Sarah Becomes a Lesbian

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I don’t usually like flying, but going to Spain that Sunday at Heathrow had undreamed of compensations. I had gone through passport control. While waiting in line for a security check I noticed a very attractive Asian woman doing the checking. She had a fine figure with long, dark hair and the prettiest face. What caught my attention was her beautiful rounded, and rather large, firm looking boobs and so many curves, all in the right places. She was also showing off her long, shapely legs in her tight uniform trousers. I was looking at her and admiring her fine appearance and thinking, Why can’t I look like that?

I decided to go through her channel just for the fun of it but I kept glancing at her when suddenly she looked up and saw me. We caught each other’s eyes and I held her glance a little longer than I should, without realising I smiled back at her. My body language was such a give away. She surprised me by smiling back while continuing her security work, patting people down. I was sure she beckoned me forward but was too embarrassed to make any signal back. I thought she must be looking at somebody else.

I took off my shoes and belt and put everything in one of the trays going through the x-ray machine. But I was so flustered by her attention that I forgot to take the change out of my pocket. I went through the metal detector and heard it beep. The beautiful Asian woman, Mina according to the identity badge on her breast, beckoned me aside. She asked me my name and I responded, “Sarah.” She smiled and said, “Hello, Sarah. Did I see you looking at me and smiling at me?” I reluctantly said I might have looked at her but she put me at some ease when she told me she was also looking at me. She gave me her beguiling smile as she checked me out, looking into my eyes, glancing down at my boobs. Her eyes fell down to my waist and hips then she looked towards my pussy and legs. She had a good look at me as her eyes came back up to look me in the eye and smiled at me again.

Mina asked if she could search me. I pointed out she was the authority and I had little choice. She whispered, “There are different ways of searching you, Sarah.” I nodded and smiled. I don’t know what came over me as I heard myself saying, “You are in charge and you never know what a women might be hiding.” I was being outrageous, I had never been so suggestive in my life before. She was asking permission to put her hands where she wished and I was agreeing. All because we smiled at each other. What was I doing? My brain clearly had a mind of its own and was up to something really devious.

She asked if I had anything in my pockets or bra that she should know about. “Only the usual,” I said as I looked down at my boobs. She gave me that smile again and said she would have to check. She asked me to raise my arms and promptly moved her hands up under my arms but only her fingertips were there, her palms were pressed into the side of my breasts. As she felt my boobs she was looking me straight in the eyes. I said nothing. I enjoyed the feel of her firm, warm hands on my breasts and I smiled closing my eyes for a brief moment as she moved her palms up and down my breasts, squeezing them together. Her movements were quick as she felt me up. She said she didn’t think I had anything there that I shouldn’t have but she might like to get to know them better.

We were strangers having an intimate moment together. Nobody could see what she was doing. I smiled at her and took a deep breath as she moved her hands down to my hips and ran them over the curve of my bum. I closed my eyes again as she stroked my bottom thinking it was the first time I had been touched down there for at least 10 years. “Nice,” she said. I thought she would also like to get to know my bottom better.

She moved her hands round my back and brought them up to feel the back of my bra, but in doing this the tips of her breasts were just touching me. Mina’s breasts were touching mine, giving me a tingle. They were firm and larger than mine, and the effect was immediate and exciting. I breathed in as my passion started to rise. She looked me in the eye and smiled again, then we both looked at our breasts touching. I thought she was getting a little excited also, and it made me even hotter to know I was turning on this experienced lesbian. I asked her if she always searched passengers so closely. She said, “Only the cute, friendly ones like you, Sarah.”

Mina moved her hands over my back while pressing her breasts against mine with a gentle caress, sliding them back and forth as she appeared to be making love to me. I was certainly very excited as I had never had such feelings before, certainly never in response to a woman’s touch, although a woman had never touched me like that. Mina knew what she was doing, and doing it very well. It wasn’t the first time she had felt up a female passenger.

I said nothing as I looked into her eyes. She bent down to frisk my legs, moving her hands up the length of my tight jeans. I started breathing faster and knew my nipples were hard against the thin material Ankara bayan escort of my bra and were certainly showing through my tight sweater. She slowly moved her firm hands up my leg, one hand went to my hip while the other moved between my legs, just touching the material covering my pussy as she gently moved her hand back and forth. I was sure she was making my panties wet as my pussy was tingling and I wanted more of her touch. Mina whispered, “What have you got in here?” as she looked up at me, still feeling my pussy.

I said, “I think you have already discovered what is in there.”

She then did the same with my other leg, again moving her hands up and down my leg, one hand moved to my hip while her other one moved between my legs, quickly caressing my pussy again. Feeling her hands on my body, I was yielding, the gentle pressure of her fingertips was exciting and giving me new sensations. I was hers to do with as she wished. If she had kissed me I would have kissed her back as I was oblivious to everyone around me. She stood tall, looking down at me, and I met her eyes like an expectant lover. She then turned me around, bent down and ran her hand up and down my legs again, touching my pussy each time. Finally she stood up and quickly moved her hand up under my arms with her fingers just touching my breasts. I was sure she could feel my nipples through my sweater, they were hard and my pussy was certainly wet.

What people couldn’t see was her breasts pressed against my back. I could feel them, firm yet soft, large and round, as she finished her search. I was hot and wet and horny, but she pointed to the loose change from my pocket and told me to pass on through security and wished me a happy holiday. She then surprised me by whispering “I will see you at She.” I later found out that She was a well known lesbian club in Soho in London.

I stood without moving, hot with excitement and thought I would like to have met her somewhere. I could go to She. I wanted her, I didn’t know what would happen but I was sure she would know. I thanked her and moved slowly away looking for my bag and belongings, but totally confused.

I felt as if somebody had just made love to me and then just walked off. I realised I could easily be seduced by a beautiful, confident woman who knew what she was doing. I had often looked at attractive women but never thought that I might enjoy being touched by one. Mina had certainly excited me. I now looked at women with very different thoughts in my mind. Who would I like to frisk and who would I like to frisk me.

When I got through security and had a cup of coffee I was able to reflect on what had just happened. I was not a lesbian, but Mina was and she thought I was also. I had enjoyed sex with men but hadn’t made love in over ten years due to the bad marriage I had just finished. I thought I might have responded to any expression of affection by either a man or a woman. But it was a woman who I had just responded to and behaved like some tart in heat. I would never have let a man do that to me, so why did I let a woman feel me up? With a man I would feel threatened, but Mina didn’t threaten me. I had let her squeeze my breasts and feel my pussy. She left me tingling all over, but most of all I had no defence against her touch. She dominated me and I acquiesced in everything she did. I realised that if we had been alone I would not have stopped her from doing whatever she had wished to do. When we looked at each other and held each other’s eyes, I had inadvertently signalled that I was a lesbian. Mina had assumed I would enjoy her feeling me up and suggested we meet again.

= = = = =

I had an uneventful trip to Spain and had returned a week earlier. I couldn’t get Mina out of my mind. I had found the lesbian club on the Internet and wanted to go and visit it but was too shy to go alone and dreamed up many excuses. I was trying to get up courage to go, but was afraid that maybe when I got there Mina wouldn’t be there or she might be there with other friends. I was not a very courageous lesbian.

I was home alone and feeling a little sexy and a little frustrated as I sat reading a magazine. I decided to get undressed and have a bath as it might have calmed me down. As I got into the hot water and immersed myself I started to feel more sensual, not less. I started to slowly wash, soaping my breasts and gently squeezing them as I felt even sexier. My wet hand slid down between my legs as I started to stroke my pussy. I had recently started to trim my pussy. Since the Mina encounter I had started to remove my pussy hair. I didn’t have much as I am Asian so it was an easy task to perform. Mina had certainly sexualised me, I liked the sensitive feel of my pussy after I had trimmed. I started to feel my clit but it wasn’t very satisfying, I remained frustrated and couldn’t make myself cum.

I finally got out of the bath but didn’t dress as I still felt a little sexy. I got myself a glass of chilled white wine while still naked, and feeling very naughty thought I would do a little Escort bayan Ankara dressing up. I put on my halter neck top with no bra, my tight white panties, holdup stockings, high heels and my little red mini skirt. I was feeling hot as I brushed my hair and put makeup on with my favourite red lipstick and nail varnish. I was sitting down with my glass of wine, savouring the flavour when I stood up, put my rain coat on over my ensemble, picked up my car keys and handbag, and headed for the door. I hadn’t really thought where I was going, I just drove to the lesbian club and parked in a back street some distance away, got out and walked to the club.

I surprised myself, I’m not usually so determined or adventitious, but I walked straight to the club. It had an anonymous doorway guarded by two women. I looked at the bigger of the two and asked if this was the “She Club”. She nodded and said, “Lesbians only.” It was a cellar club. I descended the stairs into the darkness of another world. I paid, hung my coat and headed for the bar. It was a dark noisy, club with pounding disco music and many women dancing together, some arm in arm, some gyrating, some quite lewd, in small shirts shaking their bits at each other. It was very sexy and exciting. I was immediately taken by it and could feel the thrill of being there. It was just the club for me.

I asked for a large glass of white wine as I thought my courage needed a little bolstering. There were several empty tables nearby so I went and sat down, tried to collect myself and thought, What are you doing, Sarah? I was excited and nervous but wanted to be here. Finally I was going to go through with it and try to meet an attractive woman. I thought an hour should be enough to familiarise myself with the scene, put my toe in the water, see what it was like and maybe could come back in the evening at some future date. I would spend longer then, maybe even getting to know someone.

I was looking at the various women, sitting, standing and most of all walking and dancing. They were well dressed, had nice figures, washed their hair and knew how to groom. They looked so much better than men who are bald, or worse, have lank greasy hair, fat bellies, are unwashed, and have only one interest when they talk to a woman.

I looked around to see if any of them took my fancy. I wasn’t sure what sort of woman I fancied except maybe one who looked like Mina, or just any woman who was good looking. But, I was doing more than simply looking at the woman, I was checking them out! I was looking at their breasts, firm and round; their legs, long and slim; their shapely, curved bottoms; and their pretty faces. I liked the larger breasts and thought how good it would be to feel and squeeze them. But even better would be if they kissed me and squeezed my breasts. I remembered the feel of Mina’s hand on my pussy and would like to feel it again with another attractive, sexy woman. I could feel the tension in my belly as attractive women walked and danced in front of me. I was thinking how good it would be to touch some of the them like Mina had touched me.

I wasn’t sure whether I was lesbian or bisexual or even bi-curious. I had many gay friends and thought nothing unusual about the different sexual identities we might have during our lives. I knew I used to enjoyed sex with men before I married. I thought I wasn’t especially interested in a relationship with a woman, but I would like to have sex with an attractive one. I had become so horny, I wanted to have sex with somebody, it didn’t really matter who. It was breasts, bottoms and long legs I found myself attracted to. Round and firm, I could imagine running my hands over them. I knew I wanted to be touched by a woman ever since my exciting experience at the airport. I thought, Do I prefer cock or pussy between my legs? I wanted to find out.

I scanned the women one way then another, pausing to look them over and wondered if any would actually talk to me. I was looking at the dancers, so hot and sexy, so confident in what they were doing, being provocative and totally unrestrained. Would they know I wasn’t really one of them? Would they know I was a “virgin” lesbian? I looked at one tall blonde but she looked a bit too good, too hot for me, so I continued looking at the other women. Most were with a partner or in groups or didn’t really interest me, and I was beginning to think I would never meet anybody. I could feel the excitement rise within me as I looked at these proud, sexy women. I looked back at the gorgeous blonde and she smiled at me as she held me gaze. I was shocked as she started to move toward me, looking straight at me, looking me in the eye. I felt like a rabbit held in a car’s headlights. I could hardly move I was so overcome as she approached me. She was tall, with long legs and thick, blonde hair that fell below her shoulders, busty with a sexy swing to her hips as she walked toward me.

She was beautiful and looked sophisticated in her well cut dress, not the sort of clothes most of the club goers were wearing. She had a lazy Bayan escort Ankara sort of walk with her hips pushed forward and her back straight, pushing out those beautiful breasts as she approached my table. She looked very feminine. She stopped in front of me, and looking at me with the most disarming of smiles said hello. She asked my name, I told her it was Sarah. She introduced herself as Mara and said she hadn’t seen me in the club before.

She then asked me if she could get me another drink. I don’t know why I said I would like another glass of wine as I hadn’t finished the first one I had ordered. Although I might have needed even more courage. She was so elegant, self assured, I could feel myself envying her. She sat down with her easy manner and we started to chat. I noticed her lovely blouse and complimented her on its design. I thought praising her clothes might make me appear more confident than I really felt. Mara was a fascinating woman and she put me at my ease readily. Her conversation was enthralling as we talked and drank together. She told me she lectured in fashion design at a nearby college. Mara admired my thick, black hair and told me how much she liked it. She said she preferred it to her long, blonde hair, though I’m not sure I believed her, I think she was just complimenting me. I didn’t want her to stop talking with me and was afraid she might leave me. She told me I was very pretty and had beautiful, clear skin.

I could already feel my like of her. This had never happened to me before. I thought we might have some chemistry between us. I had never been very gregarious and had always been slow to make fiends, but with Mara there was an immediate intimacy. I knew I liked women, but not as much as I liked Mara. Maybe it was just that I hadn’t interacted with many people in social venues during the last ten years. Now a beautiful woman in a lesbian club was chatting me up, I knew I was getting excited by her talk and the attention she was giving me. I thought, or hoped, she wanted to have sex with me and was trying to seduce me with her charm and sophistication. I thought she might easily succeed without much effort. But I had to control myself. If I appeared needy she might leave me and and I would never see her again. I would be very disappointed. Why was such an elegant and beautiful woman interested in me? Her eyes seemed to gleam at me as we spoke. Mara was interested in my conversation and wanted to hear my opinions and was becoming my friend. I mentioned her attractive clothes and wondered where she acquired them. She said we would have to meet again next week and go to some good but unknown fashion shops she enjoyed.

We of course also talked about inconsequential girly stuff. I noticed that as we talked Mara kept touching me, resting her hand on my arm. She was very animated and tactile. I could feel myself opening up to Mara in a way I had not for many years.

I was immediately confused about what to say if she asked me if I was a lesbian. It was, after all, a lesbian club we were in and she was trying to pick me up. It was still a private matter, a secret from my family and friends. I thought I would just see what happened.

I didn’t even know how to make love with a woman, all I knew was that I wanted to touch a woman and have a woman touch me. But how and where and when and with what, I really didn’t know. I liked the idea of kissing Mara and maybe touching her lovely breasts. But further than that I didn’t know. I foolishly asked Mara if she was a lesbian. She laughed and said yes, she had been for a long time. She had also been in a bad marriage and taken 12 years to get out and find her real self.

While we talked I noticed the dance music getting louder and looked at the women on the dance floor enjoying themselves. They were completely free to behave as they wished, something I would have great difficulty doing. Mara very quickly picked up my interest and noticed me looking at the dancers. She then asked if I would like to dance. My heart started to pound and I found it difficult to answer or talk. She stood up, reached out her hand and took mine. I got up and followed still holding her hand. I didn’t want to let go of her in case I lost her and let her lead me to the dance floor. I was fascinated by the women holding each other kissing and having fun.

Once on the dance floor I faced Mara. She was a lot taller than me. She put her hands on my hips and drew me a little closer to her, so I put my hands on her shoulders and we moved to the loud pounding music. I was excited. I wanted to dance closer. I wanted to hold Mara. Fortunately the music soon changed to a slow piece and Mara moved forward and pulled me even closer, putting her arms around me. She just enveloped me with her arms, pulling me to her. I copied her and put my arms around her, holding her tight. She lowered her head and started to whisper in my ear, telling me she thought I was so sweet. My head was just barely up on her shoulder, my breasts pressed against hers. I was so excited. Mara could have sold me into the white slave trade and I wouldn’t have minded. Her face was touching my cheek and she kissed my ear. I could feel the electricity all over me as she ran her fingers through my hair and caressed the back of my neck. I found myself becoming entranced.

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