wife Karen’s participation. Although I was excited and anxious about the evening, I was also nervous and apprehensive about it as well. Second guessing myself about having actually invited her to attend this thing. There was a lot that could happen either way. And the uncertainty of how she’d react to it once things began to heat up was of some major concern.

The fact I had somehow managed to actually “refrain” from doing anything was a bit of a surprise too. After watching the movie of the last party with Rub, I had found myself well aroused. Fragments of erotic dreams I had had for half the night, even now still replaying inside my head. At least there had been, no nightmares! I sat there sipping my second cup, a specific fragment of an encounter regarding Holly, my realtor, in particular. I had imagined making love to her here on the floor of my condo, though in the dream I hadn’t moved in as yet. Though there had been no real hint of anything sexual or intimate between us when she actually had shown me the place. Sure…she had seemed friendly enough, and perhaps a bit flirtatious when we had walked through my condo the first time. But there had been nothing to indicate the obviously wild side of her character and nature, the likes of which I had eventually seen on the DVD. And now, I was really looking forward to that. To seeing her naked, amongst other things! Obviously, she knew I would also be there at the party tonight, though I again winced remembering I’d be initially showing up with Karen.

I glanced at my watch again, took one last look around, but as yet hadn’t seen or heard anyone stirring anyplace within the complex. I decided to wander over and knock on Darlene’s door, passing by Stacy and Jan’s place, but there was no sound I could detect coming from there either as passed by. I stood ringing the buzzer on Darlene’s door, though there was no answer. It was entirely possible that Rub was perhaps working today, which might explain her absence, and also possible that Darlene had gone out to do some last minute shopping or something. I returned home, once again sitting outside on my deck starting to wonder if I hadn’t somehow become an episode of the Twilight Zone.

It was late in the afternoon when much to my relief I saw Steven come wandering outside onto his deck. He was again wearing a pair of either brightly colored briefs, or swim trunks perhaps. Just seeing him gave me assurance that I wasn’t losing my mind, though the paranoia had seemed real enough at the time. I was still a little unsure of where he sat after our brief conversation, though he seemed interested enough in what I had shared with him, so it would be interesting to see how things went with that after Karen and I arrived this evening. Sure enough, Rub and Darlene arrived a while after that, their car pulling into the garage, the two of them carting several packages with them as they walked through the courtyard, even looking up at me…smiling and waving as they did. I felt pretty silly, but again relieved. I again glanced at my watch and saw that it was just two hours until the party. No sense going over there at this point. I am sure they had things that needed doing, and didn’t need me showing up well ahead of time to keep them from doing that. I headed back inside, taking a long early shower.

Eight o’clock couldn’t get here soon enough.


It was now five minutes past eight. I had told Karen to be at my place promptly at eight, and to not be late. Perhaps it was petty of me, but I was already nervous and irritated enough. Though I was sure we wouldn’t miss much, and that Darlene would no doubt wait on our arriving before anything really did start, I decided to give Karen until eight fifteen to get there. After that, I was heading over with or without her. In a way, I was again hoping she bahçelievler escort had changed her mind after all and wouldn’t even bother showing up.

It was eight fourteen when she rang my buzzer.

“Sorry I’m late,” she apologized profusely. “The traffic was a lot worse getting here than I thought it would be, and I even left a half hour earlier just to make sure that I wouldn’t be.”

She did have a long drive, and rather than make an issue out of it, and start off the evening with her and me both being in a bad mood, I decided to let it go. The fact she was also standing there in a rain coat, also told me she’d been brave enough to make the trip over here dressed as she was.

“Would you like to see?” She asked, already reaching to undo the buttons on her coat as I gathered up four cans of beer. Two for her, and two for me.

“I’ll see when we get over there,” I told her trying to keep a light smile on my face, and then adding. “You’re sure about doing this right?”

“If this is what it has to take,” she said looking a little disappointed that I wasn’t interested in seeing what she had on. I was, but not here. Not now. I didn’t want to give her any advantages for one thing, so showing herself off to not only me, but everyone else at the same time, was important.

“Just remember,” I said escorting her out the door. “This is your last shot.”

We walked in silence over to Darlene’s place, Karen in her rain coat, and me in my short terry cloth robe. Had anyone seen us who wasn’t familiar with what was really going on, they’d have thought me for going for an evening swim perhaps. I’m not sure what they would have thought about Karen in her coat, though I am sure that would have raised a few questions perhaps, as warm as it was.

Although we could hear music and laughter as we reached the door, it certainly wasn’t loud enough that it would have disturbed anyone else, though I smiled inwardly remembering that a vast majority of the people who even lived in the complex, would be here.

“Come in! Come in!” Darlene said answering the door. I smiled inwardly as she had greeted us wearing an emerald green very flimsy, not quite see-through evening gown. There was just enough hint of her full heavy breasts pressing against the material to be obvious enough without giving the whole show away. “You can hang up your coat here,” she said turning towards Karen. “Most of the guys are still wearing their robes too,” she then told me. “As soon as we’ve made a few informal introductions, we’ll get things started.” As Karen finally began to remove her coat, Darlene continued. “I should probably go over a few house rules for the two of you,” she smiled, pausing. “Especially since your both new to this. One…first and foremost important rule. No means no. Period. It’s everyone’s obligation to tell someone when any advances or indications are made, that you don’t wish to be touched by that person. Everyone here knows that, so there shouldn’t be any problems. Secondly, it’s a masturbation party only. Touching or being touched is all that’s allowed. Anything else you need to make arrangements with those individuals for later, someplace else. But not here. Thirdly, you’re not expected to have to do anything, or participate in any way if you choose not to. We have a few people who won’t. They don’t mind being observed, or observing themselves while everyone else indulges themselves, but they are pretty exclusive to just one another. One gentleman, Andrew…Jackie’s husband is purely a voyeur and prefers watching while pleasuring himself. Jackie on the other hand, is pretty open to just about anything within the limitations as I’ve already addressed. So in a nutshell, that’s pretty much it. Don’t feel like you’re obligated to do anything you’re not comfortable doing,” she finished eyeballing me first for reaction, and then Karen. “Any questions?” Neither Karen nor I had any, though I was actually surprised she had told her that, especially after our recent conversation, though I could also certainly understand the reasoning behind doing so. Anyone going against the rules would be immediately asked to leave. Maybe she was thinking Karen would actually do that. Karen finished removing her coat at that point, hanging it up. Frankly, I was honestly surprised.

Karen was wearing a thin black leather corset with zippers in strategic places. Her medium sized breasts were pushed to near overflowing. She wore black leather garters and sheer stockings, along with a black panty, that was also zippered. She actually looked hot, which again caused me to second guess myself at what I was actually doing here.

“Very nice,” Darlene drawled, and then reached out, one finger lingering atop one of Karen’s zippered breasts. “May I?” She asked.

“Maybe later,” Karen responded, only now sounding a bit unsure of herself. “But I didn’t say no either,” she added trying to smile. Darlene nodded her head in understanding.

“Fair bahçeşehir escort enough. Now…let’s go in and meet everyone else.”

The moment Rub spotted me, she came running up to give me a hug. I don’t know what Karen’s reaction was to that, as she stood off to one side and behind me. But I was delighted that Rub had done that. “So glad you came…or soon will,” she giggled excitedly. She stepped back, only then introducing herself to Karen politely far less intimately so. I noticed as she did, she appeared to be wearing a bright red bikini, which at first surprised me she was even wearing that much. And then I looked closer. Her bikini was painted on! She was actually nude!

“Wow!” I exclaimed as my eyes continued to play tricks on me. The definitive lines of her breasts and nipples so expertly concealed, not to mention the bikini bottoms that she wasn’t wearing. The camel-toe I was now looking at, not part of the stretched material of any garment, but her actual red-painted pussy lips themselves.

“Ah you like huh?” She said turning so that we could get the entire view of her, especially her tight little ass. “You could almost call them edible in a way. Totally water soluble, and edible to boot! I figure, if I have enough cum sprayed on me later, they’re apt to put into polka dots!”

Karen’s face and expression remained passive upon hearing that, which I had to assume she was fighting to control. There was obviously a bit of jealousy there as the young woman continued to stand there flirting with me a bit, until she dragged us both by the hand, further on into the room, eventually leading us down the hallway to where the fun room was. And where no doubt, everyone else was too.

Darlene quickly made introductions all the way around again after we entered. By the looks of it, both Stacy and Jan had followed suit with Rub’s nonexistent attire, making me realize that the three of them had to have spent the better part of the late afternoon painting one another. All three girls wearing…or rather not wearing bikini’s, though Jan’s was a black and white stripped image, where Stacy’s was a blue and white polka dot affair. Obviously she wouldn’t need to worry about oddly shaped dots showing up on her painting later. Crystal was dressed far more conservatively that I would have thought. Much like Darlene, she was wearing a bright red floor-length gown, though sexy in appearance, hardly showed anything at all, even though it was fairly form fitting. David…like me, wore a simple black terry cloth robe. Steven on the other hand didn’t surprise me at all. He was the only one there who at the moment was entirely naked. The only surprise, was that his cock was totally flaccid at the moment as it swung to and fro as he walked towards us. It appeared, he was already getting into his role as he approached Karen, once more introducing himself, though Darlene had essentially already done that.

“Nice to meet you,” he said taking Karen’s hand, shaking it. And I noticed as he did, her eyes were glued for a moment to his slightly bouncing prick as he stood there. Finally she lifted her eyes in greeting, smiling.

“And a…nice to see, err, rather meet you too,” she told him.

Rub then directed us over towards one of two couches where two guys sat staying pretty much to themselves. Having never actually met them yet, I guessed them to be Rob and Daniel, which Rub quickly confirmed. To my immediate surprise, both very cordial and friendly, and had I not known ahead of time, I’d have never guessed at either one of them being gay. Aside from a few light touches here and there upon one another’s person, there was no other obvious signs that either one of them actually was. They looked about as straight as any two men I had ever seen, there was absolutely nothing effeminate about either one of them. But there was yet another reason for this more personal introduction too. The one thing I had shared with Darlene ahead of time, and something I hoped she had spoken to these two about somewhere along the way. I was counting on their very open, uninhibited participation, even if it remained strictly between the two of them as I was told it most assuredly would be. They enjoyed watching, and being watched. But anything and everything they did, remained strictly between them, which in this case, was fine by me. But I did hope it would go a long way in accomplishing what I hoped that it would. If Karen had any inhibitions, and had brought them with her tonight, just seeing these two in action, I hoped…would go a long ways towards elevating that.

After we had been married for a while, we’d actually reached, or gotten to the point where we were sharing pillow-talk with one another. Sharing fantasies and desires with each other, though at the time, a vast majority of those were the kind I didn’t feel we would ever act upon. In time, Karen eventually shared with me how much of a turn-on it was for her to see two ataşehir escort guys together. And though the thought of that certainly wasn’t my thing, I could from my side of it…basically understand. I enjoyed watching two women together, which again wasn’t really her thing either. About as close as Karen had ever gotten to doing anything like that, was in touching another young woman’s boobs…growing up. And even that hadn’t been meant as anything sexual. They were just making simple comparisons of one another’s when maturing.

We had even at times, watched a few x-rated movies together. Karen had consented to watching more than a few female/female/male threesomes with me, and I eventually in fairness to her, watched a few male/male/female threesomes with her. Though even those rarely, if ever portrayed any bi-sexuality amongst the men. About as close as those ever got, was when she’d sit there holding their two dicks together, jerking and sucking them off. Something that even I didn’t find objectionable in the least. And especially as hot as those movies seemed to get Karen at the time.

Maybe they worked too good, considering. But if there was anything that would get Karen’s motor eventually running, I know it would be watching the two of them. I again hoped they’d be more than willing to do that, rather than just sit there and watch everyone else as Darlene had told me they mostly did. Rub had also had a little chat with the girls, so I was likewise banking on the two of them to tease and prompt the two young men into fooling around more than usual too. An awful lot depended on just how hot and horny the evening actually went, and if Karen could herself tolerate it, or if she would run screaming into the night because of it. There was no real way of knowing which one she would.

Jackie and Andrew were there too of course, Jackie in fact already sitting in the swing, though she was well covered up at the time, which I was just a little thankful for at the moment anyway. Not having mentioned anything to Karen about the woman actually having three tits. Though that might have done it right then and there. I had no idea where Karen’s kink-level comfort zone was. Though I too was still in the process of discovering where mine was at. Rub seemed to enjoy pushing that to new levels whenever she could as I was constantly discovering.

Looking around the room, I saw only one other guy that I hadn’t seen or met before, though I later learned his name was Jim. As Darlene stood next to him, laughing and giggling a bit, her hand snaking inside the opening of the robe he was wearing to playfully fondle what I knew had to be his prick. When she took her hand away a few moments later, it was tenting the garment he had on considerably. More so than my own did. I knew then, he had to have a fairly big cock. Perhaps not Mole-sized, but certainly a large one. That might very possibly help somewhere down the road too as the night wore on. Darlene soon moved over, rejoining us as I gingerly sipped on my first beer, learning that Karen and I hadn’t been the last ones to arrive yet.

“Holly’s running just a bit late, though she should be here anytime now. As soon as she does get here, we’ll start the party off with a simple little game to set the mood with. Nothing too elaborate, but it does seem to help get things going here,” she told us. The one thing I was struggling with a bit here, was not wanting to “seem” as though Karen was my date for the evening, though thankfully Rub’s greeting had gone a long way to showing otherwise. Still, forced to take a seat, with Karen now sitting next to me as we waited for the party to get started, made me more than just a little uncomfortable.

Finally, Darlene reentered the room, Holly beside her, our eyes meeting in immediate acknowledgement of one another. Holly wore a simple white, satiny-like camisole top with matching panties. It hugged her breasts wonderfully, her hard twin nipples poking and straining against the material as she stood there. She didn’t even pay a moment’s notice to Karen as Darlene spoke, her eyes and smile directed solely at me. “Ok everyone. Now that we’re all here…let the games begin!”

** “Now, since there are three new people here tonight, I thought we’d start out with a simple little game, something we all used to play as kids growing up. Blind man’s bluff!” She announced as she began handing out black scarves for everyone to place around their eyes as she and Rub went about tying them on each one of us securely, making sure we each couldn’t see. Taking us by the hand, she then led each one of us into the middle of the room. In seconds I could feel and sense she and Rub as they quickly untied, or took off the robes the guys were all wearing.

“Alright girls. First it’s your turn. One at a time here, you get to go down the line, you may touch and feel wherever you’d like as you move along from one guy to the next, except for Rob and Daniel who have expressly requested to be excluded from participating in this. Is there anyone else who also doesn’t wish to participate at this time?” I half expected for Karen to raise an objection, surprised when she didn’t. “Very good…one by one you can all circle about while the music’s playing. When it stops playing, the girls will remain standing, and then it will be the boys turn to do the same thing to them.”

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