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In her senior year of college Kathy had rented a three bedroom apartment with two of her other school mates. The room-mates continued to rent the apartment for a few years after graduation until the other two eventually moved out and started their own “grown-up” lives, leaving Kathy alone. Since Kathy was gainfully employed and paid well, the rent really wasn’t much of a problem. She loved the area so much she decided to just stay there.

The apartment, however, was much bigger than she really needed. The sensible thing would obviously have been to downsize and move to a smaller apartment, but she doubted she could get a lower rent, so she decided to advertise for a roommate. The extra money would come in handy for savings, entertainment and, to be completely honest, the company would be nice as well.

Kathy was a tall athletic woman, about 5’11.” She was an avid runner and went to the gym four or five times a week, she had light blue eyes, a good strong and lean figure, and shortish light brown hair. She played beach volleyball in college. Trainers at her gym said that she was so muscular that it would be easy for her to work on definition and get into the amateur body building circuit. Kathy, flattered, had no interest.

Sarah came to interview for the apartment, she was quite different from Kathy. She was smaller, about 5′ 5″ trim but with a bigger chest. Where Kathy was long, tall and elegant, Sarah was more average height and sexy with long black hair and brown eyes. Despite their differences, Kathy and Sarah hit it off quickly, they had instant chemistry. Sarah signed the rental agreement that day and moved in on the first of the next month.

That first night, the two ordered take-out and opened a bottle of wine to talk and get to know each other. It seemed that they had similar tastes in wine and food, completely different taste in men, Kathy liked taller men with light hair and blue eyes, while Sarah liked men a little shorter, darker, with brown eyes. They had similar tastes in furniture, decorations, daily schedule, and much of the tension that comes with a new roommate just never happened. They seemed like they were old friends who just met.

Their first couple years together flew by and was a time of growth for both of them. Both college grads, both employed, both fairly successful, both about the same age, both gaining positions of importance, and both growing closer as friends. They began to speak to each other in that short-hand that only close friends speak. They would talk about the men that they dated. Rarely would Kathy find Sarah’s dates attractive, and Sarah always thought Kathy’s dates were too tall.

Kathy was a bit jealous of Sarah, nothing serious, but Sarah had an easier time finding dates. Kathy’s height and build made finding boyfriends kind of difficult. They needed to be at least 6’3″ because Kathy liked her high heals and hated to be taller than the man she was dating. Kathy was basically an Amazon, so small skinny wimpy guys wouldn’t cut it. Sarah had a wider field of suitors, where as Kathy often intimidated men. Sarah was more approachable. Truth be known, however, Sarah secretly admired Kathy’s height and build and wondered what it would be like to be that tall and strong.

Approaching their 30s, they worked well together. Each had a job, each managed their finances, each covered for the other as needed, and each contributed to the upkeep of the apartment. They helped each other when they needed, offered encouragement when necessary, and solace with chocolate ice cream for emergencies. Unknown to either of them, there was no emotional need that was unmet. They dated when they wanted and had each other when they didn’t. They were never aware of how close they had gotten or how dependent on each other they had become.

Then Thursday came. It was a bad Thursday, Sarah lost her job. The company was re-organizing, down sizing and moving jobs to India and/or China. She had worked there for five years and loved it as well as the friends she worked with. She was devastated. She had some savings and some retirement, perhaps unemployment would help for a while, but the job market was slow. While she had confidence that she would find another job, bilecik escort health care was really expensive! more than unemployment would cover. She would have to move back home and live with her parents until she found a job that could pay for healthcare and get her career back on track.

When Kathy came home from work, she found Sarah sobbing on the sofa. She didn’t even have to ask, Sarah blurted out that she was “let go.”

Kathy, quick with an idea, said “Vegas, my treat!” Sarah objected, but Kathy was firm. “You just had shitty news, you are going to be an emotional wreck for weeks, so why don’t we just try to have some fun before all the seriousness sinks in. It will be fun.” Sarah wasn’t convinced, but had to admit it would be nice to have some fun before she starts the painful process of getting unemployment, cobra benefits, transferring the 401K, moving home, etc.

Kathy took a personal day and they left Friday morning after quickly packing two suitcases. They arrived late afternoon in Las Vegas and stayed at the Luxor. The first thing they did is get a drink out of the minibar. Sarah and Kathy talked about what Sarah planned to do. Kathy did not want Sarah to move out. This was only a temporary situation and it would be like losing a family member. Kathy came up with an idea, but it was crazy. “Sarah, I have a great idea, but I think I need to drink more before I tell you.” Sarah was intrigued, but knew Kathy had to say it in her own time.

That night they went out on the town. They saw a show, did a little gambling, and, of course, drank. Walking past the Bellagio Hotel, with the water fountain show in full swing, music playing, Kathy stopped Sarah, got down on one knee and asked “Sarah, will you marry me?” Sarah was shocked. This was crazy, right? Kathy looked Sarah in they eye, and said, “Don’t be shocked, I’m not gay, but if we get married, I can get you on my insurance as my spouse. Your unemployment will pay your bills. I got the rent for the apartment until you get a job, we’d also be married filing jointly, think of the tax savings!”

Sarah was very skeptical, but she had to admit, it made a lot of sense. She could continue to live in her home in a great part of the city with her best friend. Done, the answer was “yes, I’ll marry you.” They both laughed at the silliness of the plan.

Saturday was all about preparation, Sarah got a wedding dress, Kathy got a suit. They both went to the salon: hair, nails, and facials, they were having a total day of beauty before the nuptials. When heading out to the chapel, they couldn’t help seeing themselves in the mirrors. Sarah was amazing in her wedding dress. Kathy was a sexy athletic model in her suit. The height difference between them was a great effect. They looked good together, they complemented each other. Sarah joked that they “cleaned up well.”

The ceremony was kind of cheesy with standard platitudes about the seriousness of marriage (coming from a fly by night Vegas wedding chapel) Thankfully, no Elvis. Getting to that point in the ceremony, the minister, asked “Do you, Kathy, take Sarah to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, to love, honor, and cherish, until death do you part?”

Kathy was dumbfounded. It never occurred to her that this was really “real.” The seriousness of the question and what she was doing hit her hard, this was a legal contract with serious long term ramifications. What the hell was she doing? She was getting married to a woman!! What the hell was she doing?

She was staring at Sarah and Sarah, evidently also struck by the reality of what they were actually doing, looked back at Kathy, both were scared as Kathy hesitated. It didn’t matter what Kathy decided to say, but at this moment, it had to be true. Looking intently at Sarah, Kathy gulped, knowing full well the magnitude of what she was about to say, nodded and said “I Do.”

Sarah swallowed. Kathy had said it. What does that mean? Then Sarah was asked: “Do you, Sarah, take Kathy to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, to love, honor, and obey, until death do you part?”

Similarly, escort bilecik it was Sarah’s turn to be speechless. She had a similar reaction to the question. She realized that this wasn’t a joke. She had to mean what she said. Wait!! had they used gender specific vows and made Kathy the man in the relationship? “Obey?” She looked at Kathy. Kathy was nervous, she had put herself out there for her friend. Would she be rejected? Sarah looked Kathy right in the eye, the gravity of what she was about to say heavy in her heart and said… “I Do.”

“You may kiss the bride.”

For the first time ever, Kathy seriously kissed a woman, Sarah. It happened so quickly that neither one of them noticed what happened. In short order, the minister pronounced them married. As they walked out of the chapel, the importance of what they had done began sinking in. Kathy unconsciously reached out her hand to hold Sarah’s. Sarah held Kathy’s hand back. Neither one of them knew what this all meant, but they both understood their relationship has just changed forever.

The image of Kathy saying “I Do” was burned in to Sarah’s brain. She had really and truly vowed to love her and cherish her! She knew Kathy, this was not Kathy joking, this was Kathy at her most serious. This deeply affected Sarah, she felt newly secure, happier, and closer to her friend than ever. She remembered that their vows were different. While she knew that Kathy would cherish her for ever, Sarah, had promised to “obey.” Did Kathy pick up on this? Would she expect it? Would she be hurt if Sarah didn’t “obey?” What did “obey” even mean? Sarah realized that she had just completely given herself to her best friend. She decided that she would love, honor, and obey, because that’s what she promised.

Kathy was replaying the image of Sarah saying “I Do.” Kathy had also noticed that the vows were different. She was fully and willingly committed to love, honor, and cherish Sarah, but did Sarah really mean that she would obey Kathy? Would she do what Kathy wanted, no matter what? Was Kathy the “man” in the relationship until “death do they part?”

The married couple arrived back in the hotel. They looked at each other. The immensity of what they had done and what they had promised each other surprised them and started to settle in. Both had expected their wedding days to be quite different than what had just happened. They were just married. They both felt a little empty, was this their honeymoon? What should they do? Outside their hotel room, Kathy swiped the key card and before Sarah could go in, Kathy picked her up and carried her across the threshold. Sarah, not thinking what she was doing, wrapped her arms around Kathy and kissed her deeply. Kathy found herself kissing Sarah back. It was, after all, their wedding night.

Nothing much happened that night. They had champagne and a fabulous dinner in their room, and talked about the day. They slept in the same bed as they did the night before, only this time a little closer, Kathy holding Sarah as they both slept.

Life went on much as it did before the wedding. They had almost forgotten that they were married. Kathy had to “come out” at work in order to put her new “lesbian wife” on her insurance. She adjusted her tax withholding and put Sarah as her beneficiary. They had to look “married” to get the financial benefits of marriage. There was a lot of chit-chat and murmuring out of ear-shot of Kathy, but she knew people would gossip.

One night, about two months later, Sarah came home with a date. He was handsome Kathy thought, but not someone she would be interested in. What Kathy felt was jealousy, her wife was with a man. This thought came out of nowhere and surprised Kathy. Where was this coming from? Maybe it was just that she hadn’t dated anyone (or even looked) since the wedding. Fortunately, Sarah and the guy didn’t hit if off and he left early.

Kathy was jealous and angry, she knew it was being irrational, she knew this was just a financial arrangement between friends, but her feelings were real. Sarah, for her part, felt guilty. She hadn’t kissed anyone since she kissed Kathy on their wedding day. Kathy was angry and confronted bilecik escort bayan Sarah. Before Kathy could say anything, Sarah kissed her and said “I’m so sorry, we promised to love each other, do you remember that? Why didn’t we?” Kathy, with her anger melting away, returned Sarah’s kiss.

Kathy had never been with a woman before, and this was going to be first time with someone she has loved for years. She could taste Sarah’s lips on her tongue. She wanted more. Sarah, while never having been with a woman either, had been curious and had some fantasies. She slowly unbuttoned Kathy’s shirt. She reached behind and undid her bra. She disrobed the woman who loves her. She kissed down Kathy’s chest. Kathy was in shock. She had no idea what do do. Sarah assured her with another kiss on her lips.

Kathy’s breasts we on the smaller side but well formed, athletic, and firm. Being smaller, they were far more sensitive. As Sarah nibbled her breasts, Kathy shuddered. Kathy reached out and pulled Sarah to her chest. As she was attached to Kathy’s nipple, she was slowly removing Kathy’s remaining cloths. Kathy stood there naked in front of her wife for the first time. Sarah loved the sight of Kathy, she was big, powerful, and sexy like an amazon goddess. Kathy regained some composure and told Sarah to take off her cloths. Sarah looked earnestly at Kathy and answered, “I vowed to love, honor, and obey you.” Sarah slowly and seductively removed her cloths. Like Sarah, Kathy had not seen her wife naked before either. She was beautiful. Full round breasts, lightly olive skin, cleanly shaven, and perfectly gorgeous.

Sarah then continued to kiss down Kathy’s chest. Kissing her belly button. Wrapping her hands around Kathy’s waste and pulling her close. She eased Kathy to a chair and had her sit. She slowly spread Kathy’s legs and exhaled warm breath between them. This sent tingles through Kathy’s spine like nothing before causing her to shudder. Inexperienced but passionate, Sarah lightly kissed Kathy’s clit. Kathy felt like an electric shock had gone through her body. Sarah giggled, “You like that, huh?”

Kathy answered by holding Sarah’s head close to her pussy and said, “Yes, my wife, lick me, make me cum.”

Sarah responded, “I am yours” and continued. Sarah had never been with a woman before, but she couldn’t get over how strongly she felt pulled in by Kathy’s taste and scent. She had given men blowjobs, but this was different. This was passion, this was love. Is that right? Sarah thought, did she really “Love” Kathy physically? As she felt Kathy building to orgasm, she slowly moderated her movements to prolong and make Kathy wait. Kathy was on the edge of her seat, struggling to get off. Sarah was torturing her slowly until she couldn’t take it any more. As Kathy exploded, Sarah held on continuing to pleasure her.

As Kathy came down, she was covered with sweat and still a little shaky. Sarah came up and kissed her wife. Kathy could taste herself on Sarah’s lips and tongue. It was an odd feeling, this made Kathy very happy and content.

As Kathy recovered, she looked at Sarah, and said “come here.” Sarah came close to Kathy. Kathy, taking the opportunity to use her size and strength, lifted Sarah in her arms, kissed her on the lips, and gently placed her down in the chair.

Kathy got on her knees, spread Sarah’s legs and looked at her. She then looked in to Sarah’s eyes and said she was the most beautiful woman in the world. She, like Sarah had done earlier, kissed her wife’s clit. After making love to Kathy, Sarah was wet and horny. Kathy slowly and lovingly kissed and licked. Like Sarah, she thought about blowjobs she had given men. Those weren’t fun, they were a chore. She gave them because that’s what she thought she was supposed to do. This was different, she wanted this, she wanted to make her wife happy. She promised to cherish her. This turns out to be something she had been looking for, for a very long time, and never knew it. Slowly Sarah built up. As Sarah was getting close, she screamed “Kathy, I fucking love you” and came hard, groaning. Kathy was wet from Sarah. The whole room smelled like sex.

It was about half an hour before anyone said or did anything. They sat there close to each other, touching each other, not really knowing what happened. Were they lesbians now? Almost in disbelief, Kathy leaned over to Sarah, kissed her gently, and said “I love you, tell me you are mine.”

Sarah responded with a kiss of her own, “I am yours, till death do us part.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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