Sangitta Ch. 19

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Sangitta woke in the morning and felt lovely and refreshed. It was nine o’clock and she had enjoyed a good ten hours of sleep. She decided to get up make a cup of coffee and come back to bed and drink it there. Naked she slipped from under the duvet and put on a silk dressing gown and made her way to the kitchen.

As she waited for the coffee machine to its business she lit herself a cigarette and just stood there and thought about the night before. It had been a fun night and she had really enjoyed herself both with Denise and Julie. The phone sex had been particularly good with Denise and she would definitely be doing that again.

She finished the cigarette and poured the coffee into a mug and took it back into the bedroom. She placed the mug on the bedside cabinet and slipped the robe off and climbed naked back under the duvet. She loved being naked and would do it all day if she could. She picked up her laptop and decided to check her e-mails.

She had not been on the laptop for a few days so there were quite a few to get through and it took her about twenty minutes to check them all out. Just as she was getting to the end of them she found that she had missed one from Babs. She thought that she better open it up. She pressed the open button and began to read what Babs had to say.

“Dear Sangitta,

I would like to thank you for Wednesday. It was wonderful to be with you and just experience some female company for a change. I never realised how attracted I was to women until I saw you dressed as you were and I became very aroused. I thought it was just a fantasy in my head and that it did not really mean anything.

However when I saw you I became aware of my sexuality for the first time in many a year and so wanted your body and I have not thought like that in such a long time and it was such an amazing feeling.

I would like to thank you for being so gentle with me and showing me what it was liked to be touched by another woman and the sexual pleasure that it could bring. It was amazing and I cannot wait to do it again.

Wednesday cannot come soon enough for me and I promise that I will allow you to show me how to make love to your body next time so that we can share the experience the pleasure together. I want to know every intimate detail of your body so that I can make love to you and give you the pleasure that you gave me.

Anyway I am rambling on now. I have taken a couple of pictures for you and they are attached and I hope that you enjoy them. Please take care and I will see you on Wednesday.




Sangitta read the e-mail with interest and found herself getting aroused as she began to remember the pleasure of Wednesday and the anticipation of the Wednesday to come. She could not wait to look at the pictures that were attached to the e-mail.

When she got to the bottom of the text she found that there were three attachments. She downloaded all three to her computer and then she looked at the first one. Up came a picture and Babs was dressed in a black negligee that was see through and Sangitta could clearly see the outline of her breasts and her pussy. She looked very sexy.

Sangitta found herself getting a little aroused and she could not wait to open the second one. She closed the first one down and pressed open on the second picture. This time Babs was laid on the bed and she had pulled her negligee down off her chest to reveal her massive naked breasts to Sangitta.

This was not helping Sangitta chill into the morning. She was getting all hot and bothered and knew that she would have to touch herself. Sangitta began to caress her body and could feel her nipples begin to become erect and she would soon need to touch them but she needed to see the last picture first because she felt it would be sexier.

She closed the second picture down and moved the cursor to the third and final picture and pressed open. This one was just too much for Sangitta. Babs was on the bed still but she had now discarded the negligee and was laid there naked with one of her large breasts in her mouth and she was sucking on the nipple.

This was the one for Sangitta. Babs had turned her on first thing in the morning Ankara bayan escort and she had to relieve herself and continue to look at the sexy picture of Babs naked on the bed suckling on her breast.

Sangitta placed the laptop down on the bed and threw back the duvet and looked at her naked body. Her breasts were engorged with arousal and her nipples were erect. She was also acutely aware that she had a very wet pussy that would need touching and caressing and fingering.

She started with her breasts. She ran her hands over the naked flesh of both of them and her nipples got even harder. She had to touch them. She ran her hand up to her nipples and grazed them with her nails and felt the signals go down to her clit and pussy became even wetter. She could not wait to touch it.

She played with her nipples for a couple of minutes. Sometimes she would roll the nipple between her finger and thumb and just caress them gently and at other times she would pinch them nice and hard and hear herself groan in pleasure. She was getting so aroused and had not even touched her pussy yet.

She stopped playing with her breasts and her nipples and ran her hand down to her abdomen. She loved her flat abdomen. She ran her fingers in circles around her abdominal flesh. Her skin began to tingle in anticipation and she was getting her body ready to touch her pussy. She was trying to delay this action for as long as possible.

She was teasing herself and she knew that by doing so she was making herself more and more aroused and this in turn would intensify her orgasm. She loved to tease herself and prolong the pleasure that she would give to herself.

She played with her abdomen for a good ten minutes until she could feel the juices begin to bubble within her pussy and she knew that it was time to touch her pussy and bring herself to the orgasm that she longed to have. She began to move her hand towards her pussy.

She played around her pubic area for a bit feeling its nakedness and its smoothness. She loved the fact that she was totally naked around her pussy. It seemed to somehow heighten her arousal and she could not get enough of playing with it.

Finally she moved her hand to where it really wanted to go. It touched her pussy lips and she bucked off the bed. She was highly aroused and she thought that she was going to cumm sooner rather than later. She had to calm herself down if she wanted to prolong her orgasm.

For a few minutes she just cupped her pussy and felt the heat and the wetness that emanated from it. She enjoyed just holding herself and it calmed her down for a minute and she knew that she would be able to begin to play with her pussy and be able to have a sustained orgasm. She finally stopped cupping her pussy and took her fingers and began to play with her pussy.

She teased the lips running her fingers up and down them and running them across past her clit and the opening of her pussy. She was not yet ready to insert a finger into herself. She wanted to have a good early morning orgasm. It would set her up for the day ahead and she loved to start the day this way.

She teased herself for a few minutes’ more then she used one hand to spread her pussy lips open and then she slowly inserted a finger into herself. She felt her wetness and realised how aroused she and Babs had made her. She removed the finger from her pussy and brought it to her mouth and licked it clean enjoying the taste of herself.

She brought the finger back down to her pussy and re-inserted it and began to explore the inner soul of her being. She so wanted to bring herself to orgasm. She began to move the finger in and out of her pussy. She started nice and slow and then she had to speed up she was getting that aroused.

She took a second finger and inserted it alongside the first and with two fingers buried inside her pussy she began to make love to her pussy. In and out she moved her fingers and she could feel herself getting close to orgasm. She had one final thing to do and that would take her over the edge.

She took her thumb and began to run it in circles around her clit. Her clit began to throb as she played with it and she produced even more pussy juice coating Escort bayan Ankara the fingers buried inside of her. She was so close to orgasm and she knew that when she came she would have to let out a scream of arousal it was that hot this morning. .

She took a look at Babs kissing and suckling on her breast and then she closed her eyes and imagined that it was Babs who was fingering her and rubbing her clit. The image became so clear it was like a video playing in her head and she was on fast forward.

She was moving her fingers faster and harder in and out of her pussy and she was rubbing her clit in fast circular strokes and she began to feel her orgasm build within. She tried to relax and just let it come but her rubbing and fingering was too intense and her orgasm began to explode out of her.

“Oh shit, Oh God.” She screamed.

With that her orgasm exploded out of her so much so that she began to squirt pussy juice out of her pussy. This was something that she had never experienced before and she realised how aroused that she had become just looking at the picture of Babs sucking on her breast and she could not wait to see it in reality on Wednesday.

She removed her fingers from her pussy and licked them clean as her orgasm subsided and she tried to calm down and relax herself. It took her ten minutes to recover and at last she was able to get to her coffee and bring herself into the day. She was now fully awake and totally ready to face what she had to do for the day.

As she drank her coffee she thought that she better text Babs and let her know the effect that her body had just had on her. She thought that it would make Babs day to hear that she had brought Sangitta to orgasm. She picked her phone up off the bedside cabinet and texted Babs.

“Good morning Babs.”

“Good morning Sangitta.”

“Thank you so much for your e-mail. It was lovely to hear from you.”

“I had to let you know what a lovely day that I had experienced and I cannot wait until Wednesday when I get to see you. I promise that I will be more of a willing partner this time. You must have been so disappointed with me.”

“Babs I was not disappointed with you. I t was your first time with a woman and there was nothing wrong with what you did. I am glad that you experienced an orgasm and that you enjoyed yourself. That is all that matters to me.”

“It was an amazing.”

“Well I want to know where are you now Babs?”

“I am sat here in my front room alone.”

“Babs those photographs were absolutely amazing.”

“Thank you. I hoped that you would enjoy them.”

“I have done more than enjoy them Babs. I have just had the picture of you sucking on your breast on my computer screen and masturbated to it.”


“I have indeed and it gave me the biggest orgasm that I have had in ages it was such a sexy sight.”

“You are turning me on with your words Sangitta.”

“Well why not play with yourself Babs?”

“That would be so naughty in the front room Sangitta.”

“Do you not feel like being naughty knowing that you have just given me the biggest of all orgasm that I squirted pussy juice out of me and soaked my bed sheets thinking and looking at you.”

“Oh God Sangitta. Did I really do that to you?”

“Yes Babs you did.”

“I am beginning to soak my knickers you are turning me on so much.”

“Well take them off then.”

“I will Sangitta. I so need to touch myself.”

“Then do it for me Babs.”

There was silence for a moment and then Sangitta’s phone beeped again.

“I have hitched my skirt up and I have taken my knickers off and I am sat here semi-naked and I am ready to play with myself.”

“Then you do it Babs and I will sit here and think about you playing with your pussy.”

“I am cupping my pussy and feeling my wetness. I am so wet Sangitta and I wish that I was there with you now so that I could show you what I was doing with myself.”

“Mmm that sounds so good.”

“I am parting my pussy lips and inserting a couple of fingers into myself. God I am wet and horny Sangitta.”

“Imagine how I felt when I was looking at you sucking on your breast this morning. Bayan escort Ankara I made me really horny.”

“Keep talking to me Sangitta.”

“I teased myself and had to control myself so that I did not cumm too quickly.”

“Oh God I turned you on so much?”

“You did Babs.”

“I am going to unbutton my blouse and take one of my breasts out and play with it whilst I finger my pussy.”

“Oh God Babs you are turning me on again.”

“I am glad to hear that Sangitta because I am so aroused at the moment and the image of you playing with yourself is really turning me on.”

“Play with that wonderful breast of yours Babs.”

“I am touching it now Sangitta. I am massaging the massive flesh of my breast and I can see my nipple beginning to grow. I am going to take it into my mouth now. I am lifting my breast up now and I am sucking on the nipple.”

“Babs I am caressing my breast alongside you. I only wish I could kiss it along with you.”

“Just knowing you are playing with it is horny enough for me.”

“Mmm it feels so good to be touching myself with you Babs.”

“Goodness I am so wet. It feels so good when I suck my breast. It sends shivers down to my pussy and I still have two fingers moving in and out of that Sangitta.”

“Oh my God Babs you are going to make me cumm again if you carry on like this.”

“Play with me Sangitta.”

Sangitta placed her hand on her pussy and began to play with herself again. Babs had got her so worked up with her chatter that she could not believe that she was playing with herself for the second time that day and she had not got out of bed yet. If this carried on it was going to be one horny day and someone would have to pleasure her with their tongue.

“Oh my I am playing with my pussy. My fingers are moving in and out of pussy so fast and it feels like I am about to cumm Sangitta. I am in my front room and I am masturbating and I feel so horny.”

Sangitta read the text and just had to play with her clitoris again. She took her index finger and began to vigorously play with her clit. She opened her legs as wide as they would go so that she had better access to her clit.

She was rubbing her clit and playing with her breast at the same time and she was highly aroused and so in need of an orgasm.

She was acutely aware that Babs would be doing the same thing in her front room and her husband could walk in at any minute and catch her and this just enhanced her pleasure. She tried to form the image in her head but could not get it quite right. She flicked at the computer and the image of Babs sucking her breast re-appeared and the image came to her.

It was what she needed to see and it made her feel that she was in the same room as Babs masturbating alongside of her.

“Shit Sangitta I am so close to cumming and I have no idea when my husband will be home. It is so horny the fact that I could get caught.”

“I am looking at your picture again Babs and I am ready to cumm with you.”

Sangitta rubbed her clitoris for a few more minutes and then she felt her orgasm begin to build with her. She was ready to cumm and she needed to know how close Babs was.

“I am about to cumm Babs. What about you?”

“I am so close Sangitta. Just give me a minute more.”

“Okay but hurry up I so need to cumm.”

Sangitta rubbed her clit harder and faster and so needed to bring herself to orgasm but she wanted to cumm along with Babs.

Suddenly her phone beeped.

“Shit I am cumming.”

That was enough for Sangitta to hear and she relaxed her body and let her orgasm overtake her and for the second that morning she squirted her cumm over the bed and she was sexually exhausted. She laid back on the bed and caught her breath and then she texted.

“Thank you Babs. That was brilliant and I am soaked.”

“Thank you Sangitta. I better go and make myself presentable and clean the sofa. He he.”

“See you Wednesday Babs.”

“I cannot wait if today is anything to go by.”

“Bye Babs.”

Sangitta began to recover slowly. She was helped by the caffeine hit from the coffee and the cigarette that she was having. When she had calmed herself she climbed out of bed and went to the en-suite. She showered and then she towelled herself dry.

She got herself dressed and then she went to the bedroom of Julie and woke her up. She was ready to go and do some shopping and she wanted some company.

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