Priscilla Bunda

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“Yes! I won!” I shouted aloud, dancing around my room.

I was just days away from meeting Brazilian singer, Priscilla Bunda. She has taken the music world by storm, and anytime you mentioned her, you had to mention her huge butt.

Her website had a contest for her fans, so a fan can spend a full day with her. Now, I was not the biggest Priscilla Bunda fan, but hell, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be next to that enormous ass. Bunda means “booty” in Portuguese.

She’s been out of the lime light for a little while after her debut album was released. I supposed she was recording for her next album. She was a astounding vocalist. She recorded most of her songs in English, but she always remembered her Brazilian roots.

When the day came to meet the big booty goddess, a white, stretch limo pulled up to my house. My heart was racing as I walked up to the car door, thinking whether she was inside or not. The driver then came around, opening it for me.

“Good day, Sir,” he said.

I then sat in, what looked to be the nicest limo I have ever rode in. It even had Priscilla’s logo embedded in the seats, which let me know this was her own personal limo.

As we arrived at probably the most expensive hotel in town, paparazzi rushed the car, damn near blocking my door. Camera flashes came from every direction as the driver muscled his way through the mob to open my door.

“Damn, I didn’t know this was that serious,” I said to myself, looking out the window nervously.

Two big security guards then appeared and guided me through the crowd into the elegant hotel.

“Wow they are nuts!” I said straightening out my clothes as we entered the hotel lobby.

“Man tell me about it. You should have seen it when Priscilla got here earlier. It was crazy,” the big security guard said. He stood at least 6’5″ and was muscular as all hell.

“Wow I bet they were,” I laughed, “And know exactly what they were taking pictures of.”

Shortly after, a cute girl which looked to be Priscilla Bunda’s hair stylist appeared from the opening elevator doors. We traded smiles as she must of known who I was.

“Aaron?” she asked.

“Yeah that’s me.”

“Wow you’re so handsome. They said you were cute, but not this cute!” she said with a light laugh. I laughed it off feeling kind of shy, but hey she was right. “My name is Monique. I’m Priscilla’s hair stylist. Come right up this way. I know you’re dying to meet her.”

And I sure was.


We then came to room 215. Me standing there with my hands shoved in my pockets ready to meet the big booty goddess. Monique then gave the door a few knocks.

“It’s me Priscilla,” Monique called out, “I just did her hair, so make sure to compliment it,” Monique whispered to me.

“Oh you bet,” I replied with a wink.

The door knob jiggled a bit, and then the door opened slowly. And there she was, Priscilla Bunda. Standing there in her small pink t-shirt with “Biggest Bunda” written on the front, and a pair of tight, black spandex.

She still looked the same, but I noticed her hips were about 3 times bigger than before. I nervously smiled, damn near afraid to make eye contact with her cute face. My eyes were set on her hips, which looked to be about 48 inches.

“Hola honey!” she said in her cute little voice, yet a thick accent. Her thick thighs jiggles slightly as she took a step forward, giving me a nice, big hug. “You must be Aaron?”

“Cute right?” Monique said with a smirk on her face.

“Oh my, yes he is! They sent me a present,” Priscilla joked, lightly stroking my chin, “Monique, I’ll see you later girl. Come on in Aaron.”

Suddenly, my mouth opened wide, and my eyes grew big as Priscilla turned around to lead me in. Drool began to accumulate from my bottom lip, and my mind was in a daze. Her booty had gotten even bigger!

What on earth!? I thought. I couldn’t believe it. This girl’s ass was well over 48 inches around and it bounced and jiggled harshly as she walked. God it was huge.

“You’re quite an ass-man aren’t you Aaron?” she said peeking over her shoulder at me. I shook my head, snapping out of trance, but my eyes were still locked on her monstrous buns. Her spandex wedged up her crack deeply, and she picked out wedgies as she went.

“Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stare at it- I mean look-,” escort I stuttered. Way to go wise guy.

She then turned around, giggling in her cute voice. “It’s okay, Papi. Everybody stares at this thing,” she said with her hand on her hip, giving me a profile view of that giant, mountain of ass. “Hell, this thing done got bigger since last year.”

I took a big gulp, as it seemed to be just me and her ass. It stuck out far enough to sit a plate of food. My dick then jumped in my jeans, forming a visible bulge. All this talk about her ass swelling up to this enormous, beach ball size was turning me on like crazy, and she knew it.

“Well uh, I haven’t really noticed,” I responded, pretending to act like I did not notice.

She sucked her teeth before responding. “Oh please, I know you noticed when I turned around. Here, give it a squeeze.” She then poked her ass out at me, bending over slightly.

“Oh my god,” I murmured.

It stuck out like a shelf, and was round like a big peach. The fabric of her tights stretched out to he max.

“Well?” she asked with a bit of attitude, smacking on her gum.

My hand landed on her left buttock softly, and her cheek dwarfed my hand. I gripped slowly as a mound of ass meat molded in my hand. I bit my bottom lip as I jiggled her buttock slightly as it was locked in my fingertips.

“Damn,” I moaned. It jiggled like jello, and it was so soft.

“See, people think it’s fake. They think I got some kind of butt injections.” Priscilla placed her hand on top mine, helping me fondle her donkey of an ass, which if I did not know any better, was growing right there in front of us. “But no, this is all real.”

I couldn’t help myself and gave her huge ass a slight smack, causing it to shake like crazy. It was amazing how it took about 5 seconds before that monster of ass meat jiggled into place. Holy fuck!

My big bulge began to form in my pants as my dick was begging to be unleashed.

“I see you like that,” she said with a cute giggle.

She then stood straight up, hooked her thumbs into her spandex and yanked them down. In one swift motion, her monstrosity of ass bounced out freely, appearing to be bigger than it was a second earlier.

“Oh shit!” I yelled at the sight of her mountain of ass flesh. It was so damn big, I actually took two steps back. “That thing nearly scared me, shit!”

“Yeah, it looks bigger when it’s all out. I try to hide it from the public, but shit, it’s hard to,” she said with a laugh. “I see you have something big too,” she purred while looking down at what seemed to be a bunch of socks stuff in my pants.

I took one big gulp.

She walked forward, and cupped her small hand against my denim covered dick.

She licked her lips at me before she said, “You know I have been wanting some dick for a minute now. I have been so busy lately, I couldn’t really find the time. I’m glad you one this contest.”

My hand went for my zipper just as realized, I’m about to fuck Priscilla Bunda.


Then she gasped.

There my cock was, hanging over my opened zipper, inching its way to stiffness between me and her.

She squatted down in front of me with her hands rubbing my thighs, “Damn you got a big ass dick Papi! God, it’s like a 3rd leg!”

I smirked. “Oh, it gets bigger.”

She looked up at me with slight confusion and amazement, her buttocks flaring out from underneath her. She eyed it like it was a trophy, as it made little jump motions, expanding to its max.

She smacked on her gum loudly. “Are you serious!? Dang!” Priscilla weighed my cock in her hand, lifting it up at angle. I felt the blood rushing up my long shaft as it was stiffening by the second.

“Suck it,” I moaned, making my dick jump a few times.

She took the gum out of her mouth, and inhaled my cock with a nasty *SLURP*. I moaned in response as my jeans fell to the floor, and I locked my fingers behind my head. She moaned and sucked, moaned and sucked, making eye contact with me every few seconds. She would moan something sexy in Portuguese when she popped my rock hard slab of cock meat out of her mouth sloppily.

“Fuck, your dick is big,” Priscilla moaned, licking it up and down the thick base. I did not mention how huge her lips were. They fitted around my dick nicely, and şişli escort they glistened with light pink gloss. She developed what looked like a rhythm, twisting her hand up and down my throbbing fuck stick, and her wet mouth, nasty mouth slurping my dick with ease.

“Oh fuck!” I groaned, feeling the saliva slushing around my big, cum cannon. She gave a blowjob like a porn star, knowing how to work her tongue and her mouth skillfully.

She popped my cock out of her mouth and started jerking the head slowly. “You like that Papi?”

“Fuck yeah, that’s some good shit,” I moaned back, “Stand up, I have to see that big ass of yours!”

She bit her thick bottom lip as she stood up slowly arching her back, letting her rotund backside protrude out behind her. Priscilla placed her soft hands on my shoulders as we had a intense, kissing session, my hands squeezed and groped her two monstrous ass cheeks. My hands failed miserably to cover the amount of ass meat Priscilla was holding back there.

With the slightest tap, it jiggled like crazy, and it was sculpted like two basketballs. “How the hell do you move around on stage with this thing?” I asked in between kisses, our tongues wrestling each others.

“Your a mess,” she giggled as my hands fumbled her big ass around.

“God it’s so big!” Our mouths broke away from our hot kissing session as I turned her to the side. “Have you measured it yet?”

“Well, the last time I did, it was 52 inches around.”

“Holy fuck!” I gasped. My hands then quickly went for the booty again, grabbing it as my fingers sunk into it like dough.

I dropped to my knees like a hopeless slave, rubbing and shaking my face in between her giant ass cheeks. She moaned out of surprise, placing her little hand on the top of my head, watching me lick and sniff up her deep, dark crack.

“Mmm, worship that big ass Papi,” she moaned, arching her back slightly. I grabbed her thighs for support as my tongue lapped at her tight butt hole. Her butt crack was so deep, I swear, my face was completely out of sight. I licked and slurped as my face was held in place by what had to be the two biggest butt cheeks in the world. With an ass the size of Priscilla’s, one would think it would have some type of stench, but it smelled clean and pleasant.

I freed my head from her deep crack with a loud *PLOP*. “Damn Priscilla! This thing nearly ate me up!” I said licking my lips. She quickly grabbed my head, shoving it back up her monstrous ass. “Oh Fuck,” I blurred, shaking my head up her ass wildly.

“Fuck! You’re up in there deep Papi!” she moaned, pushing my head up her ass further, almost pass my ears. She moaned in Portuguese again, bending over some more, exposing her tight, butt hole to my flickering tongue.

This continued on for about 15 minutes until I again, freed my head from her ass, coughing and catching my breath. She shook her butt using her hands, finger nails painted black and her bracelets tingled at the same time.

“How was it up there?” she asked giggling.

“It felt like I was in another world or something. I thought that thing was going to gobble me alive!”

As I stood up, slightly of dizzy, she grabbed my dick and smiled. Her fingers barely could fit around.

“You should feed my ass this big ass dick Papi,” she moaned in my ear as I couldn’t help but to juggle her colossal cheeks in my hands. I played with it like a kid playing with his first toy. My hands were sort of big, but her ass flesh spilled over, creeping through the spaces between my fingers.

Pulling me by my throbbing cock, she led me over to the couch as she bent over it sexily, swinging her long, black hair over her shoulder as she looked back at me. Her butt stuck out like a shelf, and was wide as all hell.

“This is crazy,” I moaned as I looked on. I stroke my cock slowly, preparing it for the best fuck session it’s ever encountered.

“Fuck me Papi,” she moaned as she rubbed and jiggled one of her buttocks, which clearly dwarfed her hand.

“Shit, its so fuckin’ huge,” I said as I walked up closer, giving her enormous ass a few slaps, “You’re such a big booty slut.”

“I’ve been a bad girl baby,” she moaned with her thick accent, “Feed my big ol’ ass that dick! Feed it!”

I give her huge buns one last slap, holding my huge cock up in eskort my hand, slowly stuffing it up her tight asshole struggling to fit it in. The head of my dong pressed against it, pushing in meter by meter.

“Oh Fuck! I cant believe this!” I called out, viewing her monster ass wiggling back and forth.

“Ay Papi! ITS HUGE!” she moaned. She looked over her shoulder back at the action that was going on with her ass and my hung cock. Her face grimaced while her tight ass was opening up by the second.

“Let me in up that fat fucking ass!” I screamed as squeezed harder, pushing my way in further while holding on to her slender waist. I then arched her back, pushing down on it, making her huge ass poke out more, as I stuffed more of my cock meat up her ass. “Ah Fuck! There we go!”

“FUCK ME!” Priscilla growled, “FUCK MY BUNDA!”

“Oh fuck! You big butted whore!” I moaned before I pulled out, and slammed back in, her huge ass jiggled wildly in response. I bounced my pelvis into her massive buns, hearing it clap loudly against my stomach. “Holy fuck! There is just so much ass on you!”




“Ay!” she moaned with passion in her sexy accent, as I slapped down on her bare ass cheeks as my hips swung firm and hard, stuffing my whole cock meat into her ass as far as it could possibly go. Her jello-like ass repeatedly ricocheted off my stomach while the couch rocked back and forth.

I whispered, “Oh Fuck,” to myself as Priscilla’s “Bunda” clapped hard all over my throbbing shaft and stomach as I fucked her rough and deep. The clapping was loud as all hell, echoing throughout the room.




It was a sight to behold. Her ass was the shape of two huge globes. It bounced around like crazy while she moaned in Portuguese. I grabbed her long, thick black hair, wrapping it around my fist, grunting my teeth while I banged into her fat ass.

Then she looked over her shoulder at me. “Fuck your in so deep! Shit!” she moaned out.

I couldn’t believe her ass goggled up all 10 inches of my cock. I grabbed the sides of Priscilla’s mountainous booty as I thrust as hard I could, her light brown buttocks started to turn red from the intense smacking. Her ass was like an airbag as it squished up against my wash board abs with each thrust. I rubbed it down and shook it back and forth for a minute as I pound up her outstretched asshole.

“I’m going to cum!” she moaned, banging her ass back at me.

“Ah! Come on you big butted slut! Take it!”

It was not long before Priscilla shivered slightly, which let me know she had came, but thats did not stop me from the intense onslaught I was giving her big ass.

“Oh fuck you!” she yelled out while grabbing the top of the rocking sofa, “You big dick bastard!”

I continued to stroke my long, cannon of a cock up her fat ass, her bulging buttocks connecting me with with every thrust. I could not see how anyone could fuck this woman in any other position but doggy-style. She was made for it, or should I say her ass was.

“Yeah that’s it! Fuck, your such a big assed slut! Oh fuck!” I said through clinched teeth, “I’m about to cum slut!”

She did not hesitate to throw her huge ass back at me, meeting my thrust. Each inch of her ass wobbled to a point where, I thought it was made of gelatin. I then slowed up my pace, slowly sliding my long, thick fuck pole from her now gaping ass hole, shooting thick spurts of warm cum on her jiggling rear.

“Ah fuck! Fuck!” I groaned, milking the 10 inch monster over Priscilla’s two mounds of ass flesh.

“Yes cum on that fat ass Papi,” she moaned, giving her ass a shake.

I thought I would never start shooting my load. My lemon sized balls began to empty themselves as my cock went flaccid on me. I flopped down on the couch, my dick hung soft between my thighs as I sat, drained of all my energy.

“That was insane,” I said, wiping sweat from my forehead and catching my breath, “That big ass is too much.”

Priscilla giggled ass she got up, barely containing her balance. A big glob of cum fell to the floor from her beach ball sized ass, as she took a swipe from her ass with her finger and licked it.

“Mmm you came like a fountain Papi,” she said before she walked off to the bathroom. I looked on, eyeing her fat backside sway and shake freely with each step.

When she came back all freshened up, we went right into another tongue wrestling session. Damn, Brazilian women love to kiss! And she was a pro at it. After that, I could tell me and Priscilla Bunda would be seeing more of each other in the future.

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