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The rivals were Becky Johnson and Stacy Willis. No one would have ever imagined the two girls used to be friends. It was long ago back back in middle school when they swore they’d be best friends for life. Becky’s parents were more than satisfied with her choice of friends. Stacy’s would have rather she hung out with someone else. Someone closer to her own socio-economic status. Stacy wasn’t slumming, girls that age didn’t see money or status that way. However, older girls saw status, and when Stacy started high school, she stopped hanging out with her too tall and too poor friend.

Stacy hung out with girls who wore the right clothes, drove the right cars, and dated the right boys. And even though she didn’t have anything to do with Becky Johnson anymore, deep inside she resented the fact that she’d been friends with that dork for 5 years. She felt that her generosity and good nature had been taken advantage of.

Especially considering that Becky didn’t wear the right clothes. She didn’t drive the right car. As far as boyfriends, well…there was a rumor. A fresh and juicy one. A rumor Stacy Willis was determined to exploit to its full advantage and when she saw her tall thick boned rival walk by, she cut her off in the hall.

“Becky, there is a rumor going around that you gave Jimmy Meers a case of the crabs. Everyone’s seen him scratching down there. How come you aren’t scratching? Are you just used to crabs by now?” Stacy teased. Though she made sure she teased while surrounded by four of her friends.

“Why are you so curious Stacy?” Becky said, with a sly look in her eyes. “Do you want some of my crabs? I heard you had all you can eat crabs the other night. Didn’t get enough? Is that it?”

“God you are a disgusting freak.” Stacy’s wrinkled her perfect pert nose to show her distaste at such crude comments. However, her cheeks were blushing a bright red. This wasn’t how this was supposed to go.

“You don’t like crabs?” Becky asked. “Oh I know what you like. You’re a clam girl, aren’t you? Do you want my hot steamed clam? Do you want to lick it, baby, is that it?”

“No one wants your…nasty…clam.” Stacy said. “Jimmy said…ah..he said your clam had STDs” Stacy resorted to lying. Damn it! This was supposed to be a slam dunk. That was the other thing that Stacy hated about Becky. Despite the fact that Stacy was prettier, richer, and just plain better, Becky Johnson always seemed to win. She won when they used to play tag. She won jump rope competitions. She won races. If Stacy made a 99 on a test, fucking Becky Johnson had to make a 101. Stacy had the car, the money, the friends. What she didn’t have, she wanted desperately. This was finally Stacy’s chance to rub Becky’s nose in it, and Becky was ruining it for her!

It wasn’t fair.

“I can see you blushing,” Becky continued. “You love my clam. That’s what this is all about isn’t it? You are jealous. J.E.A.L.O.U.S. of Jimmy. Don’t worry Stacy, I’ve enough clam for you and Jimmy too.”

“I’m not jealous of anyone.” Stacy said, the blush spreading from her cheeks to her chest.

“You love me Stacy Willis. You always have.”

“I do not. I hate you.”

“You looove me.” Becky said. “We used to play prince and princess at your house.”

“We did not” Stacy lied, stomping her foot in frustration. They had, and it was innocuous pretend games, but Becky made it sound perverse. “You never came to my house.”

“You are imagining I’m naked right now.”

“You’re crazy – like certifiably nuts” Stacy retorted, but now that Becky said that, Stacy couldn’t help but think of her rival’s naked body.

“Then why the sudden interest in my tits?”

Stacy’s blush bloomed into a deep crimson when she realized she was not only looking at Becky’s boobs, but now she was imagining them without a bra. She looked away.

“Now my pussy,” Becky teased, “That just great Stacy Willis. Anything else you want to undress?”

“Let’s go.” Stacy urged her friends, not even daring to look at Becky for fear of being further embarrassed. “She’s too big of a skank to even feel ashamed of transmitting sexually diseases around school.”

Then there was a hush. A silence. Stacy felt her face cupped between two hands, her chin lifted by two thumbs, her mouth being kissed by two lips. Two hungry eager velvety lips. Her mouth being probed by a strong and questing tongue. It took a few seconds to register what had happened.

She’d was being kissed. In the mouth. By Becky Johnson.

Worse. She was still being kissed and by now fingers ran through her hair and another hand palmed her bottom possessively.

And what a kiss. It took Stacy’s breath away. It made her knees weak. It set fire – it set fire to her loins. This was not supposed to happen. Then just as suddenly as the kiss was initiated, it was ended. Leaving Stacy standing stupidly, her lips parted, head tilted back while Becky stood back with a knowing smile.

“There’s more where that came from.” Becky said. “But I’ll tell you like I told Jimmy. You want to roll the dice, you have to pay the price. Jimmy Ankara escort has been scratching his nuts because I made him shave his balls before I’d play with him. The same goes for you Stacy Willis, if you want me to play with you, that pussy of yours better be smooth as silk. “

With those words, Becky turned and walked away.

“God, what a freak,” Connie Davis was the first to manage to break the silence. She giggled and the other girls chimed in. “I can’t believe she kissed you.”

“You’ll need to gargle with Listerine.” volunteered Morgan.

“With…ah…gasoline..” Stacy somehow managed to force out a giggle, but it wasn’t easy. Her mind was on the kiss and how her body had reacted to it. She couldn’t get the image of a naked Becky Johnson out of her mind, even now as the girl walked away, Stacy saw her naked in her mind.

It didn’t get any better throughout the day. Night was worse.

Becky’s words haunted her. “The same goes for you Stacy Willis. If you want me to play with you, that pussy of yours better be smooth as silk.”

Stacy’s hand reached down and ran through her protective down. She wondered what it’d be like to be bare down there. There’s be nothing to hide her slit. There’d be nothing to disguise her wet engorged lips if she were turned on. What exactly did Becky mean when she said “Play with you”? Her finger ran up and down her slit, then back and forth over her clit. Faster and faster.

She tried thinking about her boyfriend, but her usual fantasy was short lived. No, the fantasy that seemed to take root in her mind was much more shameful. Becky Johnson ordered her to take off her clothes while Stacy’s friends stood and watched as Stacy shyly stripped.They pointed at her denuded sex. Her..her wetness. She could hear them titter…The twitters turned to giggles. They pointed. She blushed and the giggles turned to laughter. She …she..

She came, writing in the bed, biting down on her pillow to muffle her gasp. It was glorious, but then after..she was ashamed. God…what a disgusting thing to think about while she was masturbating. What a perverted and awful thing to fantasize about. She vowed never to do it again.

The vow lasted only till she took a shower in the morning and she was shaving her legs. She held the razor perched at her patch of curly hair and …what the fuck was she thinking and why were her nipples hard as pebbles. She was…pissed at Becky more now than ever before. She lathered up her triangle of curls and ran the razor over it, trimming it up, like she would for a bikini, but maybe just a bit more. She ran a finger through her lips and over her clit. lightning danced through her loins.

She shook her head. She wouldn’t do this. How had that demented little beast managed to infect her with this sickness. She was going to get even somehow.

She would get some real dirt. Something juicy that Becky would surely be ashamed of.


“Hi Jimmy..I was ahh..talking to Becky and she said that”

“Not here,” Jimmy said, voice trembling, his eyes darting both directions. He disappeared into the boys restroom then quickly exited and pulled Stacy by her wrist. “In here.”

“I’m not going in there!” Stacy pulled her arm away. No way was she going to be dragged into the boys restroom.

“Check there,” Jimmy motioned at the girls restroom.

Stacy went to check. It was empty.

“Hurry.” Jimmy dashed into the girl’s booth and Stacy followed. What was with all the cloak and dagger? She just wanted him to tell her what sort of sick games Becky liked to play. She was too shocked to move when he latched the door and dropped his pants. At first she worried that he was going to assault her and she almost screamed.

But seeing him, there with his pubes shaved bare, his little dick didn’t look very threatening at all. No, it looked downright silly.

“What are you waiting for?” Jimmy asked, snapping Stacy back to the present.

“What are you talking about?” Stacy asked. At one time, she’d have considered dating Jimmy, may have considered much more. But that was before he consorted with the likes of Becky Johnson. That was before she’s seen how skinny and how unmanly he looked shorn of his pubic hair. “I just want to know what sort of sick games Becky likes to play.”

“I have to..I have to switch …underwear with you,” Jimmy stammered, his cheeks blushing a bright red. “Didn’t Becky tell you? If I don’t… she’ll..she’ll do something bad.”

“It’s just Becky,” Stacy said. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. Jimmy was supposed to tell her all sorts of intimate embarrassing details. Instead, he was standing there in the girl’s bathroom, with his pants down. Worse, Stacy was having a difficult time thinking of how she was going get those juicy details with a smooth hard cock pointing at her. Now all she wanted was for Jimmy to be somewhere else so she could tame the lust she felt in her loins. “Just tell her no.”

“Please Stacy…” Jimmy begged, tiny tears welling in his bright blue eyes. “I..I have some money…”

“How much Ankara escort bayan do you have?” Stacy’s loins melted with this new found power over this boy.

JImmy reached down to pull his pants up.

“Leave them there.” Stacy ordered.

Poor Jimmy, dropped them, and bending clumsily, pulled out his wallet and counted $27. By now his cock had risen and bobbed stupidly.

“Give it to me and turn around.”

Jimmy did.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Stacy said. At least she didn’t have to let Jimmy see her in the all together, as she shimmied her panties out from beneath her skirt. “Okay, turn around.”

Stacy began to wonder how much she really knew about Jimmy once he took her panties from her and slid them up his legs. His little dick wasn’t so little anymore. He struggled to get his manhood into the dainty black polka dotted pink panties. Struggled even more as he slid his jeans up as if he were desperately afraid to have anything make contact with him down there. It wasn’t to be, he accidentally bumped his elbow against the wall and pushed his hand against his tight bump.

Jimmy yelped and closed his eyes. Stacy watched the unmistakable darkening of her panties. The little pervert had cum in her panties.

Stacy wrinkled her nose and did her best to suppress a giggle.

“Oh God..oh God..please Stacy…you can’t tell anyone about this.” Jimmy begged.

Jimmy unfastened his jeans, faced away from Stacy and grabbed a wad of toilet tissue.

“If you don’t want me to tell, you better turn back around.”

And so Stacy Willis was treated to a first row seat as JImmy finished jizzing into a wad of tissue and then blushing furiously cleaned the soiled panties as well and fastened himself back up. “You want tell anyone will you? Promise?”

Stacy couldn’t believe she’d ever wanted Jimmy Meers.Had ever been jealous of Becky dating this boy with gray eyes, dark curly hair, and ivory skin.

“I’d love to promise Jimmy, but first tell me all the juicy details of everything that Becky does with you.”

Stacy listened in wonder as Jimmy told her the deviant behavior Becky engaged in.


A funny thing happened. Stacy was sitting on a fucking gold mine of juicy gossip and instead of using it against her rival in front of as many people as possible, Stacy held it in secret. She thought of the stuff that Jimmy told her. It should have scared her off for good. Instead it made her wet.

“Hi Becky,” Stacy asked after school. “I was wondering if you wanted to go get some coffee and maybe talk about all the things you did to Jimmy. Unless you’d rather everyone in school find out.”

“If you want to talk to me,” Becky said, each word coming slow and almost a whisper, as the larger girl moved closer and closer to Stacy. “That pussy better be smooth. Is it smooth Stacy? I’ll check it with a tissue, if there’s so much as a snag then you’ll be punished. Jimmy told you about punishment, didn’t he?”

“Yes.” Stacy breathed. The girl’s lips were so close she could feel the warmth of her breath…the heat of her body. Her mind was filled with images of being spanked by her former rival.

“Is it smooth…as silk?”

Stacy shook her head no.

“That’s very disappointing.” Becky said as she abruptly turned and walked away.

But wait! Stacy had all the chips. She had blackmail material. She should be in charge, but Becky just left her standing there. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go.

Not at all.


Stacy masturbated three times that night. Three times and then she took a shower, lathered up her sex. She couldn’t believe she was even considering what she was about to do. It was perverse.

It was stupid.

Every stroke of the razor left her feeling more and more vulnerable.

That feeling grew more and more pronounced after she toweled off and slid a piece of tissue over her mons. It snagged. It snagged in several places. She lathered up again, this time sitting on the edge of the tub, her long lean legs spread wide and shaved very precisely. It was a different feeling than before. A feeling of being controlled, of being…not exactly a regular person..more of being something to be used for sex.

She didn’t like that such a feeling fanned the flames burning in her loins, but it did nonetheless.

She masturbated again. Her smooth pussy felt peculiar. She regretted shaving it, but it was too late now. She wondered how long it would take for it to grow back in. She wasn’t going to talk to Becky tomorrow.

This had to be the dumbest thing she’d ever done.


The next day, the itching set in. It was maddening. She wanted to scratch, but she didn’t dare. The best she could manage was to squeeze her thighs together. She grew wet..soaked. All she could think about was – down there. She dared not scratch, not after making such a big deal of Jimmy scratching down there. She would never live down the rumors.

“Hi Becky,” Stacy had walked halfway around the school in hopes that Becky Escort Ankara would be at her locker. Her heart was pounding.

“What do you want?” Becky asked. “Why do you keep wasting my time?”

“I..I..” It wasn’t supposed to go like this. It wasn’t supposed to go like this at all. Stacy’s cheeks blushed. “I..did it.”

“You did what?” Becky asked. “Decided to bother me non-stop? Accuse me of spreading the bubonic plague?”

“No…I did ..I did what you wanted.” Stacy breathed.

“And what was that?” Becky raised an eyebrow in interest.

“I shaved..down there.”

“Down there has a name Stacy-girl.” Becky said, pulling Stacy’s bangs from over her eyes and sliding them behind her ear.


“Cover my hand with your bookbag.” Becky said.

“What?” Stacy didn’t follow what the bigger girl wanted. By then a daring hand was sliding up her thigh. Oh shit! Right here in front of everyone? Surely Becky didn’t dare. But dare she did, and Stay was helpless to resist lest she draw attention.

No Becky. You can’t do this. Stacy didn’t say it. She thought it, but it wasn’t enough. So she quickly did the only thing she could and covered what was happening behind the protection of her book bag.

Becky felt her nipples harden as she sought out her prize. The prize was even better than she imagined. Not only was Stacy’s mons as smooth as a baby’s bottom, her panties were soaked with arousal.

“This doesn’t feel like a vagina to me,” Becky said. “Julie has a vagina. Morgan has a pretty little peach. This ….this soaking..wet…this is a cunt.”

Stacy didn’t dare argue, it was all she could do to remain standing and no give away what was happening down below.

“Say it,” Becky ordered.

“My cunt.” Stacy shivered. No one had ever treated her like this. She was stunned to find that she loved it.

“That cunt has made a mess of my pretty fingers.” Becky removed her fingers and looked at her soiled digits and wrinkled her nose in disgust. She held them a hairs breath from Stacy’s pretty pink $200 sweater. Stacy could smell the strong scent of her musk. If Becky wiped her fingers clean there…she’d have everyone smelling her arousal for the rest of the day. “Or would you rather use your mouth.”

Stacy looked down with horror. Her classmates were walking down the hall. She’d never live it down if they saw her. She’d never live it down if they smelled her either.

“I’ll do it in the restroom.” Stacy offered.

“You’ll do it here.” Becky said.

Stacy swallowed and steeled her nerves for what was to come. She moved her book bag up so that acted as a screen for what she was about to do. She sucked her juices from Becky’s finger as quick as she could. It was done in a fraction of a second. She never had time to ponder that she’d tasted her own juices for the first time. She lowered her book bag and gave a blushing glance to see how much damage had been done.

Not much actually. Two girls had seen, but they didn’t know what she’d done. Most importantly, the girls were nobodies.

“Okay Stacy,” Becky said. “I’ll play with you this afternoon after school. Will your parents be home?”

Stacy shook her head.

“I’ll follow you home.” Becky said. “See you after school.”

Stacy had to go to the restroom to clean up her privates. Becky called it a cunt, but it wasn’t. It was a pussy. A pretty smooth pussy…a privileged pussy..that itched like seven hells. It was all she could thing about, when she wasn’t thinking that she was going to have sex with another girl after school. God, was she ready for this? From then on, she’d be bisexual.


Home didn’t go like Stacy planned. All day, she had imagined Becky kissing her passionately, the girls presumptuous hands all over her body. Pushing Stacy against the wall, roughly pulling down her miniskirt and soaked panties, before licking her to a dozen orgasms.

Instead she’d ended up giving Becky a tour of her house and filled the lulls in conversation with inane chatter of games they used to play when the were girls. Stacy began to wonder if the forward girl had become afraid as the time the two girls would make love grew ever closer. Stacy decided she’d give Becky a kiss if things didn’t improve.

She needed have worried about Becky. The girl gave a heavy sigh. “Am I going to have to do everything myself?” she asked as she stripped off her jeans. “God you are so hopeless.”

“I’m..not…hopeless.” Stacy breathed, cocking her hip and turning her head for a kiss.

“This isn’t junior high anymore Stacy,” Becky said, as she placed her palm on top of Stacy’s head and guided her to her knees. “It’s time to be a grown up.”

This wasn’t how she’d imagined it. They should be back up in her room. She should be against the wall and not on her knees. Then they’d retire to her bed. Well, she’d have to make do. She inhaled her classmate’s scent. It wasn’t bad, it was much like her own.

“Kiss it.” Becky demanded.

Stacy was very nearly terrified, she’d never imagined that she’d be with another girl like this. It was the kind of daring act of perversion that only bad girls would consider and Stacy was anything but a bad girl. Though a part of her was beginning to wonder as she gave it a tentative and experimental kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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