Room Mates

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Big Cock

Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sexual situations.


The battle in room 204 of Rawls Hall at the University of Memphis had begun again at promptly 7:33 in the morning. Analisa sat up in bed enough to see if Jaeleen was even there to turn the alarm off. Of course not. She had been spending the night over at her new boyfriend’s apartment more and more frequently, although she insisted they weren’t fucking. “Just cuddling and sharing an intimate moment. People are most vulnerable when asleep. There’s no sex,” she always said. This would be said with the same ‘I’ve just been well laid,’ grin that she walked around with almost permanently. Not that it mattered one way or the other if she was sleeping with him. Analisa just wished she’d have the courtesy to turn off the automatic setting on her alarm before leaving for the night. Jaeleen took 8am classes whereas Analisa preferred 12:40 classes and would register for nothing earlier than 11:30.

She got up, stumbled to Jaeleen’s clock, chunked it at the wall, and stumbled back to bed. She knew she’d have some serious explaining to do later, but the satisfaction from the sound of the crunch against the cinder block wall was worth whatever would come of it. Of this, she was certain, as she laid her head back on the down pillow and pulled the blanket up over her head.

Her classes that day had been uneventful for a Friday, uninteresting even. She was a little disappointed as she trudged back to the dorm. She would take a quick nap, a shower and be ready to go out with her friends by 10. Weekends were the best. Usually she wouldn’t sleep again until Sunday night. This weekend’s celebration was for Marissa who had just ended a 3-year relationship with her supposed fiancé. Apparently he had 2 other fiancées and wasn’t really planning on marrying any of them. That might have had something to do with his bi-curiousness, but she wasn’t interested in going into the whole thing in that much detail. Marissa would be officially single, which is always cause for some sort of drunken celebratory outing. She dropped her bag at the foot of her bed and barely got her shoes off before she was asleep. Atypical, but not totally unexpected, considering the strange sleep schedule she kept. She Ankara escort immediately fell into dreaming which is probably why when Jaeleen came in about 45 minutes later in her usual whirlwind of cell phone chatter, dropped books and kicked off shoes, she didn’t even stir.

It was also probably why she didn’t wake up as Jaeleen sat on the edge of the bed and caressed her face. She didn’t wake as Jaeleen’s hand moved down farther, into Analisa’s camisole, cupping her breasts ever so tenderly and timidly. She leaned down and kissed her ever so softly. She could tell Analisa was dreaming by the fluttering of her eyelids. There was little chance of waking her now save violently shaking her. She gently worked her camisole straps off her shoulders, baring her lovely perky breasts. Lightly running her fingertips along the curve of her breast, from her arm to sternum, she was delighted to see Analisa’s nipples harden in response to her touch. She arched her back unconsciously, wanting more, as Jaeleen pulled away and began running her hands along Ana’s thigh. She untied the string of her track shorts and slid them down easily. She had such lovely legs. Runner’s legs that were long and lean and lead up to a completely shaved pussy. God, she had hoped for neatly trimmed, but shaved! She felt the heat growing between her own legs. Her fingers glided along, barely touching. Not yet, she decided. She moved back up and kissed Analisa a little less gently than before and was surprised as she began kissing her back. She opened her eyes to see if she was awake, a mix of relief and disappointment came over her as she saw that the eyelids still fluttered away. Kissing down her neck, she could hardly wait to flick her tongue along those beautiful pink lips and into Analisa’s sweet crevice. She knew her own pussy was dripping wet in delicious expectation. Ana’s hard nipples felt delightful on her tongue as she ran circles around them and kissed them. They were so soft and so firm at the same time.

She gingerly positioned herself on her hands and knees between Analisa’s legs and her first lick to Ana’s clit was rewarded with her bringing her hips up to her tongue for another. She was afraid too much stimulation would wake her too soon so she licked with soft slow strokes to begin with. She had Ankara escort bayan absolutely no idea how Analisa would react to this, but she couldn’t stand it any longer. So many nights she had looked over from her bed, wishing she could hold her, and touch her. So many mornings as she left for class, she had wanted to kiss her, to wake her and tell her how she wanted her. She had been staying with a friend of hers, claiming it was her boyfriend, because she was going mad, looking but not able to touch every single day. Seeing her almost completely naked now made her stomach tremble with arousal and her pussy ache with desire. To hell with it all she thought, burying her face in Ana’s pussy. It was warm and wet, and so sweet she thought she would cry. She flicked her tongue across her clit and then licked with long firm strokes from the back of her lips to the hood of her clit. Analisa was moaning softly in her sleep now, her hips gyrating in response to Jaeleen’s tongue and fingers, as she gently probed her tight pussy. Ana took one of her own breasts in hand and began to moan a little louder as Jaeleen began working two fingers in and out as she licked her clit rhythmically.

“Jaeleen,” she whispered. “Oh Jaeleen. Please kiss me.” Jaeleen stopped dead still, looking up to see the still serene expression of sleep, only disturbed by a knit brow. Her heart skipped a beat. She resumed kissing her clit, still working her fingers just more slowly. Analisa reached down and began running her fingers through Jaeleen’s soft brown hair. She was moaning more loudly and biting her lower lip now. She was waking up. Jaeleen looked up, waiting for her eyes to pop open, her tongue still circling Ana’s clit.

“Jaeleen, get your pussy up here right now so I can taste you too,” she said, eyes still closed. “Oh god, now, jaeleen. Now.” Jaeleen jumped up and tore her clothes off. As she moved to the head of the bed to position herself for sixty-nine, Analisa, reached out and grabbed her and pulled her breasts to her mouth hungrily. She nibbled on one of her nipples, looking up devilishly as Jaeleen bit her lip in pleasure.

“Get up there. I’ve wanted you for a LONG time,” she said. Jaeleen straddled her face carefully and lowered herself onto all fours. Analisa wasted no time in grabbing Escort Ankara her ass and pulling her wet pussy desperately to her mouth. She moaned in utter enjoyment as she darted her tongue around her clit and down her lips.

Analisa had little catching up to do to get Jaeleen as excited as she was. She slid -a finger into her dripping wet pussy and because of the angle, she could work one of the more sensitive spots. Jaeleen nibbled ever so gently on Ana’s clit, sending electric shocks of pleasure through her entire body. In response, Ana pulled Jaeleen’s ass cheeks apart and began fingering the super sensitive area between her pussy and her ass and delighted as she squirmed in ecstasy. Analisa could feel her orgasm building up and part of her wanted to stave it off. She licked Jaeleen’s clit like there was nothing she had ever desired more in her entire life and was lost in the divine feel and taste of her. It was only a few moments before her orgasm caught her completely by surprise and she came harder than she could ever remember having come in her life. Her head swam, her body floated and for a second she thought she had passed out. After the intensity of it had passed, she flicked her tongue across Jaeleen’s clit again, and was utterly shocked as she began to cum from the first lick. She grabbed ahold of her and held her tight against her mouth as she kept on licking and gently sucking until Jaeleen’s entire body shook with the intensity of the orgasm.

“Oh my god, I can’t take it any more!” she cried as a second wave took her. As the full body spasms subsided, Ana let go, and Jaeleen collapsed to the side, in ecstatic exhaustion. She crawled up so that she was face to face with Analisa. Ana turned to her and smiled.

“That was what you were wanting, wasn’t it?” she asked coyly.

“Oh god, ana. You’re all I’ve been able to think about for months. I can’t look at you without getting wet,” she replied, still rather breathless.

“Well, it’s a very good thing I’ve been wanting you as well then, huh?” Ana said, rubbing her nose along Jaeleen’s, obviously angling for a kiss. They wrapped their arms around each other, the feel of their breasts pressed against each other’s re-igniting both girls’ almost blinding desire. Analisa kissed her passionately.

“Nap time now, more play time later?” she said, looking deep into Jaeleen’s eyes.

“Most definitely. So, you still wanna go out tonight?” she asked, grinning.

“Only if you’ll be my date,” she replied, kissing her neck.

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