Quickie: Her Sister

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I’ve been divorced for a year now. Funny thing is, even with no kids, I still see my ex-wife once in a while, we’re on pretty good terms. It’s usually when she needs something done around the house or for me to come get something I forgot that she finds. It’s not one of those deals where I go over there and have a hookup for old times sake or anything. It’s legit reasons she calls me. But this last time turned out to be not what I expected, which is an understatement.

It started just like a routine run; she had some small fix-it items around the house and a few things for me to take home with me, she said she didn’t want, sitting by the door when I was ready to go. There was another box as well with things I didn’t want and didn’t know why she would want me to take them.

“Hey, Susy… what’s this other box of stuff by the door,” I asked as I was getting ready to leave.

“Oh, right… I almost forgot. April wants that stuff,” she said.

April was my ex-wife’s sister, two years younger. Which, seeing what was in the box made a little more sense why she would want it.

“I was going to ask you to drop it off at her house on your way home,” Susy said.

“Oh, I guess I can do that. Text me her address? Does she know I’m coming?” I asked.

“She does now,” Susy said, sending a text to her sister.

I didn’t have a problem with taking a box of stuff to April… main reason was not that it was on the way or that I didn’t have anything else to do… It was because April was hot, like smoking hot. My ex-wife is really pretty, but her younger sister is crazy good looking with a body to match. Kind of weird how they can be sisters and have completely different body types and looks. Susy is taller, thin with almost no breasts to speak of and then there’s April, curvy, shorter, with an amazing rack I had to fight to not look at when we were all together for family stuff before the divorce.

Susy sent me April’s address, I said goodbye, loaded the boxes and setup my phone to take me right to April’s house. I tried to remember the last time I saw April, probably Christmas, the year before the divorce. Man, she looked good… I remember that. Susy and I were struggling big time, the sex had all but ended so I was pent up and horny. I think Susy caught me looking at her sister’s tits a couple of times that Christmas, which probably didn’t help with our relationship. She has always been a little jealous of her younger sister. High school especially, when the boys would call or come over to see April and not Susy… it was the boobs… high school boys love the boobs.

The thing was, April knew about her sister’s jealously, knew how to work what God gave her and get the boy’s attention, including me. As I recall, that last Christmas… April had worn a top that was definitely out of season. Tight, thin, and low cut for Christmas… I mean at least it was red. She made sure I noticed her and she made sure Susy noticed that I noticed. So yeah, that’s the last time I had seen her and driving over to her house, all these memories came back to me. I was more excited than I should have been.

My GPS took me right to her little downstairs apartment and I pulled up against the curb, turned off the GPS and the car, getting out to pop the trunk. I grabbed the box for April and headed up the drive and then down the stairs to her entrance. With the box in my arms, I used my foot to knock with no response. Susy told me she was expecting me so I shifted the box to one arm and the wall, to knock with my free hand a little harder.

“Come in! It’s open,” I heard April yell from inside the small apartment. Luckily, I had that free hand and I opened the door and walked inside.

“April? It’s me, Tysen… I have the stuff you wanted from Susy,” I called out, closing the door.

“Great, bring it in here, down the hall,” I heard her voice call.

I started walking down the hall, realizing it led to her bedroom. I kind of hesitated… I just got this weird feeling all of a sudden. It was the first time I was ever alone with her and I was heading toward her bedroom. Something told me I wasn’t ready for what I was going to find. I pushed through the concern and kept walking down the hall. Entering the room, my gut had been right. April was laying on the bed with not a stitch of clothing on, candles burning on both nightstands. I froze, my eyes locked onto her perfect breasts, the breasts I had wanted to see since that first time I met her.

They were round, perky and full on her chest, flickering in the candlelight. I could see the nipples slightly raised, puckering her areolas around the lifted nubs. My breath caught in my throat… I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t even move. She sat up; my eyes widened even more as I watched her breasts wobble only once before defying gravity, remaining round and perky even vertical. They were spectacular, even better than I imagined. Her nipples were high on her breasts, giving them an even more perky look, her tummy was toned with an elongated bellybutton as she sat on the bed, legs ağrı seks hikayeleri crossed before her.

“Looks like I have your attention… finally. You’ve been a hard one… always distant, always with Susy, always trying so hard not to look at me. But now, you can’t stop,” she said climbing off the bed and walking toward me.

Holy fucking shit! She was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. Her long brown hard fell behind her, revealing her entire naked body to me in the candlelight. Her tight stomach ended in a hairless pubic mound and pussy, followed by her shapely hips and legs, matching her large breasts in a perfect hourglass shape I had never experienced before.

“Now that you and my sister are divorced, you’re free game,” she said walking right up to me and taking the box out of my hands and tossing it down on the floor. The items spilling out, the items she didn’t care about. I knew instantly they were a ploy to get me there.

She reached out, placing her hands on my chest, looking up at me. She was quite a bit shorter than I was. I had yet to utter a word, I don’t know if I had even taken a breath since I saw her on the bed.

“Tysen, Tysen… you have no idea how long I’ve waited to have you to myself,” she said, running her hands up to my neck, and down to my chest again.

“Remember the first time you saw me… you came to pick up Susy for a date and my dad had let you in the house. She wasn’t ready yet so you sat in the living room waiting. I knew you were downstairs alone but I waited until Susy was ready, because I wanted her to see the look on your face when you saw me. I even changed into my special outfit, to make it even better. Do you remember?” she asked.

I was only able to nod, with my hands at my sides and this gorgeous naked sister of my ex’s standing in front of and touching me.

“I’m sure you do… the look on your face when I walked down those stairs in my tight workout shorts and sports bra was legendary. I remember Susy scowling at me hard as you stared at me until she had to physically grab your hand and pull you to the door,” she said giggling.

I remembered it well. I had just gotten up to meet Susy and all of a sudden down the stairs came this bombshell in an outfit that was way too small and tight for her body. I remember her breasts especially, barely contained in a tiny sport’s bra, so small and tight it scarcely covered her nipples, pressing through the tight material. I was so taken aback I did stare and I did embarrass myself.

“I’ve got to know, what did my sister say when you were both in the car or was it you that spoke first?” she asked, running her hand down lower on my body, feeling my abs, almost to the top of my pants.

My cock had been enlarging since I saw her naked on the bed and was wedged in my pants, unable to moved and getting very uncomfortable. I tried to recall what had happened that first time I saw April, and what I had said.

“It was me… I asked her who you were, like an idiot,” I said.

April started laughing, “I knew it… I bet that pissed her off bad… I hope you didn’t talk about me all night,” she said, giggling.

“No, I finally wised up, seeing how any mention of you irritated Susy. She just said you were her stupid younger sister who did shit like that all the time, when boys came over.”

“I’ll bet she did, because she was right. Do you have any idea how many boys I stole from her? Like tons… all except you. Tysen, the one that got away,” she said, giggling, patting my cheek.

“So handsome, so strong,” she said rubbing my chest again. “I never knew how you did it… how you resisted me, how Susy kept you to herself… she must have worked hard to keep you,” April said.

“Yeah, she did… in the beginning,” I said.

“So, what was it, what did she do besides her glowing personality?” April mocked, moving closer to me until her large breasts were touching my body.

“Umm, well it… was… the blowjobs,” I finally managed, deciding to tell the truth.

“Oh really? And once you were married, I’ll bet that ended real quick,” she said.

“Yep, pretty much,” I answered.

“Blowjobs? Really? My sister? Oh wait, wait just a minute,” she said like she was remembering something.

She moved her hands down to my pants and started undoing them, like she wanted to show me something more than get me naked.

“I bet I can duplicate her blowjobs exactly,” April said, dropping my pants to the floor before yanking my drawers down and releasing my cock.

It swung upward, growing fast after being released. She grabbed it in the middle before falling to her knees. She admired my cock before looking up at me or starting. I was frozen in place, probably couldn’t have moved if I wanted to.

“You see, about the time she met you, I remember finding an old VHS tape in my dad’s closet and discovered it was porn. I showed Susy and we watched the part where the girl sucked on a man’s dick,” she said before opening her mouth and proceeding to give me the exact blowjob my ex-wife had every time.

Don’t get me wrong, it felt amazing and I was on the verge of blowing my load in her mouth when she stopped and looked up at me again. They never lasted very long with Susy, she would complain about the taste, the pre-cum, and hurting her mouth.

“Feel familiar?” she asked.

“Yes, exactly,” I said looking down at her.

“Yep, she learned that because of me and the video. I was the younger sister and told her the boys would go nuts for it and wouldn’t get enough. Let me guess she, never once varied or had any imagination when she sucked you. Just the same old memorized blowjob until even they just stopped.”

“Exactly, and I was lucky to have any after we got married,” I said.

“You poor thing, if you had only known what I could do back then, you could have saved yourself a lot of time and a miserable marriage. You could have had this,” she said, parting her lips again and taking my entire cock in her mouth, something Susy never even thought of doing.

I had never felt anything like it, and it only got better. April knelt there and treated me to the blowjob of my life. Doing things to my cock and balls I never knew existed, keeping me on the verge but knowing how not to take me over the edge. She didn’t care about the pre-cum, or the saliva, just the opposite, she used both to her advantage and my pleasure, coating my cock in juices and stroking my slippery shaft while sucking my head and balls before taking the entire thing in her mouth and using her tongue on the base.

Holy shit, it blew me away. And the visual of her working my cock as her breasts swayed back and forth, jiggling, nipples hard, was phenomenal. She stopped before I lost it, leaving my cock a wet mess, just throbbing and pulsing, arching up to the ceiling. It was by far the longest and most incredible head I’d ever received.

“Don’t you wish you knew then what you know now?” she asked, standing up and wiping her mouth.

“Totally! Holy shit, April, that was amazing. I’ve never fe…” she cut me off with her finger to my mouth.

“No more talking… I have a better use for your mouth in mind. Let’s see if you have any imagination.”

Kicking off my sandals, I stepped out of the pile of clothing around my feet, reached down and grabbed her around the hips, picking her up with ease. She called out with surprise and giggled as I carried her to the bed, her arms now around my shoulders her breast mashed against my chest. My cock bounced against her sex as I walked to the bed before dropping her on her back.

I yanked off my shirt and climbed up between her legs. Looking down at her, I took in the vision below, perfect breasts, tight toned abs, shaved pussy that was flushed and partially opened at the bottom, glistening with her wetness from sucking me, her legs spread.

Her pussy was incredible, the lips were perfectly symmetric, the ideal length, fullness and color. Just and absolute gorgeous creature. She was a sight to see for sure and I went right for her tits, just like a high school boy. With both hands, I palmed her perky breasts, pushing them up and rolling them in my hand, the flesh spilling over as I applied pressure.

The stimulation from touching them rushed through my body, making my hard cock lurch with desire. I’d never felt breast like this before. Susy’s were tiny, almost not even breasts, but April’s were more than a handful and her nipples hardened under my palms as she moaned from my touch. Falling over, I removed my right hand so my mouth could replace it, sucking her left nipple in my mouth, before nibbling on it.

She moaned and cooed as I continued to play, nibble and suck both her incredible breasts for longer than I probably should have, because she suddenly interrupted me, by pushing my shoulders downward with her hands. She wanted my face lower, probably what she meant by using my mouth for something besides talking.

I got the not so subtle hint, kissing her tummy, lower to her pubic mound and moving left to her inner thigh and then to the right, licking and kissing all around her sex but not touching her folds quite yet.

“You’re a fucking tease!” she blurted after about a minute of the playful nibbles.

“It’s called anticipation,” I said.

“Fuck anticipation and eat me already!” she yelled.

She took a large inhale of breath as I obeyed her command and placed my entire mouth over her wet sex, spreading her wide from the bottom up with my tongue. She was hot, wet and tangy. It had been too long since I had performed oral sex, so anything would have been delicious to me. Her clit was hard when my tongue found it among her folds, running the tip over the face of it. Moving forward slightly, I sucked on it pulling her nub and flesh tighter into my mouth, making her arch her back and press herself into my face.

“Mmmm, now we’re talking… suck that clit!” she screamed.

I sucked and flicked it with my tongue, even pinning it between my teeth so I could really go to town. This made her squirm from the intense sensations and her hands found my head, digging her nails into me as she screamed with pleasure.

“Wow, you’re… surprisingly… good at this,” she said between gasps.

I lifted my head and replied, “Yeah, your sister made sure of that and rarely returned the favor,” I said, before diving back into eating her soaked pussy. I slurped up her lips, sucking and pulling them away from her body, before driving my tongue as deep as I could into her tasty hole. I explored every nook and cranny of her sex before she finally grabbed my head and pulled me up over her.

“I want your cock inside of me,” she said as I looked down at her gorgeous face.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. It had all happened so fast, I never really had the chance to contemplate what I was doing or the ramifications of fucking my ex-wife’s sister. But that was a fleeting thought as my cock throbbed and oozed down my shaft, wanting nothing more than to be buried in April’s hot, wet, tunnel.

She looked so fucking good below me as I lowered myself down onto her. I looked into her eyes, bright green eyes and kissed her, which kind of took her aback, but then she kissed me back as our bodies pressed together, my cock not yet inside. As we kissed, I moved forward and just like magic, my cock entered her hot pussy for the first time and we both broke the kiss to moan in first penetration pleasure.

Good hell it felt amazing, her body bathed my cock is hot, wet bliss, as I’ve never felt before. It was so good, so shockingly intense it was all I could do to not nut with the first thrust after how close I was from her incredible blowjob. I held myself deep, straining against the pleasure to not blow my load so fast. Holding still worked a bit and the initial thrill and pleasure began to subside as we stared at each other.

“How long’s it been for you?” she asked, apparently noticing my struggle.

“A while… you can tell?” I asked.

“Yeah, you seem ready to cum already. Don’t feel bad… we have all night, get the first one over with if you want,” she smiled up at me.

“Don’t think I have much choice,” I grinned back at her.

I was correct; as soon as I started to ease out of her, the pleasure surged again and on only the second thrust into this incredibly hot woman, I exploded deep inside of her. My cock felt like it was just bathing her insides with blast after blast of semen. The pleasure caused me to moan, shake and almost pass out on top of her as my cock unleashed torrents inside of her body. I hadn’t cum for several weeks.

I did finally collapse onto her, breathing heavily and trembling with the after spasms my cock buried deep and my plentiful load oozing out around it. It couldn’t be contained.

“Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever had this much cum inside of me,” she said. “You really were pent up.”

I guess she could feel it fill her up as I came and now oozing out all around my cock. And then when I did finally pull out, the semen rushed out in a large gush as my head left her. I rolled off of her, breathing heavily on the bed. She let me catch my breath before asking me to get her a towel from the bathroom. She was trying to contain the mess.

I got up, letting what had just happened start to sink in. I debated grabbing my clothes and rushing off but I knew that would make things much worse. A little guilt crept in, after my cock fell limp from the massive orgasm. What would my ex-wife do if she found out? I kind of felt ashamed as I walked down the hall into the bathroom. I found the towels and looked at myself in the mirror debating what to do next.


“You get lost!” I heard her call out from the bedroom.

I tore myself away from the mirror and headed back to the bedroom with the towel. I found her just as I had left her, lying on the bed, naked, with my load still oozing out of her open pussy. Fuck! What a sight and my limp cock jumped slightly as I walked into the room. I moved to the side of the bed and handed her the towel, sitting down next to her. She cleaned herself up and handed it back to me, looking down at my cock.

“Looks like you need it as well,” she said.

I was so lost in thought, I hadn’t noticed my dick was covered in my load as well with a fresh glob capping off the slit. I used the towel and she watched me clean myself before rolling over and putting her hands on my legs.

“You okay? You seem distant, conflicted now?” she asked.

“Well… after what we just did… I don’t know what to think,” I responded.

“You’re not worried about Susy, are you? You’ve been divorced for over a year now. She has no say in what you do.”

“I know, but I still see her and you’re her sister for crying out loud,” I said.

“Yeah, well, knowing what you know now, you picked the wrong sister,” she said grinning.

“I didn’t know I had a choice, not really,” I said.

“I tried, really I did” she said, kind of hitting my legs with her hands gently. “She had her claws into you more than any other guy ever and you were so loyal, never even giving yourself a chance to stray. I mean, think about it… this is the first time we’ve been alone together, ever,” she said.

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