Pillow Princess

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Big Tits

Elizabeth had been told from a very young age that she was beautiful. And she knew it too. Now at the age of 24 she had it all: blond hair, a thin waist and a pretty face. Her ass was by no means huge, but it looked fit yet plump on her adorable body. She was a C-cup but was so skinny her boobs looked more like DDs on her frame. She liked to keep her pubic hair shaved too, that hair was gross, especially on men.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in comparative literature, Elizabeth realized that she did not particularly want to work for the rest of her life. Work was well… work and she would rather watch movies or read a good book. But she still needed to pay off that humongous mountain of student loans somehow. Luckily, during her senior year at NMU she met an older gentleman while working at the local yacht club. He was sweet and knew how to charm a woman. It was not until one day that he brought her a gift, a brand new iWatch, that she begun to realize he had feelings for her. He was about 15 years older than she was but that did not bother her any, she liked the gifts. It was not long until he began raw dogging her in a closed off little alley behind the snack hut.

Fast forward two and a half years and here she was, spending the days on his yacht and the nights in his lakeside mansion. She had finished college (at his urging) but felt that she would not need it. She spent her days lounging, reading a good book or writing an online review about a movie she saw. Her debt was non-existent now, Tony had paid it off as an engagement gift. Now she just chilled and drank or smoked weed all day until he got home. And once her fiancé got home things generally went the same way.

Tony got home and opened the ornate maple door to the manse. “Honey, I’m home.” He said walking over to the kitchen. He then poured himself a drink and walked upstairs.

“Hi honey!” Elizabeth said cheerily, getting off the bed while an A24 movie played on the bedroom flatscreen.

“Hey baby, I missed you.” Tony said while kissing Elizabeth.

“How was work?”

“It was good.” Tony said casually while he lifted up Elizabeth’s shirt. He wasn’t one for conversation.

His arms wrapped around her and went straight to unhooking her bra. Her 40 C-cup tits sprang loose from her bra as he kissed bursa escort her on the neck. Her perky tits breaking free were usually enough to get him hard, but if not a smack on the ass or a few seconds of his dick in her mouth would usually do it. She hated sucking dick but luckily never had to do it for long. She knew no amount of foreplay would make her particularly wet enough to have sex, so she had sub-consciously trained Tony to spit on his dick or use lube after only a minute or two of kissing and groping.

He then bent her over the bed and pulled down her white and pink panties with strawberries printed on them. He liked doggy style best and so did she. He did not know however that the reason why she preferred doggy so much was because that was the position that he, and all men, came the fastest. Usually, a minute or two of pounding her pussy in doggy and he would become overwhelmed. Then he’d pull out and spray his seed all over her back. The loads of cum would run all the way down her back until he used a towel to clean it up.

“Ah fuck! Shit, your dick is huge” Elizabeth moaned. She had learned that men loved it when you moaned and watched so much porn that they couldn’t tell the real from the fake. Not to mention they also liked their ego stroked and would cum faster the more enthusiastic you were. His dick was by no means small, about five and a half inches, but nothing to write home about either.

Tony mercilessly jackhammered her pussy until he lost control and released his load deep into her vagina. Probably, about a minute and a half has passed. Not bad but I know I can do better. She did not particularly care for sex, so always wanted it to be over as quickly as possible. Thank god for her tight pussy.

By the end Liz didn’t orgasm and never would. And she didn’t really feel the need to masturbate afterwards either. You see Tony talked very sweetly to Liz, he was very nice and cordial to her. But unspokenly, they both knew that she was just to be his sex doll. He was a very busy man that was heavily career focused and was not home much but when he was, it was to sleep. She did not really mind this; she didn’t really get what the big deal about sex was anyway. You let someone hump inside of you for two minutes, then they’re done and you’re a little bursa escort bayan sticky. It didn’t seem like that big of a deal to her. She’d been on the pill since the moment she stepped into high school, so it’s not like babies were really much of a concern for her anyway.

In high school she had had two boyfriends, the first she had let fuck her the minute he had started to pressure her. Since she did not really care or see what the big deal was. But the second was a little more religious and wanted to “do it right”. “Do it right” meaning that they would wait six months to have sex. That was fine with her though, she didn’t really care and would have let him fuck her one day into their relationship if he had wanted. In college she hadn’t had much sex. If she did have sex though, it meant that she was getting something in exchange, like weed or a ton of food. She couldn’t believe that guys would give her things just to hump her for a few minutes. She hated sucking dick though, and really much of anything that required effort in the bedroom. So, she usually just laid there on the bed, like a dead fish, letting them do what they wanted. Not doing much else unless specifically asked.

Since she started dating Tony, she had come up with an ingenious plan: she would train him to become a premature ejaculator. At first Tony would last about seven or eight minutes in bed, but even this was too much for Elizabeth. She wanted him to cum faster, preferably in a minute or less. She looked online and had found several suggestions about how to do so. Doggy style was the best position for a quick fuck, and a hairless dick was more sensitive than a hairy one. Men needed distractions down to a minimum and to see you were having a good time. Talking back to them and telling him how good it was, was a great technique too. It’s kinda obvious but you can’t let them masturbate either, not that that would be hard with her fiancé.

The most important thing of all though was to reduce his stamina. Basically, the more sex a man has the longer he’ll last. He’ll be more used to pussy, then he can last longer and longer. So, if Elizabeth wanted to ruin her future husband’s stamina, she needed to limit him to one round per day, and gradually get him to cum a little quicker every time. And escort bursa if all else failed: tell him not to cum, that would immediately put him over the edge. She considered the fact that maybe he might eventually get worried and notice he was cumming too soon, then get pills to address his premature ejaculation. But she read online that men would really only ever feel bad and want to fix the problem if you explicitly acted disappointed. So, she would be cheerful and pretend it was longer than it actually was.

Not long after he had proposed, she had put her plan into motion. She acted like he was fucking her soul out of her and would occasionally ask for quickies or urge him to “cum already, you’ve been fucking me for so long”. She even got him to shave his dick, saying it looked best.

Gradually, little by little, he began cuming quicker and quicker. Going from eight or seven minutes to six, and then five and so on and so forth until he usually would cum, in a minute but never more than two minutes.

One day during the weekend, while she was sunbathing, ass up, by the pool. He walked over to where she was laying. Without saying a thing, he put his hands on her yellow bikini bottom and ripped it off exposing her bare ass. Her ass was pale and white with tan lines around the edges of her back and legs. Tony loved tan lines; they drove him crazy. He slapped her pale ass with the force of a lion and her cute fit butt jiggled. He then dropped his pants, spit on his dick and immediately shoved it into her tight pussy. She started to fake moan as she was accustomed to. And he thrust his penis back and forth, in and out of her semi-wet pussy while staring at her cute athletic ass. He gave her ass another slap while she just lay there, moaning a little too loud.

“Shit baby, I think I might have forgot to take my birth control yesterday.” She lied.

When her fiancé heard this, he lost control. He started pounding her ass uncontrollably and let rope after rope of cum shoot into her pussy. Forty-five seconds, now that’s more like it! When he finally pulled out, he said “Fuck! Well you better go check!” He then watched Liz get off the sun chair and run into the mansion.

“Oopsies! Looks like I did! I guess I can just be so paranoid sometimes.” She said with a perky, innocent smile on her face. Bouncing up and down to make her perky C-cup titties bounce in her yellow bikini top.

She loved her premature ejaculator rich as hell fiancé but hated sex. Although she did relish in the control she had over him and her new luxurious lifestyle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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