Secret Powers Ch. 12: The Whole Gang

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I wake up and see that it’s 1:00. We have napped for a couple of hours. I nudge Lydia and say, “Wake up, sleepyhead, I’m hungry.”

Lydia grudgingly rouses herself and crawls out of bed. We take turns in the loo and go to the kitchen. Lydia tosses sandwich makings onto the counter. I help myself and make a salad sandwich.

I sit and munch away, gazing at Lydia’s awesome body. I can’t get over how her tiny boobs attract me so much. I stare at her as she eats, smiling at me in between bites.

“Hey Lydia,” I say, “would you like to meet my new friends?”

“Okay. I’m sure anyone you like is nice.”

“Cool. They don’t live far, so we can walk.”


We rinse our plates and I gaze at her standing next to me by the sink. I look down at her luscious bush and my hand reaches out to brush it. My other hand goes to one of her huge nipples and strokes it. I gaze at her beautiful face as I caress her.

My lower hand extends a finger between her lips, which are now getting wet. I slip it inside her, and she places her hands on my shoulders as her knees wobble.

I slowly slide my finger in and out of her pussy as I say to her, “Oh, Lydia, I want to make you feel so good, all the time, forever. I feel that we have been destined for each other.”

“Oh, Mary, uhnn. I feel, ah, the same way. It’s like I was born when I saw you for the first time, ohhhh,” Lydia says, groaning from my fingering between words.

I pour my love into Lydia through the fingers in her pussy and on her nipple. Our eyes lock, and I feel her love shooting into my eyes. I slowly raise her excitement, occasionally rubbing her clit with the base of my finger.

She gasps, closes her eyes and rolls her head back. I speed up my fingering in her pussy and gently twist her swollen nipple. I bring her gently to cumming. Her juice covers my lower hand.

Lydia holds me tight as she settles. Our bodies press, little boobs together. I hug her tightly.

After a minute, I say, “We could be here all day, but didn’t we want to go visiting?”

She smiles. “Sure, Mary.”

We have quick showers and dress. We walk to Tara’s place, detouring by the beach. Fortunately, a cool change has come, so it’s not too beastly hot. There are several people sunning. We shuffle along, holding hands.

I notice a few women looking at us, and I read them casually. A couple of them are disgusted at us. It’s such a shame that people can’t let us love who we love. I shoot a “Fuck you, too!” thought into their heads, while smiling pleasantly at them. I chuckle at their shock when they feel that.

Others smile and mersin escort admire us, and I project warm glows back to them as I return their smiles. Lydia stops walking and whispers to me, “Look over there, behind the shrub.” I turn my head and see a topless woman lying on a towel, propped up on her elbows, staring at us. I feel intense passion from her.

“Oh, Lydia, she’s turned on by us. Want to see if she wants to play?”

She giggles, “Why not? We can ask.”

We walk up to her, all three of us smiling. The woman has a curvy body, with B or C cups with tiny but longish nipples. Her thong is tiny, and it barely covers her pussy, so she’s essentially naked.

“Want to have some fun?” I ask her.

“Uh, sure, but how? Where?”

“Here and now, and you don’t have to move.” She looks at us, puzzled and a little apprehensive.

I whisper to Lydia as I wrap an arm around her waist. “Right nipple is mine, you take the left one.” We start caressing her nipples, and she gasps.

“How the hell are you…?” she cries before I cut her off.

“Shhh, just relax and enjoy.”

Her nipples get long and hard. “Suck and lick now,” I whisper to Lydia. We project that, and she moans. Of course, we feel the excitement in our own nipples, and they get hard too.

We keep that up for a minute until I notice a wet spot on her thong. “Stay on her nipples, I’m going down,” I instruct Lydia.

I stroke a finger over her wet spot, feeling her wetness grow. She’s going wild, wondering how we are doing this, but enjoying it immensely. I slide slowly up and down, pressing.

I feel her clit get hard under my finger, and I press and rub it from side to side. She stifles a moan. I rub hard and fast and bring her (and us) to a quick, intense orgasm.

I take off my finger and whisper to Lydia, “Enough.” We stop our projections and watch the woman collapse off her elbows, lying down and panting. Her thong is soaked.

I giggle and pull Lydia along, leaving the woman to wonder what the hell just happened. I know she loved it.

We soon turn up the path and arrive at Tara’s. I knock but get no immediate answer. I try the door, but it’s locked. “I hope somebody’s home,” I tell Lydia. I get out my phone and call Melissa.

After several rings, a drowsy Melissa says, “Oh hi, Mary. Sorry, we were napping.”

“No worries, Melissa, we’re just dropping by unannounced. I hope that’s okay.”

“Where are you?” she mumbles, still not fully awake.

“At your front door.”

“Oh. Oh. Okay, give me a sec.”

After a minute, Melissa opens the door in a light robe. “Come in, mersin escort bayan Mary!”

“Thanks, Melissa, I’m sorry to just show up without letting you know first.”

“No worries, Mary. You’re always welcome. And who is your friend?”

“Melissa, this is my lovely friend Lydia. Lydia, Melissa.”

Sonya then strolls up, and further introductions are made. We go into the lounge room. Sonya says, “You girls look thirsty. Want a drink?”

“Yes, please, Sonya. Juice?”

“Water is fine for me, Sonya,” Lydia says.

Sonya goes to the kitchen and the rest of us sit.

“So, Mary, tell me all about this gorgeous Lydia!” Melissa inquires.

Lydia and I glance at each other and smile. I say, “Well, we met in the mall where I work. Lydia is a new barista there, and when I went last week, we caught each other’s eyes and well, here we are.”

Sonya comes back and hands us our drinks. “It sounds like love at first sight!”

“Pretty much. Lydia has the powers, but she wasn’t aware of them until I detected them and told her what she has.”

“That must have surprised you, Lydia,” Melissa says.

“Yes, Melissa, it did. I have always felt, you know, ‘different’. But I never knew what it was until Mary discovered them in me.”

“So how do you enjoy your powers?”

“Wow, they are incredible. A bit scary sometimes.”

“Yes. I hope Mary has given you the rules,” Sonya says.

“Yes, she has, and I understand why. But it’s fun to use them with someone consenting. We had a hot time with a woman on the beach on the way here.” She relates the story.

Melissa and Sonya laugh. Sonya says, “I remember the first time Mary did that to me. It was very strange but wonderful.”

I say, “Lydia is quite strong. Once, in her coffee shop, before I had had a chance to talk with her, she could have made me cum if I hadn’t put up my block. It was amazing to feel what she could do without even being aware of her power.”

Melissa says, “Wow, it seems like you two were destined to find each other.”

Lydia blushes shyly, as I say softly, “Yes, I believe that’s true.”

“So, sexy ladies, what shall we do now?” Melissa asks.

I smile broadly and say, “Give me a minute to think.” I ponder the possibilities, then take Lydia by the hand and walk to the corner of the room to whisper my idea to her. She grins and looks over at Melissa and Sonya. We return.

“Okay, you two sit on the sofa, facing each other, and try not to move. Above all, try to avoid opening your robes to each other.” They smile and await their fate.

I have told Lydia that we will try escort mersin to project our impulses like it is happening between them, not from us to them. I will project from Melissa to Sonya, while Lydia is projecting from Sonya to Melissa. We are to block returns so we can retain control. I have no idea if this will work, but I want to try.

I nod at Lydia and we begin. I start by having Melissa kiss Sonya. Sonya reacts, and her lips pucker to return the kiss. I see Melissa’s nipples harden, so I assume that Lydia is having Sonya tweak them or lick them.

Melissa’s arms start to go to her robe, but she remembers to try not to open it. I have her caress Sonya’s legs, and I see Sonya open her legs in response. I make her tease Sonya’s inner thighs and she moans and opens wider.

Melissa screams. “What are you doing?” I whisper to Lydia.

“Sonya is licking her pussy.”

“Mmmm, I’m going to have Melissa finger Sonya.” I direct Melissa’s fingers up to Sonya’s pussy and plunge them in. Sonya gasps.

We continue this and get them very excited. “Let’s finish them off,” Lydia says.

“Okay, go.”

We go mad, making them lick and finger each other. Their legs are wide open, displaying their dripping pussies. They cum and scream. It’s funny to not feel them directly because I’ve put up the return block, but it’s still very exciting to watch.

I whisper to Lydia, “Okay, stop and drop your block.” We do that, and we feel a tsunami of pleasure come washing over us suddenly. I yell, “Oh fuck!” as an orgasm hits me without warning.

I hear moans from behind me. I see Mum and Tara with their fingers in each other’s pussies, fingering away as they watch us. As the four of us others settle, they rub harder and make each other cum.

As they finish, I ask them, “How long have you been watching? I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Uh, well, no, you wouldn’t have. You were quite busy. What exactly was happening?” I explain what Lydia and I did with the projections between Melissa and Sonya.

Tara replies, “Well, fuck me, Mary, you constantly surprise me. I have never thought of that. And your new friend is?”

I introduce Lydia, Tara and Mum to each other.

“So this is the love of your life, Mary! I can see why. I feel the love between you,” Mum says to me.


The six of us have become very close. We have paired off, but we sometimes share.

Melissa and Sonya have moved out to their own unit in the same block.

Mum has moved in with Tara. They and Sonya volunteer at a women’s shelter, and sometimes bring a woman home for a while who needs it.

Lydia has moved in with me at Mum’s house.

I never did hook up with Veronica, but I see her from time to time and we enjoy quick flirts.

Lydia and I marry a year later, and we hope to live happily ever after.


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