Saving Stacy Ch. 06

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I left her reclining in the nude on the pool chair – the cooling breeze of the evening finally pushing the oppressive desert heat back for the night. I came back with the nylon tie-downs and some other equipment. I approached her from behind and gently kissed her head while I captured her arms and raised them above her head. She just smiled as I bound her wrists to the top of the pool recliner and asked, “What new experience do you have for me now?” Several I said as I moved beside her hips with my box of goodies.

“You see my dear Stacy – there is so much more to physical pleasure than you have ever imagined.” With that I pulled out a rather largish egg vibrator with it’s cord and adjustable control switch. I turned it on low, just a pleasant little buzz and began to message her inner thighs with it. She giggled as I did.

I’m going to give you a demonstration of the capabilities and proper use of this device so you can keep yourself hot and ready for me when we find ourselves momentarily apart.”

I rolled the egg across the tense tendon of her inner thigh, progressing across her pussy lips and then down the length of the opposing tendon. Her slight squirm indicated that her attitude was a positive one. I finally settled lightly just below the tight hood of her clit – her magnificent lips just partially enveloping the sides of the egg. “See Stacy, you are starting to become familiar with the power outlet you have between your legs. Your amazing and rather large clit is the obvious center of your pleasure and your power.”

With that I began to roll the egg in a circle around her hood, pressing above the clit hard to help her realize how far up that magic bundle of nerves were hidden.

“Oooo Fuck” she whispered.

“Yes” I replied. “It is a wonderful instrument in a wonderful place isn’t it?” All she could do was nod in wide-eyed appreciation of this new toy. “But what you may not realize Stacy is that this magic place can also be accessed from the inside too.” As I said this I gently pushed the egg, wet with her juices, ever so slowly into her quivering cunt – stopping deep and firmly lodged against her G-spot.

Stacy gasped and started to clinch her legs together, holding the egg even more tightly than she anticipated. It was at this moment that I began to roll my thumb over the control switch, increasing the vibration to about half and then back down to low. Her hips involuntarily rolled to the right and back again, scraping the pool chair across the cement as her mass rolled around the recliner.

“Ben – my God. You could make me cum immediately with that thing – it is so intense.”

“You’re probably right” I replied. “But that is not what I have in mind with you.” Her eyes became wide as saucers as she finally realized my meaning.

With that I gently started to oscillate the switch. She squirmed and moaned. I backed off and let her rest for 15 seconds şişli escort – then did a quick combination of 2 oscillations. She bucked and grunted like an animal in heat. Another 15 seconds, then I did 1 oscillation quickly up to the max and down again. She spread her legs and arched to the sky like she was trying to expel it from her body.

“Shit Ben – stop!” She screamed.

“Stacy – You don’t really want that. Trust me, another dimension awaits you.”

The next 10 minutes were spent bringing her just to the edge, but not over – always a surprise in how I handled the switch. Her breathing went from deep to shallow to panting. Her body bucked about, showering me with sweat as she tried to drag her body over the precipice. But each time she was near, the stimulus was taken away. Her groans were most pitiful.

With tears in her eyes she pleaded in gasps… “Ben – nggggh… Fuck! Ugghg. Ben! Please – gahhh! Let me cummmmmm.”

At this point I turned it off with a click…

She looked at me with pure anger in her eyes… “Why?”

I replied to her, “You really want to cum Stacy?

“With a wail she said, “Yesss. Please!”

I spoke with authority, “OK Stacy, but sometimes you should be careful what you wish for!”

Her eyes then popped open with a look of terror. I smiled as I pushed the switch to maximum and oscillated from medium to high in irregular time.

Stacy screamed with her first orgasm with a resounding and extended “Fuuuuuuck!” Smiling down at her, I just kept the egg going. She screamed some more. “Oh stop. Unggg – Sto-p-p…p. Sonofa.” She continued to babble incoherently as her body began to sweat in great drops. Short, constricted little “Ahs and Acks” were all her vocal cords could produce. He legs started to flail, kicking and screaming as wave after wave of orgasm-overload coursed through her nerves.

I kept her at this level for about 4 minutes, before I finally relented and clicked it off. She lay there, covered in sweat sobbing, trembling and panting for breath. Her right foot was twitching with a life of its own. I leaned over her leg to extract the egg and observed her dripping inner lips, deep red, glistening, still contracting and twitching involuntarily.

I was not entirely sure she was conscious until I carefully pulled the egg out, which elicited another sobbing cry from Stacy. I then cut the wrist binding and picked her shaking, slippery body up. The smell of her sex wafted from her overheated cunt into my nostrils, as I carried her to the pool and slowly waded down into the warm water. I quietly held her for the next 30 minutes where she fell asleep in my arms.

We both slept forever. Waking was a warm experience being snuggled next to each other.

– – – – – – – –

The next bright morning Stacy’s thoughts went round and round in her head as she lay in this amazing man’s arms. The taksim escort idea of submitting to his every whim was a natural thing. After all I had survived 2 co-dependent, abusive relationships for most of my adult life. But I had to admit that being a slave to the whims of Ben was very different in at least one way. It turned me on just thinking about him being in control. But it also made me feel free too? Why was that? How could it be? Maybe I would understand someday, but for now she didn’t need too.

My whole being had been turned into one raw erotic nerve that demanded attention and I knew that I’d never think straight again unless I saw this through. Even this much introspection made me giddy with anticipation for the next 4 days.

I had never imagined that an orgasm was such a – I couldn’t even describe my feelings. All I could admit is that I was ravenous for more. I wanted to cum and cum and cum for Ben. He seemed so pleased for me yet I could only remember him cumming once yesterday. Was I being selfish?

Softly she whispered, “Ben, what can I cook you for breakfast?”

Ben gave a groan and a chuckle and said, “Nothing Stacy – but thanks. We are actually fasting today. Nothing but water and juice. Tomorrow we will replenish but today we purge and purify.”

What that meant was a glorious day of being pampered at a very expensive spa. A dip in the pool and a relaxing hour in the hot tub drinking a light selection of exotic juices. The steam room was next. The mint in the water and in the spritzing water permeated their pores and drew out the tension and soreness.

Alone in the swirling steam I confided, “Ben – I’m kind of sore – down there. But my mind keeps running around and around all that we’ve done. And It’s running even faster about what else we’re going to do. I’m constantly wet and wanting to fuck every other minute. Will it always be like this? How can I live like this? It will certainly kill me in a matter of weeks, won’t it?”

Ben thought for a while and finally replied, “Well – you’re still traveling down a road that’s in a valley – you haven’t reached the next mountain peak yet. I promise things will even out soon – just not yet.”

“You see, this short period of hyper-sexuality you and I are experiencing, is a bit like a honeymoon. Not that any honeymoon was ever like what we’re going to experience.” He said with a knowing chuckle. “But you will discover how to be bound and how to be free at the same time. You are learning about the peace and the balance – the yin and yang – of living a true and committed life with another person.”

Looking into my eyes with an undeniable love he continued, “Without this knowledge you will return to your former life of despair and eventually – well even possibly death. At least of your spirit, if not your body. If you learn well – you are free. You won’t need anyone unless topkapı escort you choose to need them. Therein lies the secret.”

He finished with a statement. “It is time for an assessment of where we are. You say that your cunt is dripping all the time. Prove it – spread your legs.”

Ben kneels down in front of me. As he pushes my heels up to my ass and reveals my glistening cunt I know that my flower is as moist as I promised.

He says, “Watch my every move Stacy and tell me what you’re feeling and thinking.”

He blows lightly on my lips and I feel them widen in response. I inhale sharply as he blows. Then he just holds his face close, inspecting my exposed womanhood. The silent seconds extend to minutes. I feel my labia muscles starting to contract. The motion is moving the nub of my exposed clit ever so slightly in and out from under my hood. My breathing deepens.

I say, “Ben – what are you doing? Why don’t you touch me? It’s driving me wild to see you watch me that way.”

He replies knowingly, “That is one of the points of today’s lesson Stacy. Your clitoris may seem like the queen of her hive, but there are so many other ways to achieve orgasm. Trust me – don’t move much – and just keep watching.”

With one more blow on my clit, that actually makes me jump, He sticks the tip of his tongue out, grabs my knees and spreads them wider, then begin to work his squirming tongue across my ass hole in little circles. As he pulls back for a breath of air, I feel that my cunt is starting to actually flow with fluid and I can’t control the humping motion of my labia. He watches in fascination as my clit peaks slowly in and out from under its hood. I know I’m close after only a few seconds of his special attention. His tongue, now at attention like a warrior plunges into my ass. A muffled cry escapes my lips as He plunges again and again deep into my ass.

His thrusts not only makes my ass relax and widen like a slut, but my empty pussy widens in its search for her soldier, inner lips quivering like sheets in the wind.

After only 3 thrusts, my hips arch and I grab his head with both hands, holding him tightly inside clinching ass. His nose is bumps my clit in a delicious consequence. As his tongue continues to thrust even deeper I look down to see his eyes focusing on my clit that is still pumping like a tiny piston as my frame shakes from an entirely new type of orgasm.

After more than a few seconds, I finally release his head from the grip of my ‘little death’ and he say, “It’s different isn’t it?”

I breathlessly replies, “Yes – but so intense. I had no idea I was that sensitive… down there.”

He stops me. “Say it – there is no shame in a word – say it. ASS HOLE.”

I whisper, “Ass hole.”

“No – no – no” He replies – “Say it with conviction – with pride. “I love it when you fuck my ass hole with your tongue!”

I laugh nervously but say it again quite loudly, “I love it when your tongue FUCKS MY ASS HOLE!”

He hugs me and screams, “You have a fine ass hole for fucking!”

We both go to the showers laughing arm in arm, wondering exactly who heard our little exercise and not caring in the least…

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