Pole Dancing Christmas

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Here’s how my husband’s Christmas wish came true…

It was about six months ago, and I was trying to decide what to get my husband Jake for Christmas. We have been married for 15 years with 3 kids, so having some time together takes a lot of planning.

When I was a young girl I always wanted to be a Pole Dancer, but I was very shy. Through the years though, Jake had taught me many things about my own body I didn’t even know. My name is Candy, I’m 5’1″ with long blond curly hair and dark brown eyes. I’m slender built and not too big up top, just about right.

I wanted to give Jake the best Christmas ever. Over the years, he has shown me many pictures and videos of two women together, and let me know how much that would turn him on; to see me with another woman. I had never dreamed of touching another woman in that way. “That” I did not think I could ever do. Then one day going down the road I saw a sign to learn how to Pole Dance. Wow! It hit me, that is what I want to do for Jake! I pulled in and enrolled for the classes…and I knew, this is what I want to do!

I only had six months to learn everything I needed to know, but unbeknownst to me I was going to learn a lot more than I expected. I was the only one who signed up for the classes, but I did not know it at the time. I was a little nervous when I showed up in my little shorts and tank top. There she stood. She was about 5’8″, long brunette hair, and the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen. She had on little short shorts and a very tight white tank top with nothing on under it. She had nice big tits that were firm and perky. I tried my best not to stare…but she was a picture of beauty.

I asked when was everyone else going to be there…but she said it was just me and her. I swallowed hard, and she could tell I was nervous. She calmly took my hand, as she locked the front door, and led me to the back were I would be learning all my moves. The first 15 minutes we just talked and got to know one another. I told her this was for my husband, Jake, and she said she would show me some very exotic moves. Some, that she has never shown anyone else. We would be meeting every Tuesday and Thursday night for about an hour and a half to two hours.

My first lesson began as she came up behind me and put her hands on mine. Her hands were so soft to the touch it almost made me shiver. Lifting my hands so that my arms were straight out, she then ran her fingers under my arms and down to my waist. As she did, her hands briefly hesitated on the sides of my breasts! I knew then that this was going to be my hardest, but funnest lesson I would ever learn.

After two weeks of dancing and learning all my moves, we were becoming very comfortable around each other. altyazılı porno Then one night she said that she wanted to do all our moves without any clothes on. She said it would make it much easier when I danced for my husband; I would be more confident in myself. I could not believe what I was hearing! I was going to be totally naked in front of this girl…a beauty with a perfect body and could only be in her 20’s.

She saw I was a bit hesitant, so she started taking hers off first. She started with her socks and shoes, looking up at me every so often with a girlish little smile. She began to pull her skin tight shorts off slow and sensual just to see what I would do. I tried, but could not help but stare when I saw the top of her small landing stip appear with a beautiful pussy underneath. I could not believe I was watching her undress right here in front of me.

She then came to me and whispered in my ear to take off my socks and shoes, and without hesitation I did. She could feel me tense-up as she put her fingers in the top of my shorts to pull them off for me. She then bent down, so she could see my wet pussy as she slid my shorts down to my knees. Seeing that I was totally shaved brought a smile of appreciation to her face, and I told her Jake liked it shaved. I explained that he liked it so he could see my soft pink pussy as he licked it, and nothing would get in his way.

She totally agreed as she slid my shorts the rest of the way down. As I lifted my leg to take my foot out, she put her hand on my inner thigh to help steady me, and I silently gasped at the shock of her soft touch on my skin. She stayed on her knees looking at my now hot and wet pussy, with me aching for her touch, as she ran her hand up and down the outside of my legs. I could feel her warm breath upon my skin… and I loved it. Taking her shoulders, I lifted her up to see her face. I had to know if she, also, was enjoying this as much as I was! I wanted so much to see her breast and to feel them on my face, to touch them, and to lick them.

I put my hand on her waist and took her shirt to pull over her head; I did not want anything to cover her beautiful body. With her shirt gone, I saw that she had a very flat stomach with a belly button ring that matched mine. Smiling, I lifted my shirt to show her that we matched, then she took my shirt off and my bra and said, “Now we match”.

She started running her fingers around my navel, as I did hers, and then I slowly started running my hands around her full breasts, letting my fingers circle around the swell of her beautiful breasts. Caressing her breasts, I could feel her excitement building, and began to slightly pinch her nipples, feeling them getting harder and harder. She slowly put her türkçe altyazılı porno hand behind my head and brought my mouth to hers, and as our tongues started searching for the other’s, we squeezed our bodies together. There was nothing in my life, that had ever felt so wonderful!

We started exploring each other’s body, kissing and licking every inch of each other, until both of our bodies were on fire with ecstasy! Both of us could feel the other’s body on the verge of cumming, which only excited us more, as we “tongue-fucked” each other’s pussy. Sucking and licking her clit, I felt her body stiffen and then spasm, as she came hard! A split second later, an orgasm, like I’ve never experienced before, rocked my whole body!

Breathing hard as we both lay back, I asked her if she had ever tribbed before. She said “No”, and added that this was the first time she had been with another woman! I told her I, the student, could teach her something new then as well.

Laying beside her on the rug I slowly opened her legs with mine, and slowly moving down against her, I began gently rubbing our soft pink pussies together. I was now upside down to her, our pussy lips now being the only connection between us. Our “tribbing” continued until our juices started mixing with the other’s, which only added to the erotic sensations we were already feeling. Feeling each other’s hot wet pussy juices, just kept us getting hotter and hotter. The heat between us was too much to handle, as we both, for the second time, came!

Laying side by side, after a few minutes, Katie finally spoke. She said we still had to learn a few more moves, so we moved to the pole. Doing everything we could, we tried to keep the pole between us; both still yearning for each other’s touch. We finished the session, after using all the will power we could muster, to keep our pussies from touching each another.

I never knew Pole Dancing could be so much fun. We would dance a little, kiss a little, touch a little…and lick a lot! But now it was time to go home. All of my lessons were over and Christmas was on its way. She asked if she had taught me everything I needed to know about Pole Dancing, and if that was all she could do for me. I told her she had taught me so much more than just Pole Dancing, which was great, but there was one more thing I would like her to do. She could help me by being part of my Christmas gift to Jake. Without hesitation, she eagerly said she would, and after hearing my plan said she’d have the room totally decorated for us for Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve, I told Jake I had a Christmas gift for him, but he had to go someplace with me to get it. He had to wear a mask over his eyes, until its time to unwrap the gift, and he could hd altyazılı porno not peek. After agreeing, we set off.

When we got there, she had the whole place decorated to a tee; Christmas in an erotic way. She put up mirrors on the walls, had lots of candles lit with the soft sent of vanilla filling the room…and to my surprise a glass vibrator on the bed with a rose inside. That was her gift to me.

We took Jake over to the bed as he kept asking questions, but we didn’t say a word, as we started to undress him. But upon realizing two sets of hands were on his body tonight, he quit asking questions…lost as to what was coming next.

The two women laid him back on the nice fluffy pillows and slowly removed the mask from his eyes. To his amazement, he saw the two most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on, his wife… and a total stranger! The lights were dim, the candles flickering and two beautiful women were in front of him…what more could a man ask for, he thought! Until the two lovely and sexy ladies started to kiss! They watched him as his eyes grew wide and his dick grew hard! He could not believe what he was seeing! They started to touch each other’s breasts and slowly undressing each other.

By now this was very familiar to them, for they had been with each other so many times before. They began to dance on the pole as they had practiced so many times; the two girls – as well as Jake – loving every minute of it! Then slowly they began to move to the bed where Jake had been watching so intensely, and saw that he was rubbing his hard, swollen cock, enjoying every minute of it! Seeing his precum starting to flow, the two sex kittens knew that he was wanting even more.

One girl got on each side of Jake, and both started rubbing his cock for him. Candy started to suck his big hard cock, as Katie started kissing him. Then the two girls started kissing each other again, and let their hands find each others breasts. Candy then moved on top of Jake, sliding down slowly on his rock hard shaft, and started to ride him as Katie sucked Candy’s breasts. Candy whispered to Jake, telling him not to cum yet…for there was more!

Then, laying Katie on the bed, she started eating her hot, wet pussy. In total shock and surprise, Jake could not believe what he was watching! Not being able to hold back any longer, Jake started ramming his throbbing cock into Candy’s pussy from behind, as Candy ate Katie! Candy, enjoying sex like she never had, could not believe what she was doing.

It was like a dream! And as if in a dream, Katie started cumming right as Jake came! Both explosive and hard! Candy had both of her loves cumming at the same time! Wow! Thought Candy as she lay on Katie’s chest with Jake laying back on the pillows. As an afterthought, Candy was thinking she ought to introduce the two. Still laying on Katie’s breasts, Candy said, “Oh, by the way this is my best friend Katie. She taught me how to Pole Dance…Merry Christmas Baby!!!”

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