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Big Dick

Her Cellphone rang and her breath caught. He was exactly 1 minute early. They’d been chatting for several months now after finding each other on that divorced singles website, and he’d never been early. Tonight was different and they both felt it.

“Hello.” Her voice was quiet, not intentionally lusty. Her voice echoed a little in her simply furnished room.

“Hiya, babe.” His voice was cheery, but somehow deeper than normal. She could hear his smile.

She smiled too. She was almost at a loss at how to proceed, then he interrupted her, “Are you naked for me?” Oh, she most certainly was. She’d turned the room temp up and laid out a nice soft towel onto the bed.

“Did you put your purple toy into warm water in the sink like I asked?” The smile was still there, she could hear it.

“Yes.” she was so excited / nervous / turned on she could barely make the words come out.

“Mmmm,” the sound came out like a purr from a Lion. “Good girl.”

She was instantly dripping wet. She’d always been the aggressor in the sack. College athletics can do that to you, damn testosterone.

“Do you have the little vibrator too?”

She grabbed it and turned it on.

“Yes.” God, why was she nervous. He wasn’t even here. All her insecurities were unnecessary. He was into her and she knew it, even though she could point out every imperfection. He’d never seen her naked thanks to their long distance relationship and Ataşehir Escort their mutual shyness, but he liked what he’d seen clothed and told her as much.

His heart was pounding like a hammer. He’d seen the pictures she’d sent and loved every pixel. Her camping with friends, her at a work function, even one of when she was much younger on the Track team. Personally, at 40, he liked the curves she’d gathered. She’d lived a life and had the babies to prove it. As a grown man, that was sexy as hell to him. And she made him feel so sexy with just her words alone.

He wasn’t usually the dominant type, but for some reason he’d taken that role with her and they’d both loved it. This was their first foray into phone sex. Heck, Any sex at all. They just had to meet in person, but the timing just wasn’t in the cards as yet, and so this phone call.

“I’m so wet,” her words were light and breathy. It made him ache.

“Mmmm,” again the Lion purred. “Good,” he replied, less nervous than he felt.

“Take the vibrator in your right hand and play with yourself a bit. Run it softly over your clit.”

This time it was she who purred,”Mmm.”

“Get close. If ten is orgasm, don’t get closer than eight. Do you understand?” His words were strong and firm, much like he was.

“Oh, yess.” She was nearly hissing.

“Tell me when you stop.”

Almost immediately, she spoke, “I had to stop.”

“Good girl.” Ataşehir Escort Bayan Holy shit, she loved that. That alone, those strong words from that man nearly pushed her over the edge, but she struggled to keep it together.

All he heard was her breath for a few long seconds.

“Again, please.” He said, lustfully.

She made little moaning sounds he could hear in the phone. ‘At some point she’d put it on speaker,’ he thought. There was the gentle rustling of sheets.

“I stopped again,” she said slightly out of breath.

“Yes, good girl.”

“But I didn’t want to.”

“I know. Thank you. Now, please, go get the purple thing.”

He heard more sheets rustling and then nothing. Then more rustling when she’d returned.

The dildo was warm in her hand. Nearly like a real cock. God how she could use his right about now.

“I have it.” She laid back down on the bed, legs splayed lewdly, warm dildo in her right hand.

“Excellent. Now, don’t be gentle. Fuck yourself deep with it, I want you to cum.” His words had an edge, but were filled with lust.

The dildo entered her, warm like a lover and deep, just how she liked it. Only a few strokes later and she was cumming like few times in her life. She was trying to be quiet since the neighbors in her apartment could hear anything that went on. She barely held it in.

“Ohh… my… god…” She was clearly out of breath.

Only Escort Ataşehir a couple seconds went by of him listening to her pant.

“Again, please.”

“Hmm…” she said, a huge smile on her face.

“This time, roll one of your nipples with your other hand while you fuck yourself.”

The dildo went in so much more difficult this time. She was so much tighter than she was used to. The extra friction and the nipple, pulled yet another orgasm from her so very fast. Her back arched, and her teeth clenched, again barely sparing the neighbors from a scream while her thighs shook.

Out of breath again, she said, “Holy shit, that… was amazing.”

“Damn that’s sexy. I love hearing you cum. I could listen every night before I went to bed.”

“If you lived here, you could…” She said, a huge smile on her face.

He chuckled a bit. A few more seconds went by.

“Take the vibe and put it on your clit,” He waited a second, and continued. “Then fuck yourself again. Imagine it’s me. Long strokes, just like I know you like.”

She started again, this time he could hear the whirr of the vibrator.

“Feel my warm cock in you. You’re so wet. I love fucking you.”

She could feel the heat build again. God, she was so hot. ‘This guy knows how to fuck,’ she thought.

“Right before you cum, I need you to stop again…”

She was so close. She was clenching so tight onto the dildo, one more rub and she could let him hear her cum again, but… She stopped.

“Ohhhh…” she whined. Her breaths were coming in sexy gasps. “Why did I have to stop?”

“Mmm, so you could open the door, my girl.”

Suddenly, her door bell rang…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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