Roommate’s Boyfriend

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I had been on a single stint for a while. It had been over a year since having any sexual pleasure from a man. During that time, I watched my roommate have visits from her boyfriend on a weekly basis.

One Saturday, my roommate and her boyfriend were out on a date. I was in the living room watching a movie when they got back in. They sat down and joined me. Seeing them on the couch flirting with each other, knowing they were going to get frisky later, in one sense made me jealous and in another turned me one a bit.

My roommate excused herself to the bathroom. We kept watching the movie without talking. I glanced over to catch her staring at me chest. First, I was a bit annoyed, but then I looked down myself and saw my nipples poking through. I had not been wearing a bra sitting around and getting a bit turned on had made them hard. I blushed and looked back at him with a brief smile before turning away. My roommate then returned, taking him away to her room.

On this evening, they were getting it on and got particularly loud. I turned down my TV volume so I could listen in as they each otele gelen escort moaned in pleasure. This made me extraordinarily horny.

After they finished, I turned the TV back up and eventually fell asleep on the couch. Later in the night I woke up, still horny with my pussy throbbing for attention. I went into my own room and pulled my bullet vibe out of my drawer and started rubbing it around on my lips. I could not help but start to moan a bit myself as juice started to run down my leg.

I heard the hallway bathroom door open and quickly went quiet and rushed to turn off the vibrator, hoping my roommate had not heard me. The footsteps were gone and I thought she had made it back to bed. But then I heard my bedroom doorknob start to turn.

Her boyfriend peaked in. I blushed even though he could not see me in the dark. But then he asked, “Can I help you with that?” He must have heard the vibrator!

I was so horny, all I could do was nod my head yes. He quietly closed the door behind him and walked over to my bed. pendik escort He picked up my vibrator, turn it on, and pushed it up inside me. “Yeah, you are wet. Let me take care of that.”

With the vibrator up inside me, he stroked his fingers on the outside of my night shirt. My nipples became rock solid. Then he began to message my breasts. I started to moan a bit again, but he put his finger over my lip reminding me we needed to be quiet.

The secrecy of getting it on with my roommates boyfriend along with the stimulation of the vibrator inside me was getting me very turned on. My pussy was begging for more.

I put my hand on his crotch and could feel he was rock solid inside his pants. I began rubbing on the outside to tease him. He gave an approving smile and turned up the vibrator to show his appreciation. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock. It was much larger than I expected. My roommate had found a treasure toy for sure. I rubbed it in my hands imagining what it would feel like inside me.

He then ran rus escort his hands down from my breasts along my stomach to my clit. It was very swollen. The vibrator inside me, my hands one his cock, and his fingers on my clit was almost more stimulation than I could take. I had to close my eyes and concentrate on breathing. My body started shivering.

I did not even notice that he had removed the vibrator until I felt his tongue stroke my pussy. I had not been eaten out in a long time. My body quivered each time as he stroked up and down. I could feel the juices running down as he graciously licked them up.

When I started to breath heavy, he let up and rolled me over onto my stomach. I felt my legs spread and then he slid inside me. “That’s what I remember,” went through my mind.

I felt him slowly thrust in and out. The angle had his penis pressing right on my g-spot. With each revolution, I could feel myself swelling slightly more. My body finally released with pleasure exploding in orgasm, screaming into my pillow to keep quiet.

He then dismounted. I turned around, grabbed his cock again, and stuck it in my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum. I sucked until he gave it to me.

When he was done, he quietly put his clothes on, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and left without either of us saying a word.

Neither of us ever told my roommate. And we never did it together again. But I am thankful for him filling my time of need.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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