Practical Magick

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Hello readers. A Tabitha story for you. This series works well with you readers, so if it’s not broken… You’re probably tired of Halloween stories but technically, Tabitha is a witch so they would all fit into that category. if your burned out on Halloween stories I’d skip this one. If your enjoying them, shout out in the comment section.

Hope you like this one. The second part is already in the works…

As always everyone is above the age of eighteen.

For my muse.

Practical Magick

This is going to take patience, I thought to myself. With time as my enemy, I had to find a cure for this.

Let me backup for you reading this…..

Ok so there is this really hot girl… isn’t there always? She was simply stunning, with curves in all the right places! Big tits and a bubble of an ass. She was a cheerleader… how cliche.. but I swear it. She was going to be a trophy wife to some rich asshole who will probably cheat, go bald and get fat. Every guy lusted after this beauty. Her name was Morgan.

Oh by the way my name is Tabitha. I’m a witch! My great grandmother had started me on the path. She practiced with Gearald Gardner who was a cornerstone in the craft. Once the practice was known as Pagan. Wicca is practiced now, we believe in doing what we want as long as it does not harm anyone. We believe that karma returns three-fold. So no sacrifices, blood play or any other horror stories you might have heard. So I did know that we should never cast love spells and we never use magick for our own personal gain.

I’m sorry I tend to get ahead of myself. I’m a brunette, standing five foot five, weighing about one hundred and thirty-five pounds. I have hazel eyes and carry most of my weight in my chest.

Chesty women filled the family tree so it was not a shock when my tits started growing when I was eight. I’m not a real social person in fact I prefer to be at home cooking up spells. I’m a shy geek and tomboy mixed together, with no friends and my nose buried in a book. I have a girl crush on Morgan, I was never brave enough to tell her. That in itself was still frowned upon, even taboo.

The daily interaction I had with her was science class. Today we were paired as science partners for the mid term. The bimbo wouldn’t know the difference between the periodic table and a lunch table. I believe she kept her grade point average up by blowing the professors. She was the school beauty and I was the geek. I was thrilled and scared at the same time. I said hello to her and told her we can do the project at my house. I have my own lab. It wasn’t a lie, it’s where I did my homework.

The assignment was not particularly difficult but it was way over Morgan’s head. She had asked me if I could just do the chemistry and she would type up the report. She had selected the easiest part for herself. I couldn’t pull my eyes from her deep cleavage. I agreed knowing the material well, so I did not have much work to do.

Having most of the chemicals in my set at home, I would just have to get two more. Stopping by the chemical lab before I left for home, I acquired the last of the ingredients. Then I headed to my own Fortress of Solitude, stealing the name from DC comics.

So as you have already surmised, I am a poster child for nerds everywhere. Glasses and brains were no match for the good looking girls here who could have been models.

I still had my ‘V’ card, not that I’m very proud of it. Don’t get me wrong, I had a vibrator. The fact was, I haven’t even been on a date yet. Mom said that I would meet the right person when the time was right. I think it was a lie, I had no luck with the opposite sex probably because I found girls more appealing.

After greeting my mother, I headed down to my work room. I had set up the lab in the basement and slept down there too.

Oh my mom, she’s my biggest fan. She had me very young, seventeen I think. She was a model when she was young but now she is the manager of the bank here in town. Yes she is pretty. She stands five foot five. Long blond locks, that came from a bottle that stretched to her lower back. My father died when I was young, Mom never remarried.

She is chased by every single man that she meets. Admired by both sexes because of her beauty. She remained single to see that I was taken care of. A truly loving mother. It was a smart decision on her part to go to the neighbors where the weekly hen party met.

In my lab, I had just started to get to work on the project. I was moving a smoke machine I built to assist the drama club. Due to budget cuts, they were unable to afford some of the much needed props. I had my lab coat and protective gear on while I separated the chemicals. While putting my gloves on I had accidentally bumped the table spilling all the chemicals on it. Oh yeah, I’m sometimes a clutz.

The cloud formed immediately, filling the basement with fumes that made me choke and cough. Running up stairs to open some windows and doors. I got to izmit escort bayan the living area and managed to open a window and the front door before I saw stars then darkness.

Waking sometime later with mom shaking me. The fumes must have vented before her return. Slowly I got my feet underneath me, the room was still spinning and I felt a grogginess I couldn’t shake. The aroma from the accident hung faintly in the house. I went to check the lab and the mess waiting for me. I thought my mom said something to me but I was wrong. Before I made it to the stairs there was a knock on the door.

Morgan lowered her fist from the door jamb while her cute face captured my attention. Then she spoke without moving her jaw. It was her voice, I heard her say, “Oh great how did I end up with the geek girl? Well at least I will get a good grade. I need it to stay on the cheer team. Time to act like we’re the best of friends. I only have to deal with it until grades are handed out.”

I blinked repeatedly and wiggled a finger in my ear. Then it happened again.

“She would be pretty if she got a makeover and some better clothes. Maybe I’ll give her a few fashion tips. Throw the dog a bone.” She laughed at her thought. Then her jaw moved. ” I’m here sorry I was late. Cheer practice ran late.”

I told her sorry for the smell that very lightly lingered. I started downstairs as I descended, I realized that I could read her mind. She did not think much of me, faking her personality so she would graduate. Wondering what other powers came from my accident.

Entering the lab the smell was stronger, I opened a window and asked her to forgive the mess. Telling her about what happened before she arrived. She feigned interest and concern but her thought was, “How come it didn’t do the world a favor and kill you?” She smiled.

Then she passed out. I almost dragged her outside and left her there.

I helped her stand and helped her to my bed, after a half hour passed, she attempted to communicate but nothing she said made sense. I told her she was in my bed so she could lie down comfortably. She uttered something to me, as I started to leave the room. I just agreed to what she was trying to say, so I could leave her to rest.

I was wiped out from the strenuous workout I just had. I managed to navigate out of my room, making it to the lab before I fell asleep in my chair.

My dreams were wild, and sexual in nature. I woke up and my body was throbbing. I desperately needed to relieve myself. Trotting to the bathroom, I had to make it before losing my bladder. I opened my jeans, pushed them down and sat. I sighed as I released the pressure.

Shock stole my breath, looking down seeing that my tits were now huge. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They destroyed the bra I was wearing and strained the shirt and lab coat I had on. I stood after I finished relieving myself and looked in the mirror, opened my coat and stared. My belly was now concave instead of the muffin top I once had. Looking and trying to believe my eyes, I had some beautiful muscle tone now. My body was sculpted. It looked perfect except for my huge tits and big butt. I turned and looked at myself for some time, flexing my new muscles. Admiring my impressive rack. Maybe I could get a date… a voice tore me away from my thoughts.

“Oh my God, your tits are huge.” Morgan gawked at my chest making me blush a bit. “We’re they always huge?” Her delicate hand extended out towards me.

I was a virgin so I shied away blushing profusely. I covered my body. I could hear her inner thoughts too. She was jealous it was clear. Her inner voice had a lustful sexy tone that made me wet. Her hands landed on my coat and she began massaging my breast. My nipples responded getting so hard, you could see them tent my lab coat. Her hands unbuttoned and removed my coat. I did nothing to stop her. She was talking nasty to me. In her head she thought that she never spoke like that to anyone before as she wondered why she was drawn to them. Openly groping my chest with both hands now. She was arousing me. I listened to her voice while she felt me up.

“God I want her big tits. Shit, I’m getting wet feeling her amazing tittys. I would love to see them roughly fucked. She needs a big cock to stuff between them. Or I could just bury my face in them.” Her sultry voice told me all the twisted fantasies that swam in her head while my panties wet even more from her touch. She had lesbian tendencies, at least she did now. Not sure if she harbored any before but most people think about the same sex at least once, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

I finally was able to stop her long enough to leave the confines of the bathroom. I walked into my lab, she grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off of me. Now I stood in my lab as this girl was stripping me.

“I just want to see them.” She said, while making quick work with my shirt and bra-clasp. They bounced a little when she pulled them from the ripped cups izmit eve gelen escort of my ruined bra.

Reaching up, filling her tiny hands with as much tit flesh as they would hold. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. There was a faint voice as well. I could not make out what it was saying. The door was ajar and my mom was peeking in at us. She smiled and continued to watch.

I began to protest at Morgan’s attack, she didn’t stop. Her hands were opening my pants and peeling them down my legs. I blushed when my virgin white panties were the only thing I wore. Her hands knew what they were doing, her fingers were quick to latch themselves to the waistband of my underwear. I looked down, she was on her knees sliding my granny panties off.

My thatch of pubic hair was no longer there. Completely free of hair you could see my pussy glistening with my arousal. Her inner voice was much louder now. She was pleased as she watched a small bead moisten my upper thigh. I listened to her.

“Her pussy is so small and wet, she smells so good…” her voice trailing off as she slid her index finger inside of me. “Why do I want to lick her pussy, I need to taste it.” Her head was swimming with lustful thoughts.

I have only been able to get myself off by stimulating my clit only. I’ve used my vibrator and enjoy the feeling that it gives me. This was something completely different. I did nothing to stop her. Some of the things she said inside of her head, made me blush deeply. However she was turning me on.

“Oh God! That feels so good, please don’t stop.” I whispered loud enough for her to hear. I could hear my mothers thoughts now too. They were very dirty too. I had to shut her out because if I couldn’t get the situation under control I would cum. That thought did not last long.

I think my mind was making her obey me because when I mustered up the courage, I asked her to lick my pretty pussy.

She pushed me playfully backwards onto the bed. I put both feet flat on the mattress, and spread my legs open, displaying myself to her. I looked her up and down, my focus stopping on her covered tits. She smiled and started to strip for me, quickly shedding her clothing to stand in front of me naked. I drank in her flawless body, firm tits and not an ounce of fat. Her hands returned to my body, her fingers toyed with my clit then she started licking and kissing me down there.

In her head she was asking herself why she was doing this because she had never been attracted to women before. Well there were a few times she thought about being with Amy Adams or Angelina Jolie but never the school nerd. Her tongue slid inside of me. I tensed, expelling the intruder along with my own secretions. Sticking her tongue straight out she speared my opening repeatedly. I gripped my sheet as she performed cunnilingus on me. The sensation was too much, my hips convulsed on their own. I shot a stream of fluid when I contracted.

Her hands were so soft, yet so hot, as if she were on fire. I closed my eyes tight, shaking her until finally the aftershocks stopped. She was looking at me unlike she ever had before. Like I was a juicy steak, and she was starving to death. While she battled her thoughts in her head, clearly confused about what just happened.

It was then that my mom came into my room. Clearly aroused from what she witnessed, her nipples tenting in the shirt she wore.

“Tabitha, what happened?” She asked, finally her lips moved. ‘God I need, I need to be fucked. My pussy is drenched, I’m so wet.’ Is what she said without moving her lips.

“Why is she doing that to your pussy? She said aloud. I had to fight the urge to do what her inner voice told me she wanted. I had no explanation.

“Oh my,” she said, “your clit is so hard. Does it hurt?” She continued to stare at my vagina. It would feel better if Morgan was still licking it, I thought to myself.

“No mom, I’ll be ok, go back to your room.” She quickly left, but I could still hear her thoughts. It took a moment to dawn on me that my mother obeyed my order to leave. She wanted to turn around, crawl into bed and fuck Morgan all day. Reaching her room, her voice was faint now, but still I could hear it. I dealt with my company. Peeling myself away from her telling her it was time for her to go home. She asked for me not to tell anyone, her inner thoughts still battling with what happened. She left without an argument saying that she would call me later.

I went for a drink, mom was in the kitchen and asked if I was ok.

“Yeah mom, I’m ok. Are you ok?” I watched her eyes take in my body. Stopping at my crotch she stared. “Look at that body, that’s what mommy needs…to fuck” I was confused, by the dual conversations. I didn’t feel well so mom said to go back to sleep and if I feel bad in the morning, we can get checked out by a doctor.” Her thick lips forming a reassuring smile, tearing her eyes off my body she turned and left to go back izmit otele gelen escort into her room.

I shook my head, trying to make sense of what happened. I headed back to my lab to come up with an answer. Mom’s voice still spoke it’s lustful, filthy desires in my head. Looking at the disaster that was once my lab, two chemicals that were not supposed to mix with the others, had done just that. The combination of the toxic acids, mixing with the other chemicals had formed a gas. With a few books, and two hours I had the formula.

A older friend had a doctorate in chemistry, so I gave him a call. “What’s up? How’s things at home? How is your mom?”

We talked when we could, so I was used to multiple questions. I filled him in on my accident and told him the formula of the chemical combination. He was silent for quite some time, I coughed. Then he said “Normally this would have killed you. You need to be careful when working with toxic chemicals. Lucky for you, you’re ok.” I left out the voices in my head and the way mom was acting on purpose. “You need to drink plenty of fluids to flush your body. Rest as much as possible. Any side effects should dissipate in four or five days.” He was so much smarter than me. “Ok thanks, I appreciate it.” He cut me off by adding, “if any other side effects present themselves go see a doctor. Do you hear me?”

After reassuring him I would follow his instructions, I ended the call. I headed back up to the kitchen to kill this cotton mouth. Rounding the corner I was greeted by mom’s ass. Standing in front of the fridge gulping down bottle after bottle of water, in her underwear. She must have forgotten about going back to bed. She was wearing panties; they were g-string panties. I stared at her heart shaped, firm ass. Her body was solid, not an ounce of fat on her. She oozed sex, my heartbeat quickened and I felt my nipples begin to harden.

I announced my presence by clearing my throat. She turned so I could take in her fantastic form. Consuming the water the way she did, caused the overflow to soak her front, allowing the pink nipples to burst forward. Those thick hard nipples stretched out and begged to be played with. I could hear her thoughts. “God, I wish you would take off your pants and fuck me!”

I quickly asked, “Mom, are you feeling ok? I talked to John about what happened, I need to drink plenty of fluids and rest as much as possible.” I couldn’t take my eyes off her sexy form.

She was finishing her third bottle of water. She had poured most of it down her front. Drenching the sexy lace panties so much I could see her shaved delta clearly. She never took her eyes from my crotch. “I’m just really thirsty,” her sexy lips pouted slightly. “Tired too, I just came down to get a drink, dying of thirst.” Her tongue came out to daub a bit of water from her rather inflated lips. Her body was on display right before me, she wanted me to look. She was openly flirting with me.

I thought to myself about how long I’ve wanted to see her beautiful tits. Now before my eyes her full firm breasts bounced, happy behind the wet cotton. Mom trying to feign modesty covered herself with her arm. “Sorry hun, hope seeing me like this didn’t make you nauseous. It was just too hot to dress.” Funny she did not mention anything about my tits being bigger.

“No mom, you have one of the nicest bodies I’ve ever seen.” I just blurted it out. I couldn’t help but compliment her smoking body! “Sorry mom. I don’t know why I said that I should go lay back down.”

“Thanks hon, I’m going to go back to bed too.” Her eyes stayed on my pants until they couldn’t anymore. That ass was leaving a tempting offer to follow it. I watched her perfect ass all the way back to her room. She turned her head towards me, before she entered, giving me a very sexy come hither look.

I grabbed a few bottles of water, gulping one down as fast as I could. Droplets of water ran from my mouth landing on my chest. The effect made my chest shine. I was so fucking turned on. Normally my mom would never behave the way she was now.

I did try to retreat to my room, but that sexy swagger and her CFM look, had made me want to see more. After giving her time to get comfortable and relaxed, I snuck to her wide open door, standing well out of her line of sight. I was peeping on my own mother. She removed the rest of her clothing, laid on her bed and began masterbating. Of course I knew what she was doing, so I watched.

Her painted nails caressed her body. Fingers parting hairless labia, exposing the wet pink flesh. Her clit was as hard as her nipples when she touched it and then rolled it between her fingers.

I must confess I was confused. I left to return to my room. I laid down on my bed and went to sleep.

I felt better after sleeping almost eleven hours. I checked my phone, it had six text messages and five missed phone calls from Morgan. I listened to the voicemail she left, cursing me, blaming me for what happened. She said I must have used hypnosis or drugs to make her do those things. I could not believe it, there was nobody twisting her arm.

School was a very different story. As I opened my locker I could hear Morgan’s inner voice. “Just look at her ass. I want to bury my face back into her lap.”

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