Sakura’s Stuck Saga 01: The Third Date

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Sakura and Jessie were just finishing up their third little date, and they were both shyly blushing. Neither of them knew what to say next as the night seemed to be coming to a close. They had heard of the “third date rule” but neither of them assumed that the other one knew.

Jessie was the one to lead their conversations, as she was the more confident of the two. However, they were both much more submissive and seclusive than the average furry. They hadn’t gone too far in-depth on their sexual desires due to their awkwardness throughout each of the dates. Neither of them actually had any experience in bed. They had only chatted about other more general aspects of their lives.

Just as they settled up for their meal, Jessie asked Sakura,

“Hey… wanna maybe come back to my place?”

“Sure thing! What for?” Sakura replied.

Jessie exclaimed, “Uhm, you’ll see…!”

After a nearly silent car ride to Jessie’s place, they both walked inside her house. Jessie looked like she was holding something, just standing around awkwardly in the living room, and Sakura was confused by her blushing.

“Is… everything okay?” Sakura asked. Jessie stood silently, in deep contemplation. Then all of a sudden, she blurted out;

“WANNA DO IT?!” They both instantaneously became silent. Sakura gave off the brightest blush, appearing flustered as ever.

“…Umm, okay!” Sakura exclaimed, and then asked, “…What exactly should we do?”.

“Maybe come to the bedroom, only if that’s okay with you, of course!” Jessie spoke, smiling nearly ear to ear.

“Sure!” Sakura replied as Jessie quickly led her into her room. Sakura went to use the restroom in order to let Jessie set things up.

After just a few minutes, Jessie was lying back on her bed, propping herself up with her hands and spreading her legs across the sheets. “Alright, I’m ready! Come on in!”

Sakura walked out butt-naked, and as soon as she saw Jessie spreading out istanbul travesti her vagina, her penis grew to a sizable eight inches in length.

“Wow!” Jessie yelped! “Impressive!”.

Sakura replied, “Hehe, yeah, it’s my ‘little’ surprise!”.

“Okay!… Then let’s… get started!” Sakura shyly looked at Jessie, she blushed, and then climbed onto the bed.”

She made sure to penetrate carefully, as neither of them really knew what they were doing. Once Sakura comfortably sat her penis deep inside Jessie’s vagina, they both began to feel a bit confident in what they were doing.

Jessie then decided to take a bit of control. She could tell that Sakura would like being on the bottom, considering that she was extremely submissive. She grabbed Sakura, and flipped them both over, putting herself on the top.

She began to lower herself onto Sakura’s erection, making them both wince with joy. As she heard Sakura’s pleasurable moans, she began to speed up.

“Ohh!!!” Sakura exclaimed as her shaft penetrated deep in and out of Jessie’s orifice. Her moans kept Jessie going hard, pulling Sakura onto herself over and over again. Sakura saw that Jessie was getting tired of doing all of the work, so she flipped them both back over.

Sakura went back to work, with more confidence than she had ever felt with a woman before, and she pushed deep into Jessie. Her vagina began to tighten up as the pleasure overwhelmed her. Sakura kept thrusting into Jessie with more and more force behind each pound to compensate for the increasing tightness.

“Ahhh!!!” Jessie moaned as she felt increasing stress around her vagina. Just as they were about to reach their climax, Sakura plunged as deep as she could into Jessie, and then attempted to pull out all the way, and go for a final thrust which would surely make them both flood over with feelings of euphoria.

“Huh…? What the?” Sakura thought to herself, confused. She tried to back out of Jessie, istanbul travestileri but found that her cock was stuck tight!

“What’s wrong?” Jessie exclaimed, still too overwhelmed with feelings to comprehend what had happened.

“My penis… it’s stuck! In you!”.

“What do you mean?” Jessie questioned, as she stared at their crotches. She tried to push herself off of Sakura, and their connection wouldn’t budge. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I must’ve been naturally tightening up too much, and now we’re stuck!”

“Okay, let’s try to stay calm.” Sakura said, “Let’s just try to see if we can work this out!”. They both inched over to the edge of the bed, and they managed to stand themselves up on their feet.

“Hmm…” Jessie thought aloud. She tried her best to loosen her vaginal muscles on her own, but this situation was out of her control as Sakura’s girth was far too much for her to help in that manner. “You wanna push on my hips like this, and I’ll do the same?”, motioning Sakura to push against her, as she pushed on her.

“Sounds like a plan!”. Sakura and Jessie then pushed against one another’s hips, but they had no give whatsoever.

“Aahh!” Jessie exclaimed as Sakura’s throbbing cock was clenched between her inner walls, still stuck tight

Jessie and Sakura pushed against one another for a couple of minutes before realizing that their plan wasn’t working.

“Okay,” Jessie spoke, “Let’s just try to fix this slowly”. They both slowly pushed on each other and leaned back a little bit, but that proved to be ineffective as well. Jessie looked defeated, staring at Sakura while they were stiffly connected at the groin.

“Alright, I have one more idea.” Sakura said. “Let’s just keep thrusting back and forth, and hopefully we can climax and cause you to untighten!”.

“That’s a great idea!” Jessie cheered, “Hopefully it should work!” They both laid back down on the bed and thrusted themselves into one travesti istanbul another, working their way towards a climax. After about ten minutes, they were both covered in sweat, and one final joust from Sakura sent them both into a full-fledged climax, moaning their hearts off.

“Hahhhh, Jessie said as she looked into Sakura’s eyes. “…Hey! I think it worked! I feel my muscles loosening! I’m still a bit numb, but I can tell that my grip on you is getting softer!” They both looked forward to being free from Jessie’s lock, but they also felt that they shared an amazing experience together. “Okay! Try to pull it out, Sakura!”.

As Sakura slowly pulled herself out of Jessie, things seemed promising! She was receiving a bit of tension, but there was definitely progress! She then pulled a bit more and hit a standstill.

“Oh…” Sakura thought to herself as she tried to pull her cock out once more, but found it to still be thoroughly stuck. She then remembered something.

As a fox, her knot expanded on climax. This had never been an issue before with her self-pleasure, but she found herself to be quite flustered when she came to the realization that she had just knotted inside of Jessie.

“Keep pulling! I think it’s working!” Jessie spoke excitedly!

“Jessie…” Sakura muttered with whole-hearted embarrassment. “I just… knotted you.”

“What?” Jessie exclaimed, thinking just a minute ago that she was on the brink of freedom. “Try to pull it out again!”.

Sakura moved her hips back with all of her might but found her knot to be tightly locked in her. She blushed bright red and locked eyes with Jessie.

“I’m so sorry…” Sakura whimpered as she quickly looked away.

“How long should this take… to go away?” Jessie questioned.

“Usually it takes about forty minutes when I’m pleasuring myself… but I might be overflowing with euphoria for hours!”.

“Oh god…” Jessie said as she connected eyes with Sakura once more. “Well, at least I’m going to be spending my time with a real sweet gal!” They both blushed, and laid down on the bed together; hugging, relaxing, and snuggling with one another.

“I wouldn’t want to spend this time with anyone else, anyways.”

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